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Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 8)


Recap : swasan bonding…..

@ morning….

Swasan get ready, have their breakfast nd leave for meeting….
In d car
Swara : sanskaar is it important for me to attend meeting…
Sanskaar: haan , swara as u have 65% of maheshwari shares nd swaragini company on your name soo u need to attend this meeting but don’t worry if u r not willing then you no need to attend it from next tym….but y r u asking me this……it’s not d first tym u r attending boad meeting ryt….
Swara: haan sanskaar but then laksh was there nd now…
Sanskaar: it’s OK swara I’m there for you ….your frend…..accha OK swara will u tell me something…
Swara : what??

Sanskaar: y did laksh name his company swaragini company…. I wanted to ask him but by then he left me all alone……
Swara: woh…sanskaar actually….
Just then sanskaar’s phone rings…….he lifts d call nd by d tym call ends they reach office nd sanskaar forgets about his question….
@ board meeting….
Raj : see, I told u u will never b able to find her….
( actually sanskaar enters first….before he introduces swara… Raj starts blabbering….)
Sanskaar : neglecting raj’s words soo ladies nd gentlemen…here I present you d owner of swaragini company….. Mrs.swara sanskaar maheshwari…..

Swara enters …all r shocked to here him …( Mrs maheshwari…) ..nd Raj fumes….
Sanskaar: so people as you all have met her let’s start d meeting…
After d meeting everyone r impressed with his work nd they agree to sign d deal….
Everyone leaves d conference hall after congratulating swasan except of Raj….till now swara had been acting brave but now …she didn’t want to face him but……
Raj : it’s nice to see u after soo long nd that too married ” shona”…..
Swara : but it’s not really nice to meet u nd I’m Mrs maheshwari not shona u lost all the rights that day……
Sanskaar was shocked to see swara’s cold behaviour nd anger towards Raj nd also he was a bit jealous to know that he at some point of tym had some rights on her….
Swara : sanskaar shall we leave ???
Sanskaar: haan swara challo….

@ parking place…..
Sanskaar: swara u wait here I’ll bring d car…
Swara: OK

Seeing her alone Raj comes there ….
Raj : are swara tum yahan akeli, kyun isne bhi tumhe ditch kiya kya ???
Swara: mind your tongue Raj….
Raj : u know u still look hot nd s*xy nd let me tell u one more thing…. that I’ve not lost hopes on u……you know right what I mean…I had killed your sister your jiju nd I can also kill sanskaar…. So watch out baby…..
At that tym sanskaar comes in car nd before swara could react…Raj left from there…..nd swara gets into car all lost ….nd swasan drive to home…
Sanskaar: kya hua swara u seem tensed…. Is everything all right….
Swara: haan sanskaar…..
Sanskaar: accha swara I’ll drop u home nd I’ll come back by evening…. I’ve an other meeting to attend…
Swara: OK sanskaar but be careful nd drive cautiously….. ( she remembers Raj words )
Sanskaar is surprised to see swara caring for him but he somewhere feels happy…..


Swara: monologue… Arey, sanskaar said he’ll be back by evening nd it’s getting late I just hope he is fyn….
Just then door bell rings…swara runs to open d door but she is shocked to see sanskaar’s arm injured…yes, Raj had kept his words he harmed sanskaar…..
Swara: tears flowing from her eyes sanskaar kya hua????
Sanskaar: much nahi swara choti si accident..
.don’t worry everything is fine…
Swara: u call this a small accident… Mr.maheshwari how could you be this careless when I had ….
Her words r cut by sanskaar….
Sanskaar: swara saree bateon yahi karogi kya….
Swara then realises that they r still at d door step….she takes him into d room nd makes him lie down carefully…. then she goes nd prepares a soup…nd feeds him ….sanskaar got emotional with this none in his lyf had taken care of him…..his parents died when he was 7 nd it was only laksh who cared for him…his daadi always said that she loved him but he never felt her love…..nd now he had found someone who was affected by his injury…. He was in pain but it made him realize that she cared for him …..something more than a friend…..

Precap : swasan misunderstandings………

Guys , I hope u find this part long enough…. nd plzzz do comment I’m not getting enough comments nd frankly I’m planning to stop it….it’s not lyk I’m threatening u but it is just that I feel bad when I don’t find comments….. anyways critics r always welcome nd plzz do drop your valuable suggestions ……..

Credit to: Shruthi

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