Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 79

Swaragini-(love,Ishq,kadhal)Episode 79

Recap : ragsan and swalak went for Honeymoon in London. Swalak romance.ragsan shopping.

Hii guys ur dhamu here. I am sry guys very busy. Thank u for ur comments and to my silent readers too.

Episode begins..
Scene: at swalak room
Swalak were sleeping in each other s embrace. Ragsan came there to give them dresses they bought to get ready for the party.
They knocked the door.
Swalak wake up quickly. They faster set their dresses. They opened the door.
Ragini: what shona u took so much time. U know from when we were knocking.
Swara: sry laado we…
Laksh: bhai we were just watching TV so didn’t hear the sound of knock.
Swara: haa yes yes..
Ragsan looked at each other and laughed.
Swalak didn’t understand.
Sanskar: arey lucky u know Adam gave us a very luxurious hotel but didn’t had a TV.
He called me and said sry for not giving TV.
Swalak looked at the whole room and didn’t find the TV and looked at each other embrassed.
Ragini: arey lucky shona started ur romance very bad.
Sanskar: Ragini let them enjoy. OK yaar now start getting ready. We should hi to the party. BTW these are ur dresses.

Laksh: started shopping too. Great. Swalak saw their dresses and we’re very surprised.
Swara: laado our dresses are soon beautiful. Thank u laado.
Ragini: if u again said thanks means I will leave u.
Swara: OK baba sry OK no no nothing.
Ragsan left to their room.

Scene: at swalak
Swara: u saw til now we didn’t see the whole house.
Laksh: nothing yaar leave it. Romancing is not a sin that to my wife.
Swara: haa OK
Laksh: OK now make me ready.

Swara : are u kid lucky. Get ready urself.
Laksh: see Swara after marriage wife should treat husband like a kid only.
Swara : aha then after sometime we will have kids then..
Laksh: oh then I will make them ready. U just take care of me.
Swara: then who will take care of me.
Laksh: I am there na. See u take care of me and leave urself to me.
Swara : I love u Laksh..
Laksh: love u too Swara.

Scene: at ragsan.
Ragini opens the gift which sanskar gave to her.
She opened the gift and was on cloud nine.
Ragini: sanskar u again proved me ur selection is too good. It is very beautiful . she was jumping on the bed
Sanskar : oho Ragini hold on I made u happy then what about my happiness.
Ragini: oh I forgot. She also gives him a gift.
Sanskar: I didn’t thought that my wife s selection is this good. See Mrs. Maheshwari u will be jealous bcoz today all girls will fall for me.
Ragini: acha…then I will take them to hospital. U don’t worry.
Sanskar: oho Mrs. Maheshwari got jealousy. Ragini turned the other side. Sanskar back hugs Ragini.

Ragini: why u came to me go to that girls only.
Sanskar: u know Ragini almost all the Mumbai girls proposed me but my heart only beats for u.
Ragini: haa haa very cheesy.
Sanskar: Ragini I think I should burn In jealousy bcoz after entering to London itself so many guys were behind ur beauty and I fought for u. Like this means I should fight with all. U don’t know Ragini that shaurya,Sanyukt these all were obsessed for u and did so many wrong things. Now u understood how much dangerous u are.
Ragini: no sanskar I got the most handsome husband in the world.
Sanskar: oho Ragini ur ravan became handsome.
Ragini: no sanskar u are not ravan u are my ram BTW I like those days how we fought and all.
Sanskar: how we romance too right
Ragini blushes.

Sanskar: oho Ragini u are making me uncontrollable. If u blush like Apple means then I can’t say what we’re the consequences.
Ragini: sanskar u are the owner of that Apple this apple is just urs.
Sanskar: yes apple but I didn’t forget my promise.
Ragini : OK sanskar ur wish.

After sometime all got ready. Adam had sent his car and all get in.

In party:
Swara wore a pink mermaid long Frock while laksh wore a white shirt with pink coat and white jeans. Both were looking awesome like made for each other.
Ragini wore a black netted saree with pink floral design. She is looking deadly gorgeous. Sanskar wore a black shirt black jeans and black trouser. They were just looking like couple made in heaven.
Adam received them. He took them to stage.
Adam: ladies and gentlemen thank u for coming here. Now I want to introduce my sisters and my friends from India.
All clap for them.
Adam : OK now enjoy the party.
Swaragini were talking with some girls while sanlak also were chitchatting.
Sanskar then suddenly hears a guy saying
Guy: oh my God what a gorgeous girl. She is damn s*xy.
Other guy: who the one in black right.
Guy: yeah just see her waist which has perfect curves. Oh my God she is the most beautiful girl I have seen.
Otherguy: yeah yaar see that chain in her waist it was glowing.
Sanskar heard this and was angry but didn’t showed it up.
Guy: u wait here I will talk to that girl.
While that guy about to go but sanskar passes beside him and made Ragini turn to his side and catched her waist.

Ragini: what happened Mr. Maheshwari missing ur wife.
Sanskar: yes Mrs . Ragini sanskar Maheshwari. He literally shouted so as the whole members should know that she is his wife. The guy hears and smiles seeing them and went back.
Sanskar then slightly passes his little finger through her eye ending. His finger had some Kajal he then kept that as black Tikka on her waist.
Ragini didn’t understood.
Sanskar: Ragini don’t be so much beautiful yaar I should save u anywhere u go.
Ragini: sanskar..what happened to u.
They hear a announcement.
Adam: now our lover s day celebration starts. Actually to is the lover s day for married couples. And today s guests are Ragini sanskar and Swara Laksh.
Today our game will be girls should be in a line and boys will be blindfolded. Then they should find there wives in these many women.
So let’s start the game.

Ragini blindfolds sanskar and Swara blind folds Laksh. All the people also get ready.
Adam starts the game. A few members started some were crct and some were wrong and they were beaten up by their wives. Now it is Laksh s turn.
Laksh checked all of them by catching their hands and also touched Swara s hand and went forward. Swara is burning with anger.
Laksh then again comes back to Swara and hugged her . Swara became very happy.
Laksh took the blind fold from his eyes and said I know Swara but just wanted to see ur reaction. How can I not able to identify my 5yrs love.
Swara tightly hugged him and kissed his cheeks.
Now it’s sanskar s turn. He didn’t touch or did anything. He was just passing forward and stopped at Ragini but Ragini intentionally went from there and shifted her position. Sanskar again stopped at Ragini.
Ragini is thrilled. Sanskar bended down to his knees in front of Ragini and took her hand and kissed it. He suddenly took a diamond ring from his pocket which had love birds and placed it on ring finger.
Ragini also then bended down and removed his blindfold and hugged him.
Ragini: I love u sanskar. I love u so much.

All were admiring the couple. Some girls were even jealous of Ragini.
Sanskar: I love u too Ragini sry Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari.
And kissed her forehead.
All were clapping.
Adam: sanskar how do u find Ragini. I am very excited to know.
Sanskar: bcoz my heart beats only for her when I stood in front of her my heart started beating saying that ur Ragini is here. That s all.
Ragini and all got surprised by his answer.

All girls came and fighting for taking selfies with sanskar.
Sanskar then took Ragini with him : take our picture instead . bcoz I am nothing without Ragini.
All admired their love.
Guy : her sry Mr. I talked that about ur wife. I don’t know that she is ur wife but really u are made for each other.
Ragini now understood.
Sanskar smiles at that guy and hugged him : it s OK man happens.
Adam: OK now the couples will have compatibility test. The couple will be taken to separate rooms and ask questions and we ask their partners and who answers crctly will win today s made for each other couple.

After sometime the competition started they had took the answers from them.

All the couple s were done now it s ragsan s turn.
Adam: so Ragini when did u both first met
Ragini: at Kolkata Dhaba.
Adam: OK now sanskar what Ragini like s the most.
Sanskar: she likes munni and avi the most.
Adam: OK now Ragini what is sanskar s favorite color.
Ragini : black
Adam: sanskar what is Ragini s favorite color
Sanskar : red.
Adam: Ragini is sanskar s first love is u
Ragini: no
Adam shocked.
Adam: sanskar is Ragini s first love is u
Sanskar: thinks and says no

Adam shocked.
Adam: Ragini what sanskar like s most in u
Ragini: my inner beauty not outer beauty.
Adam: sanskar what Ragini like s most in u.
Sanskar: she likes everything in me even it is anger or hatred.
Adam: Ragini what is ur first gift that sanskar gave u.
Ragini: my Dhaba
Adam: sanskar this question is mine if two girls came and one say s*x and one say love whom will u select.
Sanskar: I won’t select anyone and say that I am already married and I live my wife.
Adam: Ragini if u have to select between ur daughter and sanskar whim will u select.
Ragini : I will say to sanskar to take care of our daughter and will die.
Adam: sanskar if u have a car. U saw Ragini, a lady who is ready to delivery,a guy who is going to interview.
Sanskar: I will give my car to the interview guy and say him to drop the pregnant lady in hospital and go to interview. I and Ragini will walk with each other enjoying the nature.

Adam also asked swalak.

Now it’s results time.
Adam says actually all are winner s bcoz here only the couple s who did love marriage are there.
Adam: actually I will show everyone’s answers and u should give points to other couples. Even I will participate and will give for everyone. Okk
All saw the video. When they saw ragsan . all got teary eyed. Ragsan also felt emotional for each other’s answers.
Adam: now the results are not in my hand. This is ur decision. So the winner is who got 10/10 from all couples is…..Mr . and Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari. Their compatibility is also best than other couples.
Ragsan were amazed.

Adam: u know what I also gave u full but that is not sufficient. This is not ur first love but also u both love each other like very much. I am lucky to get u as my frnds. I love u both.
Swalak: awesome u two are very great. We fell in love with ur love.
Ragsan,swalak and Adam had a group hug.

Adam : he gives a award to ragsan which had a girl and boy kissing and written made for each other.
Ragsan took it.

Episode ends with ragsan s love.

I think many of u want to know about their first love right. That will be revealed soon. And lovely Ragini is richer but her father s sister took everything from her after their parents death .ok guys. Thank u…

Ur dhamu

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