Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 81

Swaragini –(love,Ishq,kadhal)Episode 81

Recap : sanskar s cute surprises to Ragini. Ragsan revelation of their first love. Ragsan consummated their marriage.

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Episode begins..
Scene : in London tower
Morning rays falls on the beautiful couple.
Sanskar wakes up and sees Ragini sleeping like a baby hugging him. He then sees a rose petal on her lips.
He comes near her. Ragini woke up by his hot breathe. She then sees him who is admiring her. Sanskar comes more near her and there was only a inch distance. Ragini closed her eyes. Sanskar slowly kissed her lips. Ragini was also enjoying it. They were playing with the rose petal with their lips. Finally sanskar got it. He ate the petal.
Sanskar : hmm very tasty..
Ragini : sanskar…
Sanskar : not about u I am talking about the rose petal.
Ragini makes an angry face and turns the other side.
Sanskar : Ragini it got the taste from ur soft and sweet lips only Na.
Ragini still angry. Sanskar then passes his hand on her waist sensously. Ragini feels shivering. She is also enjoying it but doesn’t showed up. He then kissed her cheek. Ragini blushes and turns towards him.
Sanskar : oh Ragini one kiss is enough to make u blush.
Ragini covers herself in blanket being shy.
Ragini slowly moved the blanket and didn’t saw sanskar.
Ragini: sanskar.. She then feels something on her legs. She is shocked to see sanskar inside her blanket.
Ragini: sanskar what are u doing.
Sanskar : Ragini I can’t get over u. The last night is the most beautiful and memorable day of my life.
Ragini: sanskar even it is the a beautiful night for me. Thank u sanskar for making me urs completely.
Sanskar : Ragini u are really s*xy. Ur voice is making me uncontrollable for u
Ragini: sanskar we didn’t informed anyone. They might be looking for us. I think we should go. BTW visitors also starting come.
Sanskar : Ragini don’t worry. This tower belongs to us for 2 days. We can do whatever we want.
He naughtly smiles at her.
Ragini: sanskar but Shona….
Sanskar comes over her : he says huskily u don’t worry about them u only look after me. He then starts romancing her neck. Ragini at first tries to stop but melts bcoz she also want to be with her hubby.
They again intimate.

After a few hours. Ragini was on sanskar resting on him. They hear phone ringing.
Ragini wakes and sees Swara calling.
She hesitantly takes the call.
Ragini: shona
Swara: laado where we’re u both. U know how much we are worried about u both. Where are u
Ragini sees her state and sanskar s. They both are naked.
Ragini: that shona.. I and sanskar …
Swara : haa u and sanskar where are u
Ragini was about to say she suddenly feels a pair of hands encircling her. She sees it is Sanskar who started again to romance her neck.
Ragini was resisting but he didn’t listened to her.
Ragini: shona we just came to the London tower and as it got late we stayed there. We are coming.
Swara :haa OK come fast.
Ragini : yes yes… Sanskar is continously kissing her neck, cheeks, shoulders.
She cuts the call.
Ragini then gets up covering with blanket and was scolding sanskar : sanskar I already said that all will be waiting for us but u…. Leave that while talking also what are u doing.
Sanskar : Ragini come let’s take shower.
Ragini : sanskar what I was talking. Sanskar then lifts her and takes to washroom.
Sanskar then on the shower. The water is falling on Ragini. Sanskar throwed the blanket out. Ragini then turned other side.
Sanskar : Ragini u want to go.
Ragini first nods her head in a yes and after that she says no.
Ragini: but they were worried about us. Let’s go na
Sanskar : OK but after this shower. He the turns her towards him and starts kissing her.

Scene : at hotel
Swalak saw ragsan. Swara hugged Ragini.
Sanlak also hugged.
They all are doing breakfast. While sanskar holds her hand. She somehow frees herself. He then starts to tickle her on her waist.
Ragini laughs suddenly. Swalak look at her surprised. Sanskar smiles naughtily
Swara : what happened Ragini are u OK
Ragini: haa I am OK. I think some ant is biting me.
Sanlak went out.
Swara : Ragini last night u enjoyed. Sanskar is very romantic right.
Ragini remembers about last night and smiles to herself: yes sanskar is very romantic.
Swara: yaah it can be seen.
Ragini then remembers what she said : what what…. Can be seen. Nothing I am going to sanskar.
Swara : haa haa go go..
Here sanlak
Laksh: sanskar u only that ant right.
Sanskar : what which ant.
Laksh : haa leave it last night enjoyed a alot right.
Sanskar : yes alot… What nothing we just went to tower.
Laksh: oho…
He naughtily looks at him.
Sanakar understands : lucky I am going to Ragini.
He then runs while Ragini also comes there and they both collide each other.
Swalak comes from either sides and laugh seeing each other.
Ragsan feel embrass.
Swalak: now it’s our turn to tease u guys
Ragsan look at each other.

At night.
Raglak were fighting. Swasan looks surprised.
Ragini: no Swara drives bike more faster
Laksh: yes but not more than my bhai. U know bhai is a champion in bike racing.
Ragini: BTW Laksh u also know Na how Swara drives then why is this argument.
U also get afraid Na by her driving.
Laksh remembers his shouts being afraid of Swara s driving.
Ragini starts laughing.
Ragini: remembering Swara s driving right.
Sanskar : Swara I think they are fighting for us
Swara : yes jiju I think on bike racing.
Sanskar: what we should stop them
Swara : yes jiju come fast.

Ragini: OK then bet if shona wins u should do what my sister says.
Laksh: OK same bet if bhai wins also…
Raglak: done

Swasan comes there.
Ragini: Swara we should win anyway
Laksh: it’s not ur cup of tea.
Ragini : Laksh plz don’t make me more hyper.
Swara: can we know what is happening.
Laksh: nothing we had a bet Ragini says u drive bike more faster and I say my bhai drive more faster.
Swara: really OK then done I accept.
Sanskar : mee too challenge accepted.
Ragini smiles at Swara while sanlak smiles.
Swaragini come from room while sanlak are waiting for them.
They came wearing jeans with black blazers. They had their hair open and had put on black shades. Sanlak hung their mouth open.

Sanskar: kya yaar Ragini is looking like pataka
Laksh: what should I say my one is looking very hot. I think I foolishly kept that bet.
Sanskar : it is known lucky u are a big fool.
Laksh: what bhai u know how much proudly I said about u and u are calling me fool.
Sanskar : OK now don’t cry come we should win this bet then we can play with them.
Laksh: u are right. Come

Ragini: are u ready sanskar
Sanskar: oh God she is looking damn hot Swara : what about u lucky
Laksh: oh God she is making me crazy.
Swaragini Sat on the bike. Swara starts her bike.
Laksh: bhai come on otherwise they will win.
Sanskar : yaah start come.
Sanlak also get ready.
Ragini: 1,2,3 start..
First Swara was leading. She was going very faster.
Sanskar now raises his speed. Swara can’t able to get fast.
Swara : Ragini now it is time to show ur power.
Ragini: what Swara what can I do. I don’t know driving. Sanskar is really going fast.
Swara : are laado u don’t need to drive but when I go adjacent to him. U look at him romantically that s all we will win.
Ragini: shona not bad this idea works.
Swara then gives hifi to Ragini.
Swara raises the speed and goes simultaneously with him.
When sanskar saw Ragini. Ragini looks at him romantically and smiles naughtily. Sanskar avoids it but again sees her. She winks at him and gives flying kiss. Sanskar just looks at her.
While Swara goes fast and wins the race.
Swaragini shouts we win we win… I loose.
Laksh: bhai what have u done.
Sanskar : arey lucky Ragini diverted my mind yaar.
Laksh: I know this is Swara s plan.
Ragini: now u boys should listen to us. Okk
Laksh: but u have cheated.
Ragini : what did i do.
Laksh: u only diverted bhai
Ragini: If I said him not to drive.
Laksh: no…
Swara: jiju himself had lost. U both are now loosers.
Sanskar : OK now I am tired Ragini come let’s go.
Swara : OK then laado we will Start their punishing session from tomorrow.
Ragini: okk
Laksh winks at sanskar. Sanskar smirks.

Episode ends….

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