Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 71


Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 71

Recap: the reason behind sanskar s hatred is revealed someone is blackmailing him. Ragini goes to office while Munni misses ragini

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Episode begins..
Scene: at ragsan s office

Ragini does her work and is leaving to school to pick up Munni. Ragini stops the lift while sanskar also had his hands on hers . Ragini gives him a disgusting look and takes steps.

Sanskar when went to start his car saw that his Tyre has punctured while sitting in his seat. He then sees from the mirror smirking face of Ragini who hid behind the car.

Ragini sees him staring at her In the mirror . she stood up and was going like she doesn’t know anything.

Sanskar: how dare u to puncture my Tyre.
Ragini: what..I don’t know anything
Sanskar:aachaa…OK then u go.
Ragini is confused but goes from there. She took a bus and went inside.
Ragini thinks : if we both went to school at the same time then avini Will start asking questions . that’s why she punctured his Tyre.
She took her hair pin and made his Tyre puncture.
Fb ends

Ragini gets into bus.
Ragini gives money for her ticket.
Conductor: mam another ticket also
Ragini: why I am giving mine
Conductor: that man said u will pay for him
Ragini: who
Conductor shows him pointing towards a man.
Ragini saw him and gets shocked . yes he is sanskar.
Sanskar waves his hand having a smirking expression.
Ragini: why would I pay for him

Conductor: arey sister husband and wife have so many fighting that doesn’t mean u fight in public.
Ragini: she gave death glares to sanskar. She says to conductor actually what u said is right so he will only give my ticket too . fightings will be between any wife and husband so ask him only.
Conductor goes to sanskar: actually
Sanskar: yeah I heard these girls na will be like that only . they live only with husband s money.
Ragini sees him with anger but controlled herself.
Sanskar gives 1000 rupee note.
Conductor: arey where would I get this much change. The ticket cost is only 20 and u gave 1000.
Sanskar: I am say actually I won’t maintain change. He sees helplessly at the conductor.
Conductor: I understand at last husband should get money from wife only. Ragini smiles.
Conductor: mam ticket
Ragini: why he didn’t gave.

Conductor: mam plz from past 20 mins I was just roaming between u both only there are also other passengers . he literally cries.
Ragini: Bhayya plz I will give. She gives money and gets the tickets.
After a while some guys get into the bus and in that one boy was about to touch Ragini s waist. Sanskar comes and slaps him hard and makes all of them get down.
Ragini sees him lovingly. The driver applies brakes and sanskar comes on ragini. A romantic eyelock takes place. Sab Tera plays…
Sanskar: oh hello where is my ticket I came to take that and don’t misunderstand that I saved u.i would have Done it for anyone else.
Ragini was about to give his ticket the bus stops as bus checking people come. They ask all of them to get down.
Ragini shows her ticket and goes . they ask sanskar to show his ticket which Ragini didn’t gave.
Sanskar : actually it is with that girl who was just leaving . he points towards Ragini.
Checking : oh don’t make stories. U seem to be a very dignified man can’t u pay just 20 rupees. U people na robbing our money only u become rich na.
Sanskar: no I am saying truth I took the ticket it is with her . she is my wife.
Checking: oh another story. If she is ur wife then she would not have left u like this . now stop making stories and pay fine

Sanskar: oh that’s all how much.
Checking: 500
Sanskar: oho so cheap he kept his hands in pocket to give money but didn’t get his purse . he sees Ragini who is waving his purse smiling . sir see she stored my purse too.
They see there but doesn’t find anyone.
Checking : what the hell come we will go to jail . that is only crct place for u.
Sanskar sees Ragini who is dancing on pungi bajaade
Ragini thinks : oh Ragini how many wrong things u have to do. I am feeling guilty but what sanskar did I can’t forget that.

Scene : at school
Ragini waits for avini
Avi:Laado…he comes to her very anxiously but makes a pout
Ragini: oh so my handsome is angry with me
Avi: hmm
Ragini:actually how u miss me like that I also was missing my parents that’s why I went . plz now talk na.ok I am sry she holds her ears.
Avi hugs her.ragini kisses him.
Avi: where is ur hubby
Ragini: what do I know

Avi: what
Ragini: how do i know . he goes to office na
Voice: she is lying
Ragini and avi sees he is Non another than sanskar.
Avi: papa
Sanskar takes him in his arms and kisses his cheeks where Ragini kissed.
Ragini: uu they left u.how
Sanskar: bcoz I am

Avi: sanskar maheshwari
Sanskar: my boy u are crct. U know how ur laado is a big thief.
Avi: what laado really.
Ragini: mee she sees him with puppy eyes as if she don’t know why he is talking about.
Avi: papa why are u blaming my laado.
Sanskar: don’t get it to her face and he says all what happened.
Avi: laado uu. Today I am papa S side. Sankar lifts his collar.
Ragini: Oh avi u changed to his side . where is my Munni. She will be my side once she comes u two are gone.
Avi and sanskar: what will girls do to boys . they
Ragini: OK OK let Munni come. BTW where is she.
Avi: lucky came and took her in the afternoon
Ragini: why will he take her . wait I will call him.
Laksh: hello Ragini come urgently to mm
Ragini: ha I will come but why u took munni
Laksh: I will tell everything u come first.
Ragini : okk
Sanskar: what lucky said
Ragini: don’t know he called us to me . come fast
Sanskar: yeah come I bought car.
Ragini and avi gets into it.

Scene : at mm
Ap and Swara are crying while laksh and dp are tensed.
Ragini: Maa shona why are u crying . where is Munni she asked me to come and pick her up from school but laksh why u took her.
Laksh: Ragini….munni
Swara cries and hugged ragini
Ragini: what happened now u really are scaring me . where is munni
Dp: woh..Ragu beta Munni s mom came and took her.
Ragini felt that her ground has destroyed.

Ragini felt down and was crying : Munni left. For one last time I would have seen her but it’s okk I should have not hopped that she will be with me for everyone day or the other she should return to her mother I expected more. Without giving birth I felt like Maa when she is with me . she was crying continously . sanskar sits beside her he was not able to see her in pain. Ragini at once hugged him.

Sanskar: Ragini plz don’t cry . I don’t know what to say but it is unexpected that Munni left us.
Laksh: u know bhai her mother came to our house bcoz she knows me and Ragini . she was continuously saying that she want to see her daughter . I took Munni from school.u know Munni has forgotten her mother bcoz she is bounded by Ragini s love . when her mother was taking her she was terribly crying that she wants to see Laado for once . she also cried like Ragini only. Avi is also crying.

Ragini: u know sanskar when she came With me at starting she used to say that her mom left her but she had faith in me that I won’t leave her. But now see na I won’t be able to live without Munni.
Sanskar: Ragini plz control ur self. I will do something . should I take Munni to u.
Ragini: no sanskar what are u saying. I know that she was happy living with us but that doesn’t mean that she owns to us . she wants her mother . I know she would feel for some days for leaving us but she will soon forget us.
Sanskar: what about u ragini

Ragini: sanskar I got habituated to be alone but Munni is very different to me. Our relation is something I can’t just tell in words. But it’s OK I am destined to be alone . it’s OK.
Sanskar remembers how he behaved with Ragini. He feels guilty.
Ap: no beta ur not alone . see u have a family here who cares for u the most. Plz beta don’t say like that. See u call me Maa and I also treat u like my blood so don’t say like this again.
Dp: yes beta we are feeling bad for Munni but I won’t agree that ur saying alone . we are there na.

Swara: Laado u also forgot me. Plz Laado don’t cry.
All hugged Ragini giving her strength but Ragini stood like a statue.
Laksh: bhai take Ragini to ur room.
Ragini: no I want to go to sumi Maa s house.
Sanskar: OK then I will drop her.
Dp: take care of ur self beta.

In car ragsan seated. Ragini is silent sanskar had tears in his eyes seeing her but doesn’t show up. He gets a call.
Sanskar: hello
Caller: u are not supposed to cry or show any sympathy towards Ragini.did u understand.
Sanskar: he gets anger but controls himself as Ragini is beside him. Okk

The car stopped . Ragini gets down . she was about to turn towards sanskar. He fastly returns . Ragini gets suspicious but goes inside.

All gadodia family saw her and we’re consoling her as they know about Munni.
Ragini silently gets into her room
Ragini: I am sry Munni I couldn’t saw u when u were going. Munni u are the only reason once upon a time for living. Now I got all happiness but u were not there . I love u Munni. I miss u.she cries bitterly whispering Munni..

Scene: at Munni s house
(Munni s mom)manya: Munni beta eat something u didn’t ate anything till now.
Munni: who was crying said I want to see Laado plz one time . plz..
Manya: u know how much I fought with ur dad and reached u but u are not happy. I think u got habituated to that rich environment naa that s why u are not liking this poor house right..
Munni: Maa how can u say like that u don’t know any thing about Laado. Laado has gone through so much pain but didn’t got that pain reach me. I even forgot my 7yrs of life which I had spent with u being with Laado. But it’s OK how would u know how I had lived, u have left ur daughter in the middle of road.
Manya shouts : Munni……
Munni got scared and was crying sitting at a corner murmuring Laado.
Here Ragini gets up as she feels Munni is calling for her.
Ragini: no Ragini Munni went away. She will not come to u again.
After a while

Munni comes to ragini: Laado u have forgotten me na. Kachi with u but Laado I love u very much plz take me put from here.
Ragini wakes up shouting : no Munni I won’t let anything happen to u. U are my life . I am coming. she opens her eyes and sees that she just dreamed of Munni.
Every where she is seeing Munni only . she remembers everything she spended with Munni.
She cries very heavily.
Here same happens with Munni.

In mm too all are missing Munni. Sanskar is also crying remembering how Ragini was crying and he also remembers how Munni and he used to fight at school.
He smiles remembering Munni saying ravan and again his smile fades away.

The whole night passes.

Episode ends with the crying faces of Ragini,Munni,sanskar and all family members…

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