Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 54


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 54

Recap: ragini tells about pari s accident and also said that laksh is innocent. Ragini wants to give divorce to sanskar. Swara feels bad for what she had done with lucky.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u very much for ur comments and also my silent readers too. I am very big fan of tejaswi then how can I make her negative she is the greatness cuteness in my story.

Episode starts..

Scene: at mm
Sanskar:sry papa I misunderstood u all very much and also took avi from u all.i am sry papa now also if ragini would not have said that then I would still think that u are responsible. He was crying vigorously
Dp: it’s OK sanskar I didn’t thought wrong about me for misunderstanding me bcoz I was in ur place I would also have done this only
Laksh: I am sry papa I also thought that ur only responsible. I am sry papa I was till now thinking that I was a very big rockstar but the real star is u only papa.
Dp: I can’t hate my children u all forgot but I still remember that we are best frnds right now stop all this ladies job
Sanlak laugh. Ap gets emotional
Laksh : wait our tomato is upset and now she will be at trouble bcoz her 3 handsome boys are now together right tomato
Ap:hey lucky who is tomato
Dp:u only my darling u are my naughty red tomato
Sanskar:Haa papa see now ur wife is blushing like red tomato only see ur face how it became red I think tomato will also be jealous seeing u maa
Ap : whatever u say now our happiness is back bcoz of ragini only in these five years I thought that we will not be together but see ragini did it. She made my dream true..
Dp:Haa Ap I know that she is a very nice girl but no she is an angel she is not less that angel she made our family complete
Laksh: Haa papa she also made swara and her family to know their mistake. She is really an angel papa
Dp:but sanskar what u did to her is not right u betrayed her. Why u didn’t able to see how nice she is
Sanskar: I know papa I did wrong but now I really love her but she want to give divorce to me . what I should do
Laksh: don’t worry bhai see our loveguru (dp) is their na
Dp:but I can’t force ragini to accept this relation sry I can’t help u
Ap:I too agree I always wanted to make her my bahu by getting married her to u but now I don’t know I should be happy that u got married or I should be sad for ur actions on her
Sanskar:maa papa I know I did wrong now I realised my mistake I promise that I will prove to be a very good husband the best and I also promise that ur bahu will come to her sasural soon
Ap:really if it is true then I am the most happiest person
Dp: but even swara also there then our family will be complete

Laksh:no papa swara will not come here she betrayed me. I cant accept her now
Sanskar:laksh see her pov also if u were in her place I am sure u would also do the same but she also truly loved u now she is repenting for loosing ur love and I think u also cannot forget her bcoz she is ur first love
Laksh:bhai I know what u said is right swara is my first and last love but now forget it . I don’t want to talk about it.
Swara hears it and goes from there crying

Scene: at gm
Ragini : Shona don’t cry. I think u took my job of crying . U are crying since 2 hrs
Swara: laado I hurt u and lucky very much . I am sry laado
Ragini: I already said that ur my sister so ur sry is not accepted. And about lucky he can’t forget u bcoz u are his first and I am sure that he can’t love anyone else like he loved u. He won’t be able to forget u. U try to get his love and trust back it’s ur duty
Swara: laado u know sanskar also said that only to lucky. Ur both way of thinking is same. He loves u ragini y are u not accepting his love
Ragini: Shona I came here bcoz I didn’t had any choice and when I came here I had a responsibility of a little girl and ur wrong thinking. Now munni is safe with u all . she got a family and one more thing I don’t love that ravan OK . what u said our thinking is same. U know what like poles repel each other and can’t be one. He also don’t love me it’s all his acting. Now my works are finished I should leave from here.
Swara :how can u go leaving ur sister and munni. She went to a trip but after returning she will ask about u then what will I say to her I in fact don’t want u to go. Munni can’t live without u. We can’t live without u . plz ragini don’t go
Ragini:no Shona I should go bcoz
Swara:bcoz say naa
Ragini: nothing u sleep. After two days I leave from here u should take me to all the places in mumbai . I didn’t saw mumbai till now clearly . will I show me na
Swara: of course laado u don’t need to ask that.i already made schedule also where we should go OK come sleep now
Ragini:ok gud Night
All family saw their bonding
Sumi: I don’t want to send ragini. Do something na
Shekar: see sumi she did so much for us to Make us happy and in return she was only asking one thing. I think we should fulfill her wish. I also don’t want her to go and stay ever like my daughter but we can’t force her right
Dadi: I scolded her from childhood and treated very bad but she didn’t kept that in mind and did this much for us. I always think that she was only appreciation and blessings than swara but I was wrong she should get all happiness and everyone s blessings. She is a angel and we can’t compare her with swara. I am glad that I had a grand daughter like her. It Is late but I recognised her value.
All Go and sleep

Two days passed . swaragini are enjoying so much and now the day has came ragini will leave now. (guys munni and avi went for school trip. Don’t worry they will be back may be next episode)

Scene: at mm
Ap:sanskar u got some courier come fast
Sanskar:coming maa
Laksh: takes the courier and reads and Is shocked
Dp: why lucky why are u standing like if someone had given a shock to u
Laksh: yes papa this is not less than shock
He was sad
Sanskar: what happened yaar lucky and takes that courier from laksh and is also shocked. Yaah it is his and ragini s divorce papers.
Ap:what sanskar do something ragini cannot leave us
Dp: no Ap we can’t make her to accept any unwanted relation for our happiness.
Sanskar: no papa she loves me and sanskar maheshwari promised u that I will get ur bahu to her sasural and I won’t forget my promise
Laksh: but how can this happen she sent divorce papers she signed it also
Sanskar: for divorce the both signs are required WHT say lucky and winks at him . lucky understands and smiles

Scene : at gm
Swara: ragini why are u doing this with us
Raginj:Shona plz try to understand
All are trying to convince her but in vain she is not listening to them.
Then ragini gets a call
Voice : says something ragini is shocked
Swara: what happened laado whose call is that
Ragini: we should go now to she says some place
Swaragini comes there and sees sanlak there
Swara sees at lucky lovingly but lucky turns his head towards the other side.
Sanskar sees ragini with love in his eyes but ragini sees at him with disgusting face
Laksh:bhai I think ragini is very angry and now u are making still more anger
Sanskar: lucky first I also thought to sort it out but I got to know that she is leaving so I should do this she left no other option for me
Ragini: what u thought by playing this cheap tricks u want me to accept this relation but it will not happen Mr . sanskar maheshwari. What u thought that I’d u won’t sign the divorce papers then lawyer will say to live with u. It’s not gonna happen. I want this divorce and will get it for sure
Sanskar: ragini plz listen to me
Peon :ragini and sanskar maheshwari lawyer is calling u
Swara goes to lucky: lucky I am sry lucky I didn’t did that intentionally . I love my di very much that s why I did that with u. But I don’t know when I fall in love with u. On marriage day also I was feeling very bad for doing all this but I was forced to take revenge for my di
Laksh: so if ragini would not said that u will leave me na that is not love swara. I am sry for torturing u with my love in these 5 yrs. Now u are free bcoz I don’t love u anymore swara
Swara:lucky plz try to understand when I left u in the marriage I was also not happy seeing u in this stage. I also cried so much for u and would somehow recognised that and would come to u. Lucky my revenge got over my love for u. M y love for my di won than ur love that time . I am sry lucky plz forgive me
Laksh: I already said u swara that I forgave u and if ur revenge got over than ur love means u don’t trust me or my love. So it is waste of time to talk about this. I know that I can’t forget u but I will try my best to forget u. Swara filled down and was crying vigorously.
Lucky also crying but doesn’t show bcoz he also loved her and it is difficult for him to forget her. He is trying hard to control his feelings for her.

Ragsan sit in front of lawyer
Lawyer: do u want to take this divorce for sure bcoz it is not even 1 week of ur marriage agini: sir that marriage has no value bcoz he blackmailed me and forcefully married me
Sanskar: no sir she is lying see sir I think u know me I am very famous and u know all girls are behind me but I truly loved ragini but we just got a small fight for that she want to give divorce to me. See sir u are also a husband and u know na how wife s will fight with out reason my wife also behaving like that only
Ragini: oh hello what are u saying . Sir he is distracting. He is talking all rubbish sir don’t believe him
Sanskar: ragini is just a small fight why are u behaving like this . after marriage these silly fights happen. U should not take them serious na
Ragini: what silly fight . which fight are u talking about we didn’t had any fight ok
Lawyer: wait wait a minute Mr . sanskar u are saying some fight happened but ragini is saying no fight happened
Sanskar: I said na sir she forgot also that means there is no need for divorce now. She loves me a lot
Ragini: what sir he is confusing us by his stupid talks
Lawyer : actually say what is the problem first
Ragini: shouts oh u just shut up OK don’t say anything. Sir I will say he blackmailed and forced to marry him . and one more thing I didn’t loved him before or I would love him ever so I want divorce I am going to my village. See sir he had so many girls behind him so tell him to leave me and search some other girl for him
Sanskar has tears in his tears : sir if she really wants this divorce then I won’t force her to live In this unwanted relation. I will give divorce to u ragini but one thing I can’t forget u and won’t be able to love anyone I only loved u truly and can’t love anyone. I will wait for u till my last breathe and I can’t even see anyone like u bcoz there will be no one like u. I love u and will do forever
Ragini Also had tears in her eyes.
Lawyer sees them and says something by which ragsan are shocked

Episode ends..

Guys don’t worry ragsan will be together. So encourage me like ur doing before. Thank u very much for liking my ff very much. I also got attached with u all ur love. Even in cllg also I think of the stry only silly me. But the feeling is very nice. Thanks guys for encouraging me and ur love who commented and silent readers too. I forgot to say happy Ugadi guys .love u guys . Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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