Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 52


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 52

Recap:swara goes from marriage bcoz of laksh blackmailing . sanskar marries ragini for lucky.

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Episode starts…

Ragini is sleeping near the swimming pool and is disturbed by some water drops on her face.she wakes up and sees sanskar in the swimming pool with only shorts on him.
Ragini:don’t u have any shame
Sanskar:don’t u have any other place than near swimming pool
Ragini:ha ha u have only thrower me here and do u fond any place here to sleep
Sanskar: oh my god u even sleep also I thought u will again plot something plan against my family the whole night.
Ragini:u are not getting me I will make plans on spot bcoz it is waste of time and sleep thinking about u.
Sanskar:actually I should appreciate u cheated me by ur sweet talks with ur crocodile tears
Ragini:I dinner cheated uuu got cheated by ur foolishness it’s not my mistake
Sanskar: oh very intelligent
Ragini: of course I am
Sanskar:hey see see snake
Ragini:what ahhh and by mistake she falls in to the Pool. Where is the snake
Sanskar:really u are very intelligent early mrng do u find any snakes
Ragini:u ediot
Sanskar:yaah I know come let’s have bath together
Ragini:see stay in ur limits and stay away from me . did u get that
Sanskar:I think u forget ur husband limits . I am ur husband and can do anything with u he starts coming close
Ragini:see stay there only don’t come near me
Sanskar:ur my wife ragini
Ragini:what do u think I came here with some motive and u married me with some motive it’s not a marriage it’s just a agreement . did u get that and there is no need to become real husband and was about to go from there.
Sanskar holds her wrist and turns it back . ragini is wincing in pain:what did u thought I will romance u like a typical husband . look at ur face once I won’t even see ur face.
Ragini:lucky me and goes from there
She goes to washroom but thinks she has no clothes . she hears a knock
Ragini:maa u
Ap:this is ur first day and I thought u don’t have clothes and came to give u and gives a orange saree with golden border and Stone work
Ragini hugs her:I am sry maa
Ap:see ragu sry ragini beta whatever u did was wrong I didn’t expected this from u and BTW why are u wet and sees sanskar in swimming pool and says OK OK I am going and one thing don’t tell to ur frnd OK he is very angry with u
Ragini :maa call me ragu Maa
Ap goes from there
Ragini cries and goes to sanskar :now are u happy all are hating me bcoz of u
Sanskar : oh hello don’t say like that as if u don’t know anything and I married a innocent girl
Ragini :it’s waste to talk to u
Sanskar :ha ha bcoz u are wrong ur cheat
Ragini:shut up.
Sanskar :no ragini u just wait and watch how ur true face will be revealed then see who will shut
Ragini:let’s see Mr. Sanskar . Today ur out
Sanskar :lets see
They hear a knock
Ragini: frnd uu
Dp:no ragini it’s just papain came here to give u this saree I thought u don’t have any clothes to wear that’s why I brought this don’t say to Ap OK she is angry with u
Ragini smiles and takes the saree. It is a same but green colour which Ap gave
Ragini:now what should I wear if I wear the saree maa gave frnd will feel bad and if I wear the saree frnd gave maa will feel bad . what should I do
Sanskar:don’t wear anything
Ragini:u cheap monster
Sanskar:what I mean to say is wear another one
Ragini: oh Mr . great business man I didn’t get my clothes here
Sanskar: oh then wear those . those are my bhabi s sarees can wear it
Ragini:what is she avi s mom
Sanskar:it’s non of ur business man . wear from this only don’t touch my Bhabi s clothes get it . and goes from there
After 15min sanskar comes and hears some variety words . it is ragini
Ragini:inky pinky ponky father has a donkey…
Sanskar:hey what are u doing
Ragini:hey don’t disturb oh I forgot again I should come from first . can’t u see I am struggling what to wear.
Sanskar:what where u doing
Ragini:ok forget it I will take my name she was deciding the saree with r..a..G. I..n..I.
OK then I will wear frnds saree
Sanskar: oh is that so then take my name . U will get some brain and some intelligence like me
Ragini:yaah ur right she against does sanskar s name and it is maa s saree
Sanskar :nice choice na otherwise u would have wear this saree which is given by that Hitler
Ragini: oh that means I will wear frnds saree only. What did u think I will wear the saree which is ur choice. Never
Sanskar :he holds her shoulders and pins her to wall why are u doing this to our family see after doing this much also they care for u but u.u also cheated me u made fun of my love
Ragini:love do u even know the meaning of it . love is not which is for timepass and which u can shift from one person to another . it is like a bad word if it comes from ur mouth.
Sanskar:what I don’t know meaning of love
Ragini:yes . if it is fun then what did u do when I said that I love u.u made me waitress and made to serve for ur love party
Sanskar:that one I did it bcoz I was angry that u made that video that’s why
Ragini:u know what ur saying something like love na for love trust is very important and u ever had that on me . she leaves from his grip and goes to washroom

Scene:at Hall
Sanskar :maa where is lucky
Ap:I don’t know about him . who is he.
Sanskar:maa do u think lucky can do this
Ap:he did that and leave about him what u did is this right . all are pointing at us for our up bringing . we taught this aah
Sanskar:maa I am sry maa
Ap:u love her na I am OK with it if not I would have cursed myself
Ragini while coming down hears some sounds and sees laksh breaking all the things
Ragini:laksh what is this
Laksh:ragini why did swara do this . I loved her purely only her heart but how can she allege me.
Ragini:laksh do u really love her
Laksh:yes ragini I was waiting for the moment of our marriage but how can she do this to me
Ragini:keep trust on her laksh thinks
Laksh:yes what u said is right.i think something is forcing her to do this . yes ragini tq u very much.now I will search for her . I love swara I love u and I trust u till my life ends.
Ragini smiles.

Sanskar is going to office.
Ragini:sanskar ji when will u return to home
Sanskar:is confused and looks around there is no one ragini why are u acting
Ragini:sanskar ji I will be waiting for u.
Sanskar: oh that means ur plan will start right anyways I don’t have any interest in ur stupid plans . if my family got hurt bcoz of u I sware I won’t leave u
Ragini:who are saying u to leave me. I am all urs
Sanskar: thinks oh my god how cute she is sanskar no what are u thinking by this innocence only she trapped u and cheated u. Ragini ohh ur so cute give me a kiss na I should stay away from u the whole day naa
Ragini: oh I said na I am all urs u don’t need to ask . she goes and kisses him on forehead. She blushes and goes
Sanskar:what happened to me . I think I didn’t sleep nice yesterday that’s why the dreams which should come at night are coming now. He leaves

Scene :night
Sanskar comes home and doesn’t find ragini.
Sanskar:maa were is ragini. She is not even in my room
Ap:she went to temple’s.
Sanskar:at night maa time is 9 anyone go to temple at this time
Ap:I think she should come till now. Sanskar u go and plz check na I am getting frightened . nothing bad should happen to ragu
Sanskar:maa nothing would have happenedto to her I will go and check . U don’t worry

Scene:at Temple
Sanskar goes inside and sees ragini crying.
Ragini is having camphor lit on her both hands
Ragini doesn’t see sanskar
Ragini:why God why always me. I loved him truly from my heart . whenever I see him I can’t control to love him . when he touch me I feel like I am complete.i will feel I am a girl . but he always betrayed me when he married me I was angry but I was happy bcoz from now I have a chance of leaving with him but he betrayed me he never trusted me. I was angry with him bcoz when I saw him with shanaya but I didn’t felt bad but when shanaya said that sanskar is not really loving me . he wants to marry me to get that property to become the top most business man. From first I was only loving him but he always betrayed me. I loved my parents they left me I loved my bro he also left me after that I loved a man who betrayed me and now I loved sanskar sir but he too betrayed me but I can’t go away from him . if he comes near me I can’t control myself bcoz I Can’t stop loving him. I don’t want this revenge and all this planning plotting I can’t do this . I only want sanskar sir. Now I will go home and say to all of them my true identity and go far from all. I know sanskar sir will never forgive me. But the truth is I love him I love him very much I can’t even imagine another person as my love. She is having camphor her hands are burning.
Sanskar who heard all this came running and thrower that from her hands
Sanskar: are u mad what are u doing u will burn ur self ragini what is this answer me
Ragini: I am sry sir this is all for what I was doing till now. I am punishing myself for taking revenge from this family who cared like my parents and I cheated u who loved me truly.
Sanskar:ragini u don’t want to do this yaar. I know u can’t do this to anyone and theses are ur own members and u can’t this with them. See at last my truth won
Ragini: sir u trust me naa
Sanskar:yes ragini I trust u bcoz I love u Haa I did that starting love drama to take revenge of that slap and I made u waitress in that party which u were eagerly waiting for me to tell I love you to u but I hurted u a lot.
Ragini:no sir ur lying u don’t love me. U just only want my property that’s why u married me
Sanskar: shouted ragini why can’t u understand I agree that I married u to take revenge as u are plotting something against my family. I married u so that I will torture u and will know the reason for what u are planning but I love u. If u say the truth why are u doing this then swara and laksh will be one all will forgive u ragini and we will leave happily. I trust u ragini and about that property I don’t even know about that I think this all that shanaya s plan to separate us but now I understood that u love me and I love u . no one can separate us ragini.
Ragini:really sir . tq u for trusting me
Sanskar hugs ragini

Scene: at mm all are present in the hall only
Ap:ragini beta u came do u know how much tensed we are. Nothing had happen na. Ur safe na
Sanskar:yes MAa she is in Temple only . she want to say something important to u all
Dp:what do u want to say ragini
Swara:I will say uncle.
Laksh is shocked. All are shocked
Laksh goes and hugs swara: I know swara u can’t leave me I know u love me
Swara breaks the hug and pushes laksh : I don’t love u

All are shocked

Episode ends…

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Credit to: Dhamukohli

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