Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 72


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 72
Recap : ragsan funny fight in bus and munniis taken away by her mother.rag and munni cry for each other.

Hii guys ur dhamu.
Episode begins…
Scene : at gadodia mansion
Next day Ragini gets ready for office.
Sumi: Ragini u don’t need to go office.
Ragini: it’s OK Maa I am fine one or the other day it should happen.plz everyone forget about it.
Shekar: will u able to forget beta
Ragini : I will try papa.ok I am going.she takes the blessings from all. Dadi also gets emotional seeing her.

Scene: at ragsan office
Krishna: sir why are u like this . In mood off
Sanskar: munni she went to her mother and won’t come back again.
Krishna: oh then how would Ragini be now.
Sanskar: I also worrying for her only yesterday she was crying so much. I couldn’t see her stage. Krishna today anything happens no one should call Ragini to come to office.
Krishna: yes sir she is my sister sir. I can do this much for her.
Sanskar thinks : what wrong Ragini did. Till now she treated everyone as her own but her life is full of problems and problems . one after the other and all bcoz of me .I m sry ragini plz if I can then forgive me.
Ragini: don’t worry I came.
Krishna: take care ragu
Ragini: I am OK Bhaiya
Sanskar s thoughts were stopped as soon as he hear Ragini s voice.
Sanskar: Ragini why u came u could have take rest.
Krishna leaves.
Ragini: don’t show that much fake concern towards me. No one is here. I came here as I want some files that s all not for ur concern. She angrily takes her files and leaves.
Sanskar has tears in his eyes : I know Ragini u are hiding ur pain.

Scene : evening Ragini goes to school
Avi: Laado..
Ragini : where is munni and then realizes she is not there . she has tears.
Avi: Laado u know my friends are asking about munni. That third class motu
Avi: Laado u know my friends are asking about munni That third class motu took my lunch box forcefully today,if munni is there means she would have beat him but why she left us. He is crying. Ragini hugs him tightly and cries.
Sanskar: came just now and saw them.
Avi goes to sanskar.sanskar takes him in his arms. Avi hugs him.
Avi: papa why munni left us
Sanskar: avi today u stay with Ragini okk
Avi: OK papa
Ragini: come avi let’s go
Sanskar: Ragini come I will drop u. He then gets call.
Caller: shut up sanskar go ur way.
Sanskar: Ragini I hope u won’t come with me right. U go
Ragini: no u only drop us
Sanskar: what and thinks now what should I do. Ragini sees him with doubt.
Avi: papa come na
Sanskar: actually I have some other work. U both go
Ragini takes avi with him and goes.

Scene: at gadodia mansion, night
Ragini feeds avi. She makes him sleep with her.
Avi: Laado u don’t cry I will not leave u at anytime.
Ragini smiles listening his cute words.
Ragini also sleeps with avi. Today she is somewhat peaceful.
Suddenly night at 11. She gets a call.
Ragini gets shocked seeing sanskar s call
Why he is calling me at this time.
Raginj: what happened sanskar
She hears something and is shocked and is also happy and having happy tears.
Ragini: munni
Munni: Laado
Ragini: munni how are u beta
Munni: Laado u forgot me na. See even ur ravan Kumar is missing me that’s why he came searching me. Kachi with u.
Ragini: munni no beta I can’t forget u. No even a single second passed with out ur thoughts.
Munni: cries I miss u Laado
Ragini: I miss u too munni. Once give phone to sanskar na.
Sanskar : hello ragini
Ragini: sanskar plz say me the address plz for once I want to see her plz sanskar.
Sanskar : but now it is midnight. I will bring u tomorrow.
Ragini: sanskar plz only one time plz. She was crying
Sanskar : OK u be ready I will say lucky to pick u.
Ragini : thank u sanskar. Thank u very much.

After sometime
Swalak come and pick up Ragini. They go
Swara : Ragini now u are happy na.
Ragini : only half if I see her I will be totally happy.
Laksh: I don’t know how bhai got their address. I think more than us he is missing his chocolate.
Ragini doesn’t say anything.
After 1 hr they reach munni s house.
They were about to go they hear some sounds like shootings. They hurry.
When they get inside they all are shocked seeing so many goons around 10 and sanskar is fighting with them alone. Laksh goes and helps him.
Swaragini were not understanding what is happening. Munni comes to Ragini running.
Munni: laado
Ragini: munni u are alright na what is going on.
Munni: he is my father and his goons. They came to take me with him.
Ragini: OK munni u don’t be afraid.
While someone is about to attack Ragini with knife. Sanskar comes on time and beats him in the process his hands get cut.
Ragini shouts : sanskar……
Sanskar : I am fine u go from here. Swara u know driving right take then from here.
Ragini: I am not leaving u sanskar
Sanskar : don’t be foolish Ragini Swara plz take them.
Swara takes them in car and gets seated.
Ragini makes munni sit and she goes inside.
Swara shouts Laado but she goes having no other way Swara takes munni from there.
Ragini shouts : stop
All looks at her and stop fighting
Sanskar : Ragini I said u to go na
Ragini: plz sanskar. She says to all goons
How can u separate a small girl from her mother. U didn’t think of ur daughters at least for once. How can u be so cruel to a small girl who doesn’t know what is happening. Seeing her innocent face u didn’t remembered of ur daughters. Plz I am folding my hands in front of u all she is a very small girl she don’t know anything u want money only na take this she gives all her ornaments. If u still want more we will give u. Plz leave her.
All goons gets emotional listening her. They all leave feeling guilty and ashamed.
Seeing this one man is very angry. He is non another than munni s father Vikram. He angrily went towards Ragini with a big knife.
All shouts Ragini..
Ragini closes her eyes after a few seconds she opens her eyes and saw Vikram fallen down in a pool of blood. She sees manya holding knife and staring Vikram angrily.
Ragini: manya what u did
Manya: Ragini ji he should die for all his wrong deeds. He wants to separate me from munni and moreover he is about to kill u. I don’t know how to thank u for what have u done for munni till now. He should die bcoz he thought of killing u who took care of my munni as her daughter.
Ragini: manya it’s OK but u should not have kill him.
Manya: Ragini ji I would get punishment for this but it is better to kill a person like him who wants to sell her own daughter than he killing u who took care of my munni whom u have met just for few hours and made her urs.
Sanskar : no Manya u Will not get any punishment as u did this in the process of self defense.
Manya: I can escape from this punishment but not which God gave me. I have cancer at last stage. That’s why I want to spend sometime with munni. I know Ragini ji would take complete care of munni.
All get teary eyed.
Ragini: we will get u treated. U don’t worry u will spend ur whole life with ur daughter.
Manya: now no one can do anything. My span is just a few days.
Ragini : I am sorry manya
Manya: don’t be sry Ragini ji in fact I should say thanks to u. That will also be a small word. I am in debt for u for my whole life. Take care of munni. She goes from there.
Ragini was about to stop her but sees sanskar fallen down unconscious.
Ragini: sanskar what happened to u. Laksh we should take him to hospital.
Laksh: yeah Ragini.
They take him to hospital.

Scene : at hospital
Ragini: doctor how is sanskar . He is fine naa
Doctor: no Mrs. Ragini. He is not fine. He had got cuts on his hand repeatedly. I said him many times that he should get operated but he didn’t pay any attention to me. Now…
Ragini: thinks how he saved her from sanyukt how he got hurt and that photos fighting, he hit himself to his car glass so many times and this. She was crying like hell. doctor now what doctor he will be able to get treated na nothing will happen to him na
Doctor: plz try to understand Mrs. Maheshwari. We did surgery but if he didn’t show any response in 12 hrs means we should remove his hand permanently.
Raglak are shocked.

Episode ends with shocking faces of raglak.

Thank you guys for ur support. Thank s to my silent readers too. I know some of u got bored now I am say for that . plz be patient our previous humor,romance,fun all are on the way. Thank u

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