Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Ek Bhaar Phir Se… Episode 1

Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Ek Bhaar Phir Se…..

Hii guys I am ur stupid dhamini who stopped my ff in the middle. I think all have forgotten it. I am not forgiven three months it has been. I am sincerely sorry guys I have so many exams and workshops. But I really deeply missed it love yaar. Actually I am just giving the brief description of my story from beginning. This time I will completely end it till then I will give daily updates.

OK let’s come to the story…

First of all in this ff ragsan and swalak are pairs and ragsan are main lead. Ragini parents and Sanskars parents died 5 years ago.

Actually this is the brief description if u want all the episodes then u can read the link I gave below.

Ragini is followed by goons but she somehow escapes and gets in to a bus which is going from Kolkata to Mumbai where she meets Ap and Dp and ragini saves Dp when he gets attack. Ap and Dp liked her character they left the bus in the middle while ragini is sleeping. In the bus ragini meets a small girl named Munni and after sometime Laksh gets into the bus and admires ragini. Ragini and Munni teases Laksh saying chimpanzee but Laksh is a famous Rockstar of Mumbai. While the journey goes on the goons who were behind ragini gets into the bus and takes her and all the passengers and ties them. Actually the goons are of sahil who wants to take revenge on ragini as she made his sister marry his love and helped them to runaway knowing she will be at risk as she is her friend. Laksh is always very funny and by his hilarious plan he saved ragini. They became friends and then after that Munni s mother is taken away by her husband but she writes a letter to raglak to look after her daughter as she is in trouble as his father wants to sell her. Raglak treat her as their own child. Munni also can’t live without raglak. They reached Mumbai where Laksh s friend come to receive him she is non another than swara, she is a very ultra modern girl means she just behaves like she is boy, bold and cute. But to Laksh s surprise swaragini know before only as they were childhood friends. Swara calls ragini as Laado and ragini calls swara as shona.

Actually ragini has no money no house anything she just came blindly but swara took her to her house. Swara s family are sumi, Shekhar and Parvati dadi. Swara s family also know about ragini and her family. But dadi hates ragini as ragini s family is very rich that time, all admire ragini s beauty than swara. In studies also ragini is first but swara doesn’t like studies. She likes music.

Laksh is living away from his family as Dp doesn’t like Laksh playing music. Swara only gave confidence to Laksh that he has talent and he should perform as they were in the same college. They both paired up and did so many performances and became very popular.

After they reach Mumbai swaraglak and Munni went to a mall as swalak had a performance where ragini meets Sanskar. Ragini blames Sanskar for making fraud in the auction without knowing that Sanskar is doing this all for exposing a scam of girls business. Ragini sees that in news after going home and thinks he is not that much good as ragsan already met in Kolkata. Ragini had a hotel in which Sanskar comes and fires the whole hotel bcoz ragini has slapped him as he was crossing his limits with the servants of hotel whom ragini treats like brothers as they where orphans tolu and molu.

Sanskar seeks revenge that ragini blamed him in front of media. Dadi when sees ragini sent her out from house. Ragini gets a job in the school where Munni is studying as teacher. Where they meet avinash maheshwari (son of Sanskar maheshwari) who is in the Munni class (1st class) who is all depressed in class but likes Munni and ragini. Sanskar gets angry as she got job he makes her loose job and the house which school gave her by sending goons to school.

Ragini then tries many jobs where she met Dp who feels sorry for not giving her job as it is occupied. She again goes to another one who gives her a job on contract of 1year or else u should pay 1lakh in return. But the next day she is shocked to see her boss is Mr. Sanskar maheshwari. The office owner was his friend so he gave his office to him only for seeking revenge.
Sanskar maheshwari is an arrogant person but too hot. His parents are Rp and sujata whom he thinks died bcoz of Dp so he is not making any relationship with that family. Avi is adharsh and parineetas son who also died with his parents from then he is treating avi as his son. From five years he suffered and worked hardaloneto reach the top most businesses man in the world. Avi is avery
Cute boy and lovely. He loves his dad but is not happy bcoz he always puts rules and says don’t cry don’t play and all.

Munni also a very cute innocent girl who forgot her mom as ragini is treating her like her own child and Munni also treats her more than a mother. Any one will love ragini bcoz here she is a very understanding, traditional, lovely and forgives everyone mistakes and treats the whole world to be her own family.

While ragsan nokjhok continues in his office. She is living in Laksh s house while Laksh returned to his family as Ap got heart attack and doctor said to keep her happy so Dp calls him to house.

While swara s family wanted swara to marry but she blackmails all the grooms and made them runaway. She started feeling for Laksh but avoids it but ragini observes.

Dadi also accepts ragini in the home knowing how she is suffering in her life and wants her help in swara s marriage as she listen whatever ragini says.

Here in ragsan office Sanskar always misunderstands ragini and hurts her everything but ragini forgives him every time. Uttara who is Laksh s sister stays mostly with Sanskar if she comes to India. Sanskar also loves her so much. But Uttara is shocked to see ragini bcoz she knew ragini before but ragini doesn’t.

One day at some business party of Sanskar s ragini comes but is insulted bcoz of uttara. Swalak come there to perform. On that night they both where locked in different rooms ragsan and swalak. Where there is a sizzling romance btn couples. Ragini realizes that she was in love with her raavan Kumar. But all gets destroyed when she comes to know that Sanskar came close to her bcoz of a bet with uttara.

At that time ragini gets double shock as Sanskar already had a gf shanaya. But ragini is determined bcoz of the contract. Ragsan came more close under the hatred.

Here swara gets engaged with rishi. But she loves Laksh very much while is very confused of his feelings for her.

One incident happens which changed all their lives. Swara made a plan to make the two brothers unite but that backfires and Sanskar thinks ragini did this and hurted her very much which swara sees and says how great is ragini and throws the money and gets her rid of the blo*dy contract.

Sanskar realized his mistake he came to know that the reasons for all the misunderstandings is shanaya and breaks up with her. He started realizing his love for her. And Laksh also realizes his love for swara. There was a very hot romance between the couples. Sanskar tried to apologize her but doesn’t do it properly. But ragini made him enter maheshwari mansion bcoz of avi wants a family. Sanskar is living in mm now.

One day in the mall Laksh proposes swara but she didn’t trusted him. So raglak planned that Laksh would propose ragini to make swara jealous. But swara gets to know that Laksh loved her since five years but didn’t had courage to express it bcoz he thought his friendship would also get ruined. Swalak love birds started their love journey. Rishi is swara s frnd whom swara planned to make Laksh jealous. Here ragini gets a good friend shaurya by whom sanskar is very jealous.

After that on ragini s birthday which is ragsan s parents death anniversary also. Unknowingly again Sanskar hurts ragini but soon wanted to rectify it by taking her to her native. But ragini s maasi and his son who took her whole property and we’re searching for her to get her married to her son sanyukt who had a bad eye on ragini and her only property as it has diamonds in it. Sanskar don’t know and thought that ragini would be happy here and he leaves her. Ragini is sobbing while looking at Sanskar. Sanskar who thought his presence only give her pain and nothing more than that but ragini thinks he did this wantedly. When sanyukt tortured ragini aND getting married to her Sanskar comes and rescues her. They have a romantic night there in the hotel which Sanskar burned. He again constructed a Dhabi on her parents name which touched her.

After a few days swalak wedding is fixed and ragini and shaurya wedding is fixed bcoz ragini thought Sanskar is doing drama of loving her for her property as she heard from shanaya. Sanskar gets angry knowing about it while he was making her understand that what she heard is most true and he loves her very much. One day when he peeps in gadodia mansion and hears that swara doesn’t love Laksh and this is all a big drama bcz swaragini and Shekhar planned it coz they think parineeta his daughter died bcoz of maheshwari family.

On the wedding day swara escapes from mandap framing Laksh had blackmailed her by showing their close pictures and wanted to marry her. Laksh is shocked to here this and all family members to but this is their plan. They are double shocked to see ragsan married. Sanskar married ragini as swara betrayed Laksh so he want to take revenge from her but didn’t touch her. They said to family that they loved each other. All family members mistakes Laksh and doesn’t accept ragsan marriage.

After some days it is revealed that ragini did this much planning with swara and Shekhar bcoz she wants to clear the misunderstanding of Pari s death. Bcoz ragini knows about Pari and adharsh relation as she only helped them. Adharsh is a gangster and was living away from his family when he sees Pari he fallen in love with her. Pari also loved him without knowing he is a gangster. When she said this to Shekhar he said that adharsh is a gangster and how can u live with him safely. Pari is shocked but adharsh assures her that he will change for her but shekar doesn’t listen. So Pari eloped with adharsh and this all is only known to ragini as she is her friend and didi. Mm accepted her as daughter but one day dp got a blackmailing call to send money otherwise they will kill his family. But dp ignores for this Sanskar gets angry and scolds dp then he gave money to the blackmailer which is only known to Pari and she writes everything in her dairy in search of which ragini came to mm. But after giving money also rp, sujata, adharsh and Pari died in bomb crash. For this reason only Sanskar hates dp. But he don’t know that he is now in the top position bcoz of dp only.

After all the misunderstanding got cleared ragini says to Sanskar that she wants divorce and here swara was continously apologizing Laksh but he didn’t forgive her.
The lawyer says that ragsan should stay together three months after that only divorce process proceeds.
Ragsan were now living in mm and Sanskar trying to get close to ragini but there is something that ragini is hiding her feelings but she also loves him very much. Their nokjhok continues. Here swalak are getting married for family s happiness. But after marriage on first night they destroyed all the differences between them and consummated their marriage bcoz of ragsan s plan.

And here someone blackmail ragini with some photos and wants some money which she went to give but the goons try to force her but Sanskar comes and rescues her in time. Their nokjhok continues. I stopped the story at what were in the photos that ragini is so much worried..

I hope I wrote all main concept and it is not possible to write clearly upto 63 episodes. But it’s my request for new readers to read from start bcoz there will be a lot of fun and silly fights. And one more thing of only u all want me to continue I will continue otherwise I can stop no problem. Say anything frankly I accept it bcoz it is three months a very long time but I am also helpless. I will give the continuation in tomorrow if only u want. Missed u guys. Love u all.

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