Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 47


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 47
Recap:sanskar kidnapped ragini and took her to kolkata.sanyukt entry.
Hii guys dhamini here. Tq very much for ur support . and I thought I should continue with the original track

Episode starts..

Scene :at rathore mansion.
Actually the mansion is very big.its like Palace.
Sanyukt:drags ragini and throws on the floor.
Urmila: oho finally my son brought u as per my wish.
Sanyukt:Haa maa after all I will if u said and I will not obey it will not happen.
Urmila:hey u ragini sry my to be dil
Sanyukt:yaah baby I think u also tired of running away from us. S come let’s do marriage
Ragini:what it will never happen . I will die but don’t marry u.
Urmila:catches ragini by her hair how dare u raise ur voice before us and about ur death it will of course happen when u marry my son.
Ragini:is crying wincing in pain . Chii how can u stoop this low how can u do this to ur brothers daughter.
Urmila:what am I doing I am making him happy by marrying u with my son . I gave u this much big shelter and now marrying u also to the richest handsome guy.
Sanyukt:Haa ragini from childhood I was behind u but u never looked at me for once but still I love u and I am doing this all bcoz ur forcing me to take this step . and Haa if shaileshmamu is alive he would be very happy that his daughter got a lovely husband
Ragini:don’t even dare u two take my papa name . and what u said love it’s not love it’s lust and if u really love then u will not force me like this for marriage and u Mrs. urmila sharma what u gave me big shelter I think u have memory loss what are u enjoying is my papas only but I didn’t questioned about this bcoz my parents have always taught me to not raise voice on elders but if he would be alive now he will be ashamed as ur his sister who treats with so much love and see u as his mother and ur son as his son . how can I do this to the great person
Urmila:how dare u to talk like this with me and I am ashamed to be his sister . he was great for u all but not for me . he married me to a farmer without asking me he sent me with him and made my life hell.we lived like if we have food for 2times a day that day will be a lucky day for us . U all enjoyed a lot in the big empire and made my life hell and left for me to die.
Sanyukt:maa u don’t waste ur tears bcoz of this girl or her family and u don’t worry maa I will take revenge from her what u have faced by her father she will also face that only . he hugs her
Ragini:God will punish u for ur sins definitely.
Sanyukt: oh let’s see who will be punished . he beats her with his belt.
Ragini: plz kill me I will be very happy
Sanyukt:after this much torture also u are raising ur voice. If u die then what will I do without uni love u naa
Ragini: oho so this is ur love great . BTW this is not love this is ur lustNow u got All naa property land house business then y are u behind me . I am not asking u to return my property then y can’t u leave me
Urmila:no no we can’t leave u bcoz u are like golden hen for us . U know na one land is there still on ur name only which has precious metal and it will become ours then we will be the richest but it is only possible if u marry my son and the land gets to my son s name and even he also gets u. now go and get ready in 2hrs is ur marriage and I want to gift u to my son for today night.
Sanyukt:ragini what u thought that we did all this arrangements for ur welcome but for our marriage . now be a good girl and get ready soon.
Ragini:I will die but don’t marry u she takes up the knife and cuts her wrist . she is smiling if I die then ur whole property will be given to orphanage.
Urmila:it won’t happen u should be alive only . she is going towards ragini
Ragini:don’t dare to come near me. If u come then I will kill myself
Sanyukt who is behind ragini take the knife and slaps her hard:u don’t have a right to die also. Ur death also will be decided by my mom only.
He calls some girls and orders them to do her first aid and make her ready. If she tries to alope or kill herself then u all won’t be alive
Ragini is crying
Sanyukt:ragini I don’t want to do this with u but u are creating this situations . see now ur face is very bad I want to marry u as angel but u forced me to do this.and u girls make her like an angel what u do I don’t care.

Sanskar:why I am feeling like what I did is wrong . my heart is very scared as if ragini is in a very big problem . I am able to feel her pain . I think I should go there once and check . yes I should go if she is happy also I will get a chance to see her for one last time.
His hand is bleeding very much.
He then sees laksh mssg that ragini didn’t came to home till now if u know about her.
Sanskar:I should say them about ragini they will be tensed . he calls laksh
Laksh:bhai where are u y are u not lifting the call from so much time we are trying to talk to u . OK leave it she said that last she was going to ur office and didn’t returned.
Sanskar:don’t get tensed she is there only where she want to be . where she will be very happy.
Laksh:what do u mean bhai. Swara also listening.
Sanskar :to kolkata.
Swara :what are u out of ur mmind . u didn’t make her happy u left her to die in hell
Sanskar:what swara what are u saying they are their mama Mami why will they hurt her she will be happy there.
Swara: oh God now what I should do why are u after my laado u can’t see her happy . in this one week she is very happy without u now why u again returned in her life . U know what today us her birthday and also her death day and the credit goes to u Mr.sanska. What she did to u I don’t understand she always want to see all happy but u only have one aim to destroy her happiness.
Sanskar:swara why are u talking like this and death what are u trying to say
But before swara could answer the call gets cut bcoz of no signal
Swara:lucky plz I want to go to save my laado
Laksh:swara u don’t worry we will go . I will book tickets in the car come Let’s go.
Sanskar: oh shit what I have done I thought that she will be happy but I think I committed a big mistake in my life. I am sry ragini but I will not loose u. I am coming ragini don’t loose ur strength.
Ragini:sir why u did this to me what I did so much big mistake that u left me in this hell
Sanskar:I love u ragini I am coming
Ragini:I hate u sir I again want to see u coming into my life.
Sanskar:I can’t be away from u ragini
Ragini:I don’t want to see ur face again. I won’t make u again come into my life . just stay away from me . she is crying remembering there close moments.
Sanskar is remembering how ragini was crying when he left her in that mansion:ragini I thought that those were ur happy tears but I didn’t get to know that u were pleading me not to leave u there.i am sry ragini he is remembering all how he made her cry everytime
Teri meri prem kahani song plays..sanskar is driving his car very fast he is only thinking about ragini . I should save her at any cost if I die also

Scene:rathore mansion
Ragini gets ready in beautiful pink colour lehanga and had a pallu on her face. She is looking like a princess but it was hidden by the bruises all over her body . she is walking like a lifeless person
Girl:mam I think they are torturing u and u were in a big problem . we will help u u go from here.
Ragini:no no if I escape then he will kill u all.
Girl:how nice u are didi how can those people do this to u.
Urmila knocks the door . ragini comes down towards mandap
Sanyukt is sitting on the Mandap and seeing ragini like hunter got his prey . he was very happy.
Pandit is chanting mantras.
Ragini comes and sits beside him.
Sanyukt:what are u thinking if ur thinking of how u came here that is bcoz of that sanskar he is also very cruel like me.he also wants to take revenge from u like me and we both made a contract that s why u are here . Actually I saw u before only and wanted to kidnapped u but some guy came and saved u.(remembered in school laksh saved her)then I thought there is something between u two and wanted to kill him but he got saved(that night laksh got beaten up by some gundey)
And then I met him and I got to know that ur working in his company and made a deal . ragini is crying continously listening to each word.
Sanyukt:u know what ragini ur parents didn’t died in accident but it’s a planned murder . ragini is shocked . Yaah I am mom kept a bomb in that car and it got blasted giving us happiness.
Ragini is boiling with anger but can’t do anything bcoz they tied her hands and also she is very weak . she was crying that her parents died bcoz of his sister only.
They get up for taking pheras
Sanskar is driving more faster like a mad person.
While taking rounds
Sanyukt:I know that listening to this ur very angry and wanted to kill us na but that’s not possible . U cant do anything poor girl . Know what this is ur birthday gifts so much of mystery and shocks . Happy birthday princess
Ragini:herself God plz save me plz punish this people who have done a big sin by killing my parents . plz plz she is crying very much
It is now last round . then comes sanskar he is shocked to see the scene.
Ragini doesn’t see him bcoz of her gungat
Sanskar shouts to the top of his lungs :how dare u
Ragini recognize the voice and was very angry.
Sanskar comes there and ragini walks to him angrily removing her gungat.sanskar feels very bad seeing her state.
Ragini :sir….she faints
Sanskar catches her he was about to take her Sanyukt and his men stop him.
Sanskar who is like a unstoppable angry cheetah and made them his prey . he is attacking them like cheetah attacks deer.
Some guy came and was trying to kill ragini he has a big sword in his hands sanskar sees this and catches the sword hurting himself which is already hurt by breaking this car door.
The blood drops on ragini as it is filling her Maang.(mangalam song plays)
He beats him and made the sword in to his stomach.
After beating all he hurriedly takes ragini and kept her in his car and was driving fastly.

Shaurya and his men were searching ragini in Kolkata as swara said to him.
Swalak were also reached kolkata.

Episode ends with all tensed faces.

Guys I know today episode no ragsan scenes but in next episode there will be a romance ka jhatka And guys I will update 2 episodes Tomorrow . Sry guys as I can’t promise that the 50th part will be good or bad. And I didn’t thought of writing 100 episodes but if u continue u support like this only by ur lovely comments then I will make up for sure . and I am also planning to write two more ff s and will post them very soon. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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