Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 58 & 59


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 58 & 59

Recap :Ap and dp drama to make ragsan and swalak together. Munni and avi entry. Swalak decide to marry. Ragsan also decide to not fight.

Hii guys dhamini here. Sry for late update was busy in relatives function.

Episode starts..

Ragini: I don’t love u bcoz I love someone
Sanskar is shocked and heartbroken.
Sanskar :no ragini u can’t do this to me. How can u love someone. U are lying. U are intentionally doing this. Say that u are joking. U only love me and I know it. He is crying and asking like a mad person
Ragini : if u won’t believe it is ur problem I can’t help it. I never ever loved u before or in future. And went from there

Sanskar : no she is lying I know she only loves me the way she takes care of me and my family I won’t believe that she can do this to Me.i won’t believe u ragini u are doing this to tease me right I know. He is crying. He suddenly remembers ragini saying that night that she had loved some one before. No this can’t happen ragini… no no he is crying like hell.
Ragini is outside and was hiding. She hears all this and goes from there.
Scene: at gm
Ap and dp have come for talking about swalak marriage. Shekar and sumi also accepted. All are happy except our love birds swalak and ragsan.
Pandit : so tomorrow is a nice muhurat and swalak engagement will happen at that time
Ap: but tomorrow is holi na
Pandit : Haa but for swalak according to their kundali they should be married soon otherwise something bad will happen by which all will suffer. So tomorrow will be engagement. After two days mehendi and haldi. After that Sangeet and next day marriage. So in less than one week their marriage should takes place.
All agreed
Swara : lucky I don’t know all this is happening very fast
Laksh : anyways all are happy and I am too. However if their will be time also I can’t forget ur betrayal and again love u. So in anyways I don’t have any trouble.
He turned in to a very rude person. There is no more funny lucky.
Laksh goes from there
Swara cries.
Scene : at ragsan room
Ragsan are not even talking a single word or making an eye contact.
Ragini arranged her bedding on couch and sleeps. Sanskar also slept on bed staring ragini and was crying remembering all there happy and close moments. Their nok jhok all.
Night passes
Scene : at mm
The whole mansion is decorated. All are very happy. They all decided first their would be swalak engagement after that holiday celebrations.

Now all are gathered and are waiting for swaragini.
Ragini comes down with swara. Swara is wearing a pink colour half saree she is looking very beautiful. Laksh also can’t take his eyes from her.
Ragini: Shona I think laksh will eat u see how is he looking at u. So much love. I knew that u deserve all the happiness.
Swara : laado I think more than me u deserve much more happiness then why are u sad
Ragini : no Shona I am not sad and why will I be sad. It is the happiest moment.
Swara : laado u can’t hide anything from me say na

Sumi:if u both are finished then come down fast see how laksh is becoming restless
Ap: Haa Haa why won’t he be bcoz my swara is looking like an angel. I am blessed that I got two angels in the form of my daughters.
Ragini: Shona there is nothing u r just over thinking come fast if u waste time like this then laksh will kill me
Swara : thinks I know u are hiding something I will get to know everything.
Ap:ragu where is sanskar
Ragini: don’t know maa. She says in a very careless manner

Ap feels strange ragini observes this
Ragini: maa u don’t worry. he went to arrange some surprise to swalak after all his brothers engagement moreover his wife’s sis engagement
Ap smiles .
Swalak engagement happens. Munni and avi are in full of excitement mood. They are clapping and cheering.
Munni: Shona what is this only ring
Avi: Haa lucky u should give something special to shona
Munni: u too
Swalak look at each other faces with blank expressions.
Swara : actually I should give something to lucky bcoz for me it is enough that I got laksh s love and he gave much more than what I asked but I always broked his heart. Now finally everything is settled and we both are happy. Lucky I promise u that I will not break ur heart at anytime. I will always make u happy. I won’t allow ur smile fade bcoz of me. I won’t leave u till my death.
Laksh has tears and were rushing out of his eyes : he keeps his fingers on her lips. Shh what are u saying how can u even think if u die what will I do by staying alive. And what are u saying u didn’t broke my heart anytime all u did was in ur innocence and it’s not ur mistake. I am the luckiest person who feeled the love for 5 yrs and finally got my love. U know swara u stay with me forever and ever that s all I don’t need anything from u and if u ask my life I will give it without thinking bcoz my life is nothing without ur happiness and as my heart lives in ur heart so I won’t even care if I am alive or…

Swara : lucky plz stop it how can anyone love this much. I think no girl Will be this happy than me bcoz I have lucky with me and I promise u that I will not leave u ever in my life for a second also bcoz without u there is no swara. I cant Even imagine a single second with out u.
Swalak sees each other very lovingly. Very passionate.
Tum Hi Ho plays..
All gets emotional seeing swalak. Munni and avi started clapping. Ragini has tears in her eyes.
Swalak broke the eyelock by the clapping.
Munni: oh my god Shona I didn’t excepted these many lines from u. I didn’t understand anything but feeling like crying very much seeing u both
Avi: I didn’t expected that lucky loves Shona this much. While he was crying automatically I also cried very much though I didn’t heard anything.
Munni: we just asked to gift ur selves but u both gave us tears see all my makeup is gone now I should again go and get ready
Avi: Haa I am also I was crying from 10min see I became red.
Munni: oho u was only crying from 10min but I am crying from 12min.so my make up is very important laado come and get me ready
Avi: no munni u hitless always cry so there is no big issue boys don’t cry like u girls but they made me cry so my make up is very important laado come fast.
All are laughing seeing their fight.
Swalak were in their own world. They are just staring each other lovingly.
Ragini: see u both shaitaan my Shona cried a lot more than u and it’s more over her engagement so makeup is need for my Shona OK now u both go and do makeup to each other.
Munni: avi do u know how to do makeup

Avi: Haa I have a beauty parlour
All laughs
Scene : holi preparations
Swaragini comes down wearing a white saree. They were looking like two moons.
Swara goes to laksh. Ragini is serving drinks to all the guests
Swara : laksh u love me this much
Laksh: I have already said that this drama is happening bcoz of maa OK and don’t take these love shove words in front of me. Before I used to love these words but now I can’t even hear them they are like poison to me and goes from there
Swara cries.
Dp gives bhaang to ragini. Ragini resisted it first but after took it and drank it
Ragini after drinking bhaang was roming here and there. She completely lost her senses.
Munni: laado what happened why are dancing like this

Ragini: arey munni u came I love u so much don’t ever leave me
Munni : no laado why will I leave u and I love u more than anyone where is ur ravan kumar he left u like this I should take his class
Ragini : no munni I hurted ravan very much that s why he didn’t came to see laksh engagement from night he is crying.
Munni: what that ravan is crying no u won’t believe
Ragini :no munni he cried a lot bcoz of me
Munni: I also want to see ravan crying
Ragini : Haa OK come we will go to our room and see if he is there

Scene : swalak
Swalak also got drunk. They are playing holi by throwing colors on each other.
Laksh : chii swara how dare u throw color on me
Swara : u don’t know me I am Tyson did u forget
Laksh:so what wait if my Shona comes she will kick u. She is more powerful than u got it.
Swara : chaa u don’t know my lucky if he knows that u throwed colors on me before my lucky then he will take u to the top of the building and throws u
Laksh: oh ediot just shut up if my Shona knows if u are threatening me she will kill u. She will play football with u did u get that

Swara : a chaa let her come now u just wait and see. She sees a egg and throws it on laksh
Laksh who saw this bended down it failed on dp head.
Ap is laughing. At the very next moment a tomato falls on her. Dp starts laughing
Dp: that’s why elders say that don’t laugh at other s the same will happen to u
Ap: they are playing with tomatoes they don’t know how costly they are
Dp: oh God Ap u are thinking about the cost ediot
Ap: Haa first look at yourself chii u are stinking like dead rats.
Dp: ha ha look at ur self u are looking like joker I think that tomato should be on ur nose
Laksh throws a tomato on swara but it falls on dp s nose.
Ap: oh God dp ji have u heard about joker who has tomato on his nose.
They fight.
Swalak are fully drenched in holi colors
Avi: oho what is this u are playing more than kids look at u both

Swara : see na this laksh only did this u know na Shona will not do like this. Cutely
Lucky : no avi I am ur chachu u should trust me she only did this and also scolded my Shona
Swara : no no he scolded very much my lucky
Avi: can u just both shut up are u both swara and laksh only.
Swara : no no I am shona
Laksh: I am lucky
Avi: then what u both are fighting about
Swalak : we we.. No we are not fighting we are loving each other. Swalak hugg
Laksh: u know Shona that girl swara scolded u and me
Swara : Haa that boy laksh also scolded me and u
Laksh :really how dare he see now what I will do I will kill him
Swara : OK u go that way I go this way u kill laksh I will kill swara
Laksh : done..
Swalak parts.
Avi: oh my god what happens to these. My head is bursting

Scene : at ragsan room
Munni: where is he
Ragini : I don’t know munni I think he is weeping by hiding somewhere. Come let’s check u check under couch I will check under bed.
Munni: did u clearly saw that ravan how much big he is. He can’t even fit under this see this couch how small it is
Ragini: haa crct he has six packs
Munni: what packets
Ragini: it’s not packets it is packs. U don’t know
Munni: haa
Ragini: u don’t know even that also six packs means he has six bricks tied on his chest
Munni: what bricks but I didn’t saw it

Ragini: I saw naa that only. If we keep bricks we also get six packs
Munni: but I am very small na I can’t bare them
Ragini: oh I am sry munni we will ask ravan when he will come
Munni: why are u behaving like me even I am better than u
Ragini:what no I am ur laado only wait when ravan will come I will ask him
Munni: arey why are u always taking his name.
Ragini: she smiles u know I like my ravan very much. He is very nice. He loves me very much. When he cries he will be like a cute baby.

Munni: what happened to u laado u like that ravan u don’t know what he did to u
Ragini: Haa he did very bad to me. He pulled me in swimming pool also see there. They go near pool
Sanskar comes then only and stands behind ragini
Ragini: munni see here he is
Munni : who laado
Ragini: my ravan see he is inside the pool. Actually it is the reflection.
Sanskar : ragini what are u doing
Ragini: I I was searching u only ravan.. Sry sir. She is talking to reflection in pool
Sanskar : doesn’t understand ragini get up come to me
Ragini : OK sir. She stands and jumps into pool

Munni: laado..
Sanskar : arey what happened to her why she is behaving like this
Munni : I don’t know she was continously saying that she hurted ravan I like ravan
Sanskar :I think she drank bhaang
Munni: BTW where are u from mrng
Sanskar :I have some work
Munni:what work
Ragini: in pool were are u sir till now u are here only na
Munni: arey laado see ur sir is here
Ragini: what sir u said to come to u and u went up without saying. I hurt
Sanskar : come up u will get cold
Ragini : see munni how is he calling. I want my ravan
Munni: laado he is only ur ravan

Ragini: no my if he is my ravan he would lift me and takes me up. He is sir who always tortures me. She cries and shouts I want my ravan
Sanskar jumps into pool and keeps his hands on her mouth.
Ragini looks on
Munni: I am going my head is bursting.
Ragini bites his hand : munni don’t go he is kidnapping me. He also kidnapped me before
Munni : no laado u call me after u become normal. Munni left
Ragini:cries ahhh munni u left me with him
Sanskar : what is this ragini why are u behaving like this u drank bhaang na
Ragini: Haa my ravan left me. If he was there then he would took care of me u are shouting. I want my ravan
Sanskar : shut up chup
Ragini: okk finger on lip she keeps her finger on lip. She is very cute
Sanskar lifts her in his arms and takes her out and keeps her on the bed.

Scene : at swalak
Swalak were searching for swara and laksh and faced each other.
Swara : did u find laksh
Laksh :no u found swara
Swara : no
Laksh : what we will do
Swara :see I am very wet and getting irritation
Laksh: Haa come let’s go to my room
Swara : Haa
They go to their room

Swara goes to mirror : see na lucky how that idiot laksh throwed all colors on me
Laksh: also comes there u are looking beautiful in this colors Shona
Swara : really then u should thank laksh
Laksh : but where he is
Swara : see na he is in front of u only. She says the reflection of laksh in mirror
Laksh: heyy tq u dude u made my Shona look beautiful he shakes his hand with the reflection
Swara: BTW lucky u are also looking so handsome
Laksh: oh is it then u should also thank swara
Swara hugs her reflection.
Laksh: arey Shona we forget we were searching for them to kill naa
Swara : Haa but as we look beautiful bcoz of them so we should forgive them
Laksh : OK whatever u say Shona

Scene : ragsan
Sanskar : see ragini I am going out u change OK otherwise u will get fever
Ragini: Haa I don’t need ur advice OK u go and call my ravan. He will make me change
Sanskar : don’t be silly do what I said
Ragini : ahhh she cries sir is shouting on me
Sanskar :ok OK stop crying. I will go and call ur ravan ok
Ragini :smiles really go fast

Sanskar goes out and comes.
Ragini:jumps on him u came my ravan. She kissed his cheek.
Sanskar is shocked.
Ragini : ravan u came I know u can’t leave me bcoz u love me na
Sanskar : but what for u u don’t love me na u love someone else
Ragini: who said that I love u very much.
Sanskar feels very happy but thinks : no sanskar she is saying this as she got drunk that s all she doesn’t love u.

Ragini: what are u thinking. I know u felt hurt yesterday naa
Sanskar looks on
Ragini: u know I love u very much but that stopped me
Sanskar : what who
Ragini: who
Sanskar : u were saying something na
Ragini : Haa I said I love u
Sanskar : not that after that
Ragini: Haa what after that.
Sanskar : Shh OK leave it come let’s go down

Ragini: no no I want to ne with u only
Sanskar : OK then change u are wet
Ragini : no I can’t u only do naa
Sanskar : what me no he thinks I can’t take advantage of her condition
Ragini: I don’t know anything u should only change.
Sanskar goes to the wardrobe and sees all the saree. He don’t know what to give her
Ragini: give that blue one
Sanskar gives it to her
Ragini: u know I like blue bcoz u like this naa. U said na I am very beautiful on this saree that s why
Sanskar : ragini u look beautiful in every saree now u change go
Ragini: how many times I should say u only change u are my husband and u have full rights on me. I am just urs
Sanskar : ragini but u are saying this in ur drunken state
Ragini: no I am not in drunken state I am in sense only u should only change
Sanskar : no ragini we will just be together for 3 months only
Ragini: who said that I can’t leave without u. Can u live without me
Sanskar : ragini u can’t even imagine how I will be then. I cant live without u. U are my life ragini
Ragini : then why will we leave only for three months.
Sanskar : it’s ur decision only
Ragini: no how dare I am how can I hurt my ravan kumar. U don’t worry ravan I will take class for me okk

Sanskar smiles
Ragini: oh how cute u are while smiling. If u go out na u always where helmet OK otherwise all girls will see u only
Sanskar : no ragini u are the most beautiful girl in the whole universe and how can take their eyes from u and see other and BTW my all time is wasting fighting with u then how can I go out and someone will see me
Ragini : if ur scolding or saying me beautiful
Sanskar : OK now what
Ragini : we will play holi
Sanskar : here

Ragini: Haa she rubs her cheeks on his cheeks. U know from mrng I was just waiting for u to put holi on me that’s why water is just enough.
Sanskar : OK now holi is finished na go and get change
Ragini is very angry and takes his hands and keeps it on her saree.
Sanskar :what are u doing
Ragini : changing my saree
Sanskar : she removes her saree by his hands. Sanskar closes his eyes.
Ragini removes her saree she is fully undressed now and also changed into another saree.
Sanskar opens his eyes.
Ragini hugs him and kisses him : oh my cute ravan kumar. I love u very much
Sanskar : u don’t know ragini from when I was waiting to hear this from u
Ragini: really now I say

Sanskar : what
Ragini keeps pout face : OK don’t say what for me if u don’t love me that Sir will love ne. I will go to him
Sanskar holds her tightly : how dare u.how can u say that u leave me.
Ragini: sry I was just teasing u
Sanskar : BTW u like ravan or sir
Ragini: I love my hubby and starts giggling
Sanskar : that means not me right I am going then
Ragini holds his wrist: will leave me really she asks very cutely
Sanskar : u know na ragini u are my life and how can someone live without their life. I love u very much
Ragini is happily jumping on the bed: hey ravan said u love u
Sanskar sees her lovingly. Ragini while dancing looses her control and falls on sanskar.
Ragini is on the top of sanskar. Both have a passionate eyelock.
Kabhi Jo badal barse plays…
Sanskar kisses her on cheeks. Ragini blushes.
Ragini: it is ticking me
Sanskar laughs. Current goes
Ragini gets up : it is very hot I want air
Sanskar blows air

Ragini: oh there is some magic in ur breathe.
Sanskar while blowing comes very close to her. Ragini is sitting on his lap. Sanskar kisses her hand. He again kisses her neck continously passionately. Ragini tightly holding his shirt. Ragini s nails hurt him but they were so lost on themselves that it doesn’t pained him. Sanskar makes ragini lie on the bed. He lays on her. He kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin and finally he was about to kiss her lips.
Ragini : makes him lie on bed and she goes on him. Sanskar is shocked to her sudden movement but is very happy.
Ragini kissed his forehead, eyes and when she kissed his cheeks she felt pain.
Ragini: ahhh ur beard it hurt me
Sanskar : oh I will shave it
Ragini: no no its not necessary u look very handsome in beard only
Sanskar : oho OK then now what he comes more closer to her .
In just a nick of time ragini kept her lips on his. Sanskar is shocked but couldn’t control himself and started sucking her lips very hard. Sanskar again comes on top of ragini while kissing only. Sanskar tightly clutched her waist and was playing with her belly. Ragini has her eyes closed.
After 10min they broke their kiss
Sanskar: u know ragini I was waiting for this from very long time
Ragini: mee to I am only just urs and will always be urs only. I am feeling like I don’t need any air bcoz ur touch is making me shiver and was feeling cold in this hot weather also
Sanskar : I love u ragini
Ragini: I love u… what should I call u
Sanskar : sanskar.. U will call only sometimes so many times u only call sir
Ragini: bcoz sir means sanskar is ragini s property get that
Sanskar : oho what a logic great.
Ragini: tq u tq u but I want a promise from u will u give me
Sanskar : u just ask I can give my life to u easily if u ask
Ragini: if I ask ur life then what will I do without u. Who will care for me who will fight with me who will make me laugh and who will kiss me like u

Sanskar : oho that means indirectly u are asking me to kiss u
Ragini: wait wait first promise me that u should not leave me even if I said also
Sanskar : I will never leave u I can’t just imagine it ragini.
Ragini kissed him.
Sanskar again started coming closer to her but thinks that she is drunk I can’t take advantage. He moves back.
Ragini makes him lay beside her and keeps his hand around her belly : u said na u want me to sleep in ur embrace forever. U know what I also want it. Ragini sleeps by burying her head in to his chest.

Scene :swalak
Laksh: u know Shona that swara I left her bcoz u said otherwise she betrayed me she made fun of my love
Swara: really lucky I won’t leave her. U just wait I will kill her
Laksh : no Shona plz don’t talk about this come let’s sleep I am getting sleep
Swara : OK come wait but see I am very wet
Laksh : ok u change I will sleep
Swara : I don’t know how to wear saree
Laksh: but u can remove it na
Swara : no u do it na. I will do urs
Laksh: OK but what will u wear
Swara : I have an idea.
After sometime they were in one shirt. Both their hands comes out from the hands of shirt . The shirt ends up to their thighs. Swalak s dresses are allover the room.
Swara : I love u
Laksh: I love u too swara
Swara : what is this lucky u are calling me swara I am Shona
Laksh :Haa I am sry but I love swara only bcoz she is only my first love and can’t forget her easily. I know she did wrong but it is also true that I can’t see her in tears. I only love swara she is my life
Swara starts laughing : lucky did u realize I am only ur swara and ur my laksh
Laksh also laughs : Haa yes Shona is swara and swara is Shona
Swara : Haa lucky is laksh

They were laughing very loudly.swalak go inside the bathroom and stands under shower
Laksh is cleaning swara s face by touching her softly. When he kept his fingers on her lips she kisses his hand. They both are in one shirt only. Laksh kissed her neck very romantically. He made her hair on one side and kissed her cheeks. Swara has her back touching to laksh s chest. Swara is kissing laksh s hands.
Now laksh made her face him. Laksh kissed her eyes : u know I fell for ur big eyes only. I love them.
Swara : that means u don’t love me
Laksh: no no I love u very much and mostly ur eyes bcoz I can see ur love towards me in them only.
Swara : u know what I love in u
Laksh: what say na
Swara : she quickly locks his lips with her. Laksh also reciprocated it. He kissed her very wildly.
After 10min they broke their kiss due to lack of air

Swara : I love this lips bcoz I feel good whenever u call my name and say that u love me.
Laksh: takes her to the bed. He lays on her
Swara : lucky I am all urs. No one can take ur place and no one have rights on me except u. I am just urs. Swara means laksh that s all.
Laksh : and laksh means only swara. U are just mine if anyone see u also I will grab their eyes and will play with them.
Swara laughs : and if anyone see ur shadow also I will blast them by keeping a bomb
Laksh laughs. Laksh kisses her lips again.
After sometime he saw swara slept and he also sleeps by hugging her tightly in his embrace.

Episode ends….

Guys sry for this much long update. If u felt boring I am really sry. And ragini had no disease or any health problem. Tqs for baring me. Comment if it is bad also I will try to change it. I am writing one more ff plz read it. The name of that ff is the reason I breathe is u and for u. U can get that by searching in the search box. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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