Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 62 & 63


Swaragini – (love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 62&63

Recap :ragsan try to patch up swalak but swalak end up with slapping

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Episode begins..

Scene :on road
Sanskar :ragini still how much far our house is
Ragini :what do I know I am also equally tired as u. Can’t u bring a car
Sanskar :hello Madam do u think u came here by bullock cart
Sanskar :u only gave it to swara na what did I do. Before how u used to be very nice innocent cute sweet more than that that ragini loves her sir very much not like u who is angry every time. That ragini don’t know anything except smiling
Ragini :Sanskar plz stop this nonsense I already said ragini and Sanskar will never be together now or in future get that.
Sanskar :what about our date
Ragini:which date ur saying
Sanskar :now only u said yes na
Ragini:if swalak patch up but they slapped each other and what lucky said to swara u saw na how is my shone went away heart broken. How can he just say like that
Sanskar :I know what he said is wrong but I think he doesn’t meant that
Ragini:how can u support him. Oh I forgot he is ur brother na. Btw it’s not his mistake if he had u as a brother then no wonder he said all this will behave like this only.
Sanskar :ragini what do u mean
Ragini:what u thought that only
Sanskar :actually did u observe he is drunk that’s why he said all this. He is not in his senses
Ragini:but if he doesn’t mean it then how come he will say that to swara I think he really means it

Sanskar:no he didn’t mean it
Ragini:then what is swara s mistake in this all
Sanskar :I know but Laksh also not enjoying till now na he was also suffering for hurting swara
Ragini:what do u mean that swara is enjoying
Sanskar :hey bagwan u again came to the same point. Say clearly if u want swalak together or not
Sanskar :then why are we fighting instead of solving their problem
Ragini:what I started to fight it’s u who started fighting
Sanskar :what see its ur girls birth right not innocent boys like me
Ragini:what is it a joke ur innocent
Sanskar :yes and this fighting started with u only and now also ur fighting see
Ragini:no u started first
Sanskar :no its u
Ragini:it’s u
Sanskar :no u
Voice :can I say
Sanskar:who the he’ll are u in between
Ragini :haa who are u
Voice:I am ur well wisher
Sanskar :see I don’t have any change plz look someone else
They actually don’t see the person
Voice:I am ur so called papa Durga Prassad
Ragsan:who the he’ll is this Durga prassaf

They realized and see the person who is fuming in anger
Ragsan :sry papa
They then realized that they reached MM fighting
Dp:u both started out also. What will our neighbors think and ur fighting for who started fighting u both are just impossible
Ragini: papa he only started first
Sanskar :no papa she only started
Dp:shut up u both called me beggar if I wouldn’t have stopped them u both wife and husband would beat me naa
Sanskar :yes ofcourse
Ragini stamps his foot
Sanskar :no papa we just
Dp:u both know what the time is
Sanskar :I forgot watch can u say me
Dp:oh God plz give my stupid son some brain
Sanskar :did u call me stupid
Ragini:did u have any doubt. Crct papa he is big stupid

Dp:u stop u are also not less than him
Sanskar laughs: nice naa ragini. Now u understood who is big stupid
Ragini:haa it’s u
Dp:stop it u both even Munni and avi are better than u. The time is morning 1
Sanskar :oho
Dp:hey buddhu u again became the old Sanskar u both said that u both will do all arrangements for the marriage but here u both are busy with ur fighting
Ragsan:sry papa u don’t worry we came na we both will do all arrangements
Dp:I trust u both now go


Scene :at Laksh room
Laksh is sleeping peacefully. Sanskar comes and pours a bucket full of water on him
Laksh who is sleeping startled and gets up
Laksh:bhai what is this
Sanskar slaps him
Laksh :bhai
Sanskar :u know what have u done at night with swara
Laksh:bhai what are u talking about I can’t remember anything
Sanskar :now what is remaining I think swara will not marry u after what have u done to her
Laksh:bhai plz say if did something swara in drunken state
Sanskar :I and ragini thought that will happen but except that all happened
Laksh:plz stop this suspense bhai say clearly
Sanskar said what all happened

Laksh:what I said this much bad with swara. I was not in my senses bhai I am really sry
Sanskar :don’t say sry to me say sry to swara. She had suffered a lot. I know she did bad but she realized her mistake even if someone is there in her place also they will do like that only. Think once she lost her sister forever. U know sister will be more than a mother. See we also lost our brother but we both are together to overcome the pain but swara had no one to share. U know yesterday she asked me a question I felt like my sister is asking help. Now it’s ur turn to get her back. Only 2hrs are remaining for ur marriage
He goes from there
Ragini:Laksh it’s all my plan Swara doesn’t know that I sent u by a saying she got an accident. She was very excited that today she can clarify all the misunderstandings but all happened reverse. Plz don’t punish shona. She only pretends to be string from outside but from inside she is very delicate.

Scene :at ragsan room
Ragini:thank u Sanskar u made Laksh realize his mistake. Thank u very much
Sanskar :it’s my responsibility as a brother to his sister. Yesterday I felt that I saw uttara in swara.
Ragini:ok then I am going to swara
Sanskar :why for what not necessary
Ragini :hello shona is my sister I should go and also should convince her for the marriage
Sanskar : OK but come fast
While ragini was about to go in hall Sanskar runs fast and hugs her shocking all the members and guests
Ragini :what happened sanskar
Sanskar :don’t know but I feel something wrong is going to happen. Is it necessary to go. Plz don’t go
Ragini:Sanskar it’s just a matter of 2hrs Sanskar I will just come. Don’t worry
Sanskar :I am not convinced plz I will also come with u
Ragini breaks the hug:Sanskar Laksh needs u. Don’t wry about me I will come as soon as possible
All the family members and guests were happily seeing their love for each other.
Ragsan sadly separate each other.

Scene:at mandap
Laksh is eagerly waiting for swara. Swara comes down in a huge work red lehenga. She is damn gorgeous. It is clearly shows that she covered her tears with high makeup. Laksh sees this and feels bad.
They both sat in mandap.
Laksh: he catches her hands and says swara I am sry I tried so many times to talk to u but ur phone is off I also came to ur house through window also u also saw it na but didn’t helped me like always u used to. Swara I am really sry
But swara don’t say a word.
Then pandit said to ghatbhandan.
Swara:stop it this marriage won’t happen
Laksh:swara plz I am sry
Swara:I want ragsan to do my ghatbhandan
Ap:oh my heart stopped for a sec. BTW they are not seen since a hour and ragini said that she came to u
Sumi:no ap ji ragini didn’t came to GM
Dp:then where does they both go.
Ragsan :we both are here only
They came just then and comes forward to tie the ghatbhandan.
Then the couple takes the 7vows to each other. Laksh ties mangulsutra by making swara as swara Laksh maheshwari
He also fills her hairline with vermillion.
Pandit:from now on u both are husband and wife.
After that swalak takes the blessings from elders.
Swara s bidaai is also done.

Sanskar says to laksh:lucky u know for a girl her self-respect is more important than her life. U know u raised finger on her character but after that also she married u without any objection. Plz don’t hurt her. Swara is a very nice girl. Ur very lucky to get her as ur life partner. Plz don’t loose her. In life some get understanding persons and some gets beautiful wives but u are very great that u got a understanding girl in the form of a beautiful wife. Don’t let her go. U can’t get such a lovely wife in ur 7births.

Sanskar hugs laksh

Scene :at ragsan room
Ragini:Sanskar where u went come let’s go to hospital see it’s a deep cut. Ragini is crying continuously
Sanskar :ragini I am fine u don’t cry plz I can’t see u crying.
Ragini does his first aid as his hand got a deep cut which is like some one had cut his hand with knife
Sanskar :ragini what is there in that for which u doesn’t even cared about ur life.
Ragini:Sanskar u needs rest plz don’t talk anything. We will talk all this in morning
Sanskar :ok then u tell me when u feel comfortable.
Ragsan dozes off

Scene :swalak s room
Laksh goes inside hoping to convince Swara. But when he enters he doesn’t find Swara. He gets tensed.
He finds a letter in which it is written
My love laksh

I know I betrayed u but In this 5yrs I can’t stop myself from loving u but I was bound to my promise made to my sister for taking revenge of her death. I tried to convince papa many times that betraying someone in the name of love is a sin but papa emotionally blackmailed me having no other option I have to continue to betray u suppressing my love for u. Lastly I want to say one thing that is I only have one boy in my heart whom I love his innocence, cute smile, his personality,his voice more over his love for me is beyond everything. I love him very much his name is lucky. I love u lucky. I am not character less. I am sry for making u suffer but it’s enough I can’t make u more suffer bcoz of me. Good bye I will always be Mrs. Laksh maheshwari.

Laksh was not able to control his tears reading each and every word which clearly describes her pain. He tries calling her but her phone is switched off. He takes his car keys and goes in search of Swara

Scene :ragsan room
Sanskar gets a dream that someone is stabbing ragini. He wakes up shouting ragini very loudly.
Ragini who is sleeping in couch gets alarmed and scared seeing Sanskar who is drenched with sweat.
Ragini goes near sanskar:Sanskar what happened did u see any nightmare
Sanskar :ragini if something happened to u today how will I live without u. Plz do promise that u will not leave me in any situation. Plz ragini. Sanskar is crying literally like a kid who asks his mother to not leave him. Ragini promises him and assures him that I won’t leave u till my breathe.
Sanskar sleeps holding her hand. Ragini makes him lie on her heart. Both sleep.
Flashback starts
Before two hours of swalak s marriage
Ragini goes from MM saying that she is going to GM.
Ragini went to some place which is looking like a old godown having some money in her hands.
Ragini :is anyone there I am ragini came here to take my photos giving u money. I brought the money how much u wanted. It is 5lakhs.no one is with me I came here alone.

Scene :at ragsan room
Sanskar hears phone ring tone :this is ragini s phone ring tone. Oh God this girl forget her phone if there is an emergency means. He looks into the phone he is shocked to see the message.
Message:come fastly u have only 10minutes other wise u know na what will happen.
Sanskar gets tensed.

Scene :at godown
Some goons come and surround her
Ragini:I brought the money plz give my photos my family is waiting for me.
Goon:not so easy beauty my boss wants u that’s why he made this silly plan and u got trapped. What u thought we want ur stupid money no we did this box my boss likes u. It’s a matter of one night
Ragini:what are u saying nonsense plz give my photos and I will go.
Goon:why so eager want to meet ur husband fastly
Ragini :plz my photos
Goon:wait a second my boss wants to talk to u.
Boss:oh ragini u look s*xy but I am very unlucky box I am not the first to taste u
Ragini :what rubbish are u talking and who are u don’t u have any Shame talking to a girl like this.
Boss:I was dying for u bcoz of ur attitude only. Guys now I can’t wait more bring her to me fastly.
Goons:yes boss

They hold ragini and was about to take her. They all fall down suddenly ragini is shocked bcoz it all happened in seconds. She turns and sees a handsome man hitting all the goons. She was trying to see him finally cm her eyes caught him it is non another than her husband Sanskar maheshwari.
Ragini is very happy seeing Sanskar. She sees her photos and takes them before anyone can see. But a goon sees her and was about to stab her but Sanskar comes in that process he gets cut.
Sanskar beats all the goons. Ragini who saw Sanskar s state has tears. She runs to Sankar and hugs him tightly who also hugs her.
Ragini tears her dupatta and ties to his hand.
Sanskar:ragini now come fast I am fine we should not miss swalak s marriage.
Ragsan where about to go shaurya comes.
Shaurya:hey what happened what are u doing here.
Sanskar :nothing they tried to touch my ragini from now they can’t even touch their own hands. BTW u here
Shaurya:oh angry young man control actually I came here as I got information that here some guys are fighting that’s why I came here.
Ragini I must say ur very lucky to have Sanskar.
Ragini stares Sanskar lovingly :yes I am
Ragsan have a romantic eyelock.
Sab Tera plays…

Ragsan get into the car.
Ragini:how do u know I was here
Sanskar:u left ur phone na I saw ur previous messages and got to know someone is blackmailing u and said to come to a address. I saw the address and came in search of u.
Ragini:what u got to know still
Sanskar :I only saw till that address message before I can read all messages ur stupid phone shutted off.
After that they came to marriage
Fb ends…
Sanskar :nothing can happen to u till I am there for u.
Ragini :Sanskar this is all bcoz of me only sry Sanskar.
Ragsan sleep peacefully

Scene :
Laksh comes to the hill and is shocked to see Swara at the edge of the hill
Laksh:runs fast as much he can and shouts swara.
Swara falls down from hill
But in the nick of time Laksh comes and holds her. Swara is hanging with her one hand in Laksh..
Laksh keeps his full strength and drags Swara. And yes he is successful. Laksh saved Swara. Laksh hugs Swara
Laksh :Swara how can u think like this by going away from me u will take my life also with u and u don’t have a right to take my life. Did u get that.
Swara :no lucky I don’t deserve u

Laksh:just shut up in fact how dare I said all that shit about u. Swara plz forgive me I said all that without my senses. I am sry Swara u give any punishment u want but plz don’t go away from me. U know what Swara I don’t deserve u bhai made me realize that how rude I was with u. I am sry Swara but after what all happened also u married me but I am a big fool to be angry with u but in this time how much I wanted to hurt u or make myself more rude but can’t stop loving u more than before. I am sry Swara I will do whatever u say we will sleep separately But don’t go away from me just stay before my eyes I just only want that I don’t ask u more than that.
Swara :oho I thought to take our marriage to take next step but I think u are not interested in that u only want to see me na OK
Laksh :haa yes whatever u say…… after some time he realized what Swara said and says Swara what u said is true or I am over imagining. I think I am just dreaming this can’t happen how can someone forgive me easily
Swara kisses his cheeks. Laksh is shocked.

Swara :did u believe now
Laksh:actually no if I have one more then there are chances. Laksh closes his eyes
Swara :oh she goes near Laksh and hits his cheeks playfully.
Laksh gets into senses:Swara how can u behave normally after what I have said to u
Swara :first I was angry at u but after that I thought so much and finally decided to marry u bcoz I know that who spoked that all shit is not my lucky.
Laksh:if it was Mr who said all that in all senses u would commit suicide
Swara :no no I will not take that much drastic step
Laksh:then what will u do
Swara :will push u from this Hill
Laksh:oho so violent
Swara :yes
Laksh:but u don’t know how much violent I am and starts coming close to swara
Swara :LA… laa…lucky
Laksh:oh God how beautiful u are Swara. I can’t control myself
Swara :u know what lucky no one used to love me like u did bcoz I look like a boy rather than a girl but it is only u who saw me as girl and made me feel like I am a girl. I was waiting for this movement since I saw u.
Laksh:then why to waste time sry Swara I have slapped u here only na and kisses on her cheek.
Swara was feeling butterflies in her stomach.

She also kissed him.
Laksh kissed her forehead eyes nose cheeks chin. And finally their lips meet.
After kissing for 5minutes they broke the kiss. Swara touches her lips she blushes and runs from there.
Laksh also followed her. Tum hi ho plays…

Finally Laksh catches Swara but in that attempt he pulls her dupatta. Now she only had Lehenga and blouse. Her bare waist is visible clearly which she is trying to cover.
Laksh is slowly heading towards swara. Swara can feel his presence near her. Laksh comes very close to her. Swara is blushing like anything. She became red tomato.
Laksh is getting mad by swara s scent.
He touches her bare waist. Swara shivers by his touch.
Swara :lucky shall we go home.

Laksh:no yaar u know na this is my favorite place and I want to spend this beautiful night with u here.
Laksh places his fingers on her lips:I won’t waste my night by talking did u understand..
Swara :did I ever tried to stop u
Laksh:no that’s why u are my swara. And I won’t let sadness come near to u. From only I only want to see ur smile.
Swara smiles:oho my hubbyis becoming possessive
Laksh:yes u made me like this ur eyes make me crazy box of ur love and ur smoothy lips make me come behind u.
Swara: oho the heart throb of all girls is now mine the great Rockstar.
Laksh:yes bcoz of his beautiful wife Mrs. Laksh maheshwari
Laksh while talking untied her blouse. Swara is shocked.

Laksh : do u remember our holi celebrations
Swara blushes
Laksh:oh someone is blushing
They lied down seeing the moon.
Laksh:u know what swara I always want to see moon near me but I don’t know that I got the moon for my whole life which is only property. No one can eye on it. It is more precious bcoz that moon gives light but my moon makes light in my life. I am very lucky to have u my swara
Swara:lucky u know when I see girls blushing I used to think what the hell but when I see u I automatically blush. If I am the moon then u are my stars who look after me and only me.
Lucky slowly comes near swara and kisses her neck. Swara closed her eyes she turned the other side. Laksh is continuously kissing her from hand to nape and neck very hardly. Swara clutched his shirt tightly.
He after sometime started to kiss her cheeks and then lips. They kissed passionately (saans mein Teri plays…)
After that swara gets up shyingly. Laksh makes her blouse down on one side and kissed her shoulder romantically. Swara is blushing and shivers by his every touch.
Laksh :u should make this as a routine every night from today okk

Swara nods her head in a positive way:but for that u should daily give me a gift.
Laksh :oh that means u want this morning as gift and night as return gift
Swara hits him playfully
Laksh makes swara lie down he comes up on her. Swara removes his shirt while Laksh is removing her ornaments. Swara starts kissing his bare chest. Now Laksh starts to remove her blouse for which swara kept her hands on his chest to stop him. Laksh understood thatshe is not comfortable and was about to go far from her.

Swara :don’t Dare to go she stopped him and made his hands touch her blouse. He removed it. Swara was moaning his name which made Laksh go more wild he continuously kissed her chest. Now he also removed her legendary and his pant. He entered in to her at starting swara couldn’t bare the pain but seeing lucky happy she controlled her pain and started to feel the pain. It’s beautiful oh my God I was only created to give love to my lucky. He made love with her at first it is gentle but after sometime he made it more and more wild which only shows his love which he hided from 5yrs.
Swara slowly whispered I love u in Laksh s ears.
Laksh also whispered the same.
They made love for 4hrs and now they are totally drenched in sweat. This is all witnessed by the moon and the twinkling stars.
They slept holding each others hand and hugging each other.

Scene :morning at ragsan s room
Sanskar wakes up and saw that he is sleeping on ragini literally. They wear in a pose like a mother took care of her son.
Sanskar smiles seeing her face and kissed her forehead.

Ragini gets up and sees Sanskar very close to her. Ragini quickly gets up.
Ragini:a…ac….actually u….. night…… wound… sleeep
Sanskar :aheoow ….. I can understand normal language but not this Chinese mix French
Ragini:nothing like that I just came to take care of u and don’t know when I got sleep that s why
Sanskar :ragini did I ask u any explanation no naa. See u can’t even lie no no ur trying to hide the truth
Ragini:what truth
Sanskar :the truth that u also love me as I or more than that
Ragini:Sanskar it’s just like a contract marriage of span 3months plz don’t accept more than that and about love it’s not my cup of tea. I don’t know why but love and me are like different poles
Sanskar :ragini do u have any disease
Ragini:no nothing why are u asking

Sanskar :no ragini it is very dangerous disease u should get a check up
Ragini:just shut up ur nonsense
Sanskar :then what yaar I think…
No no confirmly knows that u had split personality like aparichit. One time u give me love that I can’t express and the other time u care me like a mother one time u say u hate me sometimes u say it’s a contract sometimes u promise me that u won’t leave me ever. Which one I should believe.
Ragini:the real ragini is the one whom is standing in front of u.. Who doesn’t have love for anyone but only hates her fate. Did u get that
Sanskar :rather than undersranding u it’s easy to join in a Cid and solve the cases.
Ragini goes into washroom and cries without any sound.

Scene :swalak
Swara wakes up and sees Laksh beside her and their position. They don’t have even a piece of cloth on them. Swara s clothes are on Laksh s side. She tries to get her clothes at that time Laksh wakes up and sees swara struggling he is enjoying bcoz there is no gap between them and swara z bare body is touching his bare body. Swara sees Laksh enjoying and hits him.
Laksh :what after a day of marriage only my wife is doing atyachar on me
Swara :Laksh plz give me my clothes na
Laksh:what s the hurry and he is rubbing his nose on her neck
Swara :did u see its early morning u also get ready

Laksh :ok fine but on one condition u make me ready and I make u ready how is my idea
Swara :like my face
Laksh:oh that means very beautiful come on.
Swara smiles seeing his childishness
They get ready.
Swara :happy 6th year anniversary hubby
Laksh:do u remember
Swara :yes I only got to know yesterday that why u took me here on that date only bcoz this is the date we both met each other first time. U know one more shocking news that is before knowing u are Laksh Maheshwari only I loved u. But after knowing ur Laksh Maheshwari my revenge took the place of love
Laksh :u cheater that means like me u also hired ur love for 5yrs
Swara :ok now it’s ur turn say the secret of this place
Laksh:okk actually I wanted to say u before only. In my dream I was in a groom attire and was saving a girl who is falling from this Hill.
Swara is fuming in anger :did u see the girl in ur dream
Laksh:yes that’s why I searched for this place like hell she is so beautiful more than angel. Oh God no words to describe her beauty.

Swara :did u saw her in real
Laksh: yeah u also know her. She is very close to u
Swara:says so many names but Laksh denies all if them lucky say na who is the girl
Laksh:u know it’s my bad Luck that she is my wife
Swara :who the hell is ur wife
Laksh :Mrs. Swara Laksh Maheshwari
Swara :who is that Mrs. Swara…..Oh God it’s me
Laksh:yes it’s u u said all names but forgot urs who stole my heart before seeing only. When I saw u for the first time I got a vision of my dream which indicated that I am connected to u. And when I was searching for u yesterday night I got the same dream it’s a coincidence that we both wore the same dress as in my dream.
Swara :oh my God are u a vampire
Laksh :shut up swara it’s my Dream not something to laugh
Swara :u know what Laksh actually yesterday night I was not going to suicide as I heard ur shout my leg got slipped that s it. If I will die how can u stay without me and I am not the type of girl who sacrifices her life for her love but I am not that kind If my love us true I will get him by hook or crook
Laksh :sadist

Swara :ok now come fast all would be searching for us till now.

Scene :MM hall
Swalak where about to enter the gate
Swara :what will we say if maa papa ask
Laksh:we will say we went to eat panipuri
Swara :haa okk… Lucky do u have ur brain in ur Knees who will go to eat panipuri early morning
Laksh:oh sry ice cream will be OK na
Swara :lucky ur brain Also slipped for ur feet . U just shut up we will say that we went for a date which is planned by u. Did u get that
Laksh:no when did I made a date plan
Swara :I said night only to go to home but u only used ur cheesy lines and trapped me now what should I say to all of them
Laksh: haa haa now ur putting all blame on me right it is u who enjoyed the night more than me
Swara :lucky have some shame date plan fix just nod ur head in front of them okk
Laksh :okk I used to laugh at my frnds who are married but now I am in the same position after one day only it is like this means after 3,4yrs

Laksh imagines himself who became thin all his packs are gone his hair is not there it is totally bald like his father and holding at Swara s pallu and shopping bags.
Laksh shouts :no no my abbs my packs my hair.. Oh God it’s just a dream na but can become true lucky beta be careful
Swara :if ur done with ur imagination cone let’s go
They enter the hall
Dp:hey where have u been all night
Ap:I think panipuri
Ragini:no no ice cream right
Sanskar :plz stop irritating my brother he took swara to a wonderful date.
Swalak makes confused faces as they were speaking just like they decided
All the members laugh seeing their cute faces.
Swara who was trying to avoid her embrass goes to munni:Munni ur going to school champ
Munni:haa shona arey avi come fast u do u have ur brain in knees
Avi :no u only had ur Brain already slipped from feet.

Swalak are completely embrassed now
Ragini :it’s just waste of time to pamper them bcoz the whole conversation of ur both is Said by them only
Sanskar :start..
Munni and avi behaves same as like swalak and not one dialogue is missed.
Avi:it’s u who enjoyed whole night than me
Munni:have some shame lucky date plan fix come now
Ragsan and apdp ate smiling at Munni and avi. Swalak are now at the top most stage of enbrassent.
Laksh :are Munni and avi if u read ur book like this means I will get 1st rank. U both didn’t even missed a dialogue
Swara :shaitan kids u I will not leave u.
Munni :sry shona my bus came fight continues after coming home okk
Munni and avi came near ragini kissed her and went to school

Scene :ragsan room

Sanskar :ragini see swalak are younger than us and already started family planning but we still the same
Ragini:what u want me to do
Sanskar :that is…… That is..
Ragini:say it clearly yaar don’t blush like a newly married bride and BTW I can’t understand Chinese French mix
Sanskar :what is it a joke u want me to laugh
Ragini:no bcoz after seeing ur laugh I can’t able to survive
Sanskar :again a punch. Okk as now swalak patch up so our date
Ragini:what no date nothing did you get that
Sanskar :shouts I think God made u when he is bore how unromantic u are.
Ragini smiles hearing him
Sanskar :now u will come for sure
Ragini :in ur dreams
Sanskar :no its true see I have ur secret in my hands. It is the same courier which had photos of ragini.
Ragini :Sanskar plz give it to me

Sanskar :I will see them.
Sanskar :yes he tears the courier ragini is shocked Sanskar sees the photos and is shocked.

Episode ends with the shocking face of ragsan

Tq u for ur amazing response. Actually I only have limited time to write and read ff s but plz guys comment bcoz we all the writers will break our heads in writing a ff for more than a hour. It takes 3hrs to me to complete writing my ff. So it’s a request to appreciate all the writers they also want to show their talent. Ur one word also makes our day. It’s a kind request to all silent readers. Thank uuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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  1. Mind blowing… Plz make ragsan together soon

  2. vinuthna reddy

    Will you update daily or after some day’s

  3. Waiting to see what’s in that photo…anyways it was really good and I’m happy to see u back with this ff

  4. Amazing dear..superb

  5. awesome loved it nice suspense……….

  6. pavani darling

    Waiting for the suspence

  7. Where were you for so many days?I missed your ff.But truly its wonderful

  8. Awesome
    i enjoyed ragsan cute fights
    eagerly waiting fr nxt epi

  9. Pls make more ragsan scene…waiting for twist…..

  10. Awesome update

  11. Awesome

  12. Superb..

  13. mind blowing amazing superb i just love your ff! i am in love with it! awesome! its perfect love you and your ff

  14. Is it some raginis bad photos

  15. Awsm di loved it ♡.

  16. I really missed your ff alot?? …I love ur ff….asusual it is amazing!!!

  17. Awesome epi.eagerly waiting for next part

  18. Awsm epi……what a shocking precap…..

  19. nice ep but y u stoped writing plzz contuine

  20. Awesome

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