Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 77


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 77

Recap: ragsan cute moments and swalak fight. Sanlak laughing gas effect. Adam upset.

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Episode begins…
Scene: at office
Adam: what is this such a big insult. I didn’t expected this from ur company. I am going. The contract is canceled. How can u behave this way with ur guests. I doubt how this company is working under u both.

Swaragini were angry with Adam. They were boiling.
Ragini: finally she couldn’t control herself she said Mr . Adam u are upset. We agree that we did wrong bit this is not the way to talk to the one who invited u. Did u understand they both worked for this presentation the whole night. And one more thing Mr. Adam if u give this contract is also we won’t take bcoz this company established by my papa and it reached you the top bcoz of my husband s hardwork. U might be knowing that our company is top in India. If we lost one contract that will be not such a big loss but ur insults means. We are say for ur inconvenience. U may leave. Wait leave after seeing their presentation too.
Sanskar is shocked bcoz Ragini won’t talk like this with anyone. But he is still laughing in which his proudness is shown how his wife is supporting him and can’t listen a word against him.
Swara: Mr . Adam u may leave after seeing their presentation too bcoz we will be pride that we work hard for our company but won’t bare any insults for getting one contract which might be from any big company. U know my husband Laksh Maheshwari is the Rockstar in India. So u can leave seeing their presentation.

Laksh is utter shocked bcoz they had a big fight but also she was supporting him.
Swaragini look at each other and give sanlak s presentation. They completed the presentation with full proud and confidence. They were like we won’t be sad bcoz of ur contract is loss. Sanlak alps thought they also couldn’t present like this. They were very happy.
They completed the presentation but where shocked to see Mr. Adam giving standing ovation.
Adam: I can’t believe this that’s why all say Indian women doesn’t bare anything against their husbands and it is now proven by u two. This contract is absolutely urs. If u don’t take I won’t leave India. Really man u two are very lucky too have such a lovely and supportive wives in ur life’s. Sanlak were shocked their laughing effect also is over now.
Adam: now u may laugh man. Actually I am very sry I heard so much about Indian cultures and traditions but suddenly when I saw them laughing I thought it’s all just a trash. I got angry I am sry but now don’t kill me bcoz I insulted ur husband s. He says smilingly.
Ragini: actually we are sry sir we behaved with our guests like this. Actually we couldn’t bare someone came insult our husbands dignity.
Swara: yes sir plz forgive us. U are elder Than us we shouldn’t have behaved like this with u.
Adam: OK then first u forgive me then I will forgive u both cuties.
Swaragini: OK then now it s all over.
Adam: how it is over I am starving I want lunch.
All laugh.
Swaragini: come Mr . Adam lunch is ready.

After sometime while eating
Sanskar: what is ur wife doing Mr. Adam
Adam: she is not with me. She left me alone giving all this success and money.
Ragini: we are sry Mr . Adam.
Adam: no it s okk.she is also like u only I mean the way u support ur husband s. Same way she also could bare any single word against her husband.
Ragini: really say about ur love story.

Adam: yes our s love story I loved her from my college. But she always treated me like a friend. At the last day somehow I make up strength and went and propose her but I got a shock. She slapped me and said now u realized what u did these 4 yrs. She loved me before I love her. We both then said to her parents as my parents are not there. But their parents are so rich so they didn’t accepted me. She said to take her with him. I took her we married.
Swara : wow cute love story. Then what happened.
Adam: then we didn’t had a single rupee with us. I was very sad bcoz I couldn’t give her happiness who came trusting me leaving their parents. But she supported me in all the ways. She was not behind me like pillar but is with me like my luck. She also worked hard along with me and established this company now which is top in London.
Swaragini and sanlak claps.
Laksh: then how did she…
Sanskar: lucky..

Adam:it’s okk. she only had one dream to roam all the places with me. She like India a lot. When she said me I agreed and when she was coming to office in car. A bus hit the car. She died. He had tears in his eyes.
All four also got very emotional.
Adam: I am sry I think I bored u with my story.
Ragini: no she is so lucky to get a husband like u. We can see how much u love her.
Adam: no I couldn’t fulfill her last wish. I am not a good husband.
Ragini: no Mr . Adam don’t say like that if u were blaming urself like this,if she sees from up that u were crying like this how would she feel. She also couldn’t be happy by seeing u.
Adam: really she can see me
Sanskar: yes Mr . Adam if she see that u are sad for her then how can she be happy.
Adam: thanks yaar my heart is lightened.
OK now tell me ur s also love marriages right.
Ragsan look at each other lovingly and blush. Laksh looked at Swara with a sry and forgive me expression. Swara replied with her eyes it s OK.
Adam: OK OK I got my answer.
They completed their lunch.
Laksh: Mr . Adam we wish to invite u to our house.
Adam: actually I wanted to come but I should board my flight . sry guys
Swaragini: can’t u do this for ur sisters. They ask with cite puppy faces.
Adam: now I think I should cancel my flight.
All get happy.

Scene: at mm
Dp: what this much happened. I am sry Mr . Adam
Adam: no yaar now u don’t start. If this much wouldn’t have happened then I couldn’t have got 2 cute sisters.
Sanlak pouts : then we bcoz of we only na lady Jackie Chan s woke up na.
Adam: I am sry I also got 2 friends no no best friends. They three have a group hug.
All smile
Dp: I don’t understand one thing why u both were laughing like ediots.
Sanlak look at each other bcoz it was their plan only.
Ragini: actually papa some one brought laughing gas cylinders in their cabin and it got leaked that s why they behaved like that.
Adam was laughing holding his stomach.
Dp got doubt but was also laughing.
Sanlak look at her thankfully.
Adam: oh my God u too really amazing. Now as we became more than partners I mean relatives. So I want to give u a gift.
Swara: what
Adam: I want to give u honeymoon tickets for a romantic couple(ragsan) and cute couple (swalak) to London.
Ragini: thank u very much but we can’t accept this gift.
Adam: so that means I should come here for my sisters but u can’t come for ur bhai right.
Swaragini are shocked to listen bhai.
Adam looks at sanlak : they taught me
Swaragini: bhai we will come
Adam: that s like my sisters while he eyes sanlak who were angry again so he said and their cute husbands. All laugh.

Actually I have some important meeting so I am going today itself ur s flight is tomorrow. I will wait for ur arrival okk.
Swaragini and sanlak : thank u.
Now they had a group hug.
After sometime they give send off to him.
After that
Dp: actually I have a doubt.
Sanlak: are swaragini come let’s go for packing. They rushed upstairs.
Dp is still in confusion that how laughing has came into the office that also in their cabin.

Scene: at ragsan room
Laksh: bhai how should I face Swara. I don’t know if she will forgive me or not.
Sanskar: till now u understood this only lucky about women. U didn’t say inspire of ur fight how she supported u. They are very understanding. We always say girls are weak that this but they are very great. They will easily forgive our big mistakes and easily accept us even we hurt them also. If they were weak means we will see a divorce daily. They have a patience to bare our everything for more than half of their life time. If we are happy they smile and do so much Hungama. If we are sad then they will cry buy doesn’t show up and encourage us and give confidence and courage. They leave their parents who looked after them and pampered them a lot for us only for us and do everything for our happiness. After doing this much also they just want to spend some time not anywhere else even it is our home s terrace also they will feel like they were in heaven with us. Don’t think much u goo.
Laksh: bhai u are ultimate. Really Ragini is very lucky. It was all my mistake u tried to make me understand but I became very foolish. I am sry bhai. They both hug.
Ragini who came and was standing near the door listened what sanskar said and got emotional has tears. Sanskar see s her. Romantic eyelock takes place
Ore piya plays…

Sanskar: I am very lucky to have Ragini in my life. Now what u take seeing is not ur bhai it’s Ragini s love in my soul. I love her very much. Now what all I said once upon a time I did all this to her but she forgave me easily.
Laksh: OK baba u both are lucky for each other.
But I don’t know if my name Co operates me or not.
Ragini: smiles and says Laksh nothing will happen u go she is eagerly waiting for u.
Laksh: thanks Ragini.
As soon as Laksh left Ragini faster went and hugged sanskar.

Scene: swalak
Laksh fully prepares to say a big say speech and enters the room. As soon as he entered Swara hugged him
Swara: I am sry lucky. I wouldn’t have done that to u. U didn’t have to face that much insult for u.

Laksh: smiles bhai is crct and I was wrong. I should be sry Swara. I underestimated all women but didn’t recognized that men came from women only. It all started bcoz of me. How this thought got into my mind I don’t know. We men came from a lot of struggles of a mother and after that we get a mostly lovely surprise in our life who loves us more than themselves as wives. And in them all I am very lucky to get u. I am sry Swara. Women are great. I love u Swara u proved me wrong today. Thank u for being in my life Swara.
Swara: I love u too lucky.
Tere sang yaara plays…

Scene: at ragsan
Ragini hugged sanskar and kissed his cheeks and hugs sanskar again.
Sanskar: woah… So I get a kiss like this
Ragini is becoming very emotional.
Sanskar: arey yaar I forget to say one thing to lucky.
Ragini breaks the hug: what
Sanskar: that girls always carry a watertanker with them. Wherever you go watertanker follows right.
Ragini hits him.
Ragini: sanskar today u stored my heart. U are my hero. I loved the way how u explained Laksh. Really I am very blessed that I got u in my life.
Sanskar : oho really thank you all ur training only.
Ragini smiles: today u proved u are a great hero than my chikoo.
Sanskar: confused and jealousy who is this chikoo.
Ragini: sense his jealousy and intentionally says u don’t know chikoo. My darling viratkohli. The most handsome,the most stylish, the great batsman moreover he is the man of all girls dreams.
Sanskar is at the peak of jealousy. He went angrily into the balcony.
Ragini went behind him and back hugged him : oh my cute jealousy husband. Don’t be that much jealousy how ur nose became red see.
Sanskar: arey why u came to me go and marry him he is the every girls dream right. Go then.
Ragini: she makes him turn and says every girl is different from ur Ragini right. Ragini has always dreamed of only a loving husband which had already fulfilled. He is my first crush. Crush is different from love right. My first and last love is just u. I told that to see ur reaction that s all.
Sanskar: really he asks cutely
Ragini: yes my dear hubby I lost my identity bcoz I am urs only urs. I am Mrs.sanskar Maheshwari got it.
Sanskar : Mrs. Ragini sanskar Maheshwari. They smile.

Scene: swalak
Swara: now it’s enough from today their should had be no ronadhona and sry okk
Laksh: OK Mrs. Maheshwari. Now what he winks at her.
Swara: she understood and says don’t have any work. We should go to London right I should do packing. Give me way.
Laksh: u know we are going to London but forget what we are going for. It’s for our honeymoon.
Swara blushes.
Laksh: OK my apple stop blushing and start packing fast. He smiles
Swara keeps pout and goes and take bag.
Laksh: arey I said jokingly. U stupid sit today u see Mr . Laksh Maheshwari s packing ok.
Swara: let’s see.

Scene: ragsan.
Sanskar: now what he asks her with intense. He comes closer to her.
Ragini moves back. She then pinches his nose and runs saying tomato hubby.
Sanskar: u just wait I will see u . he chases her
They roam whole the room. He finally caught her. He then starts ticking her on her waist.
Ragini: laughing sanskar plz stop hahaha a…
They fall on bed bcoz of balance.
Sanskar is on top of her.
They look at each other eyes passionately.
Dekha hazaron dhafa aapko plays..
Sanskar kisses her forehead. Ragini closes her eyes. He then kisses her cheeks and was playing with her waist. Ragini is shivering. Ragini turns her head. He then makes her to look into his eyes. He then kissed her nose while Ragini kissed his chin and then Ragini kissed his nose he kissed her chin.
He then slowly comes down reached her waist. He then moved her saree a little till navel is visible. He then starts to kiss whole belly. He was literally eating her belly. He couldn’t control himself he bites her at some places while Ragini clutched his shirt tightly and moaning in pleasure bcoz of his love bites. He didn’t left a single mm on her belly. He kissed continously. Ragini after sometime feels he stopped kissing and looks at sanskar who was not kissing but doing something on her belly. Ragini feels tickling. She moves.
Sanskar: Ragini wait yaar. Don’t move.
Ragini : what are u doing sanskar.
Sanskar then makes her stand up and takes her in front of mirror. He had his hands on her waist. He then moves the saree a little.
Ragini is surprised. It is a platinum waist chain which made her beauty even more elegant. It also had a heart shaped diamond in which S is written.
Ragini: sanskar u are surprising me everyday. This is very beautiful. I loved it so much.
Sanskar: no more than u. It is just like a black Tikka for u that u just belongs to me only. So that no one should eye on u.
Ragini: BTW who has dare to eye on Mr.sanskar Maheshwari s wife.
Sanskar: yes if they see u means I will remove their eyeballs and play with me.
Ragini: OK Mr. Maheshwari I also got something for u. Close ur eyes.
Sanskar: u know na I can’t stay seeing without u.
Sanskar: OK.
Ragini gets something from wardrobe and goes near sanskar and places something on his neck.
Sanskar with closed eyes : are u trying to kill me ragini
Ragini: shut up sanskar u can’t leave me. Sanskar : just joking
Ragini: now open ur eyes
Sanskar sees a normal chain which has a heart shaped blue stone having silver design RS.
Sanskar: it s really amazing Ragini
Ragini: I know sanskar it s not that much nice. It is very cheap.
Sanskar: shut up Ragini this is ur chain right

Ragini: how u know.
Sanskar: I know every inch of u Mrs . Maheshwari. Don’t be stupid by giving this u showed me that ur everything is me. Don’t say cheap kind of words next time OK. This values so much to me which has no worth or price. Did u understand.
Ragini: u know I wanted to give u from so much time but didn’t had courage to give u but u proved me wrong that love doesn’t need any worth or value. Thank u sanskar.
Sanskar: u know I love u more than universe.
Ragini: my love is infinite.
Sanskar: no one can win over u.
Ragini: thank u thank u.

Scene: swalak
Laksh is in horrified state and was literally crying.
He sat on one of the traveling bags.
Swara is laughing seeing his state holding her stomach.
She fastly took a photo without his notice.
Swara : what have u done to urself and for the room lucky.
Laksh: what what Swara see 3 bags all contains ur s clothing only where should I keep mine.
Swara: why have u packed the total wardrobe lucky.
Laksh: oh no need.
Swara kisses his lips : u sit and drink coffee I will pack.
Laksh: thank u Swara.

Scene: ragsan
Ragini: sanskar let me pack the luggage . actually he keeps on kissing her neck and face. Don’t want to go to honeymoon. She bites her tongue and says I mean London.
Sanskar: oho honeymoon London. Very excited.
Ragini: nothing OK if u don’t want to go ok
Sanskar: no no I want to spend time with my wife alone. I will come.
He then leaves her.
Ragini keeps all the clothes on bed.
Sanskar comes and jumps on it.
Ragini: what sanskar u are spoiling everything.
Sanskar: nothing happens I will buy nice clothes for u there. Come and he drags her on him. They have a romantic talk.

Scene: swalak
Laksh: arey leave it yaar I will buy u there what u want come let’s have some romance. They
Fall on bed.

Episode ends….

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