Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 67 & 68

Swaragini –(love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 67 & 68

Recap :ragsan reach home, Ragini becomes unconscious. Sanskar teases Ragini. Ragini scolds him. Uttara wanted to separate ragsan with other person.

Hii guys ur dhamu here. I know u were waiting for the story. OK let’s get into the story. As I didn’t posted for few days so a extra large Episode. Enjoy guys..

Episode begins..

Scene: at a dark place.

Uttara: I just wanted to separate ragsan but not to see my brother in jail. Did u understand.
Guy : I know uttara but u saw them. How both are connected to each other. How Ragini was trying to support him. Theirs true love. So we should take a big step to separate them.
Uttara: yes and you should help me for that.
Guy: yes jaan of course. It’s not necessary to say that. I am with u in every situation.
Uttara: I love u shaurya…

(Yes guys he is shaurya and all guessed right)
Shaurya: I love u too uttara (fake). They hug. Shaurya hugs her uninteresdly.
Uttara: but I don’t like when u are close to Ragini. I hate that girl.
Shaurya: oho jealous u know I only love u. Our love from London for 2 years. I too have that girl. U don’t worry. I am doing this only for u. And ur brother won’t stay in jail permanently.
Uttara: but how can u send him to jail. Ragini is the witness naa and she is with sanskar and their bond becoming more strong.

Shaurya: u trust me na. I have my own plans. U sleep peacefully jaan.
Uttara: I trust u shaurya. But be careful my brother is dangerous. She breaks the hug and goes.
Shaurya: thinks If he us dangerous then I am devil.
(In the previous Episode uttara comes after shaurya confesses he loves ragini.
They were in love for 2 yrs in London. Uttara loved him truly but shaurya just wants to timepass with her.)

Scene:at ragsan room
Sanskar is feeling bad that Ragini had scolded him. At that moment only Ragini comes..
Ragini:I am sry sanskar. She had Tears in her eyes. I didn’t wanted to hurt u. I am sry.
Sanskar : hugs her it’s OK don’t cry BTW I have used to it.
Ragini feels bad. She hugs him peacefully without any fear.
Ragini thinks: I can’t go far from u. I can’t think of my life without u. I will say him everything he understands me. I will also say that how much I love him.
Ragini breaks the hug :sanskar I want to say something to u.
Sanskar :haa say na.
Ragini: that actually.. Then only ap, dp, swalak comes to their room
Ap:Ragini sanskar..

Ragsan:Maa u here
Dp:actually we didn’t kept any reception party till now for u both couples. So today I want to arrange it. What will u say
Sanskar sees laksh who nods his head positive. Ragini also gets agreement with swaragini.
Ap: now if u brothers and sisters have talked through ur eyes. Then say about ur answer.
Ragsan and swalak :yes Maa papa.

So get ready for today night. My son’s should be the most handsome and daughters should be like angels.
Dp and ap goes.
Swara:come Ragini we will go to parlour. We should look beautiful during our party.
Ragini : I will come after sometime. She glances sanskar.
But swara is insisting and Ragini wants to say something to sanskar.
Laksh: bhai come on we should also look handsome na in fact it’s our party. Girls should fall on us by seeing us.
Swara : of course I will do arrangements for the ambulance outside.
Laksh : haa u should take care of our guests ambulance should be there after seeing devil in the party they wants them badly.
Swara looks angrily at laksh while laksh smirks.
Their nokjhok continues.

Ragsan were staring each other..
Swalak argued and dragged ragsan with them. By which they were separated. They were staring at each other continously. Ragini was seeing him helplessly and thinks it’s OK all are happy now I don’t want to spoil it. We will start our new life from today. sanskar was thinking that after a long time Ragini was about to share something with me but.. It’s OK.

Scene: night in mm
All the mm is decorated with full on lights and with blue color. It is looking like the party is going on in sky.
Avini are the host for the occasion.
Avi: OK now all of u very very pleasant night.
Munni: tq u for coming to give ur blessings to our laado, Sanky and shona, lucky
Avi: OK now ur wait is over. Now we will invite our angels and hunks.
Swara and Ragini comes from left and laksh, Sanskar comes from right.
Sanskar thinks : oh God Ragini is looking like a star
She wears a white saree with stone work. She is looking gorgeous.
Ragini thinks: sanskar also wore white. He is like a moon.
Laksh: oh shut Swara is just looking like an angel . I wouldn’t have fought with her. Now she is very angry on me. But is hot. I should cool her now.

Swara us wearing an black long frock with netted puffy hands
Swara : not bad I got the most handsome husband. He also wore black how he for to know I will wear black. But I am not talking to him. Now what should I do he is just tempting me. Control Swara control
The husbands were staring at their flowers with love. At the middle of the hall. The wives went to their respective husbands and stepped down. While they were coming down. Sanlak stop swaragini. They went down and forwarded their hands to swaragini.
Ragini stares sanskar lovingly and holds his hand and comes down.
Laksh says sorry meri wifey. Now plz forgive ur hubby.
Swara smiles and holds his hand and they also come down.

Munni: OK now the couples came and lightened our party. Now we should have some entertainment also.
Avi: aa.. Aa.. Not our lovely newly married couple but our cute very young married couple.
All see at them confusingly.
Munni: OK OK we can understand ur confusion now let’s clear welcome…. U only see..
Manwalagey song plays… And the lights falls on the couple. And they were revealed as shekar and sumi.
Swaragini are very happy to see them.
They finished their dance. All claps for them and Sanlak whistles…
Munni: next comes my boyfriend and her wife…
Nach baliye plays.. And the lights fall on the stage. It is revealed to be ap and dp.
Again shocked.
They completed their. They really danced very nice.

Avi: get ready for another energetic performance.
Tooh song plays. It is seen that dadi is dancing. All are double shocked…
Swaragini looked at each other while Sanlak went on to the stage and started dancing and throwing money on her and whistling..
She did amazing performance.

Now ap, dp, sumi, shekar : OK now let’s see the performance of our cute little dolls.
Ainvayi Ainvayi song plays. They funnily dances by stepping their legs on each other and hitting their heads.
All laugh holding their stomach. Their dance completes.
Then they all here a background of someone saying: now it’s our turn to give u all shock.
The lights went on the stage.
Pinga plays and there are the two beautiful stars of the night.
Ragini wears red like Deepika and Swara wears purple like Priyanka.
They dance very well.
It looks like bajiraomastani 2.

Next comes our desiboyzzz.. Sanlak comes and dances on stage.
After that sab Tera song plays where the two couples dance passionately.
Ap, dp and sumi, Shekhar, dadi seeing this with tears in their eyes.
After the dance all the guests come and bless the couple and give gifts to them..

Now the party is not yet over. The couple exchange dance is started.
In that Ragini and shaurya dances first.

Ragini: shaurya tq u for coming
Shaurya: no tqs yaar if u call and I will not come how can u think about it.
Ragini: this happiness is all bcoz of u only if u did not agreed to what is said and arrested sanskar means now all would be reversed. Tq u for every thing. U are my best friend.
Shaurya : common yaar it’s ur party. Don’t spoil ur mood I promise u that sanskar will not face any problem and thinks he will face more than u thought. Ragini, sanskar doesn’t deserve u. U are such a heavenly beauty. Then again exchanges..
Now ragsan dances. Swalak dances

Swara: any one admitted in hospital.
Laksh: yes of course after seeing the beautiful girl of mine. They should be there only otherwise I will give direct ticket to them
Swara : how face changer u are.
Laksh turns her while her back hits him. He rubs his nose on her neck. Swara closes her eyes. I love u swara
Swara : love u too laksh.
They dance romantically.

Ragini smiles at him and staring him lovingly.
Sanskar : did u enjoy today
Ragini: of course it’s our day. I am really happy seeing Maa, papa, avini, swalak, dadi and shaurya..
Sanskar: oh so u are happy seeing shaurya.. He asks her angrily by holding her hands tightly
Ragini: it’s not like that
Sanskar : then what
Ragini: sanskar are u drunk..

Sanskar : yes it is the only thing which never betrays me.
Ragini: sanskar u are not in senses come let’s go to room.
Sanskar : why u take me there and will enjoy with shaurya.
Ragini: sanskar what are u talking he is just my friend. How much he helped us. How can we forget about him.
Sanskar : haa and BTW I only invited him here so that u can enjoy with him. I should have known this before I would have left u alone and will leave ur life completely.
Ragini : plz sanskar we will talk about it later. Don’t spoil the environment. See how happy all are.
Sanskar : OK fine say one thing u love shaurya no and wanted to say that only na in morning.
Ragini: sanskar how can u think about me like this. I bared till now. U have no right to judge about whom I love.

Sanskar: why I am ur husband.
He makes her dance forcefully giving her so much pain. And seeing this shaurya is getting very happy.

Ragini: it doesn’t mean that u will doubt on me.
Sanskar : I know about cheap girls like u. Who will do anything for money. Now me , after shaurya then who is next. How cheap ur character is.. Chiii I hate myself for loving a girl like u.
Ragini is crying. When she is about to go. Sanskar drags her. She hits his chest.
While Ragini is getting out from his clutches, her earing get stuck to his shirt.
Sanskar : BTW how much will u get. Ragini s angry reached peaks. She slapped him. When all was about to see where does the sound came from, the light goes off.

In dark also ragsan were staring at each other with full of hatreds.
Ragini : I thought to start a new life with u but I am wrong u are the same sanskar maheshwari when I saw u at dhaba. U can’t change. I am foolish to trust u.
Lights comes.
Ragsan faces each other with hatred.
All were enjoying the party.
Dp takes the mike: I want to make an announcement to all of u. I want to give my 50% property to my daughter Ragu.
Ragsan are shocked to hear the announcement.
All others smile.
Dp: she is the life of our house. If she is not there then this party would never be happening. It’s all bcoz of her. Ragini beta come on stage.
Ragini comes : papa why this is for plz I can’t take this.
Dp: it’s for me and ur Maa s happiness plz accept it na for our sake. Till now we didn’t get any opportunity to give u anything. Plz take this.
Ragini : OK but on one condition that 50% should be 25% to me and 25% to Swara. Even she is the daughter.
Dp: u are crct OK come Swara. Now both take this.

Ap: no no its from their husbands. It is sanskars idea na. So Sanlak should give them to swaragini. Actually sanskar wants to surprise to Ragini as she likes the office.
Sanlak comes and gives them to swaragini.
Swalak hug each other and avini also pushes ragsan too. They were just close but didn’t hug.
After some time sanskar hugs Ragini and whispers in her ear: I think u got ur price.
Ragini moves away. All guests claps for them.
Ragini give a weak smile.

Ragini excuses herself. She gets into her room and cries on falling on the bed.
Ragini : why sanskar why it always happens to me. I wanted to clear everything to u and wanted to confess that I love u but where does this matter comes from. First I thought u are jealous but now it’s really high. I think we are not meant to each other.
She later on sleeps.
The party gets over at 12.

Scene : at the darkroom
Shaurya was drinking wine and evilly smiling: I know sanskar u will become like this with my plan and u have made it easier that without u going to jail. U made my job easier. Today night u and Ragini will be separated forever. Sanskar how ediot u are u will believe some strangers words also. I didn’t expected this from u. Poor Ragini how can she resist this.

Scene : ragsan room
Ragini was sleeping when she hears the banging sound on door.
She quickly ran to open the door. She opens it and sees sanskar in a fully drunken state.
Sanskar enters in and closes the door with a huge bang to which Ragini got frightened.
Sanskar goes towards Ragini.

Ragini : sanskar what are u doing.
Sanskar: the one for which I got money.
Ragini: sanskar plz we will talk about this later u are not in ur senses.
Sanskar : he laughs loudly Ragini how u traped me very easily in ur love that I am not able to resist that u betrayed me.
Ragini : sanskar plz stop ur nonsense. I am not in a mood to argue with u. I thought to have a fresh start with u but I am wrong. It’s better that I did said anything to u. How can u doubt on me. Why u always break my heart.
Sanskar : oho so it’s ur new drama as ur truth is out. And u said something about breaking heart. Do u know how my heart breaker when I saw u with shaurya.
Ragini: shaurya, shaurya, shaurya,,… Why are u dragging him. I already said u that he is my friend. Plz stop this nonsense. I am going.

Sanskar: so madam got angry bcoz of dragging shaurya right. And u are going to him na. What will I do at this time with him. Oo.. . Oo am say wrong question. U will have some private space right.
Ragini: whatever I think I am tired of u and ur tortured love.
While she is about to open the door, he dragged her and hitted her to wall.
Ragini : sanskar it’s paining.
Sanskar : oh u are so fragile right. Only shaurya know to handle u right.
Ragini: sanskar plz leave me.
Sanskar : OK but do ur job as u took 25% of property.
Ragini : see I don’t have any interest on ur money. Plz let me go
Sanskar : yeah yeah but after sleeping with u.
Ragini : sanskar see u are not doing right.
Sanskar : why the money is not sufficient for u. BTW how much will u take for sleeping with men.
Ragini couldn’t tolerate it anymore. She goes on slapping him.
After 10 slaps sanskar dragged her to bed.

Sanskar : now u bare the punishment of slapping Mr. Sanskar maheshwari.
Ragini : sanskar plz don’t do this to me.
Sanskar is now not in a mood to listen to her. He removed his shirt and falls on her. Ragini is shouting like hell but as their room is sound proof. The sound doesn’t go out. Sanskar pierced Ragini s clothes off…..

Episode ends with shocking face of Ragini.

I guess everyone are shocked. Say me ur reactions through ur comments. Yes I know to know about further stay tuned to SR-LIK. Thank u.

Ur dhamu

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