Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 69


Swaragini –(love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 69

Recap: ragsan and swalak reception party. All enjoyed in the party. Sanskar doubts on Ragini and forces her.

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Episode begins..

Scene : at ragsan room, morning.

Sanskar wakes up with a heavy head. His head is breaking like a volcano. He looks at himself and sees that he didn’t had his shirt and sees the whole room fully shattered away. The things are thrown here and there.
Sanskar tries to remember what happened last night.
Sanskar : where is Ragini. He calls out for her and then stops remembering something.
Fb starts..
In the party while all are dancing a girl (uttara) talks to his partner in dance who is dancing beside sanskar. But sanskar not able to see her. Uttara speaks by changing her voice.
Uttara: see that couple how beautiful they were looking with each other. (Ragini and shaurya). And how happy she is with him.
Partner: hey u are wrong they are not the couple. Ragini is married to sanskar maheshwari.
Uttara: what really but why I think that these are perfect for each other.
Partner: shut up if anyone hears means they will scold u. I also thought that when she danced with her husband she is dancing in an uninterested mood but with him she is dancing so happily.
Uttara: actually I came late na that’s why I missed their dance.
Partner: they were not that great. And u know she is a orphan and has no money, very poor girl.
Uttara: oh that is the reason , these kind of people will be like this only, they only want money from this rich businessman and they will runaway with some money and marry who they like. For them marriage is like a time pass.
Partner: yeah what u said is right. They talk and laugh.
Fb ends..
Sanskar: he remembers that Ragini slapping him in the party. How dare she is to slap me, she did wrong, she betrayed me and after so many days of marriage also she didn’t even allowed me to touch her. She didn’t ever loved me, she just trapped me in her love. But where is she. I think after knowing that the truth came out, she ran out.
But after the party what happened to me. How I reached the room. Aahhh…. My head is blasting thinking about this girl.

He hears the door knock. He wears his shirt fastly and opens the door.
Sanskar : yes maa
Ap: actually I came here to ask u if something had happened between u and Ragini.
Sanskar eyes became red hearing Ragini s name.
Ap: sanskar I am asking something to u
Sanskar : why are u asking me like this
Ap: actually she said that she wants to be alone and went to gadodia mansion.
Sanskar : thinks I thought she would run away not bad Ragini. Maa it’s OK she said to me and only went.
Ap: are u sure
Sanskar : Maa yes why are u that much concerned about her. Where ever she wants to go it’s her Wish.
Ap: became very angry shut up sanskar just shut up how can u talk about Ragini like this who made u realize what love is and realized what ur family did. She made our 5 year hatred relation to love. Plz don’t say about her like this again. And why I shouldn’t care about her she is my daughter.
Sanskar : cool Maa I was joking
Ap: I hate these kind of jokes. Don’t joke about Ragini with me. It’s a warning
Sanskar : OK maa
After ap leaves.

Scene : at gadodia mansion
Shekar: sumi did you ask Ragini why she came here
Dadi: Shekhar she has a right in this house. It’s her house. She can come if she wants.
Sumi: no Maa it’s not like that. After she came she didn’t even talked with anyone of us. And even sanskar didn’t came to drop her. I think they had a fight, at the party also they are in a very bad mood and left the party in the middle.
Dadi: oh I think we should leave her for sometime then after we will ask her what happened. Then only they hear someone saying: can I get in.
Dadi: sanskar u..
Sanskar : why only ur grand child have a right to come
Dadi: no no its not like that.
Sanskar : it’s OK there should surprise for u all
Sumo and Shekhar : Swara…
Swara : u have left me there and thought that u have got peace from ur devil. I won’t leave u that easily.
Dadi hugs her. Swara hugs her back.
Shekar: what are these continous shocks for us.
Laksh : that means we are shock to u. U said can’t Swara they were thinking us like Devils only.
Sumi: it’s not like that beta.
Swara : then what Maa u know u forgot one ritual.
Sumi : what ritual..
Swara: pag-pheray
Dadi: yeah I remember, I also said sumi
Sumi: Maa when
Swara: dadi… All forgot about me
Shekar: sry beta they all made puppy eyes and caught their ears.
Swara: it’s OK.. Now stop it she hugged sumo and Shekhar.
Sumi: after going to sasural learned about all this rituals before marriage u didn’t even know where is kitchen.
Swara : Maa actually sanskar said about this that is why Ragini came here.
Dadi: oh I na she wants to give surprise that’s why she is acting like this. Now she will come.
Sumi: OK now let’s start the rasam. I will call Ragini.
Sumi: Ragini I got to know about you..
Ragini inside the room who is crying continously heared this and got shocked.
Ragini opened the door: maa
Sumi: I know that u all want to surprise, u came here for pag-pheray rasam na I know
Ragini is confused
Sumi: sanskar said in fact they came here.
Ragini is shocked: what
Sumi: they are waiting for u down.
Sanskar : Maa I will bring her down u go.
Ragini is frightened : Maa I am coming wait
Sanskar : arey Ragini u will come like this only. Go and fresh up naa after all its our pag-pheray.
Ragini stares him with hatred. Sanskar smirks.
Sumi: ha ha ur hubby is crct follow him.
Sanskar : till now she was behind me only
Sumi goes.
Sanskar makes Ragini gets in and closes the door. Ragini gets shocked.
Sanskar: Ragini what happened u left ur husband. Oh… I forgot u got ur money na now who is next in ur list.. Wait let me guess shaurya right.
Ragini just minds her work. She doesn’t even listen to him. She goes into the washroom. While locking the door sanskar who was frustrated that she is not giving him answer gets in to the washroom and it gets locked.
Sanskar: Ragini what happened don’t know how to face me right.
Ragini: shouts I am not afraid of anyone bcoz I didn’t did anything wrong but yeah I surely did one by trusting and loving u. Thus was my life ‘s biggest mistake that I would never want to face it. And let me tell u onething I hate money bcoz it just destroyed my family and now u. BTW it’s ur idea to give me the property I never asked u or indirectly asked any money. And what have u done yesterday night, I am hating myself for again seeing ur face. U don’t even know to trust ur love. No girl can live with u. I got hurt so many times by trusting u but what I got in return just got betrayed and a character less girl. Enough is enough after getting divorce I will not see ur face again. And I got permission from court that I can stay in gadodia mansion. Now plz get lost from here.
Sanskar : actually I don’t remember anything what happened last night.
Ragini: I don’t want to talk about it.
Sanskar : plz I really don’t remember
Ragini: yeah y would u. It’s all expected by doubting on ur wife and forcing her to sleep with u doesn’t matter to u right.
Sanskar holds her arms tightly and pined to the wall: what rubbish are u talking. As I don’t remember anything that doesn’t mean that I will believe what u say.
Ragini : sanskar once look back at our journey there is no single moment that u have trusted me till now. So I don’t feel bad bcoz it’s me who suffered for loving a ravan like u. I hate u. I hate u sanskar maheshwari.
Sanskar : Ragini I am sry I am not in my senses that she why I behaved like that. I am really sorry.
Ragini thinks at the kick of time she hears Devils laugh.
Sanskar : what did u expect that I will fall in ur feet and ask for forgiveness. I know what I did. I was in my senses.
Ragini is shocked and having tears in her eyes but today she is stubborn that she will not waste a single drop on him.
Sanskar : get ready soon and come down fast after that we have to go to home.
Ragini: u didn’t hear What I said court had agreed that I can stay here.
Sanskar : but not me
Ragini: it’s not necessary. I am staying here u do what u want.
Sanskar now caught her hands while Ragini is wincing in pain. Sanskar saw her hand which had so many bruises on it as last night he broke her bangles. Seeing this sanskar left her hands and went from there.
Ragini falled down and was crying remembering their happy moments.
Ragini: Ragini u can’t get happiness nor love from anyone. It’s better to stop crying and face that.

After sometime
The ritual is completed. Laksh goes as he had some meeting. Swara says that she will stay here with Ragini for some days.
Sanskar also goes.

Scene : at some dark place
Shaurya us talking to someone in phone :u know what ragsan are separated now forever and after what happened last night Ragini would never forgive him.
Someone : intelligent haa but how did u managed at night.
Shaurya: arey simple yaar I made sanskar fully drunken and instigated him towards Ragini which he didn’t remembered and when he went into his room I had released a gas which made them unconscious and after that by using the duplicate keys I went in and removed sanskar s shirt and throwed all the things here and there. By that Ragini thought sanskar had rapped her and now u know.
Someone : oho smart btw how u will make that uttara back off from ur life.
Shaurya : for time being no, as she can be used in her brothers destruction. U know she only changed Ragini s dress. If she is not there then my plan would be flopped.
Someone: OK then take care byee.
Shaurya : byee..
He smiles like a devil : Ragini u are just mine and only mine…

Scene: at gm
Swara os chatting with sumo, Shekhar and dadi while Ragini is upset.
Ragini gets a call : hello
Caller: Mrs. Ragini sanskar maheshwari
Ragini: Ragini that s all
Caller: I am the lawyer from sanskar so side actually he had a demand that u should stay with him
Ragini: but I also contacted my lawyer who said that I can stay in my home
Caller: yes but it should agreement from both sides I think ur lawyer forget to say u about this rule.
Ragini: but I don’t Want to stay with him
Caller: OK then Mr. Sanskar maheshwari had given another option to u if u don’t want to stay with him it’s OK but u should go to his office daily as u are property holder.
Ragini: what… I will think about it.
She cuts the call.
Ragini: now what he wants to do. I don’t want to see his face.

Scene : at sanskar office
Ragini: what do u think of ur self can’t u see me in peace. What u want now. Nothing is left now
Sanskar : u know I will not leave u. U should suffer more and more for betraying me.
Ragini: see sanskar I don’t have time for this nonsense OK now say ur lawyer to not contact me. Okk
Sanskar : that means u agreed to my condition.
Ragini: no I don’t want to see ur face.
Sanskar : but u should Ragini. I am not gonna leave u. Did u understand. U only said na that u didn’t did any wrong then why are u hiding from everyone.
Ragini: OK I agree I come to office but will stay on gadodia mansion only what to say to Maa, papa is ur headache. Ragini leaves.
Sanskar : he had tears in his eyes Ragini how could u betray me….

Episode ends…

I know guys Ragini didn’t got justice but be patient, she had every right to be happy. Thank u for ur comments. Next episode will be today only.

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