Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 76

Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 76

Recap : ragsan and swalak romance. Swalak tashan for presentation.

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Episode begins…

Scene: at terrace
Ragini wakes up and sees sanskar sleeping so cutely. She kissed his forehead. Sanskar smiled in sleep. A that time sun rises by which sanskar gets disturb. She gets up and stand in between sun and her husband. Sanskar suddenly feels so cool and dark. So he gets up and saw Ragini standing in front of sunrise.
Sanskar: Ragini why u stood like that.
Ragini: u were getting disturbance na by sunrise that’s why I stood so that sun couldn’t disturb my cute hubby.
Sanskar: Ragini u are really unbelievable u can do anything
Ragini: for my hubby not for anyone. U understood. How can I see someone touching u even if it is sun also.
Sanskar : aah possessiveness.
Ragini: yes my cutie husband
Sanskar: what is this Ragini if anyboy looks cute.
Ragini: I don’t know about anyone u and avi look so cute while sleeping.
Sanskar: so u are staring at me while sleeping haa
Ragini: yeah it’s my right . OK now come let’s go down.
Sanskar: OK but before that I want morning kiss.

Ragini kisses his cheeks: OK now come.
Sanskar: yeah we should patch up swalak fast otherwise today also I should sleep with him.
Raginj: yes and smiles saying dostana 2
Ragsan come to their room to take to laksh but they didn’t find him.
Ragini:let’s see swara they go to swalak room. They opened the door and saw swalak sleeping peacefully hugging each other.
Ragini then fastly closed the door blushing.
Sanskar: what the hell they patch up.
Ragini: nice only na u go and fresh up we should give presentation right. U go I will wake avini up.
Sanskar: OK come fastly. He goes murmuring this ediot disturbed my sleep and went and slept with her wife peacefully.
Ragini hears it and smiles..
Ragini wakes avini.

Scene: breakfast in hall
Dp: is ur presentations ready
Ragsan: yes papa
Ap: arey Ragini where are swalak
Ragini: I think they were getting ready then sanskar wonks at her.
Avi: I will call them
Munni: I too will come wait
Ragsan: at once shouted noo
Ap&dp: what happened
Sanskar: actually avini were getting late na that s why Ragini u go and wake them sry I mean call them.
Avini u both come fastly.
Avini : OK bye duggu bye dadu and kissed Ragini and went.
Ragini went and knocked at swalak s door but they were not responding suddenly she heard shouting so she went inside.
Swara: what she u doing in my room
Laksh: this is my room too

Swara: but u were with sanskar na
Laksh: yes but I was missing….
Swara started to melt but
Laksh: missing my bed.
Swara: if u were missing bed then why were u hugging me and sleeping
Laksh: once see down u still held my hand.
Swara: I thought to be ragini
Laksh: I thought to be sanskar
Swara: OK fine it is waste to argue with u.
If u go I should get ready for presentation.
Laksh: even I should also get ready.
They first look at themselves smirking and raced to the bathroom. Swara touched the door first and was jumping I am first I am first on the mean time laksh got into the door and locked.
Swara: uu cheater cock. I will not leave u.u ediot.
Ragini: swara what is this why u both are fighting like small kids.
Swara: laado u didn’t saw how he cheated. Stupid,idiot
Raginj: leave it shona take bath in my room.
Swara : OK tq u laado.
Ragini leaves

Swara thinks why should I sacrifice my bathroom and how to laado s. Lucky what u said girls are weak and dumb right now u see.
After a few minutes laksh shouts
Swara: innocently asks what happened laksh.
Laksh: swara water is not coming
Swara: I think water problem wait I will go and check.
Laksh: tq u swara
Swara: wait actually girls are wean and always should be behind husbands na then how can I
Laksh: this is not the time for revenge
Swara: OK then say girls are great than boys.
Laksh: never
Swara: OK then u only go and check.
Laksh: okk he then again sees that he was in towel and full of soap.
Swara : laksh..

Laksh: wait now I am getting so I is done by u right.
Swara: u are really dumb than I have I thought.
Laksh : swara I won’t leave u
Swara: for that u should come out na. She smiles evilly and says I am going byee
Laksh: swara swara…
Laksh comes out and searches for swara meanwhile swara who is hiding behind the wardrobe came and went into the washroom.
Swara: I will not sacrifice my bathroom. I came first so I should only be first. Bye cheater cock congratulations for ur failure.
Laksh was blasting in anger. He even can’t go as he was in towel itself with soap.
Laksh thinks he should do something and smirks.
Swara gets ready and sees laksh is not there. She wonders and goes down.
Laksh is also present there and was eating breakfast.
Dp: OK now I think sanskar left to office so u three also go foreign delegates will come. I don’t want any foolishness. Did u understand.
All nods and leaves.

Scene: at office
Ragini: shona ones give the pendrive we will check the presentation.
Swara gives her . Ragini opens and sees on the screen babaji ki tullu on swara s face pic.
Ragini: what is this shona
Swara: I also don’t know now what we should do.
Ragini: how can u so irresponsible it’s about papa s reputation.
Swara: sry laado wait I will do something
At sanlak s side
Sanskar: what why u stoled their presentation.
Laksh says what has happened.
Sanskar: but this is wrong lucky we should win by right means not by cheating.
Laksh: no bhai she cheated me I cheated her now scored are equal.
At swaragini s side

Ragini: swara u know laksh stoled our presentation. I heard while they were talking
Swara: what I should have thought this BTW is sanskar is also involved in it.
Ragini: no swara he is not like that he was making laksh understand but he is not listening.
Swara: now what we should do.
Ragini: u wait I will do something u go and try to get our presentation back.
Swara: OK done.
After sometime Ragini tells her the plan.
Swaragini smiles.
Raginj: now it’s ur turn okk
Swara: u leave it to me I will see . U bring that one.
Ragini winks.

After sometime
Swara sees laksh busy and goes to him.
Laksh: Swara what are u doing here
Swara: just came to see u. She sees him seducingly.
Laksh thinks : Swara is trying to seduce me but I should control myself.
Swara goes towards him and encircles her hands on neck.
Laksh tries to removes her hands but he tempts to he scent.
Swara: yesterday I missed u lucky

Laksh doesn’t respond while Swara takes the pendrive which is connected to pc.
Now laksh realizes and romances her neck Swara is shocked.
She tries to escape but laksh s hard grip doesn’t allow to.
She then sees Ragini turned the other side seeing them.
Swara : laksh this is office someone will see and goes but laksh holds her hand Swara is stunned. He then slides his hands on her waist and passes through the hands and takes the pendrive. Swara still is in closed eyes. Laksh starts to a laugh.
Swara : laksh u again took cheater.
Laksh: it’s u.
Ragini hits her head. Then Swara smiles.
Laksh doesn’t understood : I think u became mad of ur failure.
Swara : arey buddhu that pendrive is the one which swapped. I won. She runs but laksh catches her then
Swara: laado catch.ragini catches and runs.
Swara also escapes.
Swara then says : lucky babaji ka tullu ? and gives hifi to Ragini.
They go.
Sanskar then comes and sees laksh grinning his teeth in anger.
Sanskar: what happened lucky
Laksh: bhai swara took our presentation.
Sanskar: what now see the result of what u did.
Laksh: I won’t leave them
Sanskar: them
Laksh: yes bhai Ragini also in this plan.
Sanskar then thinks
Sanskar: I have a plan and says to laksh
Laksh: bhai u are ultimate. Now u did something like sanky

After sometime foreign delegates came. All four welcomed them.
Krishna : swaragini come we should do the arrangements.
Swaragini went while sanlak smirks.
Krishna then calls sanlak saying that their plan has executed.
Sanlak went in the room while swaragini closed the door.
Sanlak: u both are out Krishna
Krishna: sry sir I can’t see my sister sad.
Swaragini smiles now u enjoy. Ur plan has backfired.

Swaragini went to foreign delegates and gives their presentation.
Adam(chairman): wow it’s very nice. I am am very happy this contract is urs now.
Swaragini smiles and give hifi to each other.
Adam: wait a minute I think there should also be a another presentation right. I want to see their s too. Swaragini try to convince but he is insisting. So swaragini signs Krishna.
After sometime sanlak comes laughing like a mad fellows.
Swaragini keeps sad faces.

Laksh: while smiling bhai why are we laughing
Sanskar: while smiling arey buddu u forgot that it’s our plan.
Yeah actually sanlak brought laughing gas to make swaragini embarrassed but it backfired on them only.
They keeps on laughing.
Adam : what is this is this any kind of joke. This contract is canceled.
All four got shocked.

Episode ends with their shocking faces.

Guys what do u say if they get contract or not. How s the Episode say through ur beautiful comments. Thank u for all who commented and for silent readers too.

Ur dhamu

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