Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 61


Swaragini-(love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 61

Recap:ragsan cute fight and Munni and avi made ragsan hug

Hii guys ur dhamini. I know all wanted to kill me for so much gap but I was really busy with the projects and assignments. In June my exams will start this month is preparation holidays so I will update very fastly from today. Once again sry for delay. This is a very extra length uodate

Episode begins….

Avi and Munni asks raging to give sanskar gud night kiss. Sanskar smirks ragini is worried
Sanskar becomes restless :come on ragini give me a kiss
Ragini :u…. She is very angry
Sanskar:shh… dear Munni and avi are here
Ragini having no other option was about to kiss in the process comes close to him. Sanskar closes his eyes with a smile on his lips. Only some mm gap is there then ragini without kissing back offs
Sanskar who doesn’t get his kiss after waiting long opens his eyes and sees ragini drapping bedsheets on Munni and avi who are sleeping
Sanskar thinks his plan failed. Ragini sees him
Ragini:what do u think by doing this cheap tricks u can get me back. Never impossible
Sanskar:Mrs. Maheshwari everything possible for ur handsome hubby
Ragini :whatever
Sanskar was about to speak ragini sees Munni and avi are getting disturbed and shuts Sanskar s mouth with her hand and drags out from his room.
Sanskar was shocked for her sudden action and sees ragini who is peeping into avini room. Sanskar gets mesmerized seeing ragini very close to him. Ragini is disturbed by her hairs which are falling on her face who is busy in peeping sanskar sees and makes her hair at the back of her ears by slowly touching her face by which ragini had a shivery movement. She can’t go far from him as she is locked with his passionate and killing lovely eyes which are evident to ragini that he loves her more than anything. Ragini also lost in his eyes. She gets back to her senses when he kissed her hand which is on his lips.
Ragini composes herself and immediately removes her hand and goes to her room.

She sees her phone and sees 7missed calls from swara. She calls her
Swara lifts the call but doesn’t talk.
Ragini :hello shona what happened why are u not talking
Swara doesn’t give any response.

Ragini now can hear some sobbing sounds.
Ragini :Shona are u crying. U are safe naa nothing happened naa say Shona now I am really worried say something
Swara :Laado I am fine nothing happened to me I am at home only who was trying to control her sorrow
Ragini:Shona I thought we share a very great relationship but it’s only from my side na not from ur side na
Swara :Laado why are u saying like this u know I share many secrets which I won’t with maa and papa
Ragini:then why are u hiding ur pain from me. Say na what happened did Laksh forgave u or did he said anything
Swara :no Laado he forgave me but he is not yet ready to accept that I love him
Ragini:Swara give him sometime. He only love u we all know that but now only he had heart broken by his love who he loved blindly from 5yrs it will not be easy to forget ur betraying.
Swara: I know but I can’t able to see him like this
Ragini: then fine okk idea…
They had some mute conversation
After conversation
Swara : if this works then I will be very happy
Ragini :keep trust on ur love and u also know na tomorrow is ur marriage before that only make ur misunderstanding clear and step into a new life which had only ur love without any betraying. Okk go and get ready fast. I will also make our plan accomplish
Swara:hope all become fine
Ragini:it will u don’t worry

The call cuts

Sanskar comes from behind. Ragini turns and sees sanskar and shocked
Sanskar :so this much planning is being done behind my bro
Ragini :oh hello how much shona is crying. U can say ur brother to forgive her na. She is saying na what all she did was not intentional
Sanskar :ragini why should always boys run after girls. He also has a heart which also breaks by ur girls betrayal. It’s not any magic that it will again heal. Time takes and whatever swara did is very wrong. Let her run after lucky then only she will realize her mistake.
Ragini :shut up sanskar how heartless u are a girl who is like ur sister is suffering for her mistakes and u are saying all this about her. And what u said boys run after girls. We didn’t asked u to run after us. U only do this cheap tricks to get her love now if she done a small mistake u can’t even forgive her. Who ever may be in her place will do the same thing which swara had done and BTW once look at ur self. I slapped u for ur bad deeds but u did, u did ur love drama as a bet in the name of revenge and Swara who lost her sister forever can’t she have a right to take revenge which she thought as murder and now she realized na.
Sanskar :I agree what u say is correct but where does our matter come from. Please forget that. That matter is finished na
Ragini:oho now u are getting it. Get lost I should go to laksh

Sanskar :oh ur great matey plz forgive me. Can I also join u in ur plan
Ragini: no its not necessary and she goes out slamming the door
Sanskar :sanskar can’t u be quiet and we all know that if needle prices leaf or leaf falls on needle it’s the mistake of leaf only and sufferer also is leaf get that and today I became the leaf. Hey Bagwan why u created girls with this much memory power. If all girls will be like ragini means how will our boys survive.

Scene:at Laksh room
Ragini knocks the door. But she didn’t get any response so she opens the door
Ragini sees Laksh who is drinking alcohol
Ragini comes to him and throws wine from his hand
Laksh:oh ragini u here. Urs and mine is same situation bhai married u by betraying u and swara now wants to marry me by betraying how silly na we both
Sanskar who is hearing all this catches his head
Sanskar : arey bhai for trying to help u I got that much lecture from ragini but u are creating rift between ur bhai and ragini. Now I think ragini will accept me after we get 60yrs.i am gone plz God help me. At that time he gets something in his head and goes from there smiling
Ragini :Laksh plz stop this now ur swara is now fighting for her life

Hearing swara s name Laksh stands up and holds ragini s shoulder :ragini what happened to swara
Ragini:I don’t know she called me and said that her last words to u that she loves u very much
Laksh:ragini plz say clearly what happened to my Swara. Is she fine plz say fast
Ragini: I don’t think she is fine. It’s ur responsibility to find her
Laksh:but how where is she
Ragini :I don’t know she called me before 1hr she said me that she wants to be alone. She said that this place is favorite to lucky. So u should only say where she is
Laksh:thinks I am sry Swara nothing will happen to u. And says ragini u don’t wry nothing will happen to Swara and goes from there
Ragini :I know Laksh.ragini nothing will happen to my shona till her lucky is with her. She smiles and thinks something:oh God I forgot now what I should do….. No I can’t go to him…… oh God….

Scene :ragsan room
Sanskar :u will definitely come to me ragini 1…..2…..3
Sanskar smiles victoriously and turns to her:want help
Ragini :nods her head in positive with her head down
Sanskar :ok I understand ur problem as I love u I can do that much for my love and of course he is my brother how can I think something by which he suffers. Ur plan is completed by me.
Ragini:that means u know for what I came here

Sanskar :yeah as I heard ur plan. U don’t worry all will be done
according to ur plan. I think u got these awesome ideas box of my company naa. Not need to thank me I can understand
Ragini:oh why will I say thanks to u of course it is for ur brother then u should also have some responsibility rather than thanking urself.
Sanskar :chi… how world had changed man s talent is not being recognized
Ragini:now come
Sanskar :where
Ragini:for our date

Sanskar :really
Ragini:shut up I want to see my shona s smiling face after a long time come fast. She goes down
Sanskar :ha ha why not for security u called me na I know ragini how my life changed. Sometime ago all girls are behind me but now I am back of one girl. Sanskar this is ur fate go fast
They go in a car

Scene :Laksh s car
3yrs back
Swara:lucky where are u taking me. I will fall down
Swara is blindfolded
Laksh:Swara nothing will happen to u till I am there in my life
Swara:but plz say where are we going

Laksh: patience dear
After sometime they reach a hill
Laksh takes blindfold from Swara s eyes
Swara :wow Laksh how peaceful is this place. I loved it
Laksh:u know Swara it my favorite place whenever I get happy or sad I come here and share my feelings. I have a feeling that from this place what I will ask it directly reach to God. U know no one knows this place existance but I got to know from my dream. Once 5yrs back I got a dream in which this place is shown but I took it very lightly but that dream haunted me everywhere and I Became restless from that time I tried to find this place after a year I found this and ur the first person to come here after me. Even I didn’t told to my parents or my brothers.
Swara :it’s awesome lucky I liked it very much. I loved this place. Thanks for sharing ur favorite place to me. It is very nice. Can I ask u something
Swara :why u showed me this to me only
Laksh :in heart bcoz I love u and I asked u here and u are there with me.
Swara waves her hand to make him back to senses
Laksh:I don’t know just I wanted to show u that s it
Swara hugs him. Lucky also reciprocates
Swara :what dream u used to get
Laksh:I can’t say that Swara I am sry
Swara :oh God it’s OK chill
Laksh :tqs for understanding

Swara :who can understand u better than me lucky. Come let’s enjoy
Laksh stares at her lovingly
Fb ends..
Laksh hits his car to a tree.

Scene :at the hill
Swara :lucky I am a fool that I didn’t understood why u took me to that place at that day bcoz it is the same day when we met first before 5yrs and u took me there bcoz it has been 2yrs that u loved me and it’s a surprise for me on the completion of 2yrs of ur love and I am a stupid to realize ur love after 5yrs I am sry lucky. I promise u that from now we will celebrate our love here every year together. But why I am feeling like lucky is in some danger.

Scene :accident
Laksh gets hurt on his head. Ragsan who were following him come to him. Sanskar gets lucky out.
Ragini gets some water and sprinkles on him.
Laksh wakes up :where is Swara I should go to her. She is In danger
Ragini:Laksh ur hurt
Laksh:nothing is more than my Swara. I hope she is fine of something happens to her I will not be able to live
Laksh runs from there madly on road without caring his wound which is bleeding heavily.
Sanskar :my brother has got mad in love
Ragini:this is called love and stares at Laksh
Sanskar :bro all the best I think all girls will think like this only who runs madly after a girl then only that girl loves the boy. He imagines himself as running on road calling ragini ragini….
Sanskar comes out of imagination and says to himself that sanskar ur not less than beggar. Business man to beggar good improvement. He proudly hits himself as a shabashi.
Ragini:what are u hitting mosquitoes

Sanskar :no no
Ragini:then what are u seeing come let’s go
Sanskar :coming

Scene :at the hill
Swara is feeling restless as something is happened to lucky. She was about to go from there she sees Laksh who has badly hurt.
They both run towards each other.
Ragsan are watching this by hiding behind a tree
Sanskar :now see they hug each other romantically
Swalak hig each other as if they were only waiting for this movement.
Ragini feels shy and turns other side. Sanskar sees her lovingly bcoz she is looking beautiful while blushing
Ragini:do u have no shame to look at them
Sanskar :no I mean yes are year u only said na to follow them
Ragini:ha ha as if u do what I say
Sanskar :why not u just say
Ragini:ok OK don’t act still srk is not retired
Sanskar :oh God why u have created girls like this no no only ragini like this
Ragini:shut up

Swalak break hug. They both cry looking at each other
Swara sees his wound. She tears her dress and band aids him.
Swara:lucky how did this happen why u will be so careless
Laksh:Swara are u fine what happened to u. He then sees the surroundings. It is all very well decorated with yellow and green and in between swalak romantic pic is there. He then sees swara who is wearing a pink frock yes this the one which Laksh gave her while proposing.
Ragini also sees the decorations and is very happy and sees sanskar
Sanskar :I already said na don’t thank me and embrass me.
Ragini:shut up
Sanskar :I said na I don’t like praises….what did u say
Ragini :don’t fly up okk
Sanskar :ha ha I know u are there are no to pull me back
Sanskar :nothing I am thinking if they patch up then we will also go for a date what u say
Ragini:no never
Sanskar :yes plzz
Sanskar :yes

Sanskar :ok fine as ur forcing me I can’t say no
Ragini:this is cheating
Sanskar :no dear that’s called smartness. Now focus on love birds. Now they will kiss each other. Let’s see
Sanskar :kiss….
Ragini:oh God show some shame if they are kissing u see them with ur mouth open
Sanskar :what do I do then I don’t have a chance to kiss so by seeing I feel that my brother s fate is good than me. Mine is worse
Ragini:now shut up and turn otherside
Sanskar :what is ur plan. Don’t take advantage of me OK. Don’t get any ideas by seeing them OK I am not that type of man
Ragini:u won’t stop na turn this side

Ragsan smile thinking swalak having some romantic time
But soon they hear a thud.
Ragsan turned to see and are shocked to see that Swara catches her cheeks and laksh is in full rage
Ragsan look at each other
Laksh:shut up just shut up don’t u have minimum common sense by doing this cheap tricks u wanted to get back my love. Swara get one thing by betraying again u can’t heal my heart which is already broken by ur betrayal
Swara:lucky plz listen to me
Laksh:I didn’t thought u will stoop to this level
Swara :no lucky I did this all to get back ur love only
Laksh:tell me one thing Swara u do this to me or to all men
Swara had her anger crossed limits and slaps laksh:lucky what are u trying to say
Laksh:haa I am saying that ur characterless who breaks hearts of not only one but many and do cheap tricks to make them fall again.

Swara again slaps him:I didn’t thought that my lucky will think like this about me
Laksh:is there only one lucky or many
Swara again slaps him
Laksh goes from there with so much anger. He throws the cloth which Swara tied to his wound at her. While going he sees ragsan and goes from there.
Swara kneels down and cries vigorously
Sanskar :what is happening they are slapping each other like if there is a competition and who slaps more will get a Oscar. It’s like a thappad bhajan
Ragini stares angrily at sanskar.
Sanskar :what…
Ragini :it is all bcoz of u only. And goes to swara
Sanskar :what mee what I did who slapped is fine who got slapped is also fine where did I came from. I think God had created ragini while he is fighting with his wife.
Ragini consoles Swara
Swara :laado did u hear what did lucky said
Ragini:yes u don’t cry I didn’t thought Laksh would say like this about u. He don’t deserve u.
Swara :laado I want to go to home
Ragini :okk sanskar will drop u
Sanskar :haa Swara come
Swara :no I want to go alone
Ragini :but

Sanskar stops ragini by holding her hand
Swara gets in the car and turns to ragsan and asks:is Laksh right????
This question pinched ragsan s hearts deep. Swara goes from there In car.

Screen freezes on swalak s angry faces
Yeh dooriyan plays….

Episode ends…

Sry guys for so late but from today I try to post daily. I hope u all understand. I read azure s red string of fate. It’s really great I love the way she writes. I think I can’t write like this and express the feeling she did. All the best azure u have a great future. My favorite writers are riya, lovely, Pavani darling, Sindhu rm, Lila. Sry if I forget some names bcoz I only read some selective ffs which give importance to ragini bcoz I am a huge fan of teju. I also like swarabut the ongoing track became a big headache which shows only swara Mahan then why ragini is in this serial of course it is swaragini both should get equal importance but I think writers don’t think of ragini. Sry if I hurt anyone. Thank uuuu

Credit to: Dhamukohli

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