Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 8

Swaragini-(Love, Ishq, kadal) Episode 8

Recap :ragini proves sanskar did froad while swalak performed and find ragini in a frightened state and some swaragini and laksh and munni movements

Hii guys dhamini here tq for who commented on my ff and also silent readers. I want to say sry because after a lot of thinking I decided to not reveal the pairs and u unself find it.
Happy valentines day guyss

Episode starts..

Scene:at gm
Ragini is shocked as well as swalak are also and staring each other.
Ragini:shona I said naa the auction thing this only but I made that guy but somebody is arrested what happened
Swara : okk see the full news laado

Before a hour at auction
Police were about to arrest sanskar
Sanskar:1min Mr. Officer actually I want to talk to Mr. Burma
Burma:what u want to talk with me.
Sanskar:cool Burma actually what kind of business are u doing
Burma:I have the biggest textile business.
Sanskar: other than that
Burma gets tensed and says :what are u talking I only have one business
Sanskar: oh I see manager(person 2)which I mentioned in ep. 6 are u ready
Manager:yes sir ready.
There was a video playing in which Burma is talking to someone :be prepared to shift all the girls to dubai. I am also coming if I get this dress then we shift our textile and girls business both.
Burma is shell shocked.
Burma:what’s this nonsense this is not my voice
Sanskar:Mr. Burma I didn’t mentioned it’s u. So gentleman we are now Aware of many girls missing know but Mr. Burma is behind all this. And coming to this dress actually this is all a setup there is no such dress and all who came to the auction are my employees.
Burma:what rubbish is this u cheated me common officers arrest him
Sanskar: oho Mr. Burma ur still not understanding OK see this
There comes a big truck in which around 20girls who are in a drugged condition are there.
Burma:who are these girls I am not understanding any thing
Sanskar:it’s OK Mr. Burma no worry I will make u understand. These girls are the one whom u drugged and wanted to sell them in dubai. If you are not understanding now also then see these are ur rowdys who helped u. Police arrest them and sent the girls to the hospital
Burma:but how u did this and why
Sanskar:this dress is duplicate but has a high quality certified video recorder when u came to see this dress u got a call and while ur talking that all got captured and about ur another question the reason is my u also drugged my employee too and she called me somehow and said this all to me. Learn to respect girls u bustard do u even know how there parents state was and continuously hitting him. Police man stopped him and arrested Burma while the crowd were throwing stones on Burma and all clapped for Mr. Sanskar maheshwari.

Scene:at gm
Swaraglak are shocked
Swara:see laado u are mistaken he is very nice see
Ragini thinks I know this is my mistake but what he did to me is not a mistake and says yes shona I was mistaken.
Swara:if any time u see him say sry kk
Ragini:shouts me never.
Swara:what happened laado why
In the news
Reporter:sir but the girl showed ur video in cctv What is that
Sanskar :actually I was talking to the manager about Burma and gave him money as he is the father of my employee who is drugged by Burma. She only listened half and alleged me
Reporter:but sir by her only we got to know the real one
Sanskar thinks yes but she alleged me the great sanskar maheshwari she should pay for it and she came from kolkata to Mumbai to take revenge of.. :yes with her help only we got our real one by saying this he was very angry as if he is vomiting heat from whole body.
Swara:see na laado after u alleged him also he is talking very nice about him. He is really nice.
Ragini:I don’t think so because some people keep something in heart and talk something to show others
Swara: oh God I can’t understand ur poetic language.
Ragini: okk shona leave it
Swara:ok come we will go to shopping we didn’t did na
Ragini:yes coming we should also take dresses for munni too and where is laksh
Swara thinks he got upset by seeing his brother:yaah I think he went to washroom.
Munni:Chota beam.. Chota beam..
Swara:come munni let’s go to shopping . Like new dresses know
Munni:yippee shopping for me also I will a nice dress for 10₹
Swaragini laughs
Swara:ragini actually u go I have some work.
Ragini:ok I will take munni to with me

Scene:at avinash industries
Sanskar :today is the biggest insult I won’t leave u miss ragini gadodia. U are wantedly keeping ur head in the mouth of Lion. I won’t u leave u for that slap also and calls his bodyguards
See guys I want all the information about that girl where she is living address, family all. I won’t leave u now…..

Scene: outside gm
Ragini and munni are going for shopping playing suddenly ragini hits someone.
Dadi: oh God don’t have eyes and she is shocked to see ragini.
Ragini:so sry and sees dadi and don’t know what to say
Swara:are lucky leave it yaar don’t cry he gets to know all and he surely comes to u ask apology for punishing u without ur mistake
Lucky:I hope so swara
Dadi:u here what are u doing here do u met swara
Ragini:actually dadi…
Dadi:shut up don’t call me dadi from ur mouth
Ragini:sry I was looking for some address and mistakenly came here. I didn’t even go inside the house. (she lies Bcoz she doesn’t want to trouble swara)
Swara:ok my dear jaanu now plz stop crying like a girl yaar. It doesn’t suits u
Laksh:I know my dear jaan and gives her a iPhone 6+phone to her
Swara: oh my God…. Thank u laksh I am eagerly waiting for this I love u yaar.
Laksh:I love u too my jaan and they both hug
Suddenly they hear a voice
Dadi:swara where are u
Swara:see lucky I am daydreaming
Laksh:yaah I am also
They again here

Swara:are lucky it’s not dream yaar dadi came but how did she come I mean we sent her naa. Oh God I think she got to know the truth
Laksh : oh I am going and he is about to go from the window
Swara:lucky plz yaar come naa I can’t control her alone and makes puppy face
Lucky: okk but u go first
Swara: okk come let’s gi
Swara :what happened dadi why have u returned
Dadi:u don’t know what have u done
Swara is thinking that she got to know that the death is fake and was about to say
Dadi:see u packed all ur funky Clothes in my bag I have seen it at the busstand and came to take my clothes. Swalak relaxed
Swara : oh sry dadi give now I will keep ur clothes and goes staring angrily at laksh
Dadi: oh lucky beta u came and she kept squeezing his cheeks. Laksh is thinking swara u left me alone here ur devil dadi see she is squeezing like mangoes. Come yaar fastly
Swara:dadi over now u go I also booked ur ticket
Dadi: okk do u remember ragini
Swalak were shocked
Swara:what dadi ragini who is she I didn’t heard her name
Dadi:are swara when we were living in village she is used to live beside our house 6yrs ago remembered
Swara :no dadi I can’t remember
Lucky:drama queen what an acting. Swara stamps luckys feet
Dadi:ok fine I am going and thinks thank God she didn’t remembered her
Swara :dadi actually u forgot something and sees at lucky
Dadi:yaah u naughty boy and again squeezes his cheeks. Lucky looks angrily at swara
Dadi leaves

Swara:lucky how did dadi know about ragini I think she met her when she is going to shopping
Laksh:yaah I also think and rushes out
Ragini and munni were hiding behind trees
Swara:laado.. Munni…
Swara:thank God ragini I was so scared do u meet dadi
Ragini:yaah but don’t worry I didn’t say anything to her about my stay
Swara:ok come we will go shopping
Lucky :arey yaar how boring u guyss are today is valentines day do u even know that
Swaragini:so what
Lucky : oh God ur such a dumb fellows and gives roses to swaragini.
They also gives to lucky.

Munni:what is this valine day. All laughs by her way of talking.
Ragini:actually two loved ones celebrate this day
Munni: oho and she gives roses to Swaraglak and says I love u three
Swaraglak: oh so cutee and they go for shopping
They did shopping
Swara :ragini how much bill
Swara :that’s all what did u buy
Lucky:oh I and munni enjoyed a lot
Munni:yes we also buyed Many things.
Ragini:how much bill
Ragini:only for munni
Laksh :yaah. Ragini is shocked and they went out swalak went to get the bike and car

A small girl comes to ragini:didi happy valentines day and gives rose
Ragini also gives the rose to her which lucky gave
Sanskar also comes there for some meeting
The same girl:bhaiya happy valentines day and gave the flower which ragini gave
Sanskar take the flower and gives chocolate.
The girl gave that chocolate to ragini
Ragini :why u gave chocolate to me
Girl:bcoz ur so pretty and that’s why I gave u as I can’t eat
Girl:bcoz I am a cancer patient.
Ragini cries and gives her gold bangles to the girl.
Girl takes and smiles.
While swara is coming she collides with sanskar but they can’t see each other as swara wore a helmet and sanskar wore shades and there flowers fall down. They said sorry to each other and bends down to take the flowers and gave it to each other..

Guyss let’s see whose day really became valentines day swalak, raglak, ragsan, swasan. Let’s see…. What happens

Episode ends..

Precap:ragini goes to an interview and shocked to see someone…

Guess guyss and tqs for ur support and one more thing in ep. 6 the person 1&2 are sanskar and the manager. If there is any confusion u can ask in the comments and I will clear it my next episode. Thank uuuuuu i


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