Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 56


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 56

Recap: lawyer says ragsan to stay together for 3 months. Ragini comes to mm all are excited. Sanskar dreaming about doing all works as servant

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u guys for ur wonderful comments that’s make My day. I don’t do that one day I will write some story and it will also get published and also so many members like it. I am very happy . and one more thing I don’t know who is Bobby and I am not at all linked with his analysis. But somehow by misunderstanding or wantedly my name got credited so guys plz don’t think that it was mine. I actually posted it yesterday only but don’t know why it didn’t get posted so if it repeats sry for that.

Episode starts..

Scene: at mm
Ap feeds all the family dinner. Ragini is new so she don’t know
Ap: u know ragu I didn’t thought after 5 yrs I will get a day that we will sit all together and as before I will feed them like this. Tq u beta I don’t know by what we should pay for this happiness to u. Tq u beta
Ragini : OK u can pay it
Dp: u say beta we will do anything for u
Ragini: maa u should feed me with these only every day and frnd daily we should talk lots and lots at night Okk. Can u do this for me
All gets emotional
Ap: feeds ragini u know ragu I am very blessed to have u as a bahu
Ragini: maa what bahu u said I am ur daughter
Ap: oh sry ur my daughter only
Dp: sanskar u know I thought u and ur brother are useless but sanskar u proved that u also sometimes useful u have us a lifetime gift by marrying her
Ragini: frnd plz don’t rake this topic u only treat me as daughter and frnd that s all bcoz if ur so much attached to mee as bahu then after 3 months u will feel hurt then it will be difficult for me to leave u.
All smiles get fade
Laksh: arey leave all that maa I am hungry come feed us
Ap feeds them. Ragini and dp also talk in garden. After that they say good night to each other and goes to their rooms

Scene: ragsan room
Ragini comes and sees sanskar is very angry . she ignores and does her work
Sanskar: can’t u see them happy. Do u want to make all cry.
Ragini: what I did y are u getting hyper
Sanskar : why did u say that u will leave us after 3 months
Ragini: I said the truth only na we will stay together for just 3 months that s y I said like that . see if they are thinking me as bahu then when I left how much they feel bad
Sanskar: Haa right but u should not say at that time. How much they are happy na in 1 sec u made them sad . U are not doing good ragini
Ragini: I know but I should be like this only bcoz after 3 months I have to leave it is not good for u all and for me too
Sanskar :what 3 months if after 3 months u don’t want to leave then
Ragini: oh hello don’t dream I won’t change in 3 months. BTW what miracle will happen in these days
Sanskar: it’s not less than miracle. Love. I know u love me. U just wait and watch I will make u accept that u love me. Before I know that I love u, u loved me and will always do. But I am not getting why are u not accepting it. Now all problems are cleared na then why u want to hide ur love
Ragini: sanskar these are unnecessary talks so plz don’t talk about this and spoil my mood. Now I am getting sleep. Gud Night and one more thing we will leave just like a room mates. Don’t expect more than this OK and goes to bed
Sanskar also sleeps on the bed.
Ragini: hey what are u doing . get up
Sanskar: u only said na we are room mates then we should share the bed right
Ragini: no no u sleep on couch
Sanskar: oh hello u know with whom I are talking. From childhood till now I didn’t thought of sleeping on couch or ground
Ragini: oh that means u want to thank me for making ur wish to come true. It’s OK no need to thank. I will do these type of things to the people like who are born head strong
Sanskar: see u are talking too much
Ragini: I didn’t started and I am also not interested in talking with u
Sanskar: I can also say that OK now u only sleep on couch I won’t leave my bed
Ragini: no u sleep there na
Sanskar: then it’s ur wish dear. I think u are more desperate than me to sleep with me
Ragini: chii stop it even dog will also not sleep with u
Sanskar: I know and I don’t want to sleep with dog but want to sleep with u forever and ever by keeping u in my embrace
Ragini: oho romantic king stop there bcoz it will happen only in ur dream OK. U only sleep in ur bed I will sleep in any other room
Sanskar : think before doing anything Mrs. Maheshwari bcoz lawyer said to stay us in one room only. And u know I will only speak truth if he asked me then I will say that my wife is sleeping in another room and not with me.
Ragini: aah u and that lawyer. After this 3 months u see I will plant a bomb under his chair.
Sanskar : smiles u can also do that now what are u waiting for
Ragini: ha ha I know but if other lawyer comes and checks our case and say to stay for more than 3 months then. I don’t want to see ur shadow after this 3 months sanskar : then that lawyer should die what say
Ragini: aah leave it plz I will sleep on this couch however it is better than balcony
Sanskar feels bad that he only thrower her in the balcony and the whole night she slept there only
Sanskar: I know I am a romantic king BTW tq u for ur compliment
Ragini: go to hell
Sanskar: actually I was thinking to take a bath right now do u interested u can I have no objection
Ragini: see sanskar be in ur limits and don’t try to talk like this with me. Ur cheap tricks won’t work on me. Did u get that otherwise
Sanskar holds her tight and pins her to the wall : otherwise what what will u do I will do like this only what u
want to do u do OK
Ragini: I I I…
Sanskar: oh my tigress is stammering
Sanskar is very close to her that s why ragini can’t able to say
Ragini: but finally she says I will call maa papa
Sanskar: oho why them in middle let them enjoy and we will also enjoy
Ragini: I will call laksh
Sanskar : oh now he became devdas he is not even speaking or listening to anyone so it’s waste to call him
Ragini: I I I
Sanskar: there is no way to u dear. He comes close to kiss her
Ragini: she escapes and says I want to sleep and goes and covers herself with bedsheets and sleeps on couch
Sanskar: ragini I promise that I won’t force u for anything I will only touch u after u say that u also love me til them cute nok jhok s to chalta hai and goes to bathroom
Ragini smiles.
After sanskar comes out he sees ragini sleeping. He also goes to bed. When he sat on bed he heard some cracking sounds
Ragini: what sanskar what are those weird sounds u disturbed my sleep I think u ate so much that s why this gas problem . eat limited OK. Sanskar embarrassed
Sanskar: thinks Chi sanskar I think I ate so much now what will she think about Me
Ragini smirks
Sanskar : what is this it’s nothing let’s sleep . he was sleeping but he gets hurt on his back he quickly gets up and takes out the bedsheet he sees papad on it.
Sanskar: oho so this is ur plan right
Ragini: Haa now what will u do
Sanskar: I think u want to sleep with Me that’s why u are doing this all
Ragini: what
Sanskar:come let’s sleep together on couch
Ragini: what chii my plan got backfired on me only. Now I think I should go to the swimming pool.
Sanskar: what are u dreaming. what u want me to do
Ragini: shut up ur nonsense OK. Ragini gets up takes her bedsheet and pillow and was about to go to balcony but sanskar stops her
Sanskar: ragini I was just joking u sleep hear only I will sleep down. He says it with so much care . he takes pillow from ragini. He arranges his bed down and sleeps
Ragini sleeps on couch : thinks y are u taking this much care . plz don’t do this by doing all this u only get hurt at the end.

Scene: morning at ragsan room
It’s only 4. Ragsan are in deep sleep . then suddenly they here alarm sound by that ragini awakes and falls on sanskar
Sanskar also wakes up by sudden Dall of ragini on him. Ragsan were lost in their eyes completely their sleep went away . sanskar had his hands on her waist
( ore piya song plays…
Sanskar gets up and comes close to her . ragini closes her eyes. Sanskar was about to kiss her but remember his promise of not touching her till she confesses her love. So he came back to his position and was staring at her angelic face. She is looking beautiful bcoz of her fresh face without any makeup. He completely lost in her ragini opens her eyes and she is also lost in him bcoz sanskar is also not less handsome . now ragini bends to kiss him sanskar is shocked to see her coming towards but happy bcoz which he stopped is being finished by her. He was just simply staring her . ragini has her eyes closed and goes more and more close to kiss him now they feel their hot breathes only some mm distance but wrong timing alarm again rings by this ragini gets alert and gets up from him
Sanskar also gets up : he acts as crying and says what are u trying to do ragini u intentionally fall on me and taking that as chance u wanted to kiss me. Oh my god u saw me single and bad eyeing me right I was observing this from night onwards. Ur intentions are not crct. Chii u want to take my respect. Now what is should do she trying to take a chance chii ragini I thought u are very nice and traditional girl but I didn’t expected this from u if that alarm didn’t have ringed then u would have continued. Oh my god how can u maa papa lucky come and save me from this girl. He was shouting
Ragini goes to him and shuts his mouth with her hand : shh why are u shouting Stop it dramebaaz
Sanskar: oh now u are trying to scare me
Ragini: it’s ur mistake only why u slept near me
Sanskar: outside in balcony so may mosquitoes are there and u also not there to cover me with ur saree that s why I came here
Ragini: oh and this alarm this only did this mahabharat.stupid alarm who kept it see its only 4
Sanskar: actually I kept it
Ragini: u are u mad this early what u want to achieve u woke up me also stupid
Sanskar: I will go to jogging every morning and gym early morning
Ragini: see sanskar plz now I am leaving here so don’t wake me up this early
Sanskar: okk I forgot to remove it from today It won’t disturb u
Ragini: BTW when will u return
Sanskar:7 why u also want to join
Ragini: no that means I have freedom this 3 hrs I can do whatever I want
Sanskar:chii I am going
Ragini went to sleep again but was seeing sanskar
Sanskar: BTW u look beautiful
Ragini turns to other side and blushes
Ragini: ragini what are u doing u are blushing stop it and what we’re u trying to do u was about to kiss him . oh my god control ur self ragini u know na u can’t say with him forever so don’t try to get close to him or give expectations to him. She sleeps
Sanskar comes out wearing his shorts and the shirt while going he sees ragini and kisses her forehead.
Sanskar: from today this is also comes in my schedule queen love u
Ragini is in sleep . sanskar leaves
Ragini wakes up and sees herself in mirror and smiles touching her forehead

Scene: after 4 hrs in ragsan room
Ragini comes out of the washroom wearing a red hot saree. She is looking absolutely stunning
Sanskar is mesmerised to sees her. Ragini ignores him. She is wearing her accessories
Sanskar: but one thing is missing
Sanskar: he takes the sindoor box and was about to fill her forehead ragini stops him by holding his hand
Ragini: I will do it myself tq u remembering me
Sanskar feels bad. Ragini sees it
Sanskar: BTW u are looking hot like mirchi today
Ragini: be careful if u taste it then u mouth gets burnt
Sanskar: oho then let me taste it and comes near her

Ragini: sanskar what are u doing
Sanskar: 2nd part of morning and comes more closer ragini hits wall
Sanskar was about to come more close . they hear a scream and composes themselves
They rush to Ap s room.
Sanskar: papa what happened to her
Dp: heart attack plz let’s take her to hospital
Ragini: what maa…
Laksh comes then only and gets shocked to see his mom in that state.

Episode ends..

I hope u liked it. Tq u for ur lovely comments. And sindhu tq u for ur suggestion I will think about it. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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