Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 78


Swaragini-(love,Ishq,kadhal)Episode 78

Recap: Laksh gets to know his mistake. They got the contract. Adam with Swaragini and sanlak family moments. Honeymoon preparations.

Hii guys ur dhamu here.

Scene: at ragsan room
Honeymoon time . Sanskar is still sleeping while Ragini came dressed and was looking at herself in the mirror and then she looked at sanskar.
Ragini: u say anything sanskar but while sleeping u look damn cute. She then remembers the waist chain he gave and wears it but then she suddenly feels some pain and remembers yesterday sanskar kissing her. Her waist at a part became so red. She wears the chain and was trying to cover the mark . then suddenly she hears.
Sanskar: don’t hide that Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari.
Ragini : see na what u did. Now anyone see this means what they will say.
Sanskar: what they will say husband and wife romance.
Ragini: acha…OK then now go and get ready.

Sanskar: u are more anxious than me
Ragini: yes bcoz I want to see London. Sanskar smile fades. Ragini sees this
Ragini : see London with u.
Sanskar then smiles like 1000 watts bulb.
Ragini: now close ur mouth otherwise flies go inside.
Sanskar: Ragini come na let us do bath.
Ragini: shut up sanskar u go.
Sanskar: uhmm…no one understands me.
Ragini: sanskar I am sry I am saying this at this moment.
Sanskar:what happened ragini
Ragini: promise me u won’t be upset
Sanskar: I promise now say
Ragini: I was thinking if we go some other time actually munni cane home after so much of drama. I think she will miss us. We four see going na
Sanskar: oh such a small thing. If u want then we will not go. We will go some other time.
Raginj:no sanskar actually it’s our dream to enjoy but..
Sanskar:don’t give that strain okk. If u don’t want we won’t go.
Ragini: tq u for understanding sanskar.
Suddenly they hear a voice.
Dp: if u both have decided then can I say something
Ragsan: sure papa
Dp: actually we should send u for Honeymoon. But we didn’t got thought now if u had a chance u both are thinking about avini. See we are hear na we will take care of them. U are going and that is final.
Ragsan looks at each other and say OK papa.

Scene: at hall
Ragini sees avini playing and feels sad that she will stay without them.
She goes fast my and hugs them.
Ragini: avi munni u want me to go say me really
Avini: yes laado why are being so emotional. We became big
Ragini : smiles oho OK then that means u will not kiss me right.
Avini kisses on either side of Ragini cheeks.

Avini: we miss u laado
Ragini: mee too we will just come in a few days. U don’t worry. If u want u can go to Sumi Maa s home also. Study well. Don’t fight with anyone. Eat nicely. Don’t eat much outside food.
Avini: I think u should write and give us the list. It is very big we can’t store it in our small brains.
Ragini: u uu… She runs after them. They run and hide behind Swara who came just then
Avini: plz save us shona
Swara: what happened laado.
Ragini: nothing shona they are becoming badmaash

Swara: oh really is it I think they were before too
Avini gives Hifi to Swara.
Lucky comes just then
Munni: are lucky u said that u will give us babies but giving nothing. We don’t trust u
Lucky: are shh…why u both are shouting like that. Acha.. Don’t trust me go to bhai he will give so many babies.
Sanskar who comes just then hears this and was about to go. Avini catches him.
Sanskar: what happened chocolate,avi
Avi: papa we want babies plz give na

Munni: haa lucky said to ask u. He said u will give so many babies.
Sanskar sees here and there and says : yeah u will get soon.
Munni: really thank u Laado ke husband.
Sanskar: Laado ke husband isn’t that sounds weird.
Munni: OK then I will call u jiju
Sanskar: what
Avi: yes papa if Laado is di for her then u become jiju only na.
Sanskar: really OK ur wish are avi when did u learnt about this.
Avi: Dado said that . OK come let’s have breakfast.
Sanskar gets teary eyed as he is also missing them but then controls.
They had breakfast.
Dp,ap,Sumi,Shekar,dadi all came and gave send off to them.

Scene : In flight
Ragini is shivering
Sanskar: Ragini I know u are afraid of flight right.
Ragini: yes sanskar
Sanskar: he then holds her hands Ragini don’t think about all that only look into my eyes. U will not feel afraid.
Ragini sees into his eyes. A passionate eyelock takes place.
Tumko paya Hai to jaise koya hoon song plays…
After sometime flight takes off.
While swalak were behind ragsan in their own world.
Ragsan eyelock breaks when hostress came and asked for a drink.
Sanskar : no year just don’t disturb us. Do u get that.
Ragini stops him. While the hostress goes smiling.
Ragini: now I am feeling better
Sanskar: bcoz of that hostress
Ragini: sanskar..

Sanskar: OK now what
Ragini: sanskar did u went to London before.
Sanskar : yeah so many times I will take u to the most amazing places. U will enjoy a lots
Ragini: with u I will always enjoy sanskar but can’t imagine a second without u
Swara: are laado when will u stop these cheesy lines of 18th century. Now it is 21st century develop yaar. Jiju even u too how filmy
Sanskar : acha Sali ji teach us ur type of romance.
Laksh: arey leave it yaar let’s do something
Ragini: let’s play antakshari
Swara: again u went to 18th century laado. BTW we are fed up of singing. Led do something interesting
Laksh: now in flight we can’t play catch me catch me right.
Sanskar: right yaar

Swara: OK then let’s play antakshari only.
They play for a long time.
Swalak dozes off.
Ragsan have a romantic conversation.
They also dozes off.

After sometime the flight lands.
Ragsan and swalak come and looks Adam there.
Adam: welcome my lovely sisters and brothers.
Ragini : why u came we will come na
Adam: I am very alone till now. Now I got a family how come I will not come to welcome
Swara: thank u bhai
Sanlak also shake hands and hug.
Adam: now come I have booked a very fantastic hotel for u couples come let s go.
They gets in.
After a hour traveling they reach the hotel. It’s just amazing it is independent houses for both couples so that no one can disturb them.
Adam: OK then u all get fresh up and I will send my secretrary after a few hours there is a party on the occasion of lover s day for married couple.
Laksh: but valentine’s day is completed right.
Adam: this is different one u come na u will understand. Be ready.
He leaves. Ragsan and swalak get into their rooms.
Ragini goes to the garden at back and sees there are so many flowers. She gets amazed seeing them. Sanskar sees and admires her. He just sees her lovingly.
Ragini senses he is seeing her.
Ragini: see na sanskar how beautiful this all. I loved them.
Sanskar : he absentmindedly says yes Ragini I love u. U are so beautiful
Ragini: sanskar she then shakes him

Sanskar: what what happened why are u distracting me.
Ragini: what did I do
Sanskar: u know I got the most beautiful wife in the world. When I sees her I can’t see anything I just see her.
Ragini: oh is that so OK then see if beautiful wife. I am going
Sanskar: Ragini wait wait
Ragini: let it be I was about to ask u to make me ready.
Sanskar: oh really then I will come.

Scene: swalak
Swara: how nice na Adam who is the top business man taking care of us like this.
Laksh: yes he is very nice.
Swara: and see this house so beautiful naa
Laksh: not more than u
Swara: oho lucky being romantic haa
Laksh: I think we have so much time to go to party til then let’s have some fun. He then drags Swara on bed. They intimate..

Scene: ragsan
Ragini: I was just saying we have so much time to go to party.
Sanskar keeps pout: oho OK then till then what we will do.
Ragini : come let’s go outside.
Sanskar: u want to see
Ragini: yes plz take me na
Ragsan went for shopping.
Sanskar: OK now I will go and select ur dress. U will not come. I will give u surprise.
Raginj:ok then till then what will I do. OK I will go and select a dress for u.
Sanskar: super now let s do shopping wifey.
Ragini : done hubby
Ragsan go in different direction s.

After sometime sanskar did shopping and went to men s section to see Ragini. But she is not there.
He searches the whole place but doesn’t find Ragini.
Here Ragini gets lost and was also searching for sanskar. She is crying.
Ragini thinks sanskar plz come to me fast. I am afraid.
Sanskar thinks Ragini u don’t worry I will find u. Just don’t loose hope.
Ragini then gets into some other road which is very silent. There they are a few drunkards.
Sanskar here shows Ragini s photo and asks everyone.

Ragini: listen stay there don’t come near me.
Guy: oh beauty u are really very s*xy but if u remove ur clothes u will be more s*xy.
They only he gets a tight punch on his face. Before he could see what happened he then gets hits and stick to ground.
Ragini: sanskar. She goes and hugs him.
One guy comes with a glass bottle to beat him.
Sanskar : u want to beat me with this. OK wait he then takes two bottles and breaks it on his head.
Ragini and all other guys get afraid.

They runned away being afraid. Sanskar who is in the peaks of anger hits The guy who fell down continously.
Sanskar: how dare u bastered to talk with my wife like that. He again beats him.
Ragini stops him : sanskar plz stop
He doesn’t listen to her. Ragini then hugs him and makes him calm: sanskar see nothing happened to me leave him.
Sanskar stops and hugs her tightly. Both cry.
Sanskar: say Ragini I couldn’t take care of u. If I would have come late then what will happen to u.

Ragini then hugs him even more tightly: sanskar nothing happened to me till u are there with me. I am sry that I couldn’t remember the way that’s why it all happened . don’t blame urself for that sanskar
Sanskar :come Ragini let’s go to home
Ragsan sit in the car.
Sanskar is clutching his fist still in anger . Ragini holded his hand : sanskar plz cool down. She then makes his hands on her cheeks.
Ragini: nothing can happen to me nor will happen. U are there na. Now cool down.
Sanskar then hardly smiles : Ragini u know na how to cool me. OK now I am cool. I will not let him go anywhere from now.

Ragini: BTW how u got to know that I am there.
Sanskar: u only said na if someone loves so much then their eyes will hit them. That only I had a feeling that I am near to u and just followed my heart. I found u.
Ragini: sanskar I love u
Sanskar: love u too Ragini.

Episode ends with Ragini had her head on sanskar s shoulder. He also then places his head near her.

Guys I am sry I made u bored. Today I was not feeling well that s why wrote something. Thank you

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