Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 82

Swaragini-(love,Ishq, kadhal) Episode 82

Recap : ragsan romance. Raglak and swasan bet on bike race. In which swaragini won by tricking sanlak.

Hii guys ur dhamu here.

Episode begins..
Scene : at ragsan
Ragini: sanskar I don’t know that u drive very nice. I became a fan of urs.
Sanskar : really thank u.
Ragini : but what is in it u loose before my shona. She drives very well than u.
Sanskar : Ragini come let’s go out.
Ragini: what now only u said that u are tired.
Sanskar : by seeing u all my tiredness will be gone.
Ragini : really.
Sanskar drags her out.

Sanskar drives bike while Ragini Sat behind.
Sanskar was riding at a 160 speed. Ragini tightly hugged sanskar and was enjoying the nature.
Sanskar then stops bike at a lonely place.
Ragini: what happened u stopped.
Sanskar : bcoz from here u will drive.
Ragini shocked : what I don’t know something will happen I will dash into something. I will make accident.
Sanskar : Ragini relax nothing happens. I am there Na. I will teach u okk. U trust me right.
Ragini nods her head : sanskar do u think I can make it.
Sanskar : I am sure Ragini u can do anything.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini sits in front sanskar sits behind. He passes his hands romantically on her hands on the handle. Ragini sees into his eyes. His face is on her shoulder and she can feel his hot breathe.
Sanskar : Ragini I know ur husband is very handsome but now focus I will not go anywhere.
Ragini takes a long breathe.
Sanskar : see this one is clutch. U should not leave it. On left u will have gears and on right u will have break. When u attain some speed u should change ur gears and apply break when something is very near to her. Okk
Ragini: okk
They drive for 2hrs. Ragini now learnt basics and became perfect as she used to ride scooty.
After that.
Sanskar : now u only drive till our hotel.
Ragini: okk
After 5 min. Ragini could feel her top is lifted up. She suddenly stops the bike and saw sanskar kept his hands on her waist inside the top.
Ragini: sanskar what are u doing.
Sanskar : actually I am feeling bored sitting idle that s why thought of doing romance.
Ragini: sanskar I will get tickles then I will dash to anything.
Sanskar : nothing will happen BTW u should get used of it okk.
Ragini: why I will not drive bike daily Na.
Sanskar : are bhuddu I am saying about my touch.
Ragini blushes.
Sanskar : if u drive fast I have important work at home and winks at her and smiles naughtily.
Ragini understands.
She drives as it is night not Much people are there.
Sanskar is busy in romance with his wife.
He sometimes plays with her belly. Sometimes kisses her neck, cheeks etc…
His every touch was making Ragini weak. She can hardly concentrate on driving.

Ragini stops at some place.
Sanskar who was romancing her saw the bike stop.
Sanskar : what happened Ragini u disturbed me.
Ragini: what disturbance sanskar I can’t concentrate on driving. I only learned sometime before. U are doing this all
Sanskar : what all
Ragini : u are keeping ur hands….
Sanskar : hands see my hands should be with me only Na.
Ragini: no they are on me.
Sanskar : oh where show me.
Ragini smiles : sanskar see this place is very nice Na. Let s be sometime here naa.
Sanskar : u liked this
Ragini: yes let’s sit here come.
Sanskar : Ragini If u want I will buy this place for u.
Ragini holds his hands and takes him to a nearby hill and makes him sit. She also sits.
Ragini: sanskar we should love a person. And thinking that do anything she wants. That is right but I love u and our family and our home and nothing else more than that. These are only things which will only be in my memories that I spend time with u that’s all but our home, u will be in my heart. If u want to give me anything then promise me that u will love me forever that’s enough for me sanskar.
Sanskar just looks into her eyes : Ragini u are only one single piece in the whole world that s why I love u very much.
Ragini: yes of course I am Mrs. Ragini sanskar Maheshwari which will be always me.
Sanskar : yes.
They smile. They talk
Sanskar : u know Ragini u look like pataka in jeans.
Ragini : haa my shona s selection.
Sanskar : is the plan of making us loose is also Swara s plan.
Ragini: haa yes of course. She is very talented….. She then bites her tongue realizing what she said.
Sanskar : soon u agree that u both cheated.
Ragini: sanskar that s not cheating.
Sanskar : u distracted me. U know Na if I see u I will only see u and can’t concentrate on anything that’s why u both planned this right.
Ragini : leave it sanskar it’s just a game.
Sanskar : no my darling accidents will happen if I look at u.
Ragini : sanskar don’t butter me.
Sanskar : Ragini I think here no one is there.
Ragini looks around and finds no one.
Ragini: yeah soo
Sanskar then suddenly drags her to him and kisses her lips wildly. Ragini also joins him. They kiss for so much time.
Ragini: she huffs lack of air and says sanskar I can’t breathe. He again kisses her. After 10 minutes they break the kiss.
Sanskar : when I see u this only happens with me. My breathe gets stuck till I come near u.
Ragini hugs him. Sanskar also hugs her. Very intense hug. (mein jo jee raha hoon wajah Tum ho plays…….)
Sanskar then makes Ragini lye down. He then comes over her. He starts kissing her passionately. He then kisses her cheeks, eyes, forehead, chin and again kisses her lips. Then they hear crackers sound. Sanskar lay beside her and they enjoy the beautiful sky.

Scene : at swalak
Swara: come lucky let’s go to laado room. We will play something.
Laksh: OK come.
They go inside ragsan s room and finds no one.
Laksh: I think they are playing alone.
Swara hits his hand : stop lucky I think they have gone out. U know this is laado s first time to come to London.
She only used to live In her village. She is the daughter for all the homes in village.
Laksh: yes but now she is wife of my bhai. Really bhai is very lucky to get Ragini in his life. He had happiness in his life now which will be there till he have Ragini in his life.
Swara : yes u are also not less lucky bcoz u got me.
Laksh: yeah sometimes unlucky happens to be very lucky.
Swara : what u said I am unlucky for u. OK now u stay out only. She goes into her room and locks the door leaving Laksh out.
Laksh: lucky why always ur tongue slips. Now what should I do.

Scene : at ragsan
Sanskar : u know Ragini when I am with u I feel like my mother is also with me and when u fight for me I think I have my dad which I can’t feel with anyone.
Ragini : for me also sanskar. U are the best thing that happened in my life. God also plays a very nice game. See bcoz of u only I came to Mumbai, we fought, and now see we are now married. If u didn’t have burned my dhaba. I would have not met shona, munni, Maa, papa, avini, Laksh and my life became complete.
Sanskar : oh I didn’t think of it till now. But how cruel I am right Na..
Ragini: cruel but cute also my ravan.
Sanskar : yes u remember how we used to fight I really can’t believe that we are now married and love each other very much.
They smiles remembering their fights.
Sanskar : Ragini from long time I want to ask u this chain is urs right I mean ur parents gave u right.
Ragini: yes why are u asking
Sanskar : u know I also used to have the same chain but it is gone.
Ragini: oh really that s nice. But how means very coincident.
Sanskar : yes my mother name is sujata and dad ramprassad. Ur parents Shyam and radhika. And us sanskar and Ragini. All SR. Did u observe it.
Ragini : yes sanskar very coincident right.
Sanskar : OK now let’s go home.
Ragini: OK but u should not disturb me.
Sanskar : what I disturb u. I don’t know anything I am very innocent.
Ragini smiles and kisses his cheek and runs.
Sanskar : ufff Ragini u are making me addict.
Ragini starts bike and drives. As usual our naughty boy doesn’t obey his poor wife s words. He goes on kissing her and playing with her belly.
Ragini: sanskar anyone will see.
Sanskar : this is all common in London. So u concentrate on ur work and I will on my work. I think teaching u bike is one of the best thing I have done. I had an opportunity to romance my wife on bike too.
Ragini smiles.

Scene : at swalak.
Laksh thinks and goes inside from balcony.
Swara is reading some magazine. She was reading laying on the bed. She wore a pink saree and as air comes her saree flies showing her beautiful waist. Laksh who is very angry melted seeing his lovely wife like this. He stands and sees her like statue.
Swara sees him.
Swara : how u came inside.
Laksh: oh hello this is my room too. I can come it’s my wish.
Swara : OK then I will go out. She was about to open. Laksh back hugs her.
Swara : what are u doing Laksh.
Laksh: I came for u only and if u go what will I do.
Swara : u said I am unlucky for u. I hurtu… I don’t talk to u.
Laksh huskly says will u live without talking to me.
Laksh: I was just teasing u Swara. U know Na I only have luck in my name but that came truly when u came into my life.
Swara hugs him.
Laksh: BTW u are looking hot in this pink saree.
Swara shies and runs from him.
Laksh: are Swara u know how I jumped this balcony for u and u are running from me.
Swara : lucky I am not dumb OK this is ground floor there is no need to jump that s why I opened it so that u will come.
Laksh: Swara u are only less in height but in brain u are highly talented.
Swara : u know who are short they will only be very strong okk.
Laksh: really.
Swara then punches him : how is it.
Laksh: aaah… My mouth. He falls on bed.
Swara worries and checks if something had happened but Laksh grabbed her and locks his lips on her.
Laksh: I got my medicine now I am fine.
Swara sees him angrily.
Laksh then makes her lay on him.
Swara also hugs him.
Laksh : u are beautiful in this saree but in bedsheet u will be more beautiful.
Swara doesn’t understand. She sees Laksh seeing her naughty and understands what he means. She gets up but Laksh holds her saree. He removes the saree and drags her on him.
Swara : Lucky I did bath sometime before only.
Laksh: at this age it is very nice to bath frequently. U don’t worry if u want I will help in bathing. What say nice idea right.
Swara blushes.
Laksh : OK now don’t waste time.
They intimate.

Scene : ragsan
Ragsan reach home.
Ragini came and as soon as she bolted the door. Sanskar pins her to wall and kiss her lips. While kissing he removes her trouser.
Ragini breaks the kiss and runs from there.
Sanskar : Ragini this is not fair to make ur husband crave for u. See how nicely I taught u bike. U should give something for that Na.
Ragini: while coming home I gave u so much okk.
Sanskar : that s a very small one.
Ragini :that s enough. U irritated me so much. She goes inside the bathroom and bolts it.
Sanskar makes a sad face and sits on bed scolding Ragini.
Ragini did bath but didn’t took any clothes or towel with her.
Ragini hits her head. She slowly opens the door slightly and sees her dresses on bed and sanskar Sat beside that which is some distance far. She thought to go out but if sanskar sees her he will tease her. She was thinking while sanskar saw her.
Sanskar : I know Ragini u are missing me right. He comes near her.
But Ragini closes the door.
Ragini: sanskar I forgot my clothes plz give me Na.
Sanskar : achaa… Like that he dances there.
Ragini: sanskar plz give me Na.
Sanskar : then u should allow me to come inside.
Ragini: no..
Sanskar : OK ur wish.
He didn’t see any response for so much time.
Ragini then comes out wearing sanskar s shirt which came upto her knees..
It is white shirt so all her body is visible.
Sanskar is shocked to see Ragini like that . he stand there like an idol. Ragini runs taking her dress but sanskar catches her holding her waist.
Sanskar : I won Ragini.
Ragini: sanskar leave me let me change.
Sanskar : not necessary BTW any dress will be removed now right. Ragini thinks now she is lost and surrenders to sanskar.
Sanskar switches off the lights.
Sanskar : Ragini every night u were my shirts only it will be very easy for me. BTW these shirts look more good on u than me. But it is not good to wear my shirts without my permission. So remove it.
He slowly unbuttoning the shirt. Ragini closed her eyes. Sanskar then drapes a bedsheet over them and starts kissing her while Ragini moans. They intimate.

Next day morning.
Swalak gets ready and come to ragsan s room.
Here ragsan were sleeping cutely hugging each other. Swalak knock the door.
Ragini wakes but ignores and cuddles sanskar and sleeps kissing him with closed eyes only.
Swara: Laksh they went out Na I think they came late. They will be sleeping let’s not disturb come.
Laksh goes.
Ragini then wakes up and sees time is 11. She gets up and gets ready. She then went to wake sanskar but seeing him sleeping cutely she didn’t waked him.
Ragini is drying her wet hair. The water droplets fall on sanskar and he wakes up. He then covers himself with bedsheets and back hugs Ragini and sleeps on her shoulder.
Ragini keeps her hands on his head : sanskar get ready swalak will be waiting for us. Go take bath we will have breakfast.
Sanskar kisses on her forehead and goes to bath room.
Ragsan get ready and goes to swalak who are waiting for ragsan to have breakfast. Laksh kept a spoon in his mouth and making sounds.
Ragini: sry shona, Laksh we were sleepy.
Laksh : oh God u came. I am starving. Come Lets eat.
Sanskar : OK common let s eat.
Swara : if u came 10minutes also I would have fainted.
All smiles. They eat.
Swaragini were making list of what will we make sanlak to do as they won bet.
Swaragini : OK now do what we say okk and they were saying the list.
Sanlak made a puppy face : I am very sad bcoz these all list are going to do
Swaragini shocked : u had became mad bcoz of ur failure.
Sanlak: by cheating no one will become winners. Do u get that girls.
Swaragini : we didn’t cheated.
Sanlak laughs loud. Swaragini didn’t understand.
Sanlak then plays a recording in which Ragini said Swara is very talented that we cheated. Swara also accepts it that it’s her plan.
Swaragini shocks sanlak rockz….
Swara: laado u don’t have control on ur tongue Na.
Ragini : shona u also said Na. But I didn’t said wantedly. They then looks at each other and remembers how sanlak made them to tell by making romance with them.
Swaragini shouts : we didn’t said by ourselves they made us to say this is cheating.
Laksh: a cheater who cheats shouldnt say cheating is a cheating.
Swaragini opens their mouth.
Sanlak gives hifi to each other.
They went to the shopping mall. Sanlak did shopping and made swaragini to lift the bags.
While eating lunch there was a big queue sanlak Sat and said swaragini to get them food in that big queue.
Swaragini made sad faces and stood in that queue for 30min.
They get the food which sanlak only ate.
After sometime swalak went to different side and ragsan to the other.

Scene : at swalak
Swara was feeling very hungry. She sees ice cream and goes there and takes one while laksh takes it from her and eats. Swara beats Laksh.
Laksh: Swara u forgot the bet.
Swara: bet my foot I am going.
Laksh forcefully takes her into the car and drives.
Swara : lucky I am very hungry. What a husband u are from morning u were making me lift all weights and didn’t even let me eat something and took my ice cream too. She cries like a small baby.
Lucky didn’t said anything and was driving.
He takes to some place.
Swara: no what is this.
Laksh then takes her inside a room.
Swara sees someone and hangs her mouth open shocked.

Scene : at ragsan
Ragini : sanskar I don’t love u I hate u. I am leaving
Sanskar : Ragini don’t forget the bet.
Ragini : what bet no bet nothing. She goes and sees a chocolate fountain.
She goes and buys a chocolate. She takes one bite but sanskar comes and takes it and eats in one go.
Sanskar : how tasty I love it.
Ragini: u ate that much without giving me and now ate my chocolate too. I will go to India. She also cries I want to see maa papa. I will go to India. She cries on the road while all are watching.
Sanskar keeps his hand on her mouth. Ragini bites his hand.
Sanskar : she became monster Ragini that is not chicken leg piece it’s my hand.
Ragini cries maaa sanskar is very bad.
Ragini: see sanskar I will say about u to Maa papa see I will also say to munni and avi. It is like child saying I will complaint about u to my teacher.
Sanskar : thinks how cute she is but if I go near her. She will eat me thinking I am shavarma.
He drags her into car and drives.
Ragini: now where are u taking me.
Sanskar doesn’t give any answer.
Ragini: help me help me he kidnapped me. She shouts loudly.
Sanskar : Ragini don’t waste ur little energy too. No one can hear nor see u.
Ragini cries…
He then stops at a place which is very crowded.
Ragini: now what I should stand in this queue also to get something for u.
Sanskar takes her inside passing the crowd.
Ragini gets in but don’t know where she is going.
Ragini looks here and there.
Sanskar : look front
Ragini: no I won’t look
Sanskar : if u see I will give u chocolate.
Ragini : really and then sees and is shocked.

Episode ends with shocking faces of swaragini.

Guys how is this episode. Do u know why are they shocked. Comment ur answers. Thank u.

Ur dhamu

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