Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 53 MAHA EPISODE


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode53 (MAHA EPISODE)

Recap:ragsan confession.swara comes to mm

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u for ur lovely comments.

Scene:at mm
Ap:beta I know what laksh did was very wrong and it is unforgivable but he did this all bcoz he loves u
Laksh:maa stop it u should trust ur son not this girl.i truly loved her but she cheated me.she betrayed me she made fun of my love.
Swara:stop ur drama ok I didn’t come here to listen to ur nonsense I came here to take my laado
Dp:swara beta she is our dil.they married by their wish only. They love each other
Swara :uncle ur both sons are some . they can’t Change.
Ap:what do u mean swara
Swara shows the video . In which it is edited like that,that sanskar is accepting that he married her to take revenge for her slap. This is all his love drama to trap her in his love and married her to take her property. Actually they edited the whole Scene.
Swara shows thumbs up to ragini.ragini smiles

Swara:now what u all want to say about ur sanskari Mr . sanskar maheshwari
Sanskar :swara ur mistaken I think u don’t know the whole thing maa papa this is only half truth.
Ap :sanskar once wait ragini beta how ur hand got burnt
Dp: oh my god how did this happened ragini say na
Ragini:it is nothing
Sanskar : oh that actually she came here to say that only . she came here with some motive now she thought it is wrong and we decided to spent our life with eo
Ap:I asked about the hand burnt
Sanskar:that she want to repent for her mistakes that’s why she lit camphor on her hands to God . ragini is crying
Dp :ragini is this true
Swara:what will she says she is frightened bcoz of sanskar s torture. He only intentionally burnt her hands I was there only but didn’t stopped bcoz I want to u to see the truth ur self. See her state is like this after 1 day of her marriage then life long means she will die
Shekar:slaps sanskar actually swara called us here we don’t know that ragini married in such a situation. Sry ragini u sanskar u made the whole family to hate her. She is alone this 5yrs now only she got some happiness but u also wanted to snatch that from her . see dp ji what ur sons done to my both daughters. Ragini now we are with u say everything to them. He can’t even do anything now
Sanskar:u all are mistaken now only ragini can tell the truth. Say ragini what is the truth
Shekar:u stay away from her can’t u see how much she is afraid of u. Ragini beta say the truth I am with u no one can do anything with u no one can force us say the truth
Sumi:sry ragini beta I misunderstood u I also slapped u. I am sry beta
Ap : plz beta say the truth did sanskar really did this forcefully
Dp:ragini beta u don’t need to be scared. I will there for u anytime
Ragini:I am sry what sanskar sir said is truth. I love him.
Sanskar:I said na u all are wrong see
Ragini: I loved him but he betrayed me and married me for the property. He was taking revenge for his slap on that day also he forcefully took me and blackmailed me saying that if I will not marry him then he will destroy papa s reputation his hospital that’s why I married him
Sanskar is shocked and heartbroken

Swara:now u all heard what is the truth
Ap and dp had their heads down. Shekar and swara smiles
Swara: I said na laado I will be there for u anytime but this time I was late I sry
Ragini:no Shona we are sisters na where does this sry came from
Shekar: I will be there for my daughters always . they hug . the three whispers mission accomplished
Shekar:now I am taking my daughters from here.
Sanskar:u again betrayed me ragini
Ragini smiles to him evilly :I want to say a truth to all of u
Swara: papa now what she want to say
Ragini: laksh is a very nice guy he didn’t did anything to Swara it was all our plan. Laksh s love is true
Swara:what are u saying laado
Shekar:ha come ragini come let’s go
Dp:what ragini what are u saying let her say
Ragini: Haa I was saying that laksh is innocent he don’t know anything
Swara:laado u can’t do this for us. How can betray us
Ragini:I know before only that these are not responsible for pari di s death
Swara:don’t take my sis name here. How dare u ragini how can u betray me for them
Laksh:what are u talking about plz tell us what happened do u know pari bhabi and swara what are u saying ur di

Swara:ok now so all got to know then I will tell u yes parinitha is my sister. I trapped laksh bcoz I want to make u all suffer what we are facing till now. Haa laksh is innocent he didn’t did anything wrong I only trapped him
Laksh: that means u are parinitha bhabi s cutie swara
Swara:don’t take her name from ur blo*dy months . my di s big mistake is that she loved ur bhai which took her life.
Laksh :no ur mistaken swara it’s an accident
Sanskar:no this man (pointing dp) only killed them he killed my mom dad bhai and bhabi and made a 1yr avi orphan
Laksh:no bhai dad is not responsible for that. Ap and dp are crying
Swara:stop it the truth is that u all killed my sister
Ragini : no swara laksh is telling truth it’s an accident
Swara slaps ragini:just shut up ragini shut up don’t even dare to talk to me
Sanskar:yaah how can u say that dp is not responsible he only killed them
Ragini:Shona I am not feeling bad for this but u should know the truth
Swara:no ragini u just shut up
Ragini:I will be shut but If pari di only tell u then u will believe me
Swara:what rubbish are u talking ragini
Ragini shows a dairy
Sanskar:how dare u take my personal things
Ragini:Mr. Sanskar it’s not urs. It is pari di s
Swara:what ragini it is really my di s
Ragini:Haa Shona she writes it bcoz she is missing her family in fact I came here to get this only
Swara takes the dairy and starts to read

It is written I am missing u maa papa my cutie. But Adarsh my love he is treating me like a child he takes care of me very much like u all. Papa he gave all the love which I missed from u and maa he used to feed me like u only everyday. And my cutie he doesn’t let me feel ur absence he would take ur pictures in the cllg and would give it to me. I know that u all don’t like that I marry Adarsh but he is a very nice person. He only changed for me . he doesn’t even listened to his parents but for me only he changed.
Fb starts

This is 7yrs back in mumbai
Parinitha gadodia is a doctor who treats all her patients with love and care. She treats them freely . she also does so many hood things. Actually she lives in Kolkata.
Adarsh maheshwari who is dangerous gangster . once while some attack Adarsh is hiding in Kolkata. He fought with them all but his men got hurt so he took them to hospital where pari works but pari disagrees to treat them as they are gangsters but the first time Adarsh got to know that he also had a heart and loved pari and lies to her that he is not a gangster but his frnds are gangsters he says he is a software engineer. He cooks up a story to make her treat his men and also hides his identity . Pari believes him and treated them. Adarsh says he also did so much seva for people.
Pari also gets attract for his good nature slowly they fall in love . pari only said that to ragini so ragini knows all about pari and Adarsh. One day pari gets attacked by Adarsh s rivals however he saves her but pari got to know that he is a gangster so she stopped talking to him . Adarsh tried a lot but in vain then he asked help from ragini.ragini convinces pari. Pari asks Adarsh to marry her and took a promise that he should not be a gangster anymore. Adarsh agrees and goes to talk to her parents but pari s family knows that he is a gangster and didn’t agree for marriage and house arrested pari but by ragini and her family s help she comes out and both got married . sumi after knowing this breaks relation with pari.
After that Adarsh and pari came to Mumbai . sanskar and laksh convinced the family and all lived happily. Pari used to say that her sister name is cutie and said to lucky that she will be perfect for u.
One day dp got a blackmail call on his business but dp ignored it. One day rp and sujata got attacked by them . all said to take it as serious but dp didn’t took it. Dp is very attached to pari he treats her like his daughter . sanskar is very angry on dp that he was not leaving his business and made out life’s dangerous. He fought with him that it is their maa and Papa got attacked not u. Dp thought the whole night and called the blackmailer and said I will leave the contract but pari hears at that time she had a son avinash who is 1yr old . pari said to dp to don’t take stress now all will get well soon. Next day he goes to some business meeting to USA. So only pari knows about dp giving the contract to blackmailer . that day rp sujata Adarsh and pari went to kolkata to meet rp s best frnd. They left avi with sanskar and laksh . That day only their car got blasted.

Fb ends..
All were crying listening to the dairy.
Ragini:so now I got to know that these family treated pari di more than her daughter when I came here I heard Shona and shekar papa talking about the plan to take revenge from u but I know that if I said this u will not believe me that why I also joined in ur plan and searched for this dairy but I didn’t got it today I found that in sanskar s room (remember that he said to not touch her bhabi s things ragini thought that the dairy would be here only and searched for it and she got that) that’s why I used to visit ur house to search this dairy. When pari di went to Mumbai she would be in touch with me so that s why ragini got to know that she was writing a dairy.
Actually shekar and swara thinking that Adarsh forced pari to marry her but this dairy now has cleared everything I guess
Ap and dp hugged ragini.
Laksh: I also got to know yesterday that papa s mistake is not there while maa and papa are talking. Thank u ragini for helping us . we also searched for bhabi s family but she didn’t said anything about her whereabouts.
Ragini:laksh swara also loves u but her revenge had got over her love that’s why she did this all
Swara hugs ragini:sry ragini I behaved very wrong with u. I also slapped u
Ragini:Shona u will say sry to ur sister
Swaragini bg plays..
All gadodia family asked forgiveness to maheshwari s.
All thanked ragini.
Laksh:bhai u know about this dairy before
Sanskar:lucky I know but I didn’t opened it bcoz I don’t want to interfere in someone’s personal s
Swara :lucky I am sry
Laksh:swara I forgive me but I think I can’t love u now. If u are thinking about us like this then u should have asked me but no. OK now it is finished . good byee swara
Swara:I am sry lucky plz forgive me.she cries a lot

Ragini announces that :I am going to my village now I think all problems got solved so there is no need for me to stay here and Mrs sanskar maheshwari u are thinking that ur the most famous and great business man na but it is all bcoz of ur bade papa he only made u successful without even getting a single doubt and being away he did so much for u but u didn’t tries to get to know about him. U only didn’t lost ur mom papa but he also lost his brother . U forgot one thing that before ur papa he is a brother u better get to know and Mr . laksh maheshwari the Great rockstar but this is also bcoz of ur papa only he only made the offers come to u and made u successful but he doesn’t want to show it his love is unconditional . he did this bcoz sanskar who lost his father and he took that responsibility.
Laksh and sanskar were crying knowing about their fathers importance and they hugged him
Dp got very much emotional he hugged ragini:why ragu why arr u this nice and after doing all this u want to go. No we will not allow u to do this
Ragini:no frnd I should go
All denies but after ragini Convinces them and gets ready to go
On road
Sanskar:no ragini u can’t go bcoz ur officially Mrs . ragini sanskar maheshwari
Ragini: oh I forgot that Mr . sanskar maheshwari the divorce papers will get to u soon. Goodbye I did this love drama to know about pari di not bcoz I love u so don’t be on that lie OK good byee sanskar maheshwari
Ragini goes
Sanskar:after doing this much u can’t leave me like this . U just watch Mrs . ragini sanskar maheshwari.
From tomorrow our real love story starts

Episode ends..

Guys how is this I think all confusion got cleared right. Actually I wrote this in a hurry sry for mistakes and if any confusion I will clear them. Tell me if I am going nice by ur lovely comments. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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