Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 9)


Recap : swara taking care of sanskaar…..

Sanskaar’s POV –
It had been two weeks since my accident…today doctor was finally taking off bandages which had been irritating me it neither let me eat nor work…my work was my first love but swara was very much strict with me she didn’t let me work …instead she made all the presentations nd did all my office work soo that I can relax nd take rest …but I did only one work whole day i.e staring her….If I had not had an an accident I would have never realised how lucky I was to have her…she’s soo sweet nd cute….may be soo laksh called her sweetu nd cutie…..I wanted confess my feelings asap…..but I also wanted to know her past becozz she has those nightmares because of which she holds my hand in sleep…I feel soo happy that she feels protective with me , that feeling of being trustable only gives a type of joy to me….
Doctor had arrived he started examining me .swara was more tensed nd worried for me I felt on cloud9 seeing her care for me ….doctor appreciated swara for her love nd care because of which I have recovered earlier than expected she was soo happy to know ki I’m fine but I was unhappy, haan unhappy because from now on she wouldn’t feed me with her soft hands ….I was upset …I know I may sound stupid but more than my happiness to go back to my first love(work) I was unhappy thinking now swara would not care soo much for me……

Swara’s POV – I’m soo happy when doctor said ki now sanskaar can join back work I was really Japp because he recovered soon than expected…. Actually, I was literally scared of raj’s warning …I wanted to tell sanskaar about my past , Raj nd also aarav but every time I tried telling him something would divert us nd I couldn’t tell him….I know ki he started having feelings for me nd I felt happy that now even in my lyf I’ll have love…..true love based on trust….for d first tym in my lyf I started feeling secured the same feeling which I had 10 years back when my parents were alive after their death dii had tried a lot to make me feel secured nd protective but I found that secured feeling in my beloved’s arms……everything was fym until I received a call from Raj…..

Raj’s POV – it had been two weeks since I did sanskaar’s accident ….but I didn’t want him to die because I wanted swara to be scared nd she was scared of only one thing in world i.e loosing her loved ones ….after loosing ragini nd laksh I knew she would do everything it takes to safeguard sanskaar’s life….
But I was demon I wanted her life to be hell before she comes to me beeging for her life nd soo I had started my mission of separating swasan…
I knew both of them loved laksh equally. So I thought of creating misunderstandings between them through his name…..I actually came to know that laksh had a son aarav so I thought of separating them through him…..because according to aarav swara is his mom but it is not true….. aarav is ragini’s son .
Soo as per my plan after full research I called up swara with d help of Mary asking her to come to meet aarav as he was really sick but poor her she didn’t know myplan……

Swara pov – I received call from Mary nd without thinking for a second I started off to d other house where I had kept aarav…It was late night nd sanskaar was as usual sleeping nd like always I sneaked out of house to meet my son who was sick…..

Sanskaar POV – I had planned to confess my feelings to my swara d other day but that night I saw her sneaking out of house without disturbing me I wondered where she was going I thought may be she may need my help in case it is urgent nd soo I followed her only to find her reaching a big mansion…..she got down her car nd ran inside d house I simply followed her , I found her hugging nd kissing a boy of 5 years…..
I was not able to comprehense anything happening in front of me until that lad addressed her mom….
Mom I thought it means it is swalaks son nd she hid such a big truth from me I was shattered . at that very moment I felt cheated , betrayed , nd what not…. without thinking anything I just stormed in to know d reason y she broke my trust…..yes, trust on whose basis we started our relation…she had made fun of my feelings by not telling me about aarav ……

Precap : confrontation nd leap…..

I forgot to tell u Raj will be played by parth samthaan……
Guys, plzz do comment nd encourage me also tell me if I should write my story on basis of POV or dialogues…… Plzz comment nd critics r welcome……

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. nice leap? for what itni jaldi? end raj chapter yaar…. dont seperate them..

    1. Okk I won’t seperate them ..

  2. What about raglak past

    1. I’ll tell about it in upcoming episodes

  3. Plz write in dialogs

    1. Thanks for your suggestion

  4. pls dnt seperate them….

  5. Itni jaldi leap ? For what?

  6. noooooo plz parth can’t be that bad and ruthless that 2 fulfill his demand, he would destroy so many lives……plzzzzzz……but ur ff is very nice I like it……except this raj i.e.parth’s part…….

  7. amazing….but plzzzzzzzz don’t separate them plzzzz

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