Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 60


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 60
Recap: swalak engagement and holi celebrations. Ragsan and swalak romance.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u for ur precious comments but I missed some of my frnds but it’s OK.

Episode starts…
Scene : at swalak room night
Laksh wakes up and sees swara beside her and also in the same shirt. He is shocked. Swara is still sleeping. Laksh is trying to get up but swara is getting disturbed in this process so he stays still and staring swara. Laksh unknowingly kisses her cheeks. Swara wakes up and sees laksh kissing her. Swara also smiles when laksh is kissing she also kissed his cheeks. By that laksh gets alerted and gets up. Swara sees the position and gets shocked. Swara has tears in her eyes.
Laksh : swara I am really sry I am not remembering what had happened
Swara : Haa I am also not remembering what has happened. My clothes.. Oh my god what happened in evening and starts crying
Laksh : swara plz don’t cry I don’t think something would have happened.
Swara : what are u saying lucky can’t u understand see our clothes and we are in same shirt and u are saying nothing happened
Laksh: see swara I am also not interested in u. Did u understand. I said na I don’t love u
Swara:lucky it’s not time to fight now what we should do. If any one see us like this
Laksh: change ur dress first
Swara : how we both are in…
Laksh: oh what we should do. If we want to get out from this we should get put at a time.
Swara : but how is that possible
Laksh: I will turn of the lights and close my eyes u change after that I will
Swara : okk
While they were removing the shirt lucky s hands touches swara body by which she shivers.
Finally after sometime they change into their clothes.

Scene : at ragsan room
Sanskar wakes up and remembers what all happened. He tries to remove his hands from her but ragini holds his hands in her sleep tightly.
Sanskar : if she remembered what happened. She did that all in her drunken state so she would not remember. I hope it would have really happened. He sees ragini smiling in her sleep. He kisses her forehead. Ragini is still smiling but suddenly her smile turns into pain and she starts opening her eyes slowly. immediately sanskar closes his eyes and acts like he is in deep sleep.
Ragini keeps her hands on head : oh God why is my head is paining. Ahhh she suddenly sees sanskar beside her. She shouts
Sanskar : arey ragini why are u shouting let me sleep na I am tired
Ragini: what why am I here. What are u doing beside me.
Sanskar : don’t say u forgot everything. Oh my god it’s a wonderful moment in my life. My love
Ragini : plz say it clearly what happened
Sanskar : what should happen between a wife and husband. What a big deal
Ragini : shut up u ravan kumar
Sanskar : yaah I was shut only what all happened is done by u only but I enjoyed very much
Ragini: what I can’t do this how dare u
Sanskar : oh hello once see who is holding whom
Ragini sees that she hold his hands very tightly and leaves it immediately
Ragini: oh God what is this who changed my saree
Sanskar : I

Ragini: what how can u do this how can u take advantage of my unconscious state
Sanskar : oh hello I didn’t took any advantage u only forced me to change ur saree I was continously telling u change by ur self but u only took my hands and made me change
Ragini :really I only asked u to change
Sanskar : Haa and u also…. Oh my god I can’t say it with my mouth. He blushes
Ragini: what plz say na
Sanskar : that is uuu kissed me and all happened
Ragini: what no I won’t believe u. I cant do this
Sanskar : if u believe or not it’s ur wish but I can’t forget the beautiful moment oh my god what I was waiting from so much time before
Ragini : how can u talk like this I said na I don’t love u
Sanskar : ha ha u clearly said that u love me only
Ragini: I.. I.. I.. Would have said it bcoz I was not in my senses
Sanskar : u know people say that when someone drinks they speak the truth and I know that u only love me but u said something is stopping u. I promise u that I will definitely solve ur problem and will make u accept my love
Ragini:there is no problem and if there also I don’t need ur help and stay away from me what all happened at night happened as I was not in my senses.
Sanskar : but how can I forget the kiss and ur hug oh god I can’t stop myself to get near u.
Ragini : stay there only now I am in senses. I will beat u if u come near me also
Sanskar : u already did that beating with ur love and we became one soul
Ragini:thinks oh god what have I done really all happened between us and now I can’t stop him
Sanskar :what are thinking are u trying to remember what happened between us then plz remember so that I should not make any efforts to tell you what happened
Ragini:u just shut up OK
They hear some sound

Ap:what all are doing come down and do dinner
Ragini :I am going down
Sanskar :Haa ha come fast I am waiting for U
Scene :swalak
Laksh:what is this swara how have u worn ur saree
Swara:what nice only na
Laksh : oho so u call this as saree it is like burqa
Swara : actual she worn the saree like covering herself in a blanket. Lucky I don’t know how to wear a saree
Laksh:Haa I know
Swara : how do u know
Laksh: Haa u said in the evening
Swara : that my means u remember
Laksh: what I don’t know but I got some flash that u are saying u don’t know how to wear a saree
Swara : then remember what all happened
Laksh: Haa why not what are u thinking about me how can I remember everything I an also drunk like u
Swara : u only said na u for some flsh
Laksh: OK then do what all u have done in the evening then I will able to remember everything

Swara : what
Laksh : Haa
Swara :ok leave it now what
Laksh: now what where saree nicely and come down fast
Swara : lucky how mean u know I don’t know to wear saree and u are saying Mr to change and come fast
Laksh: so what should I do. Shall I change
Swara :what?? OK
Laksh:ok then come he make folds of the saree and swara is shivering whenever he touches her belly but also feels happy. Laksh after making folds came near to her
Swara thinks oh god if he fixes it and has sweat all over the body.
Laksh : over keep this that s all I am going u come down.
Swara wears : I know u lucky u will never ever cross ur limits or make me uncomfortable. I trust u lucky bcoz I love u and if something happened also I don’t feel bcoz I am only urs and will be urs forever but I am a little bit sad bcoz I want to become urs in full senses and also genuinely. I know u are angry on me but u can’t be angry for long time bcoz laksh cannot leave without swara and swara has no life without laksh.
Laksh hears this and has tears In his eyes . He goes from there.

Scene : at hall
Ap: why u all came before the party ends and where is sanskar
Ragini: maa he is sleeping.
Swara : maa my head is breaking it is like some one is hitting my head with many hammers
Laksh: Haa maa mine too my head is like after sometime it bursts and come s out
Avi: Haa why not u both drank that dirty juice so many times now bear this punishment
Ragini: what avi swalak drank bhang
Munni: oh laado don’t act OK u also drank even kids we are better than u. U made us ran here and there like monkeys.
Avi: Haa these two ediots lucky will say that he will kill swaraand Shona will say that she will kill laksh. Oh god they did so much fighting
Munni : Haa and laado keeps on saying I love ravan kumar u love ravan kumar. Oh god she jumped into the pool. She made me do so many frets .
Swaraglak are shocked by hearing this. They are fully embarrassed and kept their heads down
Dp : so this is the reason why sanskar is sleeping and winks to Ap
Ragini : no no nothing happened between us.
Dp : what did I said I just said that he would be tired by handling u. What did u thought (teasingly)
Ragini runs from there.
Swalak Ap dp and munni avi laughed
Ap: why were u laughing what are u both doing in the room plz control till ur marriage
Swara : nothing happened he didn’t did anything to my saree. Lucky was staring at Swara angrily. Swara understood what she said and bits her tongue.
Ap and dp start laughing
Avi: munni what are these talking about
Munni : Haa I know give me ur ear. Avi goes to munni and keeps his ears near munni. Munni slowly whispers I don’t know
Avi: munni I will not leave u.
They start fighting and running all over the house
Scene : ragsan room
Sanskar sees ragini is coming and intentionally acts taking a pillow : ragini come fast na u made me mad in ur love what I did in the evening I just can’t control myself when I see u when u kissed me oh god I was in heaven I want another one to make this night more beautiful coke fast ragini ur testing my patience.
Ragini hears all this : oh God what have I done I only created these many feelings to him now he is in full on Romantic mode if u go inside he will eat me like a apple who is hungry. I will not go inside. She turns and was leaving.
Sanskar thinks : oh what have I done I thought to tease her but she is going away. Sanskar ur plan backfired beta now go and search her.

Scene : munni and avi s room
Ragini : I didn’t slept till now
Munni : why u came to us go to ur ravan kumar. In the whole holi party u was only telling about ur ravan kumar. Go to him only
Ragini : munni stop pulling my legs I did that bcoz I am drunk
Avi: that means if ur not drunk u will not love papa
Ragini : I.. I..
Avi: plz laado don’t leave me and Papa. I didn’t saw my mama and papa also didn’t treates me well. He used to scold me everytime but when u came into our lives I thought God was not able to see my pain and sent u to me. And Papa also changed a lot. He now loves me very much bcoz of u only I got all my family plz don’t leave us. If u leave us then papa will love me as of now but I will again loose my mama. He was crying vigorously
Ragini was also crying hearing his each and every word.
Ragini : I love u avi. Whatever may happen I won’t leave u. U will be my son frnd and all how can I stay away from u
Munni: then me plz laado I can’t give big lectures like avi but I can’t live without u plz don’t leave me also
Ragini : I should think about it. Munni keeps pout face
Ragini: what say avi
Avi: acts as if he is deeply thinking munni was like eagerly waiting for his answer
Munni: lost her patience avi u were thinking as if ur writing ur final exam say na
Avi : OK laado let her stay with us only poor girl.i also get someone to play if I am bored
Ragini : if u say then I should definitely agree. Munni is fuming in anger
Ragvi laughs looking at munni
Ragini : arey we are just having some fun. Ur my lovely beautiful cute darling. I first met u only before avi I can’t even think of leaving u. U became the reason of my life dear. When u call me didi I feel that my bro has came to me again. She hugs munni and avi
They are playing happily. All the family members saw it and are very happy seeing their bonding.

Avi: laado say me what u feel for me I mean what relation u feel between us
Ragini: of course maa of I don’t like then call as u wish
Avi:that means u also love papa
Ragini : how is that
Munni : hits ragini s head arey buddu if avi calls u mama and ravan papa then u are husband and wife. And husband and wife love eo very much naa
Ragini : oho munni in this small brain this much is there
Munni :and say about our relation
Ragini : didi what say
Munni: no laado ur everything ur all in one for me okk
Ragini : OK madam what u say
All laughs and hugs

The whole family watches them
Ap: sanskar beta tq u very much bcoz of ur love only we all able to see this . I think my pari beta again came in the form of ragini
Sanskar smiles
Dp: no Ap ragini is different she can’t be compared to anyone. She is really different.
Ap: OK OK now come
They go
Sanskar comes inside the room where ragavni are there
Sanskar : u Devils didn’t slept till now. U don’t have any manners all bcoz of ur laado only naa
Munni takes a knife and keeps it on his neck while avi takes a gun and points it on his head
Munni: see if u say anything about my laado I will cut u into 50pieces
Avi : why 50munni
Munni: in school mam taught only till 50naa
Avu :crct. And papa for me only one is enough only one shot u will be gone if u say anything to my mama
Sanskar : oh my god I think I am going to die plz yaar I am sry from now I will not say anything
Munni: BTW tomorrow is Sunday okk that s why we are still talking did u get that Mr. Ravan kumar
Sanskar : I am sry he catches his ears.
Avini:ok but if it repeats u will be gone did u get that
Ragini : why u left him scold him more
Sanskar : see for this only I will talk like this she only makes me like this with her silly talks
Avini looks at ragini who is noting her head saying that she didn’t do like that cutely. After seeing this Avini looks at sanskar very angrily

Sanskar : arey she is telling lies u don’t know anything she will be very nice with u but with me she will do all kinds of crime
Ragini: what I did
Sanskar : u really want me to say. He winks
Ragini: thinks what he is trying to say what.. What I have done
Sanskar : OK then u all listen she keeps papad on my bed and I slept on ground whole night u know
Ragini bends her head down
Avi:so laado ur telling lies. Now say sry
Ragini : OK for U sry she says it facing on other side
Sanskar : see anyone say sry like this
Munni : Haa laado if u say sry for me or avi u will hug us na. Now hug him also
Ragini : what noo
Sanskar smiles victoriously

Avi : Haa u said u love me and Papa na so now go and hug him
Ragini: no plz
Avi : what a big deal why are u saying no Ho and hug him fastly
Munni: Haa go laado
Ragini :munni u too
Avini: shouts goo
Ragini : OK for U she goes near to sanky sanskar is smiling and he is anxiously waiting ragini to hug him and feel the beauty of heaven
Sanskar : come ragini fast can’t u do that for this both
Ragini gives him a killer look and goes near him and hugs him being so far only her hands are touching
Sanskar breaks the hug: what is this do u call this as hug see munni avi
Avini: hug properly laado we want to sleep
Ragini : oh u are getting sleep so u should sleep I am going byee gud night
Sanskar looks at Avini
Avini : laado…..
Ragini : Haa OK OK God this ravan kumar is taking full on advantage
Ragini goes to sanskar seeing him with a disgusted look while she came near to his chest and hugg him immediately sanskar hold her tightly. Ragini first started to free herself but later on she herself hugged him very tightly. They both were lost in each others embrace. Oh my God such a beautiful and amazing feeling. They were like that for 5min
Avi: munni this much time
Munni : Haa avi first laado said she don’t want to Hug now see they don’t even care about us
Ragsan realises their moment

Ragini: sanskar leave me see we are in avini s room
Sanskar : Haa that’s why only I am hugging u bcoz in our room u only fight but here I can hug u I think I should come every night what say good idea na
Ragini: sanskar behave urself leave me and she breaks the hug
Sanskar : see na she pushed me forcely
Avi : oh God see first thing u both spoiled our sleep with ur huge hug for this much time and now also fighting
Sanskar : avi munni I am so happy today take this he gives two big silks
Avini jumps in excitement and grabbed the chocolate : tq u very much
Sanskar : no in fact I should say tq u to u both bcoz of u both my love is with me
Avini are busy in eating. Ragini is fuming in anger
Ragini : OK u both sleep gud Night. She kisses both and was about to go
Sanskar : for me
Avini : Haa laado give a kiss to him also after all he gave us our favorite choclates
Ragini: what?????

Episode ends with ragini s shocking face and sanskar mischievous smile…

Guys I think I can’t upload tomorrow so advancely gave long update. I hope u enjoyed. Tq u very much guys for ur lovely response continue like this only . guys I am in 60th episode oh my god I am very happy this is all bcoz of u only who comment on my ff and my silent readers too. Very huge Thank uuuuuu. Love u guys..


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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