Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 57


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 57

Recap: ragini enters mm and their cute fight on bed.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u guys for ur comments I hope this will continue till the end. If anytime u get bored then let me know as I update through mobile phone there would be so many grammar mistakes sry for that.

Episode starts…

Scene: at hospital
Ap is in hospital. All are crying seeing her condition. Swara also comes there.
Ragini: frnd how did this happened already doctor said na to be careful if she got another attack she couldn’t be saved. Why she is taking this much stress.
Sanskar: what maa got heart attack before
Dp: Haa ragu only took her to hospital that time but now I don’t know why she is taking this much stress.
Laksh is crying so much that no one could control his tears. Swara feels very bad seeing laksh in this condition

Dr . comes
Sanskar : sir how is maa. She is fine only na. If say anything bad about my maa then see I am not going to leave u
Dr.:Mr. Maheshwari plz control urself she is fine it not heart attack it is just a minor stroke but this is also dangerous . I already said to make her happy always and don’t give any stress to her brain. This happened bcoz of the stress only. Plz take care at least from now
Sanskar: what do u mean Dr. We are treating her bad and always make her cry or sad and give her stress how can u say like that
Ragini: sanskar plz stop he said what he saw he is a Dr and u can’t point out at him.
Dr.: I understand ur pain Mr . maheshwari but if I am not wrong where we’re u when ur maa got heart attack.
Ragini: Dr. I am sry for his behaviour he loves his maa very much that’s why he said that and he don’t know about maa s heart attack.
Dp: yes sir we are sry. When we can take Ap home
Dr.: I understand and she will be discharged in 2 hrs. But this should not repeat see her health is very sensitive now plz do what she want. See that she should not be sad.

Scene: at mm
Ap is discharged and was taken to home.
Dp: what is this Ap at that moment I thought I lost u why are u taking this much stress
Laksh: maa why are u doing this for us see after so many yrs our happiness is back and if something happens to u then what will we do at least think about ourself
Sanskar: maa from today u are not even allowed to keep ur feet down did u get that
Ragini: maa what is this of anything is troubling u then u should say to is na what is this we were very shocked seeing u on that situation plz maa u plz take care not for ur sake but for us. See after so much time I treated u as my maa bcoz of ur love but if this happens again then I will loose the trust in parents love

Swara: maa why are u taking this much stress Dr. Said that if it happens next time then the situation will be worse.
Ap: arey I am feeling like I am in school. See 5 teachers are giving lecture to a single student poor me.
Swaragsanlak: maa
Ap: OK OK from today I will take care of me very much bcoz by I got realised that by taking care of myself I will care about my 5 lifes. Okk
Swaragsanlak : it’s better
They leave
After sometime
Ap: how is my acting ji
Dp: it’s awesome u should have seen their faces they got so scared BTW whose training is this and lifts his collar
Ap: but I think we are taking wrong path as elders we should make them to go in right path but we ourself doing wrong
Dp: see these generation is so twisted and full of ego and they can’t understand the things straight in front of their eyes so for these the things should be made understood by zigzag way only and yes we are doing wrong but by this we will only be happy seeing our four children in the house happily

Scene: at kitchen
All are fighting
Swara: see she is so weak so we will give her chocolates she will be very happy
Laksh: are u mad she now itself came from hospital and u want to feed her chocolate u will never change swara.
Swara bows her head down
Sanskar: arey we should give maa some crispy food
Ragini: are u all mad she was very near to heart attack and u are doing all childish acts. She should eat something light do u all get that. She prepares some kichidi and kada
They all obey her and were observing her keenly.
Swaragsanlak went near to Ap s room
Dp: Ap they are coming get into action part 2

Ap: okk
Dp: what is troubling u Ap what is the stress u have
Swaragsanlak come and stand near the room and were listening to their conversation (not the acting part)
Ap: actually in the small span only so much happened but I was happy that all got solved but still there is some thing which Is pinching my heart. I am happy that my sons came back to me but they are not happy. See now swara realised her mistake but lucky is not accepting her love and other side sanskar also accepted his mistake but ragini is not accepting their marriage and she will be gone after 3 months then the house will again turn into its lifeless state as before.
Dp: I am also thinking the same but taking this much stress is not crct Ap u should have discussed with them

Ap: see if they were listening then the problems will not raise and I don’t want to force anyone to accept their unwanted reaction it will be like I am being selfish that s why when I saw yesterday in laksh s room he is was crying seeing his and swara s pictures I Can’t see him like this and in ragsan room they are together but also they are so far from each other ragini is sleeping on couch and sanskar at balcony. I cant see them like this
Swaragsanlak are feeling very bad listening to it. They all individually thinking to make her wish complete. They get inside the roim
Ap: oh when did u come hmm smell is very nice it’s for me only right see ji u are keep on talking with me but my children saw my hunger and see they brought food for me
Dp: Haa Haa seeing seeing ur taking advantage of ur situation
Swaragsanlak were just giving fake smile
They go from there

Dp: now see Ap how will they come together
Ap: must say my hubby is very talented. But major portion is mine u should accept it.
Dp: yaah I agree u should get Oscar award for ur acting oh my god for a sec I also thought u are not acting. I think after marrying me u have learnt so much from me.
Ap dp laughs

Scene: laksh room
Swara knocks the door and gets in
Swara : I want to talk to u
Laksh: yaah I also talk something important to u
Swara: OK then u first say
Laksh: no u say
Swara: OK I know u also want to talk me about what maa said
Laksh: Haa after seeing maa s condition I have decided to..

Scene: at ragsan room
Sanskar: I said na she will feel bad about that 3 months. See she was taking stress about marriage only
Ragini: I agree but it is not the time for us to fight now we should be together and make maa happy by making her feel that we really love each other. I don’t want to loose maa after 5 yrs I had a feeling like my maa papa came to me
Sanskar: yaah I was also thinking the same see if we want to fight also we will in our room and not in front of maa. Maa should see that our love is true however I love u so it’s not a big problem for me or to act I genuinely love u and u should only hard work
Ragini: yaah I will try to act but in u don’t take advantage of it okk
Sanskar: see miss ragini sry Mrs . ragini maheshwari It is true that I love u but not more than my maa do u understand for my maa I can also forget u but no she is expecting a pure love from us and as I promised I will not touch u without ur permission. He says it very harshly
Ragini feels bad : I am sry
Sanskar looks on. Ragini has tears. Ragsan eyelock

Scene: swalak
Swara: what..
Laksh: actually mom wishes me to marry u so if u are OK with it then
Swara: of course lucky she is also same as my mom so I can do anything for her and I also love u and in my life if I should marry anyone that will be u then it will be my last breathe
Laksh puts his hands on her lips : plz don’t say like that. Swalak becomes emotional.
A painful eyelock takes place

Scene: at ragsan
Sanskar breaks the eyelock : I think we are finished and now we should check swalak . what they are deciding
Ragini: yaah it is also our responsibility to make our younger ones realise their love
Sanskar: ragini u can see love in all others but not Me why are u punishing me.
Ragini hearing this cries and hugs him.
Bbut it turns out to be her dream
Ragini: come let’s go and see swalak
Sanskar controls his tears. ( humari adhuri kahani plays..)

Scene: at swalak
Laksh composes himself : sry actually I am doing all this for my happiness and about love I flirted with so many girls but truly loved one girl who doesn’t even trust me. I am loosing my hope and trust on love.
Swara was crying a lot bcoz whatever laksh said is pinching her heart so much. Every word of laksh shows how much love he gave her and how much pain she gave him.
Swara: lucky I promise that I will again make u trust on love and me. And I accept this marriage
Laksh: OK then come we will say to maa she will be very happy knowing this
Ragsan who came then only hears this and feels happy . all four go to Ap s room

Scene: at Ap dp room
Ap is thinking about something deeply. A pain is seen in her eyes.
Ap: oh my 4 souls came. Why are u like patients as till I remember that I came from hospital right
Laksh: no maa actually we are happy very much and wanted to share with u
Ap: really say fast call dp ji also
Dp: I am here only Ap don’t shout don’t take stress
Ap: now say
Swara: maa I and lucky decided to forget whatever happened till now and wanted to start a fresh beginning

Laksh: Haa maa I and swara want to marry came here to ask ur permission
Dp winks at Ap without anyone s recognisation
Ap: really this is called medicine not that bitter ones. U gave so much sweet news for us. What laksh permission is not required bcoz from beginning itself I accepted swara as my daughter so we will go tomorrow to shekar ji s house for asking swara hand for laksh
Dp: yaah u are absolutely right tomorrow only we will go
Ragini: maa one more thing I decided to not take my divorce petition back
Sanskar is shocked
Ap: really ragu sanskar u changed her what have u done
Sanskar:I also don’t know me what I did
Ragini stamps on his feet
Sanskar: ouch.. Ha ha I only changed her by my love
Ap: oh my god I think today I will get diabetics with all ur sweet news. These many sweet news in one day

Dp: if ur situation is like this means think about me I am already having diabetes by this today my sugar levels will get high. From mrng I was upset bcoz of Ap s condition but u all have changed our moods. See Ap has forgot all stresses and I am on cloud nine and I don’t think that today no one will be as much happy as I am.
Swaragsanlak feels very happy seeing their faces which are lightened bright.
Ap : that means we should do preparations from now only and was about to get up but ragsan stopped her
Ragini: maa see this is my last warning if u keep ur feet down see
Sanskar: Haa maa and about preparations we two will manage and will give u a big surprise for u
Ap: OK meri Nana nani
All laughs
Voice1 : without us u were laughing
Voice 2: this is not fare
Voice1:all forgot about us let’s go avi
Avi: Haa munni after 1 week we came and no one care about us
Munni: Haa no one came to pic us from school
Ragini: oh I think my both sweet hearts are angry on us
Swara: Haa now what we will do these are angry on us
Laksh: Haa I thought tomorrow we all go to shopping
Sanskar: lucky I think we should cancel our plan as theses are not coming they are angry on us
Avi and munni are fuming in anger
Munni: lucky I know this is ur old trick

Avi: Haa u only remember ur wife Shona why then showing fake care.hmm
Munni: laado u also forget about us I won’t talk to u.
Swalak look at each other embarrassed
Ap: listen my grand children actually they were about to come to pick u but my health is not well so they took me to hospital
Munni: what really are u OK dadi. How are u now
Avi: from today on we both will take care of u. U should not get up from ur bed okk
Munni: Haa and u Dada what are u doing can’t u take care if her
All smile seeing their cute conversation
Ap: I think now principles have entered to take class of me
Dp: Haa ur write Ap
Avi: what right if again it repeats means see Dada ji ur finished
Munni: Haa I will beat u with pencil boxes
Dp: oh so big weapon I am scared plz someone help me
Ap : Haa permission granted for u both he is not at all taking care of me
Dp: Ap what is this u are taking so much advantage of ur health right
Ap smirks

Munni: keep quiet all of u
Dp: OK OK I will say a good news by which u will get cooled now
Avi: what
Dp: ur Shona and lucky s marriage didn’t happened and u didn’t missed it bcoz they will be married soon in front u u can enjoy very much
Munni: really I am very happy we will enjoy very much
Avi: that means no school yippee
Ap: and one more happy news is that ur laado and sanskar got married
Munni: what really is this any exchange offer
Avi: that means we missed ur marriage right
Ap: even we also missed their but u don’t worry u enjoy with swalak s marriage okk
Munni: that’s what I was thinking every time this ravan will be on my laado
Avi: Haa that to very close without shirt
Ragsan are embarrassed and looking down. All others smile seeing them blushing
Ap: OK OK now come u go fresh up.

Scene: at ragsan room

Ragsan are avoiding each other from a long time but sanskar breaks the silence
Sanskar: actually ragini I didn’t expected that u will say about that divorce
Ragini: oh that I lied and u also lie our divorce will happen for sure
Sanskar: ragini why are u talking to me this rude
Ragini: I am like this only before also and will not change for anyone
Sanskar: no ragini with All u will talk so sweetly but why me
Ragini: can u plz change the topic
Sanskar looses his cool and holds her tightly at her shoulders and pins her to the wall
Sanskar: ragini I want answer every time I take this topic u try to change it say me what is ur problem
Ragini: u can’t bare if I say true
Sanskar: I can bare it bcoz now I am not that happy and knowing the truth is far better than staying with u baring ur hatred
Ragini: OK then listen the truth is I don’t love u bcoz I love someone else
Sanskar leaves her. He is heart broken
Sanskar is shocked.

Episode ends…

What really ragini loves someone??
Is this the reason for her behavior with sanskar??
If ragini is saying truth or lying??
Is there some other reason??
Will laksh fall in love with swara again??
To know stay tuned guyss. And guys say how is this episode.

Credit to: Dhamukohli

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