Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 64


Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 64

Recap:swalak marriage and consummation. Ragsan bet on date and Sanskar opens the courier containing pics and ragsan shocked.

Hii guys it’s ur dhamini. I am hell surprised that none have forgotten my story and so many missed this ff. I am glad to see ur comments. Tq u guyss for ur love. OK let’s get to story.

Scene :at ragsan room
Ragini :Sanskar plz don’t open
Sanskar :now I should see what s in it for sure.
Sanskar opens the courier and gets shocked.
Sanskar : wow I want to know this photographer. Oh my God these pics are amazing.
Ragini :what..
Sanskar : why are u shouting I really liked these pics ( actually the pics are of some intimate pictures of ragsan on holi celebration where ragini drank bung and is not in her senses).
Ragini:Sanskar are u in senses these are our personal pics and inspite of smiling u should have thought who came to our house and in our room and without any shame they took our pics. I will kill him if I see him.
Sanskar :but I love him. And I was thinking to get these photographs framed in our room. By seeing these pics, u also get some romantic feelings. Is it a great idea.
Ragini:she sees Sanskar romantically and goes near him while Sanskar is lost in her eyes in the nick of time ragini took the pics Sanskar is still staring at her with love. In the meantime ragini burns those pics.
Sanskar :shouts what are u doing ragini.
Ragini:what u are seeing that only. These pics are not real as I was not in my senses and it won’t happen in future also. Did u understand.
Sanskar:ragini I know that u love me more than I love u but u are taking revenge on me na bcoz I hurted u many times naa???
Ragini:shut up Sanskar I bared ur tortures only for the sake of my family that’s all. And I am not of ur type who takes revenge. After getting divorce I won’t even remember that there is a man named Sanskar in my life. Did u understand one more thing I didn’t ever loved u nor will love u.
Sanskar :has tears in his eyes u are not my ragini who talks sweetly to enemies also. Why have u changed this much y u are talking such bitter words. I can’t bear it ragini. Plz become my ragini who was innocent, jungle and who fights with me everything.
Ragini :stop ur drama OK. Only some days then after our ways part.
Ragini runs out of the room as fast as she can. She goes into kitchen and sits in a corner and cries.
Ragini : plz Sanskar don’t make me weak. I can’t see u in pain. Everyday I pray to God to give ur pain also to me but who listens to me. I am sry Sanskar but this is necessary. She remembers Sanskar s naughty things and smiles to herself.

Later ragini is preparing food in kitchen when suddenly she hears Sanskar s scream. She rushes to him where all family members present.

Scene :in hall
Ragini : she is breathing heavily as she came running to him what happened maa.
Ap:ragini beta Sanskar while coming down falled from steps. He got hurt.
Ragini who already had tears in her eyes for hurting Sanskar now the tears are not stopping seeing Sanskar in pain.
Dp: don’t cry ragu he will be fine. I think it’s just a sprain.
Then Sanskar shouts loudly in pain
Ragini: no papa I think we should call doctor.
Laksh:ragini I think Sanskar needs a back massage. If you give him massage he will then run like cheetah. Laksh says this directing to some other meaning all understood except ragini as she was not keeping any interest in their talks she is only seeing Sanskar in pain.
Swara: yes ragini take him to room and massage him
Laksh:with moov
All smiles
Ragini makes Sanskar stand and made his hands on her shoulders and is taking to room.
All sees them lovingly..

Scene : at ragsan room
Ragini: Sanskar plz bare the pain for sometime I will massage u then u will feeling better.
Sanskar : no need ragini we came to our room and there is no one so why are u acting that u really care for me. I don’t want any massage.
Ragini : said it’s not time to fight. If u don’t get massaged the pain will not go
Sanskar : it’s OK ragini this pain is not At all a pain compared to the pain u gave me.
Ragini : Sanskar plz don’t behave like a child I will just come till then don’t move from bed.
Ragini goes to kitchen to get hot water and cloth.
Ragini when came to her room Sanskar who is trying to apply cream on his back but his hand is not reaching it which is giving more pain.
Ragini: Sanskar can’t u listen to me once also in ur life time. What I said to u don’t move sleep on bed now
Sanskar is not listening to her and doing his work.
Ragini came and forcefully made him lie down on bed and turned him back.
Ragini : Sanskar who will apply cream wearing shirt. Now remove it.
Sanskar : ragini plz now u will care for me and the next time u will say to stay away from ur life. It is better to bear that pain than becoming depressed after ur harsh words.
Ragini: see Sanskar if u will not listen to me then I will call maa
Sanskar : do what ever u want it to am not removing my shirt.
Ragini: OK then ur wish maa…..
Sanskar turns and shuts ragini s mouth with his hands.
Sanskar : ragini u are just unbelievable. He removes his shirt and comes close to her.
Ragini: Sanskar turn back.
Sanskar does the same.
Ragini does the massage : Sanskar Btw how did u fall
Sanskar : u don’t know
Ragini :Sanskar how would I know I was in kitchen.
Sanskar : I was just thinking about what u have said morning and was in my senses and falled down.
Ragini feels bad. Sanskar feels wet on his back.
He turns and sees ragini having tears.
Sanskar pulled ragini on him: ragini why are u like a puzzle. U only hurts me and u only applies medicine. Plz ragini if there is any problem tell me I will help u.
Ragini: can’t able to answer him was about to get up. Sanskar pulls her on him. Ragini s hands are on Sanskar s chest. And they can feel their breathes of each other. They are very close.
Sanskar forwards his head and removes her tears by his cheeks while ragini has her eyes closed. Ragini is feeling full on heat on her whole body.
Sanskar then kisses her cheeks. He was kissing her continously from cheeks, ears to neck.
Ragini: Sanskar plz leave me
Sanskar whispers in her ears: I didn’t hold u if u want u can go and again starts kissing her.
Sanskar has his hands on bed only while ragini is clutching the bedsheets. She was not able to get away from him.
After sometime Sanskar come close to her lips and says very near to her lips: I know ragini u can’t go away from me. I know u just want to make me mad at u which I am already at u.
He then came close to her lips and was at some mm distance to kiss her while ragini remembers some one saying : ragini u only have 3 months.
Ragini suddenly gets up.
Sanskar : what happened ragini
Ragini: nothing I think ur pain is gone as u were kis….
Sanskar :no ragini it’s still painting plz do massage again naa
Ragini: noo
Sanskar : OK then maaaa……
Ragini : I am going I think maa will give u a nice massage than me. I have work in kitchen.
Sanskar : ragini u are just making me crazy. Be like this only na for me
Ragini goes out and thinks: no Sanskar I should get away from u. U should hate me.

Scene : in hall
All Sat on sofa and chit-chat while avi and munni come arguing.
Avi: Munni it should be pink
Munni: no blue
Avi: pink
All see them and try to make them stop fighting
Ragini: avi Munni why u both are fighting on colors.
Munni and avi: no they are not colors they are our siblings
Swara:what pink and blue are ur siblings
Munni : shona u don’t even know this also and says to ur self a big rockstar
Lucky laughs
Avi: chaa u know lucky Sat what are they
Lucky: mee… yahh… pink and blue are….
Avi: OK I understand
Lucky : yeah I was about to say
Munni: that u don’t know anything
All laughs..
Ap: now say what are pink and blue
Munni: blue means baby boy my brother
Avi: pink means baby girl my little sister
Dp: oh so where have u got them
Avini look at each other and smile: duggu u also soo dumb
Ragini: OK baba we don’t know u only say
Munni: from u and Ravan
Avi: from shona and lucky
Sanky and lucky who were just now sipped the coffee spitted in shock. Swaragini are also shocked.
Ap and dp smile: what we should say these kids only said.
These four are still in shock.
Munni: our teacher said that after marriage babies will born. As these got married now we will get our baby boy from one
Avi: and baby girl from one.
Now these all are in hell shock.
Lucky: bhai close ur mouth otherwise flies will go.
Sanskar : cha…. mere choti bhai before some seconds u opened ur mouth that dinosaur will get inside.
Munni: laado say something naa
Ragini: what me.. Ask shona
Avi : shona u like pink or blue
Swara: what I my… I don’t know and she started blushing.
Munni :are lucky u say u will give me baby brother know
Lucky:he coughs and says I don’t know Btw Sanskar bhai got married first so they should decide. Yes na bhai now only u got some romantic massage naa
Sanskar :are lucky mine only massage but urs full on romantic first night on romantic place.
Lucky: bhai
Sanskar : u started first
Dp: what u are behaving like kids don’t know how to talk when we were present
Lucky : Btw papa we all have work we are going to our rooms Munni avi u ask ur doubts to ur grand parents. OK byee
All thought they were saved.
Dp thought : lucky u are such a ediot u all are going leaving me with these Devils they will not leave me today. Lucky u..
Ap: whose son is he that’s why he also got same ur genes Btw I have work in kitchen. I am also going.
Avi Sat on one side and Munni on the other side of dp. For one hour they asked him so many questions that he thought why I gave birth to lucky.
Scene : ragsan
Ragini is folding the clothes while Sanskar is working on laptop.
Ragsan think about babies and smile to themselves
Sanskar: I don’t think the idea is bad ragini
Ragini: what.. Wha… which…
Sanskar : about……
Ragini: what..
Sanskar : about babies
Ragini: I don’t think we should think about this bcoz our relationship is just a 3 months agreement in which approximate 1month is completed.
Sanskar : ragini u can’t see me happy even for 1 sec also no.. Saying this he goes out angrily slamming the laptop and door.
Ragini: thinks to herself be like this only ragini Sanskar should hate u and only hate u. Don’t cry.

Scene at swalak room
Swara who tries to wear a saree seeing a video while Laksh is just admiring her.
Swara was talking to herself: how laado and all wear these much heavy sarees, these many folds. Oh God I got tired. I can’t wear sarees. She then sees at Laksh.
Swara: Laksh y are u looking at me like this
Laksh : u are so cute Swara. I love u
Swara :don’t u have shame what will ur wife think
Laksh: oho let her go to hell.
Swara: but I can’t cheat my husband
Laksh hugs Swara : I know Swara and I will also. I will love u till my last breath.
Swara keeps her hands on Laksh s mouth:don’t even say last u are my everything. I did a big mistake by hurting once but now no hurt no pain
Laksh : only romance
Swara: lucky…
Laksh: btw u are wearing saree na wait I will help u
Swara: blushes no no I can do
Laksh: oh God plz don’t get shy I can’t control btw what is New in u which I didn’t watched yesterday night that u are blushing this much.
Swara: shut up laksh
Laksh: what u have thought about what Munni and avi said. I don’t know about u but I want cricket team
Swara: what those many what will u do with those many children
Laksh : why u don’t like
Swara: I only want one boy who should be like u
Laksh: no like u and me
They both smile
Laksh: btw let’s start from now
Swara: what
Laksh: about our baby boy
Swara: lucky… while she is about to say something he lifts her and keeps on bed. They intimate.

Episode ends…

OK guys that s all for today. I want to ask a question to all of u if u want ragsan nokjhok more or romance or both. Romance they will not consummate but cute wala scenes. Bcoz there are so many twists to come up yet. Keep watching and supporting me like u are doing. Thank u. Love u guys..

Ur dhamu

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