Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 80

Swaragini –(love,Ishq,kadhal)Episode 80

Recap: ragsan teasing swalak.Adam organized the party with some awesome games and In which the couple made for each other award won by ragsan.

Hii guys ur dhamu here. I am sry guys really very hectic these days. I think I can upload 3or 4 episodes in a week. Thank u for ur comments and to my silent readers also.

Episode begins…
Scene: at the party.
Adam: OK now I am very interested in knowing ur first love. He asks it in personal. Ragsan look at each other.
Ragini thinks that shanaya is sanskar s first love.
Sanskar thinks that once Ragini said that she loved a person before in Kolkata.
Waiter: sir the dinner is ready for the guests.
Adam: OK I am coming. He excuses himself.
Ragsan were alone.
Ragini : San….
Sanskar: Ragini leave it come let’s have dinner.
Ragini smiles and was about to go to he party but sanskar stops.
Ragini: what
Sanskar: we will have dinner alone. Where there are no one. I want spend some valuable time with my wife alone.
Ragini: OK permission granted.
Ragsan smile.

Sanskar opens the car door for her and Ragini sits. He then drives her to a very big place.
Ragini : sanskar which place is it. It is very nice.
Sanskar: this is the top attraction if London. The tower of London. And we are going to have candle light dinner here.
Ragini: sanskar how can we here..
Sanskar: Oho question bank u started..u know name that ur husband is very famous. I have ordered this for my beautiful wife and they gave.
Ragini: what they gave to u. Oh my God. I am going to faint.
Sanskar : Ragini it’s just nothing there is so much u should see in London with me.
Ragini sees him lovingly.
Ragsan then get inside the tower. As they arrived rose petals start to fall on them and lights are on. The whole tower inside is decorated very beautifully. At the middle a table is arranged with beautiful candles and flower decorations. Before that there is flower arrangement in love shape written ragsan beautifully.
Ragini: rag from Ragini and San from sanskar,ragsan it is so cute. She hugs him.
Sanskar: Ragini did u like it.
Ragini: what question is that sanskar I loved it. When did u do these arrangements u were with me only na.
Sanskar: I wanted to surprise u and if I want then it will happen for sure bcoz..
Ragini: she acts like sanskar and says bcoz I am sanskar Maheshwari.
Sanskar: no bcoz I love u Ragini.
Ragini: I love u too sanskar.
Sanskar: OK there is one more surprise for u. He then gives her a box.
Ragini: sanskar if u give surprise like this then one day I will not react to any surprise. I will be used to it.
Sanskar: it’s not wrong BTW after all u are not a normal girl,u are Mrs . Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari.
Ragini: OK what is there in this. She opens it. She sees a blue gown which is only upto her knees with backless and sleeveless. She was about to say that she can’t were this but sanskar is looking at her reaction with excitement. So she changed the expression and smiles. I will wear it sanskar.
Sanskar:understands that she is feeling some difficulty Ragini I know u are uncomfortable with this dress but here no one is there that s why I gave it to u. If u don’t want u don’t wear it. It’s OK I won’t feel.
Ragini: sanskar I am ur wife u have complete rights on me. I won’t feel any discomfort bcoz I am not wearing it in front of some unknown person but my husband. U wait I will change and come.
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini comes after a while. She was looking stunning,beautiful, gorgeous.
Sanskar looks at her and was coming near her. While Ragini is constantly dragging the frock down.
Ragini then suddenly feels sanskar is very near her. She stopped what she is doing and was looking at him.
Sanskar: Ragini don’t beat if I say something.
Ragini: sanskar if I am not looking good as u have expected. I know I can’t handle these type of clothes and I won’t look good in them. Sry sanskar..
Sanskar then whispers huskily in her ears : damn s*xy.
Ragini widens her eyes.
Sanskar : Ragini u are really s*xy. U are more beautiful than I have expected u in this dress. U don’t know Ragini my body is heating up. I feel like getting fire from ears.
Ragini beats him: sanskar stop lifting me okk.
Sanskar: Ragini u don’t believe me. Look into my eyes. See urself how much beautiful u are.
Ragini: sanskar did u really like
Sanskar: Ragini u don’t know how I am controlling. I don’t like it I loved it. Bcoz u wore this dress, this dress got its speciality.
Ragini: sanskar…
Sanskar puts his finger on her lips.
Sanskar: u sit here I will come.
Ragini sits. Lights go off.
Ragini gets frightened. She calls sanskar. Just then all the candles lights up. She sees sanskar..
Ragini: sanskar what us this. What have u wore. Actually he wore a waiter dress
Sanskar: today u sit I will serve u.

Ragini: no no I don’t want this u please go change and come.
Sanskar: Ragini u will listen to me right.
Ragini: yes but…
Sanskar: plz Ragini this is for making u wear this dress in front of everyone. I know here there are no one but I am he artfully apologizing.plz..
Ragini remembers how he made her wear a waiter dress and made her to serve everyone.
Ragini:sanskar why are u retrieving the past. Now it’s over.
Sanskar: Ragini I want to make a new beginning of our life so that one day we should not thing of painful past but a beautiful moments.
Ragini: but how can I
Sanskar: he makes her sit and serves food.
Ragini sees allu,paneer,all her favorite food.
Ragini: sanskar how did u made this. Is Indian food available in London.
Sanskar: I made it.
Ragini: sanskar u know cooking.
Sanskar: of course Ragini after my parents dead I learnt cooking for avi. I got to know u like these u know BTW I also like these very much. We are really compatible.
Ragini: yes sanskar but when did u do this.
Sanskar: when we went for shopping I not only did shopping but also did these arrangements for my gorgeous wife.
Ragini: I didn’t got the handsome husband but got the most loving and understanding husband.
Sanskar: OK now let’s eat
Ragini sits in his lap. Sanskar is shocked but made her sit comfortably. She feeds him and he also feeds her. While eating ice cream sanskar had some on his side of lips. Ragini saw that and signed him but he didn’t get that so Ragini slowly goes near his lips and licks it.
Sanskar closes his eyes and feels her. Ragini slowly got away but was dragged near him by sanskar. He softly kissed her lips which turned into a passionate and further into a wild kiss.
After 10 minutes they broke their kiss. Ragini blushes and runs to the garden. She then sees a bed in garden which is beautifully decorated.
Sanskar comes behind her and back hugs her.
He then kisses on her shoulder by moving her hair to the other side.
Ragini closes her eyes. She while shying turns to him and hugged him . sanskar also hugs her .
Sanskar : Ragini I want to say that my first love is…
Ragini: I know sanskar it is Shanaya right but that was past.
Sanskar: no Ragini Shanaya is not my
first love in fact I didn’t loved her till now.
Ragini is shocked.
Sanskar: yes Ragini I loved some other girl whom I didn’t saw taking this as an advantage uttara and Shanaya made some plan and trapped me in that and made me believe that Shanaya is the girl whom I loved but I got to know she is not my love when I heard their conversation but I wanted to know who is that girl that s why I acted to love her but after u came I got to know that,that girl is dead that s the reason I broke relation with uttara that s why she is not staying in our home.
But after meeting u I got to know that the girl came alive in u.
Ragini: do u miss her. How u hid this much pain in u sanskar.
Sanskar: I don’t know how I hid this much pain but I missed her till u came but after that my heart,my mind only thinks of u. Thank u for coming in my life.
Ragini: OK sanskar as u said I would also not like to make any secrets between us. I also loved someone who betrayed me knowing that I am a village girl and didn’t had enough money. I forgot him but it took time now I don’t even remember him bcoz of ur love.
Sanskar: Ragini if u didn’t said this also I won’t feel bad.
Ragini: me too
Ragini: now I think there are no secrets between us right.
Sanskar: yes.
He then starts singing
Pyaar manga hai tumhi se
Mujhe pyar karo
Aaj abhi zidd maano meri
Na intezaar karo

Ragini is surprised seeing him singing. She goes near him. Sanskar kept his hands on her waist and Ragini had her hands on his shoulders. They dance romantically…
Sanskar continues singing
Main bhi dil ki sun raha hoon
Tum bhi dil ki suno
Pyar manga hai tujhse
Mujhe pyar karo

Ragini sings
Tujhe paane ka junoon iss qadar hai
Tere khwaabon se bhari ye nazar hai
Zara dheere se mere paas aao
Tumhe kitna pyaar hai ye batao

Sanskar then sees on to her eyes and sings

Pucho naa bas dil de do
Mujhe pyaar karo
Pyaar manga hai tumhi se
Naa inkaar karo
Aaj abhi zidd maano meri
Naa intezar karo

Sanskar then picks her up in in his arms and places her on bed.
Ragini then kisses his cheeks
Tu hai neele aasman ka musafir
Chala aaya taaro se meri khatir
Then Ragini comes on him and hugs him . she rests on his chest.
Teri baahon mein ajab sa ik sukoon hai
Mujhe jaana ab kahi aur kyun hai..
Sanskar then sings
Tum meri bas meri ho
Mujhe pyaar karo…
Sanskar then makes her lie down and comes over her.
Ragini blushes and turns other side. Sanskar then kisses her on her neck and shoulders leaving love bites while Ragini is moaning. Ragini then suddenly kisses his lips. They kissed passionately.
Sanskar then removes his shirt and coat. He then comes forward to her. She turned showing her back to him. Sanskar unties the knot which is holding her dress. Ragini shocked . She then immediately turned and hugged him. Her gown is now on the floor. They were both under the bed sheet. He kissed her cheek while Ragini also kissed his cheek. He then kissed her hands,shoulders. Ragini was moaning in pleasure. Sanskar became wild seeing her beauty he sucked her whole br*asts without leaving a mm place also. He was sucking kissing and biting her br*asts. Ragini tightly held him which made her nails pricks in to his back. But sanskar avoided it as he was having a wonderful pleasure of his lady love.
He then went to his favorite place,her flat whitish belly which had chain. He slowly removed it and starts kissing her allover.
Ragini was moaning his name. He became more wild. He couldn’t control he started to enter into her.
Pyaar manga hai tumhi se
Mujhe pyar karo
Aaj abhi zidd maano meri

Naa intezar karo
Ragini felt so much pain but didn’t showed up as this is her life s most beautiful pain. She is now completely became sanskar s. Her feminity now belongs only to sanskar. After a while Ragini s pain also lessened The whole night they made love. They consummated their marriage.
The moon and the nature witnessed this beautiful couple.
Background music plays
Mujhe pyaar karo naa intezar karo
Mujhe pyaar karo naa intezar karo
Mujhe pyaar karo naa intezar karo……

Episode ends with ragsan sleeping peacefully in each other arms.

Guys how is it I already told that I am poor in romantic scenes but was trying so far. I hope I reached ur expectations. If u liked it comment for sure. Thank u very much for ur comments.

Ur dhamu

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