Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 70


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 70

Recap : Ragini is staying in gadodia mansion while sanskar irritates her. Sanskar makes an agreement that Ragini should work in the office. Ragini agrees.

Hii guys ur dhamu here. Thank you very much for ur comments.thank u for silent readers too.

Episode begins…

Scene: at shaurya s place
Shaurya: why does this sanskar wants Ragini to join in the office.
Uttara: let it be u know I got some awesome news,ragsan will get divorce in 2 months.
Shaurya: is that a Good news no,what is guarantee that they will stay far in these 2 months.
Uttara: after what happened yesterday night Ragini will never get close to him.
Shaurya: we can’t know

Scene: at silent road
Sanskar: why God why u don’t want me to see happy. It pains a lot when Ragini cries but don’t know why it’s always me who hurts Ragini . I can’t give her this much pain but I am also helpless I can’t say this to anyone bcoz someone is watching me all the day who is threatening me of Ragini s life and the other who wants us to get separated. God plz save Ragini.
He gets a call
Sanskar: hello
Caller: oh ur are a strong man don’t cry . I won’t let anything happen to Ragini. Just 2 months then after ur Ragini will be safe.
Sanskar: why do u want me to do this . what will u get by doing this.
Caller: it’s just non of ur business do I what I say.
Sanskar: I did what u wanted yesterday night . she is very angry on me. She doesn’t want to see my face even, then why u made her come to office. I can’t see Ragini in pain in front of me. What do u want say want money, I will give u my whole property. What do u want.
Caller: Ur Ragini s life will u give me
Sanskar: u would have asked mine I would have given u happily but Ragini u can’t u should first kill my life before approaching Ragini s.
Caller: that s why only na I am directly dealing with u. OK for today it is enough. Tomorrow what u should do I will say it afterwards till then stay in peace.
Sanskar: hello,,hello….sry Ragini I don’t know why no one wants to see us happy. I am sry Ragini I hate myself he hits his car glass,blood starts dripping continously.

Scene: next day morning
Ragini: Munni be a good girl I should not do like this.
Munni: why u went there . why u didn’t put me sleep yesterday.u know I didn’t slept yesterday whole night.
Ragini has tears: Munni u are a good girl . don’t cry today I will pick u up from school and I will take u here.okk
Munni face lightens: really
Ragini: yes baby. Now eat what dadi gives u and go to school like a good girl. Don’t cry like Amul baby
Munni: no I am not crying Amul baby is up now OK I am getting late.byee…

Scene: at sanskar s office
Ragini comes and was checking all he files
Sanskar: oho u kept ur words . well done
Ragini : I think u forgot I am also holder of this property so I don’t need ur permission to get into my office . understood.
Sanskar: oho I thought that u are a big player but now I got to know that u own the game and make us play like ur puppets.
Ragini: whatever u think. But remember one thing that Ragini who always cries, and weak is no more she died on that night . now I am strong and doesn’t need anyone s support nor their concern.
Sanskar feels bad : OK then I will also see how can u manage this office.
Ragini : yaah see with ur own eyes or u can also borrow from someone else.
Ragsan go in different directions Ragini with full hatred and sanskar with helplessness

Episode ends..

I think now u guys might be cooled down . why sanskar did this bcoz to save Ragini s life only. I will say about the blackmailing briefly in the coming Episodes and sry for the short Episode. And yaah ragsan will come together after this track. The next episode will be next Saturday bcoz of my unexpected exams. Thank you will meet u soon . keep smiling. Love u guys. Take care.

Ur dhamu

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  11. Vyshnavi

    Feeling sad for ragsan,hope they’ll unite soon. All the best for your exams

  12. Awesome dear it was superb . Feeling bad for both ragini and sanskar

  13. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Oh God di, what a twist!!! You nailed it.Loved the chappy.Plz unit ragsan soon. Can’t see them sad.Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

  14. Yaar…..why people dont leave Ragsan alone…..now this blackmailer dnt knw who the hell is he…….ahhhh….i am feeling like murdering him…..anyways superb episode….awesome….update soon

  15. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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    Sorry for not commenting in the previous one
    Please reveal the truth soon and give some Ragsan scenes too
    All the best for your exams
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    awesome update, all the best for ur exams.

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