Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 75


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 75

Recap: shaurya kidnapping Ragini sanskar saves Ragini. His hand is now working. Swalak romance. Ragsan cute talks . all truth is revealed.

Hii guys ur dhamu here. I hope u liked the previous Episode.

Episode begins..
Scene: at ragsan room
Ragini woke up . she got fresh up and was wearing a sky blue saree.
She made her back facing sanskar. She thought sanskar is sleeping and was changing there itself. While she was putting the saree folds sanskar came from behind and passed his hands on her waist. Ragini being shocked leaves the folds.
Ragini: sanskar when did u wake up. I got afraid.
Sanskar: why fear when sanskar is here. I woke up when u came from bathroom itself. He keeps his head on her shoulder and kissed there.
Ragini: I know
Sanskar: howw
Ragini: ur glares hitted my back.
Sanskar: what how will this happen.
Ragini: if anyone one loves truly then they get to know that there love is watching her as there glares hit their back.
Sanskar: Ragini u are just awesome. BTW where did u stop
Ragini: about what
Sanskar: ur saree
Ragini: sanskar u go and fresh up. I will wear my saree til then.
Sanskar: I will make u ready Ragini.
Ragini: sanskar u know how to drape saree.
Sanskar: what did u thought ur husband is not dumb Mrs. Ragini sanskar Maheshwari.
Ragini: it’s OK sanskar I will wear u go.
Sanskar: oh my jhansi ki rani is blushing.
He comes front . he sits down and make folds like a professional and he drapes it in her belly. Ragini closes her eyes. Sanskar saw her flat belly he slowly goes near to her belly and kissed her navel. Ragini moaned. He then gets up and sees Ragini still has eyes closed. He smiled seeing her cute face.

After a few seconds Ragini could feel something on her forehead . she opened her eyes and saw sanskar applying sindhur filling her maang. Ragini got tears bcoz after marriage first time sanskar filled her maang like an authoritative husband with Ragini accepting it happily.
Sanskar: what Ragini again u started.
Ragini: no no I am not crying.
Sanskar smiles and kissed her on forehead. He made her sit in front of the dressing table. He keeps maang Tika.
Ragini: sanskar u brought it for me.
Sanskar: yes Ragini it suits u very much. U are looking pretty. Wear this every time.okk
Ragini: if u ordered and I will not follow,will that happen. BTW ur selection is very nice. I loved it.
Sanskar: of course my selection is always top that’s why I selected u for me.
Ragini: oho the great business man also knows romantic lines too.
Sanskar: after seeing u the lines come automatically.
Ragini: OK come we should pick up avini from school. Munni would be tensed.
Sanskar: oh meri Jane man plz look at ur husband also sometimes.
Ragini: till now I am with u only na.
Sanskar: OK u go then he keeps a pout and turns the other side.
Ragini: oh..choo cutee I think I should look after 3 kids.
Sanskar: u called me kid
Ragini: yes
Sanskar pulls her towards him while she falls on his chest.
Sanskar: if kids do this.
Ragini blushes.

Sanskar takes her to the wall and pins her. They looked into each other eyes passionately.
Saans me teri song plays…
Sanskar then slowly kisses her cheeks. He was playing with her belly.
Ragini is shivering by his everytouch.
Sanskar: what is this ragini
Ragini: opens her eyes what happened sanskar.
Sanskar: u didn’t put ur earrings and no other ornaments. Come today I think I should make u ready like u do for munni.
Ragini just stares him lovingly.
Sanskar took the ornaments box and was sent if it is matching with her saree. After a 10 min of investigating he got a perfect matching earrings he makes her wear it.
Sanskar then kisses her ears. He again searches for matching bangles and makes her wear it. He kisses her hands. He even makes her wear gungru which he brought with maang Tikka. He kissed her feet . Finally after 1 hr he made Ragini ready.
Sanskar: now tell me Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari how are u looking.
Ragini : I don’t know that I can be this much beautiful. I missed these love till now. Thank u sanskar for giving me a life.
Sanskar: u always look beautiful Ragini. U are natural beauty I just wanted u to not look like a normal girl. Till now what all u faced is ended. Ur present and future is just me. U are queen of my heart.
Ragini : oho now my hubby is becoming senti haa.
Sanskar : no no its ur duty.
Ragini: u know what sanskar u took 1 hr to make me ready . now u understood why girls take so much time for getting ready.
Sanskar : yes mam.
They laugh.

Scene: at swalak room
Swara is murmuring : all wives get morning romance or night romance. Mine is very different always noon romance.
Swara is wearing saree.
Laksh : what yaar it became morning
Swara: my dear hubby this is still evening.
Laksh: oho I forgot that we did that all in noon
Swara: shut up laksh
Laksh: why yaar my wife my wish. BTW should I help u to wear the saree.
Swara: no its not required.
Laksh : OK ur wish see I am asking last time yes or no
Swara: laksh go and get fresh. We should go to a conference.
Laksh: okk.
He goes. After some time
Laksh : Swara plz give me towel I forgot.
Swara: wait. She kept the towel inside the bathroom then suddenly laksh dragged her. He pinned her to the wall and on the shower.
Swara:laksh what are u doing
Laksh: I already warned u dear but u didn’t listened now bear my punishment.
Swara: somebody will call us laksh
Laksh: we should also from now will keep a board don’t disturb like hotels. What say.
Swara: laksh..
Laksh : this is evening romance.
He then removes her saree and kisses her neck,belly all other parts.
After ½ hr there romantic bath finished.
Swara fastly wore some saree and went down. Laksh smiles seeing her plight.

Scene: at hall
Swaragini comes down shying.
Ap,dp,Sumi,Shekar,Dado all present.
From escaping their teasing. They directly went to kitchen and we’re preparing some snacks.
Swara: Ragini when will u go to pick avini
Ragini: we will start when sanskar comes down. He is getting ready.
Swara: oho..she teases her.
Ragini senses it: Swara BTW why is ur hair still wet. Like u took bath for so much time
Swara: wowoooo that…I forgot to dry it.
Ragini smiles.
Swara understands.
After sometime Sanlak both shouts for Ragini and Swara. But they ignore.
Dadi: arey Swara Ragini go ur husbands calling u.
They go knowing the consequences.
Sumi &Ap smiles.
Dadi: why u both are laughing.
Sumi&ap: nothing Maa actually they were blushing when they called.
Dadi: arey what is mean by blushing.
Shekar: when u see papa how ur cheeks get pink same to same.
Dadi: OK OK now eat snacks. Stop talking . all laughs.

Scene: ragsan
Ragini: what happened sanskar why are u shouting.
Sanskar drags her inside and closes the door:Ragini say one thing if u are my wife or not
Ragini: asking this u called me
Sanskar: say it
Ragini: she keeps her arms around his neck and says yes I am Mrs . sanskar Maheshwari.
Sanskar: then what Ragini how beautifully I made u ready but u didn’t made me ready. I hurtu..
Ragini: OK baba u go and take bath I will keep ur clothes outside and will wait to make u ready okk
Sanskar: that s like my wife. I will come in just a few minutes.
He goes and comes while he sees Ragini changing bedsheets. She didn’t noticed him. He went behind her and shakes his hair by which the water droplets fall on Ragini.
Ragini: sanskar what are u doing I will also become wet.
Sanskar looks deep into her eyes and see the drop near her neck. He sucks them . Ragini closes her eyes.
Sanskar: what Ragini why are u tempting me.
Ragini glares him angrily : OK then u only get ready I am going I have so many works.
Sanskar: no no I am sry.
Ragini smiles and makes him ready.

Scene: swalak
Swara: why are u shouting like a crow laksh.
Laksh: actually I can’t find my black jeans.
Swara: OK wait I will give. She goes and sees in the wardrobe while laksh comes and holds her behind and kisses her neck passionately.
Swara: laksh what are u doing
Laksh: u do ur work I will do my work. Fastly find my jeans .
Swara finds that and gives him.
Laksh thinks this jeans also should be found this soon. No one is Co operating to romance my wife.
Swara was about to go.
Laksh : my matching shirt too
Swara finds it in the first go and gives him.
Swara: see ur blazer is also ready.
Laksh thinks she wantedly doing all these fastly but no u can’t escape from me Swara.
Swara: I am going.
Laksh: plz set my hair know..
Swara melts by his cute words: okk
While Swara was setting his hair. He keeps on playing with her belly.
Swara: OK done I am going
Laksh pulls her towards him and kisses her cheek: thank u Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari.

Ragini was making him ready but as usual both brothers are so much naughty. Sanskar goes on kissing her cheeks.
Ragini: sanskar see there is something behind u when sanskar turned Ragini escaped from his grip
Ragini: come fast sanskar I am going. She goes smilingly.

Again Swaragini dashed into each other while blushing and keeping their hands on their cheeks.
Swara: laado
Ragini: plz shona now u don’t start.
They both smile.
Sanlak also joins them.
Ragsan and swalak together comes down the stairs. While the elders controlling their laugh.
Ap& sumi: took so much time haa
Swaragini stare at laksan angrily while they rubs their hairs.
Ragini:Maa we should go to pick avini.we are going. Come sanskar.
Swara : Maa I and laksh also should go to conference. We will also leave.
They escape. All family laughs.

Scene : while dinner at night in mm
Dp : actually we got a big paris contract. I want that contract anyhow.
Sanskar: yes papa we will get that. U don’t worry.
Dp: there is a problem actually that company wants the 100% shareholder to do presentation but we have 50%ragini s and 50% sanskar s. So..
Ragini: it’s OK papa what will I do with that shares. U can give the total to sanskar itself.
Sanskar looks at her.
Dp: no ragu sanskar gave u that with so much love. I said them this then they said they want to see two presentations. As they want to see a girls presentation too. If it’s one also it’s okk . they will atlas select one.
Swara: no papa girls are not less in anything. We will do it.
Laksh: yes papa I and bhai will combinely do that presentation see of course ours will only the best presentation.
Swara: papa I and Ragini will make one. Ours will be the best. Girls are not less in anything. We will do it papa.
Ragsan couldn’t understand anything.
Dp: okk but I should get the presentation till tomorrow noon.
Laksh: we are ready
Swara : for ur failure right.
Laksh: it’s for u not for us okk.
Swara: challenge.

Laksh: accepted.
Swara drags Ragini. Laksh drags sanskar.
Ragsan don’t know what is happening. They look at each other helplessly.

Scene: at swalak room
Ragini: what is happening Swara. Is something wrong btn u both. Did u both fight.
Swara: actually when we were coming from conference.
Fb starts
Laksh : u know what Swara that chairman was only looking at u and Swara u also talking with him so closely
Swara: oho so u are jealous..
Laksh: yes how can some one talk to my wife like that. And it’s our combine contract then why he is only talking to u.
Swara: leave it laksh.
Laksh: what OK if we boys are not there what will the girls are. Their place is only in kitchen.
Swara: laksh even I am a girl.
Laksh: not about u..
Swara: what laksh what u are saying is wrong. Girls can do anything.
Laksh: don’t be silly Swara. No support of men girls cannot do anything.
Swara: enough laksh I am also a Rockstar with my own talent don’t talk like this another time.
Laksh : it’s not only ur effort Swara I also helped u.
Swara: enough it is done. I am going. She went from there angrily. Laksh also was angry.
Fb ends..
Sanskar : what laksh how can u say like that.
Laksh: leave it Bhai. Now we should focus on the presentation.
Sanskar : okk
He thinks u both fought and separated us . I miss u Ragini.
Ragini: I miss u sanskar. BTW Swara what laksh said is wrong but u would have sort it out na.
Swara: leave it Ragini I am not going to talk to him. We should win this challenge at any cost. Come let’s get started.
Ragini : okk Come.

Both teams did their presentation. It is midnight.
Ragini is not getting sleep so she went to terrace while sanskar is already present.
Ragini: sanskar what are u doing here. U didn’t sleep till now.
Sanskar: yeah that lucky thinking me as Swara, he was beating me with legs, hugged me a and was about to kiss me. I hardly escaped from him.
Ragini was laughing holding her stomach.
: oh God sanskar really u both are dostana part 2.
Sanskar: OK now u stop. BTW why u didn’t slept yet.
Ragini: missing u that’s why.
Sanskar: me too Ragini.
Ragsan lay on the terrace seeing the moon in each others embrance.
Sanskar: Ragini we will take our marriage to next step after I give all happiness to u.
Ragini: it’s not needed sanskar I love u and I am very happy.
Sanskar: no Ragini I hurt u so much so I want to give u double happiness till then.
Ragini: I don’t say no to u sanskar but I don’t need this all. I just want to be with u till my last second.
Sanskar: see if u talk like this next time I will not talk to u. How can u even say that Ragini. What did u think I can live without u.
Ragini: I was just.
Sanskar: OK now leave that.
Ragini sleeps on his chest and sanskar also sleeps encircling his hands on her.

Episode ends on ragsan love.

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