Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 16)


Thank you for your suggestions nd support guys, soo here we go with d next part…..

It’s evening nd everyone leaves office except our love birds….. Sanskaar was in his cabin staring swara continuously …her cabin was just beside his cabin nd it was separated by a glass wall….

Sanskaar : monologue. Arey ! How do I convince her…I know I was angry with her to know that my girl was d mother of my brothers son but still I was ready to accept her but then daadi spoilt everything…..
Flashback :
Swara: sanskaar let me explain….
Sanskaar: is there still something remaining for u to explain nd for me to know…..
Swara: aarav is actually laksh’s son…he is actually d symbol of love of laksh nd my…..
Sanskaar (hurt) enough swara I thought u were pious but u turned to be cunning u used a small boy for your greedy means….
He holds her shoulders tight nd tells her, u know swara I didn’t trust Raj nd my daadi when they said u were behind my property …I was blinded by your love nd care but today….I’m ashamed of having loved a girl like you…. Now I’m telling you just go away go away from my life nd my son ..
Swara: huh, sanskaar I know ki u r not trusting me at d moment but plzz don’t doo this I can’t live without you nd aarav u both r my life….plzz I love you don’t let me goo becozz if I go this tym I shall not return back…..
Sanskaar: swara how much will u lie…OK fyn I’ll trust u but answer my these questions……… in yes /no
Swara: OK ask.. I’ll answer everything…

Sanskaar: r u an orphan
Swara: yes….
Sanskaar: then who r shekhar baba and sumi maa
Swara: I was their paying guest nd I gave them money to introduce me to your daadi as their niece….
Sanskaar : was Raj your first love ????
Swara: yes , but….
Sanskaar: see your character Na swara ……I don’t know still how many guys u have betrayed… First Raj then laksh nd now me….huh no wonder y u left laksh during his last breaths …… Now I understand u wanted to find someone to take care of your lavishlife right….
Swara: plzz sanskaar I know you are angry but that doesn’t mean u speak anything that comes to your mind….plzz I beg u don’t speak anything that u’ll have to regret later….
Sanskaar : even I don’t want to speak to u just get away of my sight nd make sure I’ll never find u becozz next tym I find u I’ll not spare u……
Sanskaar leaves room nd swara sits on her knees nd cries badly…..she then goes to aarav’s room kisses his forehead packs her bag nd leaves……

On other side sanskaar is boxing hard to forget swara’s betrayal…..nd in this process he injured himself… After sometime swara comes to him…by then he was unconscious becoz of stress she bandages his wond calls doctor nd leaves him…..
Flashback ends…
Present :-
Swara 🙁 knocks d door nd comes in ) sir I’ve completed my work nd now I’m leaving ….
Sanskaar: no u rnot leaving alone…

Swara: what do u mean…
Sanskaar: actually d apartment this office gave u is now being renovated nd it’ll take a week’s tym nd so for this tym being u r going to stay with me…..
Swara : oh !! Soo it’s your new plan huh anyways I’m not going to stay with you….
Sanskaar: I’m not informing u I’m telling you….. I’ve done arrangements for other staff members at my guest house nd now there is no place vacant there nd soo I’m taking u with me……
Swara: it’s OK I can stay in any hotel…
Sanskaar: r u mad swara….at this point of tym u will go nd search for hotel haan ?? No …..nd by d way u won’t find any room available becoz there r international meeting going on ….
Swara with no option left agrees to go with sanskaar…..they reach home…swara gets emotional seeing her house nd as soon as they enter aarav comes running ……
Swara : whispers aarav
Aarav: dad finally, u kept your promise u bought mom with u….

Sanskaar: yes, champ….soo did u lyk my surprise…….
Aarav: like….no dad I don’t like it …I love it….
Swara bends down to aarav’s height nd kisses his forehead nd cheeks nd hugs him tight as if she found her life after seeing him……
Sanskaar : I regret speaking to her like that….nd I wish I was in aarav’s place…….
To be continued……. .

Guys I’ve wilritten it in hurry soo plzz don’t bash me if it’s not nice nd plzz do comment nd encourage me …..guys I need your suggestions alot plzz tell me if I should make swara forgive sanskaar soon or u want some emotional drama……I’ll be writing about past in next episodes……

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. Make swara understand that sanky’s dadi manipulated him to do that

  2. bring some emotional drama..

  3. no emotional drama

  4. Awsm yr BT she should not forgive him.

    1. yes i agree too… she should not forgive sanky so easily…plzz

  5. Awesome yaar…sanskar waiting for next part yaar…

  6. wow shruthi..
    nice no.. it’s owesome.. sanskra’s care to wards swara.. n he is guilty for his deed n then aarav’s hugging seen is also nice but i love the last line a lot..
    i regret speaking to her like that.. nd i wish i was in aarav’s place..
    hey i got an idea pls swara’s fear raj came back n threaten her.. if u like this apply it.. it’s just a thought. otherwise u r going is also best.. 😉
    good dear n keep it up..
    n all the best for ur exams.. 🙂

  7. Wow superb yaar..loved it..plz make swara forgive sanskar soon..Your story is simple and beautiful yaar…

  8. Nooo don’t make her forget hi. becoz she was very hurt and swara has not have left arav

  9. Swara should not forgive him..

  10. Swara should not sanskar so easily more family tine more nokh jhoks plzz

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