Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 9

Swaragini-(Love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 9

Recap: sanskar made burma arrest for drugging girls and dadi scolds ragini and swaraglak and munni goes for shopping where all the four couples exchanged roses indirectly.
Hii guys dhamini here.i think all of u enjoyed yesterday. I was really shocked to see so many comments thanks guys for loving my ff. I want to clear one thing I don’t keep any voting for pairs bcoz I have already decided the pairs and I won’t change. Sry if I Hurt anyone. I saw something mess in the comments. Don’t worry I wont do voting. So relax. And Philo tqs for correcting my mistake. I have changed.

Episode starts
Scene:at the shopping mall

Sanskar and ragini see a truck rushing towards the small girl who gave flowers to them and ragsan rush to save her unknowingly. Ragini took the girl and falls on sanskar.
Ragini:u didn’t get hurt know to the girl and says sorry to sanskar without seeing his face
Girl:tq didi and bhaiya and says byee to them
Ragsan say byee and saw eachother
Ragini:uu here too
Sanskar:yes and BTW u came from kolkata to Mumbai to take revenge
Ragini:just shut up that criminal thoughts will get to u only not for me.
Sanskar:ok then what are u doing here then

Ragini:it’s non of ur business
Sanskar:oo BTW u left ur dabha(hotel) there itself very bad
Ragini:yes I left bcoz some wild animal came there and fired my total dabha
Sanskar: how dare u
Ragini:shut up after what have u done u are not at all sry for what u did and asking about my dare
Sanskar: oho stop it I am not sry and won’t be for what I have done
They argue. Some people come there who will do marriages for the girl and boy on the valentines day

Swara :arey yaar lucky where is this laado.
Laksh:what do I know I and munni are playing don’t disturb
Swara :ediot and says ouch…
Laksh:what happened
Swara :something went into my eyes
Laksh comes close to swara and blows air into her eyes.
(sapna jahaan plays..)
The same people come there and think they are kissing…

Person :hey u both are lovers right
Ragini:what he and me chii
Sanskar :yaah in fact I hate her very much
Ragini:haha I am not dying to love u
Persons :yaah we know u are doing acting in front of us know common where this yellow thread to her
Sanskar:what the hell u even know whom u are talking to
Persons:ha we know u are a great business man but today no one can stop us from getting married for u both

Ragini:what rubbish actually we even don’t know each other’s names and u are saying marriage
Persons :ha we know all ur excuses all will say that only when they get caught.
Sanskar:whispers to ragini OK listen we will just fake to do marriage.
Ragini :are I mad do u even know the meaning of marriage
Sanskar :I am not saying to do really know I will tie that on u and after they go u can remove it. I am getting late for my meeting
Ragini:no I won’t do that
But sanskar without listening to her says to the persons to give the thread
Ragini is crying. Sanskar is approaching her ragini is crying and saying no plz don’t do that but sanskar is not listening to her and now he is very close to her and now ragini is not able to resist and slaps hardly

Ragini:when I said no means no u can’t understand by ur foolishness u fired my dabha without any reason and now this are u out of ur mind. U don’t want to see others feelings. Sanskar is shocked
Ragini:to the persons u don’t have any work or not u can’t see what I am trying to say. Such a foolish people and if he is the last person in the universe also I will not even see him bcoz I hate him.and leaves from there fully angry and weeping

Scene:swalak at the same time
Persons : oho public romance see that’s our India is like this
Swalak are shocked and we’re trying to explain what happened
Swara:what rubbish are u talking we are just frnds and some thing went to my eyes and he is helping me that’s it
Persons: oho same excuses BTW u both are singers know
Swara:yaah leave way for this
Persons:no we won’t leave that easily and asks laksh to tie the yellow thread to swara
Laksh:what are u saying
Swara :she gets an idea and says leave it lucky actually we are already married naa
Lucky is shocked:what swara winks at lucky and he understands

Lucky:yaah we got married 3years ago
Persons: oho what an excuse I didn’t listened to this type of excuse in my service
Laksh:actually u r not serving the people but u are troubling we are saying that we married na
Person: oho then we’re is her mangalsutra
Swara:are Bhaiya it is style that’s why I didn’t wore and BTW I think we are not in BC ok
Person:but we won’t believe it. As u are already married then u again get married naa what’s the problem and my doubt will also get cleared
Swalak are tensed. Munni is playing at some distance to them and came to them
Swara :see u want proof na she is our daughter munni
Person:asks munni is she ur mother and father. Munni looks confused. Swalak are tensed and says to say yes by signs
Persons : okk we got proof u can go.
Swalak :tqa
Persons:wait a minute. BTW what us her age
Lucky:5 swara gets tensed and thinks we are gone lucky
Persons:u said that u got married 3years ago then 5years baby what’s the matter

Lucky realises what he said and sees swara
Swara:are bhaiya actually he forgets things sometimes
Laksh:yaah I forget somethings
Swara:actually we got married 6years ago
Persons : okk but be careful take him to the doctor
Swalak: okk and gives hifi to each other and says munni u are really a saviour u saved us
Munni:really so what will I get
Swara :what u want
They see ragini coming
Swara:what happened Laado why are u so dull
Ragini:nothing come we will go from here
Swara :kk
They all go

Scene:avinash industries
Sanskars P. A his name is krishna and he is very close to him and he is 35years
Krishna:sir we got her details sir her name is ragini and she cane to Mumbai today only and lives in gadodia mansion.

Sanskar:what gm means that girl who performs with lucky noo
Krishna:yes sir she only
Sanskar:but does ragini doing there
Krishna :according to our info she came with ur bro.. Sry sir lucky and sister of swara gadodia
Sanksar: oh I see so OK listen to me carefully and says a plan to his pa which is muted

Scene :at gm, night
All have fun as no one is there in swara s house so lucky also living there. All eats. Munni sleeps
Ragini:shona I think I should search a job. Swara:Laado what is the hurry I and lucky are there naa
Ragini:but if aunty uncle comes I should go naa so I should search a job
Swara:see Laado u want to do a job u do but don’t say that u will leave this house

Ragini:it’s not like that shona how can I stay in my frnds house like this
Swara :actually frnds are for that only every time u give lecture for me but u only forgot that frnds are there to help only.
Ragini:ok meri maa.
And sleeps

Next morning:
Ragini:ok shona u stay with munni okk I will go to interview
Swara:ok miss Laado from morning u said this 100times plz u go I and lucky will look after munni
Ragini:ok I am going
Munni:eat this chocolate u will get the job
Ragini:how do u know it that I will eat chocolate while going anywhere
Munni:shona di said to me
Ragini has tears and comes running and hugs swara :u also remember this shona I am lucky to get u
as my frnd

Swara: oho Laado I didn’t remembered it bcoz I didn’t forgot and BTW more than u I am very lucky to get u.
Ragini:no I am lucky they argue
Munni:u are both are not lucky than me. I am more lucky to have u both. Kk
Swaragini :kk madam
Munni:it’s good and BTW all the best and kisses her cheeks
Ragini:tq u sweet heart and she also kisses her
Lucky:I think u were missing me
Munni:see gorilla came
All laughs
Lucky:u again started and runs behind munni
Swara: oh God they started lucky take ragini to interview naa
Ragini:no its okk I will go he is playing na let him
Lucky:nono I will come
Munni :haha go I can understand
Lucky smiles

Scene :
Raglak came to some company
Laksh is shocked to see the company
Ragini:ok laksh I will go tq u also go
Ragini:I came here for an interview my turn came or what to receptionist
Receptionist :sry mam actually the interviews are over and the job also is given to someone
Ragini: oh it’s okk and was about to leave
Receptionist gets a call to send her inside :ok sir and says ragini to go to the 2nd floor
Ragini:what u said that job is given to somebody know
Rp:yes mam but sir called u
Ragini goes to the cabin and knocks :can I come in sir
Voice:come dear
Ragini is shocked to see dp(durgaprassad) yes she came to maheshwari company:uncle u…
Dp:yes my dear I saw u coming from camera and called u
Ragini: oh how is ur health uncle
Dp:I am fine dear
Ragini:how is aunty
Dp:she is fine and u
Ragini:fine uncle sry.. Sir

Dp:it’s OK dear u can call me uncle BTW ur name is ragini right
Ragini:yes uncle actually u both got down there only naa but now
Dp:actually our car came so we went and I am sry beta the job is given to some other girl if not without checking I will give u the job
Ragini :it’s OK uncle I met u I am very happy ask aunty also. I am going uncle
Dp:ok dear btw where are u living
Ragini :gadodia mansion with my frnd
Dp: oho if u want any thing call me and gives card
Ragini:tqs uncle byee

Scene:avinash industries
Krishna:sir our plan worked she didn’t get the job

Sanskar:yes u see ragini u unself come to me

Episode ends…..

Precap :munni s school admission and ragini got job in……

Tq u guys for ur support. I think u will give the same encouragement till end. Thank uuuuuu


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