Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 51


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 51

Recap:this all till now was a revenge and not love for swalak and ragsan. Ragsan enters gm married.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u for ur appreciations.i think u all liked the twist . after 2,3 episodes u will see nok jhok hatred to love between ragsan.

Episode starts….

Scene:at gm
Ragsan enters married.all are shocked.
Ap:sanskar what is this
Dp:what can we expect more from this two brothers. Chiii I am feeling guilty that why I didn’t killed when u born.
Laksh is crying.
Sanskar:lucky what happened. Ur marriage…
Shekar:what marriage he betrayed us he blackmailed my daughter to marry her and see now we don’t know where my daughter went . this bustard I won’t leave him . I will kill him. He goes and slaps repeatedly laksh.

Sumi and dadi are crying.
Ragini: papa what happened where is Shona.
Shekar:why u worry about my daughter. U have married someone na. U married in that family only know betrayal and blackmailing and now u also joined them.
Ragini cries seeing sanskar.
Ragini: papa it’s not like that maa what happened to Shona say na.
Sumi comes and slaps ragini hard.
All are shocked.
Sumi:my swara is going through this much and u married. U even know now of u are having a family then it is all bcoz of my swara but u u don’t care about her.
Sanskar:maa we both love each other so we got married
Shekar :u don’t talk in this matter . we have a right to talk to her . U shut up.
Sanskar : plz say what happened
Dp:ha ha one has blackmailed the girl to marry and another had forcefully married one girl . see Ap what ur sons did
Ap:what is this sanskar how did u do this. From today onwards u both are not my sons.
Sanskar :can somebody say what had happened
Lucky:bhai u will believe me na I really loved swara and she also loved me but she
Fb shows
Ragini is not seen . shaurya goes to check her.

Sumi goes to check swara but she is also missing . she wrote a letter
Papa,mama,dadi,laado I don’t want this marriage lucky blackmailed to did this marriage bcoz he loves me but I rejected it. He then blackmailed me showing these pics which had mine and lucky s close moments but in real those are not close moments as a frnd I helped him as he drank so much that day but he took advantage of that and forced me to do this marriage but I can’t share my life with a person like him. I know that u trust ur daughter but what will the society thinks that s why I am leaving mom forever . plz don’t search for me.

Sumi breaks down after reading the letter . she shows the letter and the photos to all. Dp slaps laksh . laksh is heart broken bcoz he don’t know anything about this.

Fb ends..

Sanskar:what maa do u believe it maa . lucky can’t do like this with a girl . it’s not true. He can’t do like this with a girl and moreover she is his love.
Shekar:shut up u blo*dy rascal what do u mean to say that my daughter lied
Sanskar:no uncle I was not telling like that I think it’s a misunderstanding.
Sumi: plz leave us alone . no marriage will take place now plz u all can leave.
Dp:sumi ji I know that what my both sons did is very wrong. I am very sry I will try to find out swara beta
Dadi: don’t u all dare take my swara s name . we can find out our daughter . U all plz leave us alone

All left.
Ragini:dadi..Before she could say something dadi slaps her but sanskar comes in the middle he gets slap
Dadi:u both don’t show ur face to us . get lost I thought u as my grand daughter and my swara she fought with me for u and u happily married him.
Sumi:ragini what about shaurya . if u love this guy then y did u say yes for him . he was still searching for u. How could u do this to him . I have arranged ur marriage thinking as ur my daughter but no anyways blood reaction will be blood relation
Sumi:get out
Sanskar takes ragini and goes.

Scene :at mm sanskar s room
Ragini :now u are happy . In this situation maa papa needs me I should be with them but u. Now u want that signs only na. Give me the documents I will sign where u want
Sanskar:ragini I don’t understand what are u talking . what sign. I don’t get it and I wanted to marry u bcoz I can’t see u with some other one bcoz I love u.
Ragini:but I don’t love u.
Sanskar:I know bcoz u came here with a big motive na and swara that all is a big planning drama of u three right.
Ragini is mind boggled.
Raginj:wha…what..plan three…drama…she stammers
Sanskar:what do u think that I don’t know anything what u thought I really love u no it was my plan to marry u bcoz I can’t stop ur drama bcoz I don’t have any proofs and I married u bcoz of lucky now u just wait and watch swara will come running knowing about ur marriage.
Ragini:what that means u know this before

Sanskar:Haa when I heard ur marriage with shaurya I came to ur house and listened ur three planning I was very shocked. I didn’t thought that u will do this to our family how much well they treated u but I didn’t get why u are doing like this but I will know it for sure till then u will be here only as my wife. How can u hurt my lucky like this . U know how much he loved swara. Now u will feel what my brother is feeling.
Ragini:that means u don’t love me
Sanskar:Haa I loved u but not now . now I hate u. He holds her shoulders and throws her outside in balcony. Now my dear wifey ur place is this only when u will say why are u doing this then I will leave now . till now this is ur punishment.
Guys he only hears of their talking of revenge but he don’t know why they are doing this.
Ragini cries…
Fb shown

Ragini while coming down from her room sanskar kidnaps her and takes to the temple which is decorated for their marriage.
Ragini:sir where did u take me . in house all they were waiting for me
Sanskar:yes ragini we will go but after our marriage
Ragini:sir this is wrong they are my family they gave so much for me without accepting anything from me . now they have asked to marry shaurya I can’t deny it . I am going sir . sanskar holds her hand
Sanskar:no ragini I won’t listen to u . we should get marry
Ragini:sir u only want my property na I will give u plz leave me
Sanskar: pandit hi start the marriage
Ragini:are u mad I won’t marry u. hate u

Sanskar:no ragini u can’t hate me . after our marriage all will be ok
Ragini:sir I think u are psychologically upset leave me sir.she tries to free herself but in vain
Sanskar:if u won’t marry me then I will make ur family on roads
Ragini:sir what are u saying what u did with them
Sanskar:nothing much yesterday one boy admitted in ur parents hospital only if he dies then his father won’t leave ur parents bcoz he is central minister and his state is very critical bcoz I gave him wrong injection if u won’t marry me then he will die. Now even ur parents can’t do anything bcoz they don’t know what happened bcoz I gave him that injection which doesn’t show anything in reports but will die till mrng and no one will get to know what has happened . if u marry me then I will give him the right one then ur wish I heard that minister is very cruel.
Ragini:what how can u make fun of one s life but why I should believe that we are u saying is true
Sanskar shows some proofs of the patient and minister

Ragini cries and agrees for marriage. Marriage is over

Fb ends..

Scene:at gm
Shekar:how this happened I know sanskar would have forced her.i am sry ragini beta I can’t able to help u. He gets a call
Shekar:Haa swara where are u
Swara:what happened papa why are u sounding so low our plan is successful na
Shekar: only to some extent
Swara:what do u mean papa
Shekar says what all happened
Swara:what I will come
Shekar:but be careful that no one should see u.ok we will meet at our farm house . come there I will call ragini too.
Swara:I will call her
Shekar :ok

Scene:at mm
Ragini: what are u thinking Mr . sanskar maheshwari u have succeeded no this is my win. I only made u to fall in my love . I only made u to listen about our plan so that in angry u will do some wring step and yes my guess is correct u filled in my trap. I just want that dairy then I will show u ur place Mr . sanskar maheshwari.
She gets a call
Swara:laado what is this.how did our plan backfired
Ragini:u don’t worry I have a idea for that also and says something which is muted.
Swara:yaah it’s amazing OK then
Ragini:where are u now
Swara:in our farmhouse
Ragini:arey Shona u missed a fantastic Scene yaar u should have seen laksh s face how he was poor fellow he don’t know anything.
Swara:feels bad and has tears in her eyes . OK byeee the call cuts . swara is crying vigorously
Swara:I don’t know why but I am feeling like I had gave so much pain for a innocent guy . no swara all over now just concentrate on ur plan how to take out laado from his trap

Episode ends…

Guys tq u for ur continuous support. I think in 2,3 episodes all will get clear and all will be well between swalak but ragsan u should wait for their becoming one . first their nokjhok u can have so much entertainment and some twists and their Romance,love and patch up. I want to say that I love tejaswi very much her acting,innocence,expressions all if she cries I will also get tears . I am a very big fan of tejaswi . say how is this episode through ur lovely comments. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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