Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 48


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 48

Recap:sanyukt is turned out to be ragini s Mami s son and were forced ragini to marry him but at the last minute sanskar comes and saves ragini.

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Episode starts..
Scene :at hospital
Dr.:as it is night I can’t treat her properly and even it is night.so take care of her
Sanskar:ok sir I will take care more than myself.
Dr.:she Is very lucky to get u as her husband.but how can u didn’t stopped this much torture.
Sanskar:I know I did very wrong once she wakes up I will accept all her punishments.

Scene :in car
Sanskar is staring at ragini who is unconscious.he is feeling to kill himself seeing ragini s stage.on one hand blood is dripping and all the body is full of bruises.i am sry ragini I am responsible for ur condition . he kisses her forehead.
Ragini wakes up and sees sanskar beside her sanskar is happy to see her conscious .
Ragini is hitting sanskar to stop the car.
Sanskar:ragini stop it what are u doing.
Ragini finally turns the steering wheel right and left sanskar is not able to control and the car hits the tree.

Sanskar gets hurt on his forehead ragini falls on him.
A intense eyelock between ragsan.
(mere humsafar plays..)
Ragsan had tears in their eyes . after some time they compose themselves.
Ragini opens the door and goes from there sanskar is following her
Sanskar:ragini plz stop
Ragini is crying:now what is left sir u came to see whether I died or not.
Sanskar:ragini Plz let me explain I didn’t did it intentionally. Actually I don’t know that they would treat u like that.
Ragini:sir I didn’t died but my heart has broken and I became lifeless . I am not less than a died person. U should be happy to see me in this condition as u wanted this from the starting in the name of revenge. Why are u crying then oh I am sry these are happy tears . she was walking from there fastly.

Sanskar:ragini plz try to understand u want to kill me u can but I are not fine now . U are very weak now and u are running like this . plz just stop . I am accepting that I am responsible for ur condition. U take out ur full hatred on me I won’t stop u but plz stop here.
Ragini: oh this is ur new drama na. I am fed up of ur drama s plz say it directly.
Sanskar:no ragini it’s not drama. I am really sry for what happened bcoz of me . I know saying sry u can’t forgive me . but u do what u want but see it condition plz . ur health will be damaged.
Ragini stops: oho that means I can do anything with u.
Sanskar:anything for u
Ragini :slaps him hard. She is slapping him continously sanskar is not even reacting bcoz this pain is nothing in front of that he had given to her.
Ragini stops slapping and cries falling on ground :how much I trusted u sir after u showed my dhaba also I thought what are u trying to show me is not u. But I am wrong u are the same . I regret that once I lo…she cries thinking their moments
Sanskar:I know ragini what punishment u gave me is nothing in front of what I have given u. It’s not pain I made sin . but u Plz don’t cry u are very weak . U need rest . once u get well then u do whatever u want sanskar is pleading her

Ragini:sir u the Great sanskar is saying me sry and plz after slapping also . I think I am dreaming.
Ragini:sir plz stop it . No need to do this bcoz I will not forgive u for what have u done this time . plz now u got succeeded in ur so called revenge then let me live my life peacefully . There is not a big difference between u and them. She again started to walk.
Sanskar :ok then if u want ur original sir only then u should only face it. Ragini hearing this gets shocked as he came and lifts her.
Ragini is hitting him but no use bcoz it is not easy to get out from the grip of her ravan kumar so easily.
Atlast ragini got tired and surrendered herself.
Sanskar:what tired now only . I said na u are weak so be a good girl and listen to what I am saying .
Ragini:smiles and says if a person like u talks about good then it is like poison to me
Sanskar:whatever u think
Ragini:where are u taking me
Sanskar:shut up and don’t irritate me on one side I am carrying a heavy stuff and u keep on speaking
Ragini:what after doing this much also u are scolding me only in return and I am heavy Haa . (Like a small kid crying)I know what u said before is all lies . I was thinking that how can u say sry to someone.
Sanskar: oh drama queen just stop it and I said sry to u only
Ragini:no u said to the stone behind me

Sanskar:what are u mad
Ragini:no I am not u only mad. Actually a man says sry to a man and stone to Stone only na
Sanskar: oh God can’t u recognize from how long I am carrying u like a child and u were happily saying stories . bcoz of u my car Also got Damaged u know its my favourite BMW.
Ragini: what kind of a car name I think they only remember those alphabets only from A-Z.
Sanskar:it’s Bavarian motor works
Ragini: oh so it is a motor. For that u are making it a big issue my papa has ambassador car u know how much it is it is 2lakhs that time only
Sanskar: oh so much big amount mine is just 2crores
Ragini:what oh my god is it car or car company.
Sanskar: oh God just keep quite and u can’t help me even I am helping also u can’t see my pain and keep on irritating me

Ragini: oh hello I didn’t asked u to lift me u only wanted to become hero what can I do for that . for ur kind information I have two legs which meant for walking.
Sanskar:ok then he leaves her and she falls down
Ragini:mummy….This ravan kumar killed me
Sanskar:now what as u said only I left u
Ragini:u are saying that till now u listened to me very well na
Sanskar gets teary eyed.ragini doesn’t see it she is busy in removing the dust from her.
Sanskar suddenly comes and hugs ragini tightly.
Ragini :hey what are u doing. She is trying to release from his grip but in vain
Sanskar :I am sry ragini from now I promise I will listen to what u say but don’t leave me.
(mujhe teri zarorat hai plays..
Ragini also gets tears but doesn’t hug him back.
After sometime they see some goons so they go from there sanskar is carrying ragini.
Sanskar running with ragini in his hands very fastly . ragini has her eyes only on him
He takes her to some place . he keeps her down.
Manager:how may I help u sir
Sanskar:we want a room

Ragini:2 rooms
Manager:sry mam it’s night so all are filled.
Ragini:very nice I know this only would happen.
Sanskar:can u plz stop let me think
Ragini:ha ha think think and think tomorrow u will get the idea at sanyukt place.
Sanskar:just shut up
Manager:I think u both did love marriage and ran away from ur house na
Ragini:how can u think like that kaka . anyone keeps there head in to the mouth of Tiger knowing that it is tiger and marriage it is like even hell is better than that.
Sanskar:ha if I would not have come u will be there only enjoying with ur sanyukt
Ragini gets teary eyed.
Manager:sir if u don’t mind there is a small room here if u can adjust u can. As it very late u can’t get another at this time.

Sanskar is listening but his eyes only on ragini.
Sanskar:it’s OK we will adjust . give us the keys.
Ragsan go to the room.
Sanskar:ragini I am sry I didn’t mean that
Ragini:y sry what u meant is already u did na
Sanskar :ok leave it.
Manager:Sir mam here are some clothes if u want u can change.
Sanskar takes The clothes
Sanskar:ragini u change I will wait outside
Ragini :ok
Sanskar goes out:he calls laksh and says ragini is fine and is with me u and swara don’t worry tomorrow we will be there in mumbai.
Laksh:ok bhai tq u very much

Sanskar:it’s my responsibility
Laksh:what do u mean
Sanskar: oh woh…..what I mean is I only made her trouble know and it’s my responsibility to get her…
. He sees ragini in a red saree with her hair open and her hair is playing on her face due to heavy wind ragini is looking like a red rose which had opened its petals just now.
Laksh:bhai bhai where are u we will come therr
But sanskar doesn’t hear bcoz he is lost in his princess.
Sanskar goes near ragini. Ragini is not observing this.
Sanskar iss now behind ragini . very close . ragini is feeling his presence.
Ragini turns towards him
Sanskar is moving close to her. Ragini is moving backwards.
Ragini is pinned to the wall.
Sanskar:ragini I am sry . I will go change
Ragini goes out she is seeing outside . she sees a dhaba which is decorated with beautiful lights . But it is far from there.
Ragini:kaka do u know whose dhaba is this

Kaka:no beta I came here recently but very big business man is constructing it. He is working very hard from 2 weeks . I only know this much.
Ragini:thinks I think I know the businessman.
She goes from there to that dhaba.
Sanskar comes out wearing a black shirt and jeans . he is looking dashing.
Sanskar:excuse me have u seen the girl came with me
Kaka:Haa she went too that dhaba I think . she asked about it.
Sanskar:tq u. Ragini…
Ragini went to that dhaba and saw a big banner written SHAILESH RADHIKA FIVE STAR HOTEL. Ragini gets teary eyed seeing it.
Ragini:that means what I thought is crct he wantedly said that but in fact he did this for me . she sees sanskar coming . she hides behind a tree.
Sanskar is madly searching for her:ragini where are u.
Ragini:u lied to me sir but what about the deal u made with sanyukt.i think I should go now otherwise he will be more tensed.
When she is about to go someone come and holds her and shuts her mouth.
They were taking ragini but sanskar sees that and beats them hard.

Sanskar:how dare u touch my ragini . now there is no need u to live . good luck for u all in ur next birth . he hits them very hard . if they would be alive also they cannot move.
Sanskar afterwards goes to ragini . he is very angry that ragini without saying went away . he lifts his hand in full rage to slap her but before that ragini goes and hugs him tightly.
Sanskar also reciprocates
Sanskar:what is this ragini why u didn’t informed me coming here before. If anything would happen to u then what about me.
Ragini releases from the hug:sir u did this all for me then y did u said me like that morning.
Sanskar:actually when I got to know that u didn’t do that decorations I wanted to say sry for u but when I saw shaurya with u I got angry and kidnapped u and took u here when u woke u made me angry that’s why I said u all that to make u more angry on me
Ragini:what but y u want to make me angry

Sanskar:bcoz u only get pain in my love I can never be happy with me so for the one last time I want to give u a surprise but I thought no u will again try to come close to me and said that all.
Ragini is crying :sir what u did is absolutely crct . I cannot be happy with u
Sanskar is shocked :I know ragini
Ragini:sir what u know who are u to decide I am happy with u or not . I will be very happy with u bcoz I know that I can change u not in 1montg then for in 1year but I will change u for sure.
Sanskar:ragini u love me that much
Ragini:more than my life and by this u made me urs by this. If my parents would be alive then they will be happy to see u who cares for a girl like me and her parents.
Sanskar:u are not some girl u are my life u are my heart beat u are my love . I cannot say that my love is great but I can say one thing I cannot imagine my life without u. I don’t know that I would fall in love with a girl whom I used to hate her and wants to give her pain every time . I cant say that my love is more than the sky and more depth than a ocean but I can say that I will love u until that sky and ocean touch each other and it is impossible and my love which can’t be decreased for u or end . if any circumstances comes like that then it will be my last birth my last love my last breathe.
Ragini is crying like after five years today there came someone who really liked me by myself and also this much love which is selfless.

Sanskar:sry ragini I don’t want to propose u but I didn’t able to stop it . I know that u will never love me even then also I am happy bcoz living with me gives more pain to u by which I will get endless pain so it is better to love u from staying far only . and in early morning only we will be going to Mumbai and about that sanyukt he can’t be able to see ur shadow too . if he see that also that will be his last day . U don’t worry if death also comes it should first pass me before it comes to u. It is my promise . OK I am going u also come fastly it is not safe . he turns and was going teary eyed.
Ragini:she shouts for the first time my sir talked this much that too in my style but it is not fair sir u are going without listening to my answer
Sanskar:what do u want to say . I know it’s no only and I didn’t said those with any preparations but with the feel of my heart but u are making fun of my feelings.
Ragini:but for what u made this arrangements u don’t want to complete it.
Sanskar:what but u don’t like to celebrate ur birthday na
Ragini:yes but if my father and mother are here only then I should celebrate it na . so there is no reason for not celebrating my birthday.

Sanskar:really ragini u liked this that much
Ragini:now also u didn’t understand sir
Sanskar:no no I understand come there is only 10min for ur birthday to finish come fast.
Sanskar goes inside and sees the cake is full of rats : oh shit where does these came from oh god now what should I do what should I say to ragini.
Ragini:she is laughing loudly seeing his face which is faded . Sir Here there will be so many rats . U don’t know
Sanskar:I am sry ragini I really don’t know . now what should I do.
Ragini :now what it’s OK u gave me enough and I am full so come let’s go.
Sanskar:what do u think of the great business man once I have decided then I will achieve it at any cost.
Ragini:sir it’s OK and however in 5min my birthday will be finished . Sir leave it na.
Sanskar:he doesn’t listen and says u stay here only I will come in 1min
Ragini:sir but Sanskar goes.

He comes after 2min
Ragini:sir I know we can’t do anything now come let’s go
Sanskar:what I said ragini I decided to celebrate ur birthday and it will be celebrated for sure. He shows a watermelon
He cuts it in the shape of heart and arranged candles . ragini is shocked to see this preparations and how sanskar is doing this much to celebrate her birthday.
Sanskar :common ragini cut this only 1min left come fast.
Ragini cuts it after 5years for the first time Bcoz of sanskar.
Ragini blows the candles and cuts the cake and feeds it to sanskar. Sanskar also feeds her
Sanskar:happy birthday ragini I know after five years this is the first time ur celebrating but I know this is the worst birthday anyone would celebrate.
Ragini immediately hugs him:sir this is the most beautiful and cute birthday in my whole life and after my parents and Rohan it’s u who made it precious and made me feel special . and what are u saying worst it would be for anyone bit not for me and I didn’t gave the answer for ur question na now listen my answer is yes how can I miss the world’s greatest lover. And it is my pleasure to be the love of u.

Sanskar:really ragini is this true oh my god but ragini I will only give u pain not more than that
Ragini now breaks the hug and keeps her hands on his mouth and she moves close to him
Sanskar:ragini what are u doing
Ragini:shhh…she goes near to his lips and she softly places her lips not on his lips but slightly far from it and goes far from him
Sanskar:ragini what u did
Ragini:actually there is small piece near to ur lips and I don’t waste food that’s why I ate it that’s all what u thought
Sanskar: oho I thought u are taking the advantage of me seeing me single
Ragini:I also want to take advantage but of my sir sees then u will be finished he will kill u
Sanskar: oho u are saying as if u only have bf if my ragini knows that ur trying to take advantage of me she will cut into pieces.
Ragsan laugh seeing each other a cute eyelock takes place (Haa hasi bann gaye male and female version simultaneously)
Ragini breaks it :sir one doubt in half day how come we reached kolkata from Mumbai normally it takes 2days
Sanskar : oh that we came here through flight

Ragini:shouts flight oh my god I came through flight I will get scared seeing it from far only but I travelled in it oh my god I would be safe only na how come I don’t know I am very afraid of it how did I came I would have came safely only na
Sanskar is observing her cute childish acts :ragini we have already reached na and I came safely see u ur alright na . And when we were travelling u were unconscious my sleeping Beauty.
Ragini: okk now what come let’s go from here
Sanskar :what’s hurry in it see I celebrated ur birthday I want something as return gift
Ragini:what u want sir
Ragini:sir wait a minute that means u in this one week were here that’s why u didn’t met me right
Sanskar:Haa I thought to complete it fast and surprise u after finishing but got to know today oops yesterday is ur birthday and surprise u.

Ragini:u know what sir u are very nice at heart but u don’t want to show it to others but I like this ravan only my ravan
Sanskar: oh ur ravan then ur sir what will he do
Ragini:hmm I will give sir his employee and I take my ravan . how is that
Sanskar :what an idea sirji
Ragini:what do u thought then of ragini rathore
Sanskar :ok miss rathore I think u forgot something
Sanskar:return gift
Ragini:what u want sir
Sanskar:u don’t know what I want and starts coming close to her . he pins her to the wall . I want…. WA…..nt…ragini closed her eyes and is breathing heavily
Sanskar:I want food….
Sanskar:I am hungry
Ragini: oho I thought OK leave it come we will eat this melon
Sanskar:what u thought ragini

Ragini:mee..mee…nothing come let’s eat first
Sanskar:come he eats full without giving anything to ragini
Ragini keeps a pout face :sir…I am also hungry..but sanskar is busy in eating and didn’t paid any attention on her
Ragini :then smiles seeing him eating like a child and goes from there.
She sees moon :u know maa papa after 5yrs I celebrated my birthday that also with the person whom I hate very much but u also used to say na papa hate is the first stage of love and it proved in my life. And u know maa papa he made thus dhaba a five star hotel on ur name . I am very glad that I loved someone who not only love me but also respects my family . but I wish u would also be here and bless us.

Suddenly she feels a pair of hands on her waist:will u not introduce me to ur parents
Ragini:they already met u when u did this much for me
Sanskar: oh nice I successfully completed melon
Ragini:what full
Sanskar:Haa actually still I am hungry
Ragini:chii sir how much u will eat whole melon u completed and u also want more . oh god u didn’t even asked me.hmmm
Sanskar:what u are also hungry
Ragini:no no I went to a hotel and ate fully see my stomach how fat it became
Sanskar: oh is it so let me see he was about to remove his saree she runs from there she takes the melon and throws it eat this also

Sanskar:today however I decided to not be hungry
Ragini:but how here nothing is there even I am also hungry.
Sanskar:I think our both hunger is same
Ragini:what I didn’t understand
Sanskar comes closer to her and was about to kiss her but rain starts and seeing that ragini went into rain jumping and playing seeing this sanskar is smiling . As it is raining ragini became fully wet and her belly is seen clearly sanskar also goes and catches her waist and says I think ur parents are blessing us by this rain.
Ragini:yes sir I also think that only.
They both dance very romantically.(hua hai aaj pehli Bhaar plays..)
Imagine guys sanskar is in black shirt with top buttons open and ragini in red hot saree.
After sometime they come inside sanskar gives her chocolate
Raginj:takes it and eats fastly as is someone would take it . she completes eating and says tqs
Sanskar:with this chocolate u are satisfied
Ragini:Haa bcoz I don’t have 6pack like u
Sanskar:ur also not less than me ask me how u bared u
Ragini:Haa Haa even I didn’t said to lift me and climb 200steps like sharukh khan and u tired for this only she says it very cutely.
Sanskar:he lifts her
Ragini:sir I Said just like that u don’t need to do that
Sanskar:u know what ragini I can walk like this to anywhere by just seeing in to ur eyes in which I can see my love for u and ur love for me
Ragini in his arms hugs him.
Sanskar keeps her on straws which is fully covered

Sanskar leans onto ragini.ragini is breathing heavily
Sanskar kisses her on shoulders
Ragini:sir what are u doing
Sanskar:I also don’t waste water
Ragini remembers that she is fully drenched in rain and has water droplets all over her body . she smiles
He now takes her earrings,chain and now his hands went inside her saree and on waist and takes out waist chain . ragini is feeling like thousands of butterflies are flying all over her body . she is feeling like she is in heaven and his every touch make feel her like she has kept herself in security for giving it to him.
Sanskar kisses her forehead,eyes,cheeks,chin. Now he was looking at her lips and ragini gave herself to him long back . sanskar was about to kiss her but sees her bandages and controls himself . ragini sees it and understands.
Ragini:sir promise me that take a decision after thinking right and wrong okk
Sanskar:I promise you . U are the reason for my change till now my avi is happy bcoz of u and my bade maa all happiness is returned bcoz of u only angel.
Ragini:God sent me for u
Sanskar:to change ravan angel came into my life

Ragini:Haa only I have rights on my ravan.
Sanskar:ok now u sleep . U need rest
Sanskar:no buts vets sleep
Ragini lies down after 5min she hears some slapping sounds . she gets up and sees and laughs
Sanskar:why are u laughing ragini see these mosquitoes are irritating me
Ragini:sir that’s why I will say to listen from starting I am trying to say that only but u didn’t listened
Sanskar: oh he remembers while he stopped her from speaking OK I am sry
Ragini:ok come now
She makes him cover by her saree pallu.
Sanskar smiles seeing her care.

And here swalak who were on the way to kolkata. While coming their tyre gets puncture they get into a small Hut nearby as it was raining they both got drenched. Laksh gives his shirt to swara and swara changes into his shirt . her wet hair the shirt which is upto her thighs . she is looking gorgeous and she is lightening bright in the night . they also spend some romantic moments.

Episode ends with the both swaragini sleeping in their bf s embrace smiling

Guys I think u all got bored by this long update.
But I hope u will keep reading and supporting me like this only . And about ragsan marriage u can see it on 50th episode. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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