Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 73 & 74


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal)Episode73 &74

Recap: munni s father died and munni will be leaving with Ragini only and sanskar hand is not in condition.

Hii guys ur dhamu here . so many suspenses will be revealed. I hope u all will like it. This is going to be a sooper long Episode . OK now let’s start..

Episode begins…
Scene: at hospital
Ragini sits beside sanskar and cries reminscing their moments.
She takes his hand in hers and kisses it.
Ragini: why sanskar why can’t u see me peacefully every time either u will give pain or will get pain.
Doctor: Mrs.maheshwari he gains his consciousness in 15min. But about hand we can’t say anything.
Ragini: tq u doctor.
Ragini places her head on his hand and cries.
Sanskar gets conscious.
Sanskar: Ragini..
Ragini: sanskar are u alright.
Sanskar: yeah what happened to me I am fine.
Ragini: that s why u are on hospital bed right.
Sanskar: th..that.. It’s actually night na I got sleep that s it nothing much.
Ragini : why are u so much in love with hospital. Every doing some fighting u will keep ur life in danger and making me cry . if u want to see me crying na I will cry every second but plz don’t do things like u did today.
Sanskar:arey why are u giving me this much lecture I am fine and munni says crctly u always a river inside u right. U don’t get bored of crying.
Ragini: u always make me to cry then what i should do
Sanskar: plz Ragini u don’t need to worry okk.
Next second he feels a hard blast on his cheek and Ragini in front with angry face. Yes she slapped him.
Ragini: don’t even talk a single word. U are my husband and I don’t need anyone s permission to worry about u it also works on u too.
Sanskar: what the he’ll how dare u too slap me. I will not leave u
Ragini: haa take revenge by cutting ur hand and admitting in hospital.
Sanskar: what are u even talking ad we will get our divorce soon.
Ragini: sanskar if u talk some more I will slap hard.
Sanskar keeps his hands on his face.
Ragini: now don’t say u went to munni as u missed her.
Sanskar: yes of course even I am alps missing my chocolate.
Ragini: OK then why u made her call to me and why u went at this midnight.

Sanskar thinks and says : aa…actually haa munni was asking to talk to u that s why
Ragini: and u like roaming with ur frnds midnight.
Sanskar: why my friends who are those.
Ragini: Devils..
Sanskar: aahhh..
Ragini laughs : sanskar why u went at midnight if u afraid of darkness.
Sanskar gets lost in her smile.
Ragini: sanskar who is that blackmailer
Sanskar suddenly coughs in shock.
Ragini gives him water
Sanskar:what u said
Ragini: what u heard that only
Sanskar:no one Nothing who said to u these things. Those all rubbish
Ragini: why are u getting tensed sanskar.
Sanskar: nothing why will I be tensed.
Ragini: bcoz he was blackmailing to kill me if u will be close to me right.
Sanskar is now double shocked.
Sanskar: see I think u got some misunderstanding nothing like that.
Ragini: u know what sanskar. We are not two souls but only one soul. I can easily sense what is going in ur mind.
Sanskar lost in her eyes and words . he was staring at her lovingly.
Ragini: when u doubted on my character that night I really felt bad but when I remember all our moments and how much u trust me and care for me I got conformed that it’s not u but something is there. I went from ur house bcoz I wanted to know how much will u pretend to me like this but ur the same sanskar u can’t see me in pain but takes my whole pain on u. When I was crying for munni u couldn’t see me like that that’s why u went in the midnight searched her address and made her talk to me bcoz of my happiness u also sent avi so that I could feel better. Today when nurse gave me ur phone.

Fb starts..
Ragini lifts the call
Caller: where are u sanskar if u will not do what I say then don’t ask me if Ragini died.
Ragini hears this and gets shocked. She cuts the call . She thinks so this is the reason why sanskar is behaving like this.
Fb ends..
Sanskar: Ragini I am really sry for behaving like that with u these days I really had no option. I can’t live if something happens to u bcoz of me.
Ragini: no sanskar no one can separate us no one can hurt me bcoz u are there with
Me everytime.and I know nothing happens to me if we are together. I got a life when I loved u for the first time. I love u sanskar.
Sanskar: no Ragini that night I forced u. I can’t be a good husband nor a lover. I am bad in fact I am cruel,beast, Ani…he was about to say Ragini hugged him.
Ragini: no sanskar ur am Angel to my life. And nothing happened that night.
Sanskar: what how could this happen.
Ragini: no sanskar I am a girl and I know what happened to me. U don’t feel ur self guilty.
Sanskar : really Ragini I felt so much pain when I remembered I forced u. When he was lifting his hand towards Ragini s face his hand doesn’t respond. He is trying hard to lift it but he is unable to lift his hand. Ragini saw this and again hugged him.
Ragini: sry sanskar this all happened bcoz of me.
Sanskar: what happened to me nothing Ragini don’t cry I think my hand got stuck.
Ragini: I am sry sanskar I don’t know how to tell u…sanskar ur hand stopped working as u got repeat attacks on ur hand.
Sanskar: what no Ragini nothing happens to me wait I will show u. He tries to lift but fails he tries so many times he was crying like a kid.
Ragini: sanskar stop plz wait I will call doctor.
She goes out..
It has been 1 he since Ragini went . sanskar came out and saw whole family standing there but Ragini is missing.
Sanskar: lucky where is Ragini . she went to call doctor but didn’t came till now.
Lucky: bhai actually..

Fb starts
When Ragini went to call doctor. Someone came in black mask and kept a knife on her neck.
Laksh: hey who are u leave Ragini
Mask man: shut u bustard don’t try to stop me otherwise ur bhabi will be no more. Listen to me carefully I want sanskar to come to take her wife if anyone tried to be over smart then ur Ragini….
Ragini: laksh don’t say to sanskar he is not well plz don’t say anything to sanskar.
Maskman beats on her head and she fell unconscious.
Laksh: Ragini…
Mask man: shut up and do what I said and he says address.
Fb ends.
Sanskar slaps laksh : then why u didn’t say to me till now. U all thought that I am not well so don’t disturb me and that man will do whatever he wants to do with Ragini we don’t care. See if anything happened to Ragini means I can’t be alive.
He goes to that place fastly with his hand still not responding. He didn’t thought about his pain but his thoughts are only on Ragini.
He runned fastly Ragini s words are echoing in his mind : we are one soul. No one can separate us. No one can hurt me bcoz u will be there with me everytime. Nothing happens to me if we are together . I love u sanskar..
Sanskar has tears in his eyes which are not stopping and is running fastly.

After sometime
Scene: at a dark godown
Ragini is tied to a chair . in front there is the same mask man.
Ragini: what do u want why u kidnapped me and what u want from sanskar.
Maskman: u will get to know soon.
Ragini: plz leave me sanskar needs me. He is not well . if u want money I will give u everything plz leave me.
Maskman: u are ready to do this much for that sanskar let’s see how much he can do for u.
Then he heard a voice : I came leave ragini
Maskman : oh u came but u are so late . U Love Ragini this much only.
Sanskar: aaah…haa…Mrs.ragini sanskar maheshwari. U forgot that shaurya.
Ragini is shocked.
Ragini: shaurya is that u.
The man takes his mask . He is revealed to be shaurya.
Shaurya: Sanskar u are really amazing. U are more intelligent that what I thought about u.
Sanskar: I am shaurya. But u are more duffer than what I thought. He had a smile.
Shaurya: but u can’t save ur wife with one hand.
Sanskar: as expected u are so weak that s why u took Ragini when I was not well. I am surprised how u became police.
Shaurya: shut up sanskar now Ragini will be mine. Ragini see ur husband fully he is going to die in a few minutes.
Ragini: shaurya u are my frnd right u can’t do this to my sanskar. I didn’t thought u will reveal to be like this. I only love sanskar and I know sanskar will take me from here.
Shaurya: if not then
Ragini: I will come to u myself.
Shaurya: not bad so much trust. Now it became a challenge . I love challenges.
Ragsan look towards each other with love.
Shaurya beats him sanskar tries to beat him but he is unable to beat him with one hand. Sanskar is almost defeated. He fall down. He got so many injuries. Shaurya is still Beating him. He steps sanskar s hand which is wounded. He got unconscious.
Ragini:sanskar u can’t leave me like this. Ragini is only for sanskar no one has right to touch me bcoz I am Mrs.ragini sanskar maheshwari. Sanskar u should defeat this blo*dy man bcoz he bad eyed ur wife. Sanskar get up. Sanskar plz….u don’t have any right to leave me. Get up sanskar.
Shaurya: Ragini cool baby. I know this will only happen. Now I won the challenge so u are mine. Ur sanskar is no more now
Ragini: shut up u bustard don’t take sanskar s name from ur blo*dy mouth.
Shaurya : no Ragini I can’t get angry on u. I love u from the day I saw u. But sanskar came in the middle. U also started to love him . I was angry on him . I tried so many times to get u but everytime sanskar cane in middle. And I want to kill him in jail but u came and I melted by ur tears. U know what Ragini the photos I only took them and blackmailed u.

Ragini is now understanding everything.
Ragini: shaurya u only said that I love him then how u thought that I will come to u. It’s just ur foolishness.
Shaurya: Shut up Ragini. Next second he falled down with a heavy pressure on his head.
Sanskar: thank s man I should really thank u. U are my angel my hand is fine now.
Yes sanskar s hand got responded now and he beat him with that hand which got hit like a rod.
Sanskar went to Ragini and freed her. Ragini took his hand and kissed everywhere.
Ragini: sanskar ur hand.
Sanskar: my hand also cannot live without u Ragini. Ragini hugged him tightly. Ragsan both now have happy tears.
Shaurya who got up aimed at sanskar to shoot.
Shaurya: u are finished sanskar . he shouts Ragini u are just mine.
Ragsan saw at him. Sanskar made Ragini hide behind him . when he was about to shoot him. Shaurya got shot himself as laksh came there with police.
Police arrested him: he won’t die so soon. I will make sure he will get strict punishment.
Sanskar: thank you sir
Police take shaurya.
Sanskar sees laksh who is leaving.
Sanskar goes and hugs him.
Sanskar: I am sry lucky I slapped u. Plz forgive me
Laksh: no bhai it’s OK if it happens to Swara I would also react like that . don’t say sry bhai.
Swara: if ur dostana is completed then can we go to house.
Swaragini laughs.
Sanlak break the hugg.
Laksh: I think we should leave these love birds come let’s go.
Sanskar: oh dont make excuse we know that u wanted to spend some time with Swara that s why using our name.
Laksh: bhai..
Swara: OK now let’s go all are worried at home. She drags Ragini and goes while ragsan stare each other romantically.
Sanskar gives her a flying kiss. Ragini shies.

Scene: at mm
All mm and gadodia family are present.
Ragsan and swalak comes.
Dp: can anyone say what happened today.
Sanskar was about to tell
Ap: u stop don’t say a word last time alps we asked u what happened u answered us with some Spanish language like someone said someone.u just shut up.
Sanskar closes his mouth . all laugh
Ragini: actually shaurya kidnapped me and sanskar saved me.
Dadi: that s all from night this only happened.
Laksh: dadi why do u want all this stuff see ur age u go and take rest.
Dadi: shut up she scolds him which laksh couldn’t understand.
Shekar: say what all happened we are ur parents we have a right to know our kids problem.
Ragini: papa sanskar went to munni s house . she says what all happened there and and how sanskar s hand got response again.
Mishtu:so this much happened and u only said us only last part.
Laksh: what Maa u too is this a Film we know after interval and don’t know before interval.
Mishti scolds him in bengali.
Laksh smiles as he could not understand what Mishti is saying. She scolded him for 5 minutes
Mishti: laksh I am scolding u
Laksh: oh really can u plz say subtitles in Hindi.
All laughs.
Dp: now u all go and take rest . we sent avini to school u should pick them from school as we promised.
All say: okk papa

Scene: at ragsan room
Ragini aids sanskar s wounds. She had tears as the wounds were deep.
Ragini: sanskar u are just a stone. U even know how many wounds u got.
Sanskar: they are nothing in front of the wounds I gave u.
Ragini is crying.
Sanskar : started again river Nile.
Ragini smiles
Sanskar: stay like this only. I can’t see u sad.
Ragini: now I have no worries as u are there with me na.
Sanskar: then why is this river Nile flowing.
Ragini: these are happy tears sanskar.
Sanskar : then wait I will try as I am happy.
Ragini laughs sanskar now get tears.
Ragini: sanskar why are u having tears . I think my river Nile turned direction towards u.
Sanskar: no Ragini these are happy tears.
Ragini: OK now it is enough from now no tears only happiness.
Sanskar: yes only happiness but I don’t think ur river stops from over flow.
Ragini: OK now she was about to remove his shoes. He stops her.
Sanskar: what are u doing ragini
Ragini: nothing sanskar u take rest I was just removing ur shoes. U need rest.
Sanskar: it’s not necessary.
Ragini: sanskar if u really love me then allow me to do this.
Sanskar agrees unwillingly.
Ragini removes his shoes and sees burn marks on his both feet.
Ragini: what is this sanskar.
Sanskar: nothing leave it.
Ragini makes him to promise by taking his hand on her head : say truth sanskar.
Sanskar says
Fb starts..
Sanskar was very angry with the blackmailer that night we got to know the truth.
He frustrated and was helplessly walking on the road. Then he sees a temple on which all are walking on burning stones of fire.
Sanskar : what a these doing here.
Man: by walking on this we can fulfill our wish. Or our near ones life which is at stake can be saved by doing this.
Sanskar : really he thinks of blackmailer saying that he will kill Ragini.
Sanskar also walks on it he closed his eyes and saw Ragini s face and walked on it.
Fb ends..
Ragini hugs him : why do u love me this much sanskar..
Sanskar: I can’t say how much I love I can’t show how much I love u but till my heart beats m love is only urs. I will always be happy when I another with u. this but all my 7 births u can’t get rid of me Ragini.
Ragini: sanskar I don’t know that someone will love me this much. I love u sanskar . love u forever.

Scene: at swalak
Swara: from when we came to room what are u thinking.
Laksh: I was thinking what Sumi MA scolded me.
U know bengali na say what she said
Swara: lucky u are so cute.
Laksh: if Sumi Maa said that.
Swara: she said u are dumb,pig,Buffalo,don’t have brain,don’t know when to make jokes and more than that u don’t know how to love ur wife.
Laksh: ahaaa being naughty that last line seems to be urs right.
Swara: haa mine only.
Laksh: so u think I won’t love u.
Swara: not more than me.
Laksh: how much u love me
Swara: lucky u know when I see something I feel if lucky would be there I would be happy. If I feel happy I first want that to share with u. If I feel sorrow I control myself to not make u feel sad through my pain. If we are far it feels like my heart and my soul are not with me u already took it from me. U are my identity lucky. I love u till my seven births. Lucky u are just mine in this life and in any life.
Laksh hugs her : Swara I just asked it casually but I don’t know u love me this much Swara. I love u too.
Swara: this much means how much did u expected.
Laksh: leave that for all my seven life’s u only will be wife. How boring yaar.
Swara gets angry and goes into balcony. Laksh back hugged her : I was just joking Swara u will be my soulmate. If u want also u can’t go away from me.
He makes her turn and sees Swara in tears : arey is my Tyson crying. What about ur reputation Swara won’t cry like girls right.
Swara: lucky that is Swara but now I am Mrs .Swara laksh maheshwari.
Laksh: oho OK then for ur hubby give me a smile.
Swara smiles. Laksh wipes her tears with his cheeks. He then took her in his arms and placed on bed. They intimate.

Scene: ragsan
Ragini: BTW Sanskar how do u know it is shaurya.
Sanskar: I got to know this when I was hospitalized that night. Actually I hacked that phone no. From which u got that blackmailer who blackmailed on that photos. I couldn’t get the name but got the address and when I went there I saw that man whom we saw that day when photos were given to Ragini . I beat him he didn’t said anything but I got his phone which had so many missed calls of some name boss when I saw that no. It is the same which I hacked. I called him then I heard someone calling shaurya mehra. I was shocked to know that it was shaurya. After that what all he did that saving me from jail and all are just drama. On our reception party I heard shaurya saying he wanted to separate ragsan and the plan . I acted that I got affected from his words and I hurted to saying all those. After we got separated I spotted him near gadodia mansion many times and got to know he loves u that s why he wanted to separate us.
Ragini: then y u didn’t said that to me. I would have understood. I didn’t thought shaurya would be turned out like this. It is disgusting.
Sanskar: I know but there is one inside people who is helping him . I wanted to catch that person that s why I didn’t disclose to u.
Ragini: but he is not the one who was blackmailing u right.
Sanskar: yes I got a phone that night if u want to see Ragini alive then do what I will say. I don’t know who is he. He knows everything about what I do where I go What I am feeling all.
Ragini: bcoz he inserted a chip in ur body which is like a secret camera which gives ur all information.
Sanskar: what in my body
Ragini: yes when u are admitted in hospital today in x ray it was shown. Doctor removed that one from u. He said that it is a secret chip. He said that it might be inserted to him when he last came to the hospital.
Sanskar:what how can some one stoop to this level now we should get to know who is this blackmailer.
Ragini: I think I know
Sanskar: who
Ragini: sanyukt first he blackmailed me. I made an excuse that I will come to u after 3 months. He said he will kill u that’s why I behaved with u like that those days but ur live melted me I thought to say u about it on the reception day but u are in a problem so I don’t want to give u more stress . I think After knowing this he started to blackmail u.
Sanskar: why all wants us to get separated. Why can’t they understand that we love each other truly. This blo*dy sanyukt I will kill him.
Ragini: no need sanskar I said to police and gave a complaint. They arrested him for blackmailing and the chip thing too. He will not get freed that easily. He will get serious punishments.
Sanskar: I don’t know my junglee girl is an Cid agent. U got to know everything. Seriously u are too intelligent.
Ragini: u are not less. U think of ur self a Shakti maan naa. Always beating everyone.
Sanskar: anything for u my jaan. BTW u acted being angry towards me after knowing all this also right .
Ragini: yes but I don’t the reason na that’s why I did like that. I am sry she said this holding her ears..
Sanskar takes off her hands : no Ragini.
Ragini: but ur acting skills are not upto the mark. How much u tried but ur pain can be easily visible through ur eyes.
Sanskar: what should I do then I want also I cannot show hatred towards u.
Ragini : but from now onwards don’t do mad things like walking on burning coal and breaking hand okk
Sanskar: OK madam
Ragini kisses on his cheek. Sanskar also kissed her cheeks,forehead. Sanskar then sleeps in Ragini s embrace. Ragini looks at him lovingly. She caresses his hair and kissed his forehead. Then she also sleeps on his chest.

Episode ends with ragsan and swalak happy faces.

From now on only happiness in ragsan life. I think I satisfied u all. Sry if u don’t like. Thank you guys for ur valuable comments and silent readers too. Thank u very much.

Ur dhamu

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