Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 49


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 49

Recap:ragsan confess each other and their romance and swalak romance.

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Scene:at the dhaba
Sanskar wakes up and sees ragini sleeping peacefully . He kisses her forehead she smiles on her sleep only. he was still bound in her saree.he slowly came out and was staring ragini and he stands in front of ragini so that the sunrays cannot disturb her.

Ragini while sleeping sanyukt words echo in her ears ur parents death planned murder . she gets up full of sweating seeing this sanskar gets tensed
Sanskar:ragini what happened did u saw any bad dream.
Ragini:thinks if I say to him then he will do something wrong due his angry . he doesn’t have control over his anger. No..yes sir bad dream.
Sanskar:I know ragini this will only happen I don’t deserve u u will only get pain from me. See our love started now only and u are getting bad dreams I think these are the signs to stay far from me

Ragini:sir how much u will speak u know it’s the birth right of girl’s not boys . it won’t look nice . and a about deserving love . we are from now one and no one can separate us so by deserving or comparing one will get big and other small . love is something which is felt by anyone equally without selfishness and with pure heart. U are pure from heart sir and about hatred anger I can understand that u left ur family and built up ur own image and also looked after a child from his 1year only. It’s a very big thing that no one would have done . plz don’t say that deserving love. U are a good father,good brother, good son,good leader,good friend,. See how many talents u have and u are really a great person . so now stop blaming urself okk
Sanskar:ragini how can u forgive me so easily after this much and u will see good in a bad person . I think ur a God gift to me
Ragini:like u
Sanskar:ragini do u want to ask anything
Ragini:no actually yes but not now

Ragini:bcoz I trust u
And I want to say something actually I loved someone 5yrs before.
Sanskar:it’s OK I asked u no na
Ragini:no sir it’s my responsibility to say u this and u should know it.
Sanskar:if u married someone also I will runaway with u but won’t leave u or doubt u
Ragini:sir u didn’t even asked me why we broke up
Sanskar:no bcoz I trust u too
Ragsan hugs each other.
Sanskar:u know what ragini I was not like this before I was a very cool dude but after my parents died I became like this.
Ragini:but what is the mistake of dp uncle

Sanskar:ragini plz I love u and I don’t want to spoil it by saying that.
Ragini:sir it’s OK when u want to say u can say OK now Change the topic sir don’t be like ravan yesterday how romantic u ever I want that one. Sanskar smiles ragini realises what she said and shies
Sanskar:so u want romantic romeo haa
Ragini:no no not like that I was..
Sanskar :holds her tightly and she comes and hits him they are very close to eo they can feel their heart beats. So..
Ragini:sir it’s mrng someone will come
Sanskar:I don’t care I just want to look into ur eyes and stay forever like this happily
Ragini:sir…she shouts
Sanskar:what happened ragini
Ragini:sir see ur head u got hurt but when she is almost crying seeing this. She fastly tears her pallu and ties at his head.
Sanskar:it is just small scratch u don’t worry . more than me u got hurt ragini see ur hand I will not leave that sanyukt. I will kill him
Ragini:sir then what will be the difference between u and him . Sir everyone gets what they deserve so u stay calm ok
Sanskar:no ragini see bcoz of him u cut ur wrist naa
Ragini:it’s OK sir it’s just nothing

Sanskar:ragini is this urs (ring)I swaragini it outside
Ragini:Haa she was about to wear it but stops as she is getting pain due to the cut.
Sanskar sees this and he himself wears it to the ring finger unknowingly (mangalyam plays..)
Raginj:tq u Sir ur hand also got hurt why
Sanskar:that when I left u I got angry on myself and bet the carglass
Ragini:what sir that’s why u said to control ur anger see
Sanskar:it is before u came and now u came into my life so It is ur responsibility totake care of me.okk
Ragini:Haa sry sir
Ragini:that I have slapped u na
Sanskar:then I will not forgive u
Ragini:I know what to do . she kisses his cheeks softly
Sanskar:now I think I am ok
They hug

Swara :lucky get up come let’s go to laado
Laksh:swara let me sleep
Swara:lucky get up if u will not get up tgen
Laksh:swara u can’t do anything it is not ur home or sasural
Swara:lucky plz wake up na she asks so cutely
Laksh::ok then for that u should give a kiss
Swara:chii lucky wake up na

Laksh:what do u mean by chii night what u did to me after that also ur saying chii
Swara is blushing :she gives a sweet peck on his forehead and cheek.
Laksh:actually I thought of lips but u gave two na so I can adjust.
Swara :ok now wake up and get ready wear ur shirt come let’s go
Laksh:I will get ready but where will u go
Swara:I called to sanskar he said a place we should reach there and our cat also got repaired come fast.
Laksh:ok sweet heart he kisses her cheeks . Swara blushes.

They get ready and go to a place where ragsan are waiting.

Swaragini hugg each other and get teary eyed
Swara:laado what is this these many injuries they treated u bad na all bcoz of this sanskar.i won’t leave u she holds his neck . raglak try to stop her but no she is holding him very tightly.. We can see how much she worried for her laado.
Ragini:Shona leave him plz Shona otherwise it’s a promise on me leave him . swara leaves him
Swara:laado what is this foe this man u
Ragini:Shona he thought they are my relatives and for my birthday he want to surprise me and he did this he didn’t did intentionally . and after knowing he came and saved me from them . in fact he helped me

Sanskar thinks how she got to know what he thought . and smiles
Swara: oho OK Mr . sanskar I am sry. Tq u for saving my laado.
Sanskar :it’s OK I am responsible for that and I saved her.
Swara:u can say that with smile also ravan hmm
Laksh:he is like that only leave na swara come let’s go

Scene:after 1month
Shaurya arrested sanyukt . our love birds are happy . one day at gm
Sumi:swara get ready today a boys family is coming to see u
Swara:maa…plz not again where is papam papa papa…
Shekar:swara today what ur mother says that is final . listen to her . get ready they are very nice family they will be here at any moment . come down fast.
Sumi:ragini beta plz make her ready
Ragini::ok maaa
Swara:laado what is this lucky how will he react . I don’t know what to do.
Ragini:Shona u first calm down u once call to laksh and say about this sudden meeting
Swara:Haa laado yes . she calls lucky

Lucky:what sweet heart missing me
Swara:lucky u know what my parents arranged my marriage with some one they are coming today to see me.
Laksh:what swara how can u do this to me.
Swara:lucky I also got to know today itself . plz lucky do something
Laksh:now what I can’t do anything how many times I said to talk about our matter to ur parents but u didn’t took it seriously now what marry him only.
Swara:no lucky plz listen to me. He cuts the call
Ragini :what happened Shona what did laksh said
Swara:he is very angry laado he said to marry that guy only . laado do something what should I do.
Ragini:Shona first u get ready and will go down after that we will say to maa papa OK don’t wrry.
After 1hr
Sumi:swara ragini come fast they came
Ragini:Shona be strong don’t worry.
They come down swara doesn’t even lift her head to see them.
Boys mom: oh my god she is like angel . we want to take her now only if u allow.
Boys papa:Haa I also liked her .
Swara has tears in her eyes.

Ragini:Shona once see them these are also very nice.
Swra is shocked :she gets up and shouts turning to laado how can u say that I only love lucky . if I want to become someone s then it’s only my lucky s not any others . she turns to sumi :maa I love lucky and only think of marry him and if u won’t accept then I will runaway with him.
Boys mom:ok then I think she don’t want to marry my son OK then we are leaving . I thought If swara comes to her house as bahu then my gorilla son will change but his bad luck
Swara:she thinks gorilla and turns and sees their face they are no another than Ap and Dp.
Ap:ok then we are leaving.

Swara :maa u . she kept a confused face . all laughs loud seeing her face.
Sumi:I didn’t expected this from u swara. I got to know this before hand only otherwise what would have happened . tq u ragini beta u said before only otherwise our reputation would have gone.
Swara:so this is laado s plan wait laado I will see u
She starts running behind ragini.
Swara:is now also lucky in ur plan
Ragini:no Shona he don’t know poor guy
Swara:what he would be tensed then I should say him
Dp: oh hello we are present here for ur inf.
Swara:sry bf…no no papa
Dp:no..my son na not useful for anything and also made a beautiful girl my daughter . OK but nice choice.
Sumi:ok then when we will keep engagement.
Pandit:it is tomorrow and wedding in 4days.
Shekar:what this early.

Dp:u don’t wry shekar ji u just come to our house we will do all arrangements.
Ap:Haa sumi ji if u agree
Dadi:but marriage will happen here only it’s my husband s last wish.
Ap dp:ok ur wish.
All are very happy
Ragini:now Shona call lucky fast and say him otherwise he will be tensed.
Swara:laado it’s not that easy u just wait and watch she calls him and says
Swara :lucky my parents fixed marriage it is after 4days . for my parents I should do it he is also handsome. He also loves me
Lucky:swara are u out of mind what are u saying that means u are really going to marry him
Swara:yes lucky I am sry
Lucky:what sry swara I loved u more than myself but u how can u betray me . plz say it is lie plz swara I can’t stay without u
Swara:gets teary eyed sry lucky I lied to u it’s u whom I am getting to married
Lucky:what swara really
Swara:Haa ur parents only came to see me I was also shocked at first and after knowing I thought to tease u but u made me cry
Lucky:swara plz don’t test my love and don’t make fun of it I can’t tolerate it swara.
Swara:I am sry lucky from next time it won’t be happen
They both cry
Ragini:sir u know swalak marriage got fixed I am very happy all the credit goes to u sir
Sanskar:yaah yaah I know. Then what is my gift for this
Ragini:what gift u did it for ur bro ask ur bro
Sanskar:cheater ragini. OK wait I am getting another call u be at hold . but it is not at holds the phone is from shanaya.
Shanaya:sanskar plz once listen to me
Sanskar:no never what u did after that never.

Shanaya: plz meet me once at coffeehouse plz
Sanskar:ok this will be our last meeting
Ragini hears this and thinks :I should not doubt him . he will go there and will scold her from his words it is clear . so stop thinking ragini.
Shaurya:ragini how are u is ur plan success swalak marriage
Ragini:Haa shaurya marriage is after 4days tomorrow engagement u should come
Shaurya:ha ha sire why not OK now u come to coffee shop I want a treat
Ragini:ok done I will be In 30 min
Shaurya:ok then see u byee

Scene:coffee shop
Shaurya and ragini chit chat
Shaurya:ok ragini now come let’s go I will get car

Shaurya leaves . ragini then sees shanaya and sanskar talking.
Ragini goes and listens to what they are speaking but she can’t hear.
Actually they were talking
Fb is shown
The idea that ragini will be happy at their mama Mami s house is given by shanaya as one day they were searching ragini in mumbai with her pic they asked shanaya . she wanted to take revenge from ragini for snatching her love so she said them to say that it is sanskar s plan after knowing how cruel u are with her . hearing this ragini will be shattered and u get ragini I get my sanskar . they make a deal.
On the day he scolded ragini shanaya calls
Sanskar phone rings.
Sanskar :hello

Sanskar :shanaya
Shanaya :yes sanskar it’s me ur shanaya. U forgot me that easily.
Sanskar :u made me too and now I don’t love u I love ragini.
Shanaya:I know sanskar but we can be frnds na. I know ragini is very nice girl and I did wrong with her. I feeling very sry for that really from my heart. Sanskar will u forgive me
Sanskar :it’s OK shanaya u know she is a very nice girl. She will forgive anyone easily. And about frnds as we are.
Shanaya :ok then how is ur love life then
Sanskar :actually I said that I love her but she didn’t said anything but I know she also loves me. U know today is her birthday and I hunted her very much.
Shanaya : oh is it then y are u sounding so sad. What happened did u gave her any surprise
Sanskar :actually u know today my parents death anniversary and says what all happened.
Shanaya : oh is that so OK then if u take her to her village and give her surprise. I got to know that her father’s sister is living there only and ragini loves them very much if u take her there means she will feel good. What say

Sanskar :shanaya ur awesome what an idea. Tq u very much now she is very angry with me if I take her there then she will feel happy. Tq u very much shanaya.
Shanaya :we are frnds na and I helped my frnd so where does this tq u came from. Kk
Sanskar : okk now I should go to surprise ragini when she will see that she will say that she also love me. OK then byee
Shanaya :all the best sanskar byee. Call cuts shanaya smirks and smiles evilly.

After knowing how cruel they are sanskar slapped shanaya for doing this to ragini.

Fb ends..

Shanaya :sanskar I don’t know that they are really this cruel . they behaved very well with me . U also got betrayed na by their acting I also thought they are saying true and said to u. I am sry I didn’t did this intentionally.
Sanskar:if it is true then I will forgive u.
Shanaya:so now u for agave me then frnds
Sanskar: okk
They hug . seeing this ragini got teary eyed actually shanaya saw ragini that’s why she is acting to be more close.
After sanskar left.
Shanaya talk someone on phone :I know sanskar only loves me shanaya . not some random village girl like that ragini. Ragini is listening to this. U know what Uttara ur bro is a great actor till now he managed so well to be in love with ragini bcoz of that land (land which is on ragini s name which has precious metals). But that land will be his by only marrying her so he is doing this love drama.

Ragini is heart broken listening to this.
Shanaya:if ur bro gets this property he will be the top businessman in the India and top billionaires of the world and after that he will divorce her and marry me . he saved her so that her property will not be sanyukt s.

Scene :at gm
Ragini is heart broken and didn’t speaker one single word also with shaurya.
Shaurya:ragini ragini..
Ragini comes to senses:yes come let’s go
Shaurya:ragini we already reached ur home.

Ragini: oh I am sry. OK then byee
Shaurya:ragini why are u so dull . U can share with me.
Ragini cries and hugs him. :why it will always happen to me only
They hear clapping sound . it is all gm and mm s family.
Ragya breaks the hug.
Swara:I know ragini u both love each other . swaragini marriage will be happen at same time and place that to beside
Ragya are shocked
Ragini:Shona it’s not like that..
Sumi:I know shaurya is a very nice guy and is perfect for u ragini. U are also my daughter how come I will not think about u. I only want to ask about him . shaurya I forgot to ask u . what u say about my daughter ragini
Ragini gets teary eyed seeing this effection
Shaurya:yes aunty I love ragini when I first met her . she is very nice kind and pure hearted girl I have ever seen . it will be my pleasure if I get ragini. I don’t love her beauty but her inner beauty her kind heart.

Dadi:hey chori what u say about him. We all liked him very much and he will be perfect for u. If u say yes then my both grand daughters will get married at only one Mandap. It’s not any force follow ur heart. We respect ur decision
Shaurya:yes ragini I also don’t want to force u that s y I didn’t confessed till now that I love u.
Ragini thinks this family gave me shelter and thought of my happiness and shaurya I think I cannot love him but will accept this relation whole heartedly.
Ragini :I agree to this marriage. She goes inside running and crying.
All feel happy.

Scene :at mm
Lucky:shouts I am double happy today ragini Is also getting married. Heyyy
Sanskar then only enters and is shocked to hear the marriage of ragini
Sanskar :lucky what are u saying whose marriage
Lucky:ragini s with shaurya
Sanskar :did ragini said yes
Lucky:Haa she accepted it whole heartedly
Ap:I thought that if she would become my bahu. I thought to marry her to sanskar but it’s OK whatever may be her happiness

Dp:shut up Ap what u are thinking u wanted to marry her to this angry devil. It is better that u said it now if u said it before then I would not have forgiven u.
Laksh: papa Plz don’t talk like that about bhai u also know that he is not like this before.
Dp:u shut up how do u think of marrying a girl like ragini who is a angel with this devil. He shouts now no arguments will be on this topic.
He goes
Ap:and anyways her marriage is fixed na with shaurya he is also very good boy he will make our ragu very happy.
Sanskar is shocked and heart broked

Episode ends with sanskar shocking face…

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Credit to: Dhamukohli

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