Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 15)


Soo here goes d next part of d story i hope it is long enough nd u all like it……

Recap : sanskaar buying a company…..

Sanskaar: soo here I come my sweet heart…
Sanskaar goes inside d office …everyone greets him with a smile nd many given him boquets nd cards welcoming him…..every girl wanted to seek his attentiin but sanskaar was searching for his lady love whose love nd trust he broke…..
Finally he reaches his cabin …..he impatiently waits for swara to come…..in d mean tym he thinks…..
2days back….
Sanskaar: hello, Gupta…..I need u to find out where swara is no matter what I want to know her whereabouts asap
Gupta : your wish is my command sir nd don’t worry give me a day’s time nd I’ll find out……
After a day…..
Gupta: sir …mam is working in fashonista house as a senior web designer……nd this firm is owned by ashok singhania at present this firm is in loss…
Sanskaar: good job!! nd ya contact Mr ashok singhania nd tell him that I’ll be buying his firm for a rate higher than he expects nd ya renovate it to my tastes….nd ya change d name of fashionista firm house as s&s firm…….got it ??
Gupta: yes, sir everything will be done…..
Sanskaar: soo get ready swara I’m back …nd I’ll rectify my mistake nd bring back my wife nd aarav’s mom to maheshwari mansion at any cost…..
Flashback ends…….
Present @sanskaar’s cabin……
Sanskaar hears someone knocking his cabin nd he asks d person to come in….
Person : good morning sir, I’m swara mehra…. Mr Gupta told me that u wanted to meet d senior web designer…. Soo
Till now sanskaar ‘s back was facing swara but now he turns towards her ……nd she stays numb for few seconds to find sanskaar in place of her new boss….
Sanskaar: swara I missed u soo much I’m glad that I met u today…..I’m sorry for not trusting u plzz come back to me nd aarav we all can lead a perfect life plzz forgive me…….
Swara’s: (her eyes r filled with tears but she composes herself …) Who am I to forgive u Mr.maheshwari…. I’m noo one to u …nd we ask apology or apologie to a person we know but I don’t think u know me …so plzzz stay away ….nd I’m neither coming back into your life nor am I working with you…. I’ll straight away get my resignation letter……
Swara leaves d cabin nd sanskaar starts thinking oh god !!! I really hurt her nd now when I’m apologising she is not even ready to listen to me…..but suddenly an idea strucks his mind….
Swara comes to his cabin….
Swara: sir , here is my resignation nd I’m leaving.
Sanskaar: well, Mrs maheshwari I thought u r professional but….
Swara: it’s miss mehra nd not Mrs maheshwari
Sanskaar: whatever ever if you have forgotten let me remind you that we r still in this marriage nd soo u r still Mrs maheshwari…. nd u have cheated d company by faking your maraital status to which u may be liable to punishment…. but since today is my first day soo I’m forgiving u nd one more thing u cannot resign your job as u have signed a contract which will end in a month soo after your contract completes u can goo away from here…..am I clear…
Swara: yes , sir ( her face is all pale to hear her sanskaar speak soo rude to her…)
Sanskaar: nd yes, u have come late today nd I hate late comers I would appreciate if you come early from tomorrow….
Swara: yes, sir …
Sanskaar: anyways here take these 5 files MD do checking of designs nd change them if needed nd ya this is your punishment for coming late nd don’t waste my time nd start d work asap….
Swara: yes, sir….
Swara leaves d cabin with a sad face nd sanskaar is also sad for being rude to her but then he thinks of getting back swara in his life either by hook or crook…… .
To b continued…….

Guys, I hope this is long enough nd plzz comment nd encourage me……

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. Awesome yaar…sanskar super…waiting for next episide

  2. I have a doubt… he didn’t read the dairy completely know… then how did he come to know arav is raglak ‘s son… am confused…

    1. I’ll tell that in next part….

  3. Nice waiting for next part

  4. Update soon can’t wait

    1. okk I’ll be updating next part soon

  5. i think now u should make love triangle

    1. Thank you for your suggestion I’ll try to make a love triangle

  6. Well Shruthi I love you ff so much, I just started reading it and it’s good so far. I am also writing a ff if you could comment some ideas it would be nice it’s called destiny vs love http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=destiny+vs+love+%28Thapki+pyaar+ki%29
    Can’t wait for the next part!~nusz

    1. Thank you soo much yaar I would read it nd then tell u some suggestions…..

  7. Superb yaar..but I have one doubt..Swara met Sanskar on Laksh flat and that time she and Laksh decided to marry and then she left from there after Laksh death…then how will Swara loved Sanskar…..in Sanskar case it true he love at first sight

    1. Actually there is a lot more past instored soo guys plzz wait

  8. hey Shruthi..
    hi.. i like the episode but pls try to write long episodes.. its feel like short chap.. pls try to make it long..
    sorry if my words hurt u.. n reveal the story y raglak died..??

    1. Noo it’s nothing like that… nd I’m having my exams soo I’m writing short parts….

      1. OK NP but reveal the suspense behind raglak death..

  9. i love your fanfiction…good job…keep going…

  10. awesome update next part soon….

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