Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 65


Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal)

Episode 65

Recap : ragsan fight and romance. Munni and avi wanted babies. Swalak romance.
Hii guys I have posted night only but it got posted very late. OK thanks very much for ur comments. I am not able to reply to u all but I whole heartedly love and thank u guys. And u all had a doubt about ragini health naa, but there is no such type of issues. Ragini is feeling more pain by hurting her love.
Episode begins..
Scene : night at ragsan room
Ragini : where does Sanskar go. He went at evening and now it is 9. He still didn’t come. If I hurt him so much that he will do anything to himself in his angry.
Ragini hears car horn and her face for once got twinkled like star.

She went down but her face got faded up seeing dp, avini.

Dp : what happened ragu why u came rushingly.
Ragini: papa that Sanskar didn’t came till now. I am just frightened.
Dp: don’t worry ragu he will come he said he had some work in office.
Ragini: oh is it tq u papa
Munni: OK now if ur Sanskar Puran is over feed us. We are very hungry.
Ragini: oho Btw where did my two dolls went.
Avi: ladoo u are insulting me. Do I look like a doll to u.
Munni and dp laughs
Ragini: oh I am sry my super man. And u both don’t laugh okk.
Avi: I love u Laado.
Ragini: I love u too my hero
Avi: Laado u know we ate ice creams, chocolates and also pizza
Ragini:what that much Papa what is this u are spoiling them
Dp:oho u all left me with these badmash. I am not able to answer them that’s why I took them out and gave them what they want.
Ragini: sry papa u sit na I will call everyone. We will eat dinner all together.
Dp: u are my sweetest daughter don’t know where is this uttara
Ragini: u sit na I will call swalak also.
Munni: we will call
Ragini: OK go and come fast.

Scene :at a swalak room
Swalak were sleeping peacefully in each others embrace. But they were disturbed by avini
Avi: shona…
Munni:lucky… the they were shouting and were beating the door.
Swara wakes up and sees time : Laksh wake up see we should go to dinner.
Laksh holds her and pulls on him: arey I am not in a mood to eat come na we will sleep.
Swara : shut up lucky wake up fast what will all think
Laksh: what will they think that the newly married couple are enjoying.
Swara: this all happened bcoz of u only don’t know when to romance and spoiled me also. Get dressed up fast and go down I will come
Lucky: OK baba don’t shout I am going but for that I should get some tip and keeps his fingers on his lips
Swara : tip will be given after work
Lucky:this is lucky s rule tip should be before and after.
Swara : she gives him a peck on his cheek now go
Lucky: before work it is enough after that I won’t leave u.
Avi: arey why u both are taking this much time For opening the door
Munni: arey lucky open the door yaar it is not good to make kids wait
Lucky: see Swara they are kids itseems
Swara : plz dress up fast.
Lucky gets ready and Swara goes to washroom.
Lucky opens the door: arey u two can’t wait for sometime going on beating our door it will break.
Avi: lucky Btw what are u doing inside this much time
Lucky: I am doing what for u both asked
Munni: what
Lucky: babies.
Avini : really
Avini: they were shouting swalak are giving us babies that all could here
Lucky: oh God what have I done. Shh… chup.. Chup plz..
Avini: oh he want to surprise all. But we two will break the surprise. They run down. Lucky is running behind them

Scene : in hall
Ragini : slowly Munni and avi u will fall down.
Dp: lucky why are u running behind them.
Munni: I will say
Avi: I will say
Dp: really say me say me fast
Lucky closes there mouths with his two hands.
Dp: lucky why are you stopping them. Let them say na
Lucky: papa why are u behaving like kids.
Avini bites his hands and we’re shouting loudly but they could not here clearly.
Ap: any one say
Munni: I will say
Avi: no I will say
Lucky : haa tq God they are fighting I am safe and he drinks water as he is tired
Dp: who will say to me first will get chocolate party like today
Avini were fighting after sometime they decide to say half and half which lucky didn’t heard.
Munni: when we asked lucky what u are doing this much time
Avi: he said they were making babies

Lucky spitted the water which falls on dp
Ragini: lucky what are u saying to children
Lucky: sry papa. U two I will not leave u
Dp goes to change and comes. All sit
Swara comes just now adjusting her saree. All see her and laugh while lucky gets embrassed.
Swara: what happened why are u all laughing any funny thing happened say to me also naa
Lucky: Swara plz come and sit first
Swara : no I want to know
Avini again started and said the same
All laughed. Swara gets embrassed and sees angrily at Laksh who bent his head.
All smile.
Avini : my chocolate dadu
Lucky : what papa u..
Dp: I thought of some other secret what do I know that u publicly announce ur everything.
Lucky: ha ha very funny if u give offers like this they will say anything
Ragini plates food to all of them and was feeding to avini.
Ragini: papa eat some more na
Dp: no no I am on diet If I eat much I will become like ur maa
All laugh
Ap: ji am I fat
Dp: ofcouse I think u should also do dieting.
Avini:chaa dadu u took all our ice creams and ate it and u are saying u were on dieting
Ap: so it’s the diet secret Of the great durgaprassad maheshwari. Ragini it means his stomach is full that s why he is not eating did u understand
Ragini: yes maa
Ragini smiles but was continously seeing at the entrance for Sanskar.

Scene :at ragsan room
Ragini gets a call:hello Krishna bhaiya how are u
Krishna :haa u forgot me na after marriage.
Ragini : no no nothing like that I think ur raavan boss is making u to work till this time.
Krishna:what no no actually sir didn’t cane to office after marriage.
Krishna: ragini is there any problem
Ragini is thinking why he lied to papa
Krishna :ragini..
Ragini : bhaiya nothing I will call u after sometime.
She saw the time it is 11. She went near swalak room but stopped as, all were sleeping if I say this they will get worried.
Ragini:Sanskar where have u went. I don’t know that I have hurted u that much I am sry Sanskar plz come home.
After a hour
Ragini was still waiting for Sanskar walking here and there :no I cant sit here I should go and search for him. Where would he be.

Ragini searched the roads nearby alone in night:where are u Sanskar she shouted up to her lungs.

She while walking saw a temple and went inside and prayed for him. While she continously ringing the bell her hands were bleeding : I should get more punished for hurting him. If something happened to him then I can’t forgive myself.
She hears in a radio that: in xyz area 2 members fought with each other one person is known to be very famous but don’t know his name he was drunk and
Was beating the other person. One has admitted in a hospital but we don’t know who was it.
Ragini hears it and starts running to the hospital.
She didn’t saw any auto and was continously running: Sanskar nothing will happen to u. I am coming..
She went to the hospital
Ragini :where is Sanskar maheshwari
Receptionist : mam there is no one admitted on this name
Ragini: no now only he got admitted
Receptionist : if u were talking about the fight that had happened.
Ragini : yes yes
Receptionist: mam he is in a very critical condition his room no. I is 402
Ragini goes in the room crying and was scared. She went in the room but he is not Sanskar.
There she sees shaurya.
Shaurya: arey ragini u here at this time do u know him
Ragini: no I came here for my husband Sanskar
Shaurya :what but Sanskar is not there here.

Constable : sir I think she as talking about the guy who made his condition like this.
Ragini hears and shows the pic of sanskar: if he is that guy
Constable: yes mam
Ragini : where is he now
Constable: in police station
Ragini rushes down followed by shaurya
Shaurya: ragini come sit in my jeep I will take u.
Ragini: tq u very much shaurya. I don’t know in which condition he was. I am so worried.
Shaurya : don’t cry ragini plz. I am there na I will do everything right. He keeps his hands on her shoulders.
Ragini: plz go fast. I am ok
Shaurya: OK Btw how u came here where is ur car
Ragini: no I came running I didn’t find any auto.
Shaurya : what I came running to here which is far away from ur house.
Ragini: I didn’t thought about anything my pain or something. I was just only thinking of Sanskar.
Shaurya: oh my God ragini ur hand is bleeding. He stops the jeep
Ragini: why have u stopped the jeep it’s just nothing plz take me fast to police station. Plz she folded her hands and literally begging him
Shaurya: OK OK u don’t worry.

Scene : at police station
Ragini shouts seeing Sanskar is beaten up by 4 constables.
Ragini: stop it what are u doing. She removed ropes from Sanskar hands. Sanskar I came ur ragini. Can u see me. Can u hear me.
Seeing this the constables got angry and they were about to beat ragini, Sanskar pushes her and falls unconscious.
Shaurya : stop it all of u. Get out from here.
Sanskar who was until now was in semi conscious stop got up hearing to ragini
Sanskar : ra.. Ra… ragini why.. U… came Here.
Ragini: shut up Sanskar don’t even say a single word. Just shut up. See ur state if I said something means u will do what u like and will fight with others.
Sanskar is just staring at her lovingly
Ragini : answer me what were u doing with that person aahh.. Say me
Sanskar : u only said me to shut up na..
Ragini smiled and hugged him and kissed on his cheeks : I am sry Sanskar plz don’t go like this. U know how much I searched for u.
Sanskar : how u got to know that I was here.
Ragini: haa.. By listening in radio
Sanskar : oh I became very popular naa..
Ragini hits him. Sanskar shouts
Ragini: sry sry come let’s go to hospital.
Shaurya: come I will take u to hospital
Ragini: tq u shaurya

Scene : at hospital
Doctor : he got so many bruises but I gave him a pain killer. He will be alright.
Ragini:tq u doctor
Sanskar : I know I am very strong u only got unnecessarily tensed.
Ragini: Sanskar be serious see how they bet u. U wait and see I will go and
Beat them with cricket bats. I will break their legs and hands. I will break there faces how dare they are to beat u.
Sanskar : oh hello my jhansi ki rani cool down. They did their work.
Ragini: what beating others without their mistake wait wait Btw why did u bet that guy do u know his conditions is very critical.
Sanskar:what he didn’t die

Ragini :haa if he will die u will go to jail
Sanskar :anything for u ragini. If u say to me to die I will… he was stopped by ragini
Ragini: haa this was only left for me. One side I was trying to save ur life and u were talking about dying. How can u Sanskar why u always make me cry.
Sanskar gets up and hugs her: stop it ragini nothing is going to happen to me box u are there with me na. Some one should be there to irritate na
Ragini smiles :Sanskar even after getting beatings also u are not serious.
Sanskar : now only I started to smile before that I don’t know how it would be also.
Ragini: I promise u Sanskar that ur smile will never get furnished. She kisses his forehead, cheeks, eyes.
Sanskar made her sit on his lap and kissed his nose while ragini kissed his chin and when Sanskar kissed her chin she kissed his nose and both hugged each other.
Nurse comes then only by knocking. Ragsan get away.
Ragini : she gives him juice and says take rest
Sanskar : I got my medicine na I will be alright now.
Ragini blushes and goes out.

Scene :the room where the other guy is present.
Doc says to someone : now he is OK he is out of danger.
Someone: tq u doc can I meet him
Doc: yeah sure
Someone: goes inside
Guy: u came otherwise he would have killed me.
Someone : what did u say to him
Guy: nothing I didn’t said anything to him.
Someone: very good. U will get a surprise for being noble towards me.
Guy: tq u
Someone:it’s not over yet he immediately takes a pillow and puts on his face make him difficult to get breathe.
Someone: astala vistala..

Episode ends..

I think I didn’t get u all bored. Tq u for showing this much love towards my story. It’s my pleasure. Tq u all. Love u guys.

Ur dhamu

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