Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 7)


Hiii guys, sooo here we go with the next part….nd guys, let me clear u one thing …daadi doesn’t know about laksh’s death nd sanskaar doesn’t know about aarav…..

Recap : swasan wedding……

@ maheshwari mansion…..
Daadi does the aarti of d couple nd welcomes
them…..swara kicks d kalash nd enters the house with sanskaar…..
Daadi : swara beta there r some rituals nd some games for newly wedded ….but sanskaar told me that you both have to go back to Bangalore asap nd soo u both will be leaving tomorrow morning nd soo I thought to finish the rituals after your return …anyways by that tym even laksh may be back….
Swara looks at sanskaar as soon as daadi tells about laksh….nd sanskaar signals her to keep quiet through his eyes….
Swara : daadi who is laksh…
Daadi : swara don’t u remember I had told u of my other grandson ….
Swara: hmmm…soo laksh is your daughter’s son…
Daadi : haan…anyways beta now u both go to room nd take rast….
Swasan reach their room nd see it decorated with all flowers candles which lit d room dimly nd some dhoop sticks……both felt a bit awkward….
Sanskaar went to washroom to change without speaking anything… By d tym he comes he sees his angel sleeping peacefully on bed …she had also divided bed with pillow wall…without disturbing her he slept…
Anuradhapura maheshwari on a call…
Anuradha maheshwari: is d work done…..
Person : yes, mam ….but…
Anuradhapura: I dont want to hear anything I want it to be done within 3 months…..or….
Person: yes, mam , it’ll be done….
@ morning…. Maheshwari mansion..
Swasan get ready to go to Bangalore… they take blessings from daadi nd leave …

@ Bangalore mansion…..
Sanskaar : swara this our home from now…..
Swara: it’s beautiful sanskaar…but we need to do a lot of cleaning
Sanskaar: haan swara actually I had asked my manager to arrange someone to clean d home but… He got busy in tomorrow’s meeting stuff that he forgot to get it cleaned…I’m sorry …
Swara : it’s okay nd u need not be sorry….becozz in friendship no soory nd no thankyou..
Sanskaar: okk.. sooo now what do we do ???
Swara : I’ll clean it not a problem..( she takes broom nd starts cleaning…)
Sanskaar: wait we r staying here together so even I’ll help u …saying this he takes d broom nd he also starts cleaning…
Swasan take nearly 2hours to clean everything…. both r tired nd they fall on sofa…
Swara: sanskaar I’m feeling hungry…. I’ll go nd prepare dinner what would you like to have ???
Sanskaar : swara we both completed cleaning d house just now…I know you will be tired soo I already ordered food it will be here any moment…
Swara: wow sanskaar thank u….
Sanskaar: u r breaking rules swara….
Swara : kk acha soo is everything set for meeting…
Sanskaar: haan nd get ready tomorrow u need to attend d meeting with me….
Swara: OK…
Just then delivery boy delivers food they have dinner nd retire for d day……

Precap : Raj nd swara face to face encounter…..

Guys, I hope it’s not boring if it is plzz tell me I’ll try to rectify my mistake nd guys, plzz do comment they really encourage me to write sooo silent readers also plzz comment

Credit to: Shruthi

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