Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 55

Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 55

Recap:ragini is determined to go to kolkata after all convinced. Mm is shocked to see divorce of ragsan.they meet lawyer. Swara apologises to laksh and says she loves him but laksh denies

Hii guys dhamini here. I want to say about myself. I am from hyderabad studying 2nd year engineering In Jntu. I love singing. I sang so many songs in small competitions. I like prabhas he is tollywood rebel star and anushka shetty gorgeous.i like their pair very much. And in bollywood I like hrithik-roshan and deepika padukone. I just wanted to share that’s why I wrote it. Anyways stop this crap tq u guys for ur lovely support.

Episode starts..

Scene: at lawyer office
Lawyer : after seeing u both and thinking a lot I came to a decision that u will stay together in same room for 3 months. My assistant will come and check every week. Understood
Ragini:sir what is this I won’t stay with him. I want to go to my village
Lawyer: and one more thing in these three months u should not try to leave him nor he should leave u.
Sanskar:but sir if she is not accepting then it is waste to say together na
Lawyer: seriously shut up u both I am the lawyer and my decision is final. If I hear any arguments then I will extend it to 6 months . what are u thinking marriage is a game. Yesterday marriage and today divorce this is not correct. Get that now font show ur faces till 3 months. Go
Ragsan: scared but sir
Lawyer: I Said na leave
Ragsan leave
Lawyer : thinks they both are such a lovely couple and their live is seen in their eyes towards each other but there is some problem and I hope in these 3 months they will come back and say they don’t want divorce.
Laksh: bhai what happened say something ragini say what happened
Swara:laado say something
Sanskar: the lawyer want to us to stay 3 months together
Ragini stands their hopelessly
Swara :what laado that means u will stay here only na
Ragini: all bcoz of this ravan
Sanskar: what I did
Ragini: u only confused him by saying some stupid reasons
Sanskar:what after that I said na to give divorce as per ur wish
Ragini: but how will I stay with u
Swalak : that means u will be together and they are so happy that they unknowingly hug each other
Ragsan saw this and are happy
Swalak after 2 min realised what they are doing and compose themselves
Sanskar: okk then shall I come to pic u
Ragini: why u don’t want me to peacefully live in my house for sometime
Sanskar: I didn’t mean it
Ragini: I know what u mean ravan kumar
Sanskar: ur wish u come or not I don’t care . I am not dying to share my room with u.
They part their ways by angrily going in opposite directions.
Swalak follow them.

Scene: at mm
Dp: what happened what lawyer said
Sanskar doesn’t answer and goes from their angrily
Ap: say na what happened their divorce happened. By seeing sanskar it is clear that we have lost ragu forever right
Laksh: no maa papa actually it is a great news u know God heard our prayers no no sanskar s love.
Dp: what u want to say say it clearly
Laksh: papa lawyer said that they should stay together for 3 months

Scene: at gm
Shekar: what
Swara:Haa papa lawyer said then to be together for 3 months
Sumi: I don’t know what I should do to be happy that ragini is not leaving or feel bad that she should stay with that person who only give pain to my daughter
Dadi : Haa I also won’t allow for ragini to Stay with him
Swara: maa dadi I want to say something what I showed in the video is edited it is not complete truth
Sumi: what u are saying swara
Swara: Haa maa and shows the complete video with out editing
Sumi: what they love this much then why ragini want to separate
Dadi: Haa this is called true love why ragini want divorce from him
Swara:maa actually we did that bcoz sanskar treated laado very bad that’s why we have done this but I also know ragini loves him but she is not accepting that d all
Ragini : Shona plz stop it what are u trying to say I don’t love him then from where I should accept it . plz I don’t want any discussion on this anymore . plz I am requesting

Scene: at mm
Dp: shouts and hugs lucky lucky u know what I am very happy it is like getting 100 tenders at a time
Ap: Haa it is like getting a total vegetable Market free
Laksh: oh God what are u comparing chiii papa u are comparing ragini with tenders and maa ur too much vegetables oh god
Ap dp: oh it doesn’t matched na sry but u got the point na we are very happy
Laksh: OK OK but don’t say this to anyone. They will laugh at u like hell OK

Scene: at gm
Swara: laado u are going naa
Ragini: what Shona u all want to get out from this house na. I am leaving u don’t wry
Swara: no I don’t mean that but why that lawyer said to Stay together what happened inside . she asks with so much curiosity
Ragini: he said that I want to give divorce for food
Swara: what
Sanskar: yes sir it’s just a silly fight that’s all actually yesterday mrng I asked her to make chapati for me but she made idli. I just asked her why u didn’t made chapati for that she cried fought with me and now wants divorce me
Fb ends

Swara: is laughing so much that she is holding her stomach in pain and her eyes having tears bcoz of laughing so much
Ragini: Shona u are laughing. She also hears so many laughs coming from out of the room. She went outside and saw the whole family is laughing.
Ragini: chaa u all are laughing
All control their laugh and console her.

After 5 hrs they were talking happily . they heard some voice
Ragini: who are u
Assistant: I am the one to look after u and sanskar maheshwari.
Ragini: so he sent u
Assistant: no no he didn’t sent me my boss ur lawyer sent me to see if both living together are not. When he called to sanskar he said that u didn’t come still that why he sent me
Ragini: oh God he is behind me only. Hello Mr say to ur Boss that I will go after some days
Assistant : OK then ur 3 months will start after some days
Ragini: what no no I don’t want to stay with him one day extra. U plz wait here I am coming
All family sees this and laughs . ragini goes to her room and fastly packs her bags.
Sumi and dadi gives some sarees to her.
They all bless her.
Dadi: if he say something to u. U call me I will come and squeeze him ok
Ragini smiles. Swaragini hug
Ragini was about to go
Swara: laado do only chapati s OK
Ragini hits her playfully: u don’t wry Shona u will also come there soon and cook whatever u want
Ragini leaves

Scene: at mm
Dp: why she is not coming still
Sanskar: papa u don’t want me and waiting for ragini
Ap: sanskar from childhood we are seeing u na what is new
Sanskar: oho that means ur seeing ragini today only right
Dp: no she is very special to me
Ap: no first me
Dp: no I am her frnd
Ap: I am her maa
Laksh: oh hello now she is my bhabi OK
Sanskar : oh God now these 4 will be together and no one will see me even . poor sanskar u are finished
He is dreaming that
Ap: ragu beta u don’t need to clean these utensils sanskar Will do. Ur so sensitive ragu. Sanskar go and clean them
Sanskar: what me cleaning
Ap: why can’t u do that much for ur love. U said that u will do anything for her
Sanskar: yaah yaah I will do it
Sanskar imagines himself cleaning all utensils and ragini is smirking
Dp: ragu beta u don’t need to wash these clothes. Sanskar is there na he will do it. Sanskar imagines of cleaning all the clothes.
Sanskar: what me
Dp: Haa u can’t even do that for ur love
Sanskar: no no I will do
Avi: laado u don’t need to do this papa will do he loves I very much
Sanskar: what I should make u bath and Wear uniform
Avi: Haa can’t u do that much also for ragu
Lucky: bhabi what are u doing. U don’t need to cook bhai is there na he will cook . bhai do something special
Sanskar: no no why some thing make me sit on fire and eat me or eat raw only
Ragini: Chi Chi I don’t eat non veg
Laksh: no bhabi once u should taste. It will be very nice.
Ragini : OK my lovely devar
They both take him and put him in a big vessel and kept fire under it. Sanskar is screaming :ahh ahh
Dream ends

Sanskar: noooi…….
Ragini comes just then and hears his scream and stands at the entrance itself
Ragini: see na sir I said na he don’t love or shove me. He is just doing acting. See how is shouting me to not come
Sanskar: what my clothes that means I am dreaming. Oh God horrible dream. If it really becomes true then. No no sanskar be strong. He sees ragini. Ragini u came
Ragini: Haa I don’t want to come but see he took me here forcefully.
Ap: ragu u came I am very happy.
Dp: Haa sanskar take her luggage to ur room
Sanskar: what Me
All stare at him angrily
Sanskar: Haa Haa why not I will take it. I can do this much for my love. I also wash clothes clean utensils make avi ready and also cook food too. I am going. He takes her luggage and runs
All looks at him strangely seeing his behaviour
Sanskar : thinks beta sanskar be ready ur love has came to ur own death. That s why elder one s say u fall into ur own pit. Sanskar beta now only u can live happily after that no great business man or nothing only servant of ragini. Ur dream came true
Ap:ragini beta u go and change let’s have dinner. Avi will be very happy . he is coming tomorrow morning
Ragini: Haa I also miss avi and munni
Dp: u go and come fast we should talk so much . come fast
Lucky: papa what will u talk I want to talk to her. She is my best frnd
Dp: oh hello u and ur boring mom talk but I won’t give ragini to anyone.
Lucky: Acha see mom what papa is saying
Ap: ha ha seeing ji once u come to room I will entertain u very much. She says angrily
Dp: scared no no Ap I just said it for fun
Raglak give hifi to each other
Ragini: thinks u don’t wry lucky I will get ur happiness back. U happiness is incomplete without swara. And I can’t see my frnd or my Shona crying.

Scene: ragsan
Sanskar is cleaning the whole room. He changed the bedsheets. He also arranged the cupboard with her clothes.
Ragini saw this : wow.. Mr. Sanskar maheshwari why are u behaving like a wife
Sanskar: no no nothing like that. If u want anything plz let me know
Ragini: Haa I want some peace of mind
Sanskar: okk I will get it u sit
Ragini: Haa..
Sanskar: oh it will be available in kitchen na
Ragini: oh hello are u OK. I think u should go to doctor once
Sanskar: what he will also come. Oh god I should also do his works also.
Ragini: I think u got mad.
Sanskar was wandering here and there in the room
Ragini: if u go out I will change
Sanskar: I will do na why are u taking stress
Ragini: sanskar gets out she shouts
Sanskar comes into his senses: ragini why are u shouting I am here only na
Ragini: Haa that s only my problem
Sanskar: what
Ragini: what what if that lawyer called u then u can lie to him na. U can’t see me happy right
Sanskar: how I will lie to him
Ragini: ha ha ur saying that u are satyamahadev
Sanskar: tqs for ur compliment
Ragini : oh God what happened to him today he is not fighting. From tomorrow I don’t know how many shades he will show me.

Episode ends…

How is this episode. Did u like it. Then say it through ur lovely comments. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli


  1. Anaita

    Oh my god… i was just laughing throughout the whole epi ??…. m waiting for ur nxt epi… nd by d way i also like Deepika Padukone…

  2. liz

    Beautifully crafted.. Couldn’t stop smiling while reading sanskars dream part.. I juz enjoy this ff … Ragsan rockzzzz.. Keep going.. Even m a hrithik roshan fan…

  3. poonam

    i waa laughing whole time while reading its awesome plsz plsz update next part soon its awesome…………..,

  4. priya

    Awesome do I love today’s epi …..
    And sanky’s dream and his behavior was very funny hahaha….

  5. mishti

    I was literally rolling on my bed due to laughter……. still having stomach ach bcoz of that only…….??????????????????????????

  6. adu

    Hi dhamini di….m a silent reader of ur ff from its 1st epi n enjoy reading it a lot….but 2day i thought of commenting.it was just superb….i was literally on d floor laughing,clutching my stomach…my sister saw me n called me mad,but aftr reading this epi she also laughed heartily???
    u r a great writer,u know u shuld consider writing as a profession…seriously u ll rock as a writer…n 1 more thing i too like prabhas…..so sorry for my bakbak…..keep writing such awesome epi n keep smiling???

  7. kavita

    Ohhhhh… God… I can’t control my laughter…. Nice episode… Sorry very funny episode……

  8. sinzo

    hahahaha….poor sanky….
    but episode was brilliant and funny….it was awesome….

    and not fair Ragini u see love in everybody’s eyes but u cant see love in sanky’s eyes ……he loves you sooo muchh…plzz understand him….

  9. bhanu

    omg dhamu i was laughing like hell . its just amzing i lack of words .i dont know how many times i read it

  10. Ana

    Dhamu d ur biggest fan and silent reader is back again after her exams….omg read all the episodes frm 49 and I enjoyed every thing..u shld publish a book yr…in the whole epi I was laughing soooo hard nonstop..lol I’m reading ur ff siting at the top of my house and I’m laughing catching my stomach and ppl who saw me in this state are like Staring me Has she gon mad..I’m like mind ur own business and let me laugh peeps..ur seriously the bestest ff writer noone can beat u..ur d bestest…lastly it’d b fun to see sanky soo funny as today..make him like ds fr few days plzzxzxx love u loads god always bless u ♥♥♥♥and sorry fr such a crap comment I wrote whtever dat ws in my mind..

  11. Ragsan

    omg omg Dhamu u brought tears in my eyes dam I’m laughing sooo hard and I’m laughing even more harder by knowing dat even my bro watched swaragini whn swalak ragsan were a couple and he is silent reader of ur ff xd ..nyways loved d ff and words r less to describe how much I love ur ff

  12. Ragini

    O my god ji I’m dead..laughing like a mad..rolling on tge floor.superb amazing mind blowing ff never stop it hope fr 10000000000000000plus epi

  13. Swalak Ragsan

    pooor sanky I laughed so much god! y u express every thing sooo perfectly dam love u yr post another epi plzzzzz loved both emotional and comedy scenes of d ff ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡we want 1000000000000plus epi

  14. Sangini

    sooooooo finny yr like eveybody I too had tears by laughing hard .other things idk remember I’ll kill u if u stopped writing

  15. Riya

    god …plz help I can’t stoo laughing. .expecting another part to be even more funny! ! plz post 3 parts a day

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