Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 7

Swaragini–(Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 7

Recap :swaragini and munni enter gadodia mansion and swalak went to concert for performance were there is auction and………

Hii guys dhamini here. Actually I thought my story will be flop when I was writing my episode 1because I was so shy and calm going girl but my mom and dad encouraged me to write only study is not important u can write stories and can entertain and when they comment u will the most happiest girl. So by this I wrote my 1st episode but now I am writing 7th it’s all because of u guys each and everyone for the previous episode the response is beyond my expectations. Tqqq each and every one. Plz don’t mind if I won’t give reply. Sry I got u bored by saying this crap.

Episode starts…
Scene:at the mall
Swara:arey lucky where is laado and munni.
Lucky:how do I know yaar I was with u naa..
Ordinater:mam sir plz start the performance all were waiting.
Swara:lucky I thought it would be nice if ragini sees my performance
Lucky: oh jaan don’t behave like girl and about ragini she cannot miss ur performance. I think she went to see munni.
Swara :I also think that only…

All crowd start shouting Tyson and lucky…
Ordinater:plz mam start..
Lucky:ok jaan come see the crowd they were anxiously seeing at us
Swara:ok lucky

Scene:at auction
Reporter:sir what u want to comment that u didn’t get this one
Sanskar:actually it sometimes happen. It is not the rule that I only should get.
Reporter:but u even did auction for onetime also
Sanskar:he gets angry. When he is about to say he hears a shout that it is his plan.
But he can’t see who is that.. Media are crowded around her. It is revealed it is ragini.
Media:what mam what plan
Ragini:yes it is his plan that’s why he didn’t do auction.
Sanskar finally sees her:uuu..

Media:mam say clearly what do u mean
Ragini:actually this dress is not original, it is duplicate.
Media:what how can u say that
Ragini:if u won’t believe me then u can check as it is mall u can ask the sellers.
Seller:yes the girl is right it is not original. This cloth is some cheap shining cloth.
Manger goes he reply from there. Sanskar fumes and thinks she spoilt my total plan
Media:then where is the original one and what is the connection with him
Ragini:it is very well connected bcoz he is the one who took the original one by bribing the manager and wanted lo put this duplicate. I am right know Mr. Whatever
Media:u know who u are alleging on he can buy laksh of these type dresses.
Ragini:if I am wrong ask the manager
They all see manager is missing

Reporter:it can be anyone
Ragini:yaah crct but u can check the cctv footage. I heard when he was talking to the manager.
Burma calls the police to make sanskar arrest.
Ragini who realised the situation and saw so many cameras focusing on her and went running from there.

Scene:the concert
Swalak started to perform on the song jaane Kyun from dostana.
When performing she remembers about ragini and tears roll down in her eyes
Whereas laksh also remembering someone who at the concert performing with some one and cries.
While they were performing they come down the stage and dancing and saw munni and danced with her.
The performance is over and there is very loud applause from the crowd.
Swalak made munni sit on the chair as they were busy with autographs and selfie. While munni sees ragini going out crying and wanted to follow but there is so much crowd so she sat there only.

Scene :at auction
All see the cctv footage that he is saying something to manager and changing the dresses. Police also sees that
Media:is this true Mr. Sanskar maheshwari.
Sanskar:it’s just sanskar bcoz it is only my hardwork and got this Avinash industries to a 3rd position in India alone and coming about truth yes it is true what u saw is absolutely right.
Burma:how dare u want to cheat me.
Argument takes place.

Scene: performance
After giving autographs swalak sit behind munni.
Munni:I now just saw didi going out crying.
Swalak shocked
Swara:what she didn’t even informed me now where is she
Laksh:don’t worry I will check and ask the watchman
Swara:I will also come
Laksh:ok take munni also
They ask watchman by showing her photograph. They said they didn’t saw her.
They check cctv footage and saw some one in parking which is dark. They rush there and saw ragini in fully tensed state she is crying vigorously and with full of sweat.

Ragini :she hugged her very tightly and says I don’t know anything.they are following me.
Lucky:ragini there is no one here. What happened ragini say na and stop crying.
Ragini:shona plz take me from here plzzz.. She begged and was not leaving swara and continuously saying take me.
All go home by car.

Scene:at gadodia mansion
After sometime laksh went to his home leaving the three.
Swara:laado plz stop yaar say first what happened.
Ragini:nothing just when I saw so many media focusing on me I got scared.
Swara :but what are u doing with media.
Ragini:she says all to swara.
Swara :laado u did a Great job then y u are scared u r at the side of truth.
Ragini: plz leave it naa u know na I am very scared to see many people.
Swara:ok BTW where is munni.
Ragini: oh God where is she and literally runner fast to the hall like a marathon shocking swara.
They saw munni slept on the sofa

Ragini:thank God u are here. I think she didn’t ate anything since morning. We should feed something to her.
She go the kitchen to prepare food but she can’t find anything.
Ragini:shona there are no vegetables in kitchen
Shona :I don’t know anything about kitchen.
Lucky:why u girls have fear when lucky is hear.
Ragini:tqq u got biryani for us.
Lucky:nono only for me and munni
Ragini:ok u only way and gets plates to them.
Ragini feeds munni while swalak are fighting for the biryani. Ragini and munni laughs
Swara:arey lucky plz leave it yaar I want to eat this I am very hungry.
Laksh:I am also u know I didn’t even take my breakfast bcoz of ur laddoo(sweet)
Swara :lucky it is not laddoo yaar it is laado BTW what she did.
Lucky:ha ha that only she eat my chapattis nothing leaving for me
Ragini:sry laksh I was very hungry.

Laksh:he thinks oh God how cute she is and stares her
Swara:it’s okk lado u say sry even for this chimpu also.
Ragini:kk u stop ur catfight and takes two plates and shares it and gives it to them.
Swara: oho and was about to eat
Ragini:what shona wash ur hands even u laksh go learn from munni.
Munni:ha learn from me wash ur hands with soap for 1min
Swalak combinely :bunty tumhara soap slow hai kya. All laughs
Swara: oho ragini now who will go there to wash hands
Ragini :ok then and starts feeding swara. Swara becomes emotional and hugs her
Swara :laado I missed u soo much
Ragini : oho my strong Tyson is becoming senti and says I missed u too
Swara:and she also starts feeding ragini

Munni:all forgot about me
Lucky:me also.
Munni goes and feeds laksh. Laksh also gets emotional remembering some boy and he also feeds munni. And makes faces to swaragini.
All laughs
Munni:u know my dad also didn’t feed me at least once.
Swaraglak becomes emotional.
Lucky:ok I don’t think u can also cry and throws a pillow at munni. Munni also throws but it hits swara. She throws at laksh and ragini laughs. All see that and throws pillows at ragini. And have some cute pillow fights. All got tired. Munni switches on the TV
Munni:now I will watch chotabeam
Swara:swara puts that channel but by mistakenly she kept news channel in which they saw burma getting arrested.
By watching this ragini gets shocked…

Episode ends…..

Precap :sanskar wants to take revenge from ragini and send his bodyguards to search for her. At gm dadi returns……..

Guys give ur support to me always and about pairs they will be revealed on 10th episode as already mentioned. And also confusion about swaragini and munni mom letter they will be revealed In the coming episodes but reveal it for sure till then enjoy. Thank uuuuuu


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