Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 2)


Thank you soo much for ur comments nd pair suggestions ….plz keep encouraging me in d same way……
Recap : past moment s nd Laksh’ s change…..
Soooo here we go with today’s part….
Past :-
Laksh : ah ! Sanskaar I’m soo glad that you came here on my one call…
Ohoo!! Soo someone is getting very formal …..said sanky
Laksh : it’s nothing like that but still u took some time for me in your busy schedule that means a lot to me….
Sanky : oh ! Come on lucky you are d most important person in this world for me… U know ryt if it were not for u I wouldn’t have been this
…( gets thinking past )
Laksh wanted to change the topic nd then entered swara with snacks nd tea….
Laksh : cutie I know you guys have met before I’ve arrived but still let me introduce you to my handsome business tycoon brother sanskaar aka sanky nd sanky dis is swara my cutie nd soon to be Mrs .laksh singhania…..
( words were struck inside sanskaar ‘s throat he had liked her at d first sight itself but still he wanted his brother ‘s happiness)
Sanky : congratulations!!! Laksh I’m happy for u nd if I’m not wrong she’s d reason for ur change in attitude nd all naaa
Laksh : haan sanky she’s d one who changed me from spoilt brat to a responsible, mature nd caring person…..
At d same tym Laksh’ s phone rings …nd he leaves home saying that he would be back by night …..
Sanskaar: thank you soo much swara I’m happy to see my brother change for good .I had tried many ways to change him but he never paid heed to me
Swara : u need not thank me sanskaar …well, it’s not totally becoz of me it’s actually becoz of …….( suddenly swara’s phone rang nd it was Laksh’ s call )
Laksh: hello, cutie don’t tell sanky anything that happened back in 1 nd a half year …I want to tell him personally about her hope you understand…..
Swara : of course laksh ..don’t worry I won’t tell him anything till u feel free to tell him
Laksh : okk bye cutie take care of my jaan’ s jaan’……
Swara: hahaha byee
Sanskaar heard their convo but then decided to let it be….

Present-day : sanskaar what’s taking u soo longg screamed daadi from downstairs …,.
Sanskaar came back from past nd got ready asap to go to temple for meeting swara….
He came down looking handsome as always …nd they left for temple…..

@ Gadodia nivas ( it’s a small double bed room house swara nd her family isn’t rich….it’s only through her job that they run d whole houses expenses…but sanskaar’s daadi agreed to give them money in return for letting sanskaar marry her becoz she felt swasan would be a better couple…)
Shekhar: sumi is everything set nd what about swara is she ready ???
Sumi : yes, shekhar she’s ready look here she comes
Swara comes there wearing a nested pinkish- orange half saree with beautiful smile on her face…..
Shekhar : I know beta you might be feeling that we are dealing our daughter for money to pay or debts but beta if u don’t want this marriage then plzz don’t force urself into this…..
Swara : nahi mammu u took care of me nd di when we had none with us so don’t feel guilty nd coming to this marriage I anyway have to marry someone so why not sanskaar …..
Sumi : u r really lucky for us beta I’m soo sorry for what happened in past because of us …..
Swara : it’s OK mami it was destiny nd it had to happen ….
Dida : arey , enough of it daily soap come on we are getting late chalo …..
Swara : monologue here I come Mr sanskaar maheshwari………

Precap : swasan engagement nd some past scene’s……

Guys plzz tell me if it is boring nd plzz also suggest if I should first complete d past or should I write d story parallely plzzz do comment s nd encourage me ……

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. Plz reveal about ragini and laksh….waiting for their past..plz don’t separate them…plz update soon.eagerly waiting

    1. Don’t worry I won’t separate them but past takes tym to be revealed….. By d way thanks for commenting….

  2. oh god.. It is just superb.. Too much suspense.. m liking it..

  3. It seems interesting …. is swara doing this marriage for revenge

  4. It seems interesting …. is swara doing this marriage for revenge? N what abt laksh

  5. So nyc…yaar awesome

  6. Nice yr

  7. 1st complete d past nd thn ri8 present..bcz swalak love eo thn y dey seperated..waiting fr nxt

  8. nice…but lucky introducr swara would be wife?????

  9. superb..

  10. WHR is ragini? Is she alive or? Plz don’t say that she died bcoz of sanskar….she is alive na…..

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