Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 66


Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 66

Recap:avini teasing swalak . Sanskar is in policestation where raging then takes him to hospital as he got many bruises and cute wala romance.

Hii guys ur dhamu with a new episode. Let’s go to the story..

Episode begins…

Scene: at hospital

Ragini goes out and was thinking : why sanskar beat that man if he beat because of angry on me, but now he was talking cool with me. What might be the reason.
Sanskar in his room:why Ragini said she was trying to save my life, if she said about today ‘s or if there is something else.
Ragini talks silently why did he hit that man then only she gets answer it’s because of u.
Uttara:yeah it’s me and my brother a condition is bcoz of u.
Ragini:yes I know actually we had an argument so he left from there and drunk and beat that man.
Uttara:no its not bcoz of argument it’s bcoz he got the address of who blackmailed u of some pic’s.
Ragini thinks that she only scolded him to find out that man and she remembers the guy was the same guy whom Ragini gave money:but uttara how do u know about this.
Uttara:when I called him he sounded very angry, so I asked what’s the matter so he said me about this.
Ragini thinks:that means he did this all for me only and see I am scolding him
When she is about to go to his room. Some words echo in her mind “only 3 months”… She runs from there where she sees lord Krishna ‘s idol. She sat there and folded her hands : hey kannahya I can’t get away from sanskar ‘s love towards me and also I can’t avoid his warning. I am not able to hurt sanskar more. I can’t see his condition like this. I don’t know what to do if I should accept his love or… Before she could say something a flower falls from idol and reaches her hand. She sees the idol
Ragini:that means I should accept his love but what about his life I can’t be selfish that to get my love I can’t keep sanskar ‘s life at risk. Sry bagwaan I can’t accept ur decision. Please forgive me.

While she returned to sanskar ‘s room, she saw police inside and rushes.
Ragini :what are u doing here he needs some rest.
Shaurya:actually Sry Ragini the man whom sanskar beat has died while treatment so according to the rules we should arrest sanskar.
Sanskar:what really he died. Tq u a lot shaurya for this news.
Ragini:sanskar what are u doing.
Shaurya:we can’t do anything Ragini as sanskar was accepting his crime.
Ragini:no no actually what he did is for me, I remember shaurya at the godown someone attacked on us he is the same person whom sanskar beat as he took our pictures and was blackmailing me so sanskar got angry and as he was drunk he beat him so much but by beating with hands who will die. Shaurya for me once u think about it when we came here his condition is better but now he died. I think that someone wants sanskar to go to jail. Shaurya plz once think about it.
Shaurya:Ragini what u said is absolutely right and I was the proof that I saw u both on that day and when doctor said about his condition. OK I will study this case and will get to some conclusion and will be in touch with u.
Ragini :Tq u shaurya, for what u did so far. I am glad that ur my friend. And u didn’t even questioned also about marriage.
Shaurya:no Ragini just leave that past is past and now u both love, each other so u should only stay together. And it’s my luck that I got u as my friend.
Ragini hugs shaurya. Shaurya hugs back. Sanskar was seeing this all with blood shot eyes.

After sometime sanskar is being discharged.

Scene:at mm
Munni:where is laddo. She is not in her room.
Avi:even papa is not in his room
Dp:oh is it. Ragu was worried about sanskar and watchman also said that he saw Ragini going out that means she didn’t came back.
Ap:arey.. Sanskar what happened to Ragini.
All see at ap so shocked face and at the entrance. They saw sanskar holding unconscious Ragini in his arms with bandages all over his body.
Swara :what happened to laado
Lucky:bhai what happened..
Sanskar comes inside and without answering any of them He took her into their room. He places her on bed and places blanket over her and cones out.
Sanskar :actually Maa, badepapa I got late in office, Ragini got worried and rushed to the office. While I was returning to Home I met with an accident, so she found me and admitted in hospital as she didn’t ate anything since yesterday noon, she fell unconscious.
Munni:how she know that u have met with an accident
Sanskar : someone said to someone that someone had met with an accident hearing that someone Ragini came to me. Munni shocked, sanskar rocked..
Avi: but papa how does that someone know that u met with an accident somewhere.
Sanskar thinks: he came from my head and says actually.. Aa…
Avi: aaa….
Sanskar : actually that someone is police and where patrolling there who got the information that someone accident happened there.
Avi: but papa how did laddo know that u are the one who met accident..
Sanskar: bcoz ur laddo knows that I the very careless person.. Any doubts..
Avi: but..
Sanskar : chup are u worried about her or want me to worry more. Leave some doubts for ur teacher also..
All looked on worried.
Sanskar:she will be okay she wants some rest. Hey avini, u both didn’t get ready till now if ur laddo wakes she will scold me, come get ready fast I will drop u both.
Laksh :no no bhai see ur Condition u also needs some rest. I will drop them. U go and take rest.
Swara :if u want anything call me. Take care of Ragini.
Sanskar : of course..

Scene :at ragsan room
Sanskar gets into a fb
While sanskar is discharging, Ragini suddenly fell down.
Sanskar got so much worried he lifted her and called doctors.
Dr: checks and says nothing to worry she was so much stressed and didn’t ate food for last 12hrs,so she became weak.
Shaurya:says to sanskar u know she came running for u from ur house which is far away when I asked her she said, now thus not important for r me I want to see him that ‘s all.
Sanskar had tears in his eyes…
Fb ends…
Sanskar holds Ragini s hand : why u love me so much Ragini sometime I feel I don’t deserve this much love. I love u so much Ragini. He kissed her forehead and hand. He was staring at her and slowly went into sleep by holding her hand.

After sometime Ragini wakes and sees sanskar holding her hand was sleeping. She was staring at him lovingly and was about to kiss his forehead but stops she was trying to free her hand which disturbed sanskar and he woke up.
Sanskar : arey u woke up are u alright, he touches her forehead and hands and was checking where Ragini is just staring at him with love but stopped herself.
Ragini : what happened to me
Sanskar : thinks arey Let’s make some fun and says actually Ragini it’s a good news
Ragini: what I can’t understand
Sanskar : what Ragini I know u understood but u want to hear it from me naa.. He says this by shying
Ragini looks on weird : arey sanskar what happened and why are u behaving like this.
Sanskar : OK first u relax drink some water I will show u.
Ragini while drinking water spitted out as she saw sanskar wearing pallu on his head and a pillow in his stomach. And made his face down shyingly.
Ragini: what how does this happen are u becoming a mom
Sanskar : makes angry face chii no I am just showing ur situation after 4months. Yes I am becoming papa
Ragini is shocked: what but how does this happen
Sanskar : what do mean.
Ragini : that means when we two were…
Sanskar : that day when u drank bhang and saw me single, he acts like crying face and
U did me..
Ragini: stop it but…
Just then ap, do, Swalak come to their room
Sanskar removes his avatar and stands there.
Ap: what is this Ragu beta u have afraid us but now u are fine from today u should eat what I will say okk
Ragini thinks : that means what sanskar is saying is true, but it should not happen. Now what should I do
Swara : see from tomorrow onwards u are not be able to work. I will do all work u just sit okk
Ragini: oh no what s happening to me everyday one new problem.
Lucky: see my bhai also got hurt but u all are taking care about Ragini only
Ragini is surprised..

Dp: yes yes bcoz of him only Ragini has worried this much and she alone went to look over him bcoz she don’t what to disturb anyone and u bhai ki chamcha saying to care to sanskar. Bcoz of him only Ragini didn’t ate anything and had fallen unconscious..
Sanskar gets shocked: now I am over arey lucky u spoiled my whole plan ediot
Ragini thinks that means sanskar lied : Tq God.
Ragini sees sanskar angrily. Sanskar bends his head.
All gets out saying Ragini to take rest.
After they went sanskar was laughing holding his stomach : Ragini did u see ur face how it became he acts like Ragini and says i mean we both were.. Oh my God..
And was laughing badly.
Ragini gets up from bed angrily : sanskar are u out of mind how can u do this matter a joke. There is limit to make jokes but u are crossing it everytime. U made my life a joke and now again making fun of me.
Sanskar: Ragini cool it’s just a prank. Why are u taking it serious.
Ragini: I am mad that I am saying this to you, I have been used to it that u make me a joker everytime in front of people. Can’t u think that I am also a human and can’t bare this anymore.
Sanskar shouts : enough is enough I just thought to make u smile but u are making things complicated by dragging the past.
Ragini: the past is also my life only sanskar and u can never understand it and I can’t forget my past.

At some place
A person: now I make u understand howmuch I love her and u came in middle and took her away means I will just see no u are wrong sanskar maheshwari Ragini is just mine.
At that time someone came
Another person : why u made that man die.
First person: by this sanskar would be arrested.
Another person: no u can’t do this to my brother..
First person: shut up uttara….

Episode ends…

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