Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 6

Swaragini–(Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 6

Recap:raglak convince munni and take her to Mumbai there they see swara who is very ultramodern and swaragini hugg….

Hii guys dhamini here first of all I am sry that when I was writing the previous episode I saw only 4comments for ep 4 so I was depressed but I saw there were so many tqs each and every one who read and commented on my ff. Yaah this is only starting there are so many twists. And I will write in full English. I can only update 1on each day bcoz I am engineering student and comes at 5 but I will try.

Scene :at the dark place

Person1:I am giving u 50lakhs according to our deal so that should get only to Burma company only.
Person 2:it is a big crime to take bribe. I will not accept it.
Person1:I think u didn’t heard about me before how ruthless I am.
Person 2:oh God now ur threatening me. I will call police right now.
Person 1:okk first listen to me once and then decide if u want to do this deal or calling police
Person2:ok say.. He says something which is muted.
Person 1:now say what u want to do.
Person 2:I am really sry I will do what u will say but I am little bit scared if anything happens then
Person1:no nothing will happen to u. I will be also there naa.
Person2:ok then I will go and do my work.
Person 1:ok but be careful don’t say to anyone that u have talked to me.
Person2: okk I will be.

Scene:at the busstand
Episode starts with laksh is shocked to see they were hugging and we’re screaming like he’ll. Munni is enjoying by seeing him.
Swara:u have not changed Laado same like that only very traditional
Ragini:u have neither changed same to same bit now even more full on crazy.
Laksh is very shocked
Lucky:ragini so she is ur frnd. And jaan u didn’t said u have so beautiful frnd.
Swara:I don’t know that u are cmng ragini.
Laksh stares at ragini who is very tensed.
Laksh:do u have another frnd.
Swara:but ragini where did u get this chimpu
Munni:hehe we also kept his name gorilla.

Swara:who are u little heart. So Cute. Laksh but very fast know.. And smiles
Laksh:stamps swara feet shh… no not like that. Ragini why are u not answering say where is ur frnd.
Ragini:actually…. I. I. I
Swara:ragini u r stammering that means u are trying to lie.
Ragini:nono not like that
Swara:don’t lie yaar u forgot I know u very well than unself kk. Say truth.
Ragini:I can never win on u. Kk. Actually laksh there is no frnd of me I lied. I don’t know what to answer when u asked soo I said something.
Swara:see I know u very well but laado what are u doing with him..
Lucky:are yaar how many times U ask rey. What she will think about me.
Swara:flirt……… actually laado u won’t like these type of boys know then what are u doing with him.
Ragini:he is somewhat Crack but he is very nice from inside. And are u going to concert. Laksh is feeling proud and lifts his collar.
Swara:how do u know even mama papa didn’t know I am going for performance. I said I am going to frnds they believed.

Ragini:u forgot budhu I also know u more than u urself got it and they both started laughing.
All the crowd were seeing only them.
Swara:what are u seeing can’t we laugh. Don’t have any work go…
Ragini:shonaa leave it naa.
Laksh is shocked thinking that they know each other very well.
Swara:lucky I got u yaar don’t confuse I will all but let’s go from here if not these people will eat us. Ragini and munni smiles.
Ragini:but where
Swara:my house..
Ragini:what but how can I stay there.
Swara:ur the same laado first u come then we will talk about it later.
Swara:hey little princess come let’s go.
Munni:didi come naa. Ragini thinks and says kkk. They left to the outside.
Munni: who is he he is very funny he is like gole gole. Haaa
Lucky:I know it my dear jaans driving effect. Yes naa. But this jumbo is not at all stopped eating. Ediot get down.
Ragini:what we will four will go on this.

Swara:no by helicopter.
Munni:really I will come.
Ragini:very funny I cant
Laksh :ok then u 3go I will come by my car it is on the way.
Ragini:shonaa ur still driving. Oh God ur crazy. OK but be careful
Swara:ok sweet heart come let’s go.

Scene:gadodia mansion
Swara :BTW what is ur name cutie.
Munni:my name is munni didi
Swara : it’s very cute name but don’t call me didi guess another name by seeing me
Munni:I am very small naa so I can’t think but when I will become big I will keep ur name. For time being I will call u shona I liked that name very much.
Swara:really credit goes to my laado
Lucky:u cheatercock munni I won’t leave u.
Munni:what I have done

Lucky:u have kept my name gorilla but now u remembered ur age
Munni:I am sry and goes behind ragini and says but u look like that only.
Swaragini laugh
Ragini :is aunty uncle are there
Swara:no laado they went for medical camp. Shutt………..
Ragini:what happened shona
Swara:I forgot that dadi will come now if she sees u here then she will start shouting at u
Ragini:it’s okk I said before only I will go somewhere to stay.
Swara:ohi plz what u thought of me I have solution for any problem. Don’t worry. Lucky….
Lucky:nono I can’t bear ur dadi if she sees me she will squeeze my cheeks saying u naughty.i am sry I can’t help u
Swara :are shut up ediot I know that u scare seeing my dadi. U take these both to my bedroom fastly I will see if dadi is coming.
Parvati:swara beta very fast u came to home
Swara is shocked seeing her. Laksh make them hide behind curtains
Swara:actually dadi I forgot something that’s why I came to take it back.
Parvati :ok I think ur mom and dad left u and me only BTW how do u know I will go to eat sweets at night.

Swara:smiles and says oh that when I was going to party I saw u taking sweets secretly. That’s it
Dadi:what that means ur going daily at 12at night. If something happens
Swara:what dadi ur joking all boys are scared to see me for a few seconds and bad in ur dreams
Dadi:haha okk Tommy I will go and sleep it is very hot outside
Swara:ok u go and thinks about ragini and said dadi….
Dadi:what happened why are u shouting
Swara:dadi actually do u remember ur best frnd Jaya
Dadi:Haa I remembered we were very close when we were at our childhood
Swara: oh God she will say about her flashback now. What I should do. Dadi… stop there only actually she Is… .
Dadi:what happened

Swara :she died..
Dadi:what but yesterday only we talked on phone
Swara:what I have Said. Dadi but that’s yesterday know but she died today
Dadi:but how u know
Munni sneezes. All are shocked. Ragini catches munnis mouth
Dadi:who is that
Swara:who there is no one here accept u and me. I think ur frnd is calling u. Go there for sometime know she will feel happy
Dadi:but u said she died
Swara: oh sry her soul will feel happy and winks to laksh. Laksh understood and goes from there
Dadi:but u will be alone know
Swara :it’s OK dadi for ur frnd I can do thatmuch
Dadi: okk then I will pack my bag
Laksh is already packing
Swara :no I will do it very fastly
Dadi:but.. Kkk
Swara brings bag
Dadi:this much fast

Swara :u know me na goo now
Dadi:but ticket
Swara:ok I will said u by online now goo
Dadi goes all relaxed
Ragini:shona what u said she will feel bad when she got to know it’s not true. Plz call her go and stop I will go somewhere. At least u should care about her age.
Swara: oh drama queen don’t be this much nice yaar plz
Swara:now come
Lucky:now say how u know each other
Swara is about to say her phone rang
Swara: oh God we are late our performance starts in 1hr. Laado and munni u also come to see
Ragini:u know shona in village I didn’t even miss one show also
Swara hugs tightly and ragini is crying
Swara:ok now stop this u made me senti. Go and change or u will come with this bride dress only
Ragini :but I don’t have anything to where
Swara :go and take mine u know na we shared all
Ragini:she sees swara room and says what is this mess shona and I won’t were these kind of dresses.

Swara :ok we will buy today but till then we’re something
All are ready and waiting for ragini. Ragini comes in long skirt with yellow top and blue skirt and covered with scarp as it is sleeveless
Swara:oh God ur looking very pretty arey lucky close ur mouth otherwise dinosaurs will go. Lucky feels embarrassed. But ragini what is this scarf for cleaning nose.
Ragini :no. But swara takes it come
Swara:we were performing in a mall so after performance we will do shopping. Kk
Munni:kk u r soo sweet.
Swara:ohi tqq cutie

Scene:shopping mall
A black BMW comes and a guy comes out who is wearing a black shades. He is wearing blue velvet coat on white shirt and black jeans

At auction
Man:how much u will wait yaar start soon
Manager:he is important person so we are waiting if u can’t wait then u can leave
Man:is he that special
Guy:yes I Am Mr. Burma and smiles evilly.
Manger:ok yes he is he came. So guys wait is over here comes the great Indias one of the top 5 businesses man Mr. Sanskar maheshwari

Burma:ohi that’s grate meeting u
Sanskar:for u not for me and goes from there and sits on his seat
Manager:ok then we will start now this dress is very ancient model designed in modern look in Britain and now came to the auction. So gentle man we start this the initial price starts with 1lakh
All started saying some amount but sanskar didn’t said anything.
Manager:now this beautiful dress is owned to…

Swaraglak and munni comes to the same mall. Swara and laksh went to perform. Ragini and munni are watching. At the time munni runs from there and ragini goes looking for her and finally reaches to the auction place.
Manger :to Mr. Burma. All claps and sanskar sees them evilly and Burma smirks seeing sanskar. When all media were asking sanskar why he lost this then they hear someone shout saying this is all his plan but she is not clearly seen bcoz of crowd finally it is revealed that it is non another than ragini. Sanskar also sees her

Episode ends with sanskar shocked…

Precap :swalak performance but ragini is not there and they are searching her…

Guess u liked it thanks for encouraging me. Thank uuuuuu


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