Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 46


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 46

Recap:sanskar again misunderstands ragini.

Hii guys dhamini here.tq u for ur warm welcome .

Scene:at office
Sanskar:what is she thinking of herself how dare she make fun of my parents death.i will not forgive her. I know that I did very wrong but this is crossing limits.
Krishna:yes sirshe should not be forgiven bcoz today is her birthday but she doesn’t like to celebrate bcoz her parents death anniversary also today only.yes sir u should not forgive her bcoz she thought u met with an accident and came here as Her life is gone . she should not be forgiven bcoz there is no fault of her . I know that she loves u that’s y we made this surprise party by saying u met with an accident . Actually I am responsible for this I should not have called u . she says crct only u are really ravan kumar . Actually one more thing we also made prank on her but she didn’t reacted like u . once again sry sir for talking this much . U will not change sir after all her efforts also u are like this only . and he goes from there angrily.

Sanskar:u sanskar y can’t u listen to her. I think after one week I met her but gave her bad experience . I think I should not talk to her from now . She already faced so many problems but also she was trying to be happy and I am stealing her happiness . but I can’t go far from her . all are crct I am really ravan. I should go away from her that only better from her and me.but one last time I want to make her happy. But how if I go to her she will be like a volcano. I know how to make her happy . he goes from there quickly.

Scene: in road it was raining
Sanskar is driving fastly he sees ragini on the road . he was going fastly but applied a sudden break bcoz he saw ragini with shaurya who was giving her umbrella . he gets so much angry. He saw that shaurya was bringing yes for ragini . she is crying very much. Sanskar parks his car in front of ragini . and forcefully kidnaps her. Ragini is shocked and was trying to ask help but her mouth had tape and sanskar wears mask . so ragini can’t see him . he takes her in to the car and locks the door . he also ties her hands. shaurya is busy in getting tea so he missed ragini . when he came back he doesn’t find her . he takes his jeep and was searching for her . but sanskar went so far.
Sanskar thinks:I know ragini this is wrong but I should so this otherwise u will not listen to me . I am sry
Ragini faints sanskar sees this he removes the ropes and mouth tape.

After 3hrs.
Sanskar sprinkles water on her face but she doesn’t wake her up . he again carries her in his arms and gets in to the car . he stops somewhere he again takes her in his arms . ragini has her eyes closed her hands now are at sanskar s heart.
Ragini :with closed eyes only sir…
Sanskar thinks how much she loves him . I also love u but u will only get pain from my love . I am sry ragini I think I don’t deserve ur pure love . but this is the last time.he shouts loudly I love u ragini.
Ragini opens her eyes and sees that she is on sanskar arms.
Ragini gets down from his grip.
Ragini started to shout:how dare u to kidnapped me. And why u touched me . oho I am sry I forgot u want to take revenge na.

Sanskar gets very angry . he catches her tightly and ragini is wincing in pain.
Sanskar:ha this is my last revenge . Happy I won’t see ur face next time.
Ragini:crying it’s waste of trying to make man . but u can’t change ravan kumar . she looks around and is shocked.
Ragini:u brought me to kolkata. And wait this is my dhaba s place what construction is going on here. She holds his collar. U ediot how dare u what is happening here.
Sanskar :my 5star hotel. It’s get completed in 2months.
Ragini :what but this is my land how can u. She starts crying.
Sanskar :no dear I am intelligent I took this properties sign also. U are so dum u didn’t even saw the agreement papers which also had this land s papers. And he takes her hands of his collars. He is smiling evilly.

Ragini:she is crying how will tolu molu will live now. Sry tolu mold . my life s great mistake is I met this evil. If God is with me then I ask him only one thing to not show his face once again. I hate u Mr. Sanskar maheshwari. No no only sanskar bcoz maheshwari are very nice and u brought stain on their reputation.
Sanskar : oh Hoo wait darling u also have another surprise. Keep some anger and show it their.
Ragini:now what is left in my life. My parents and bhai left me and now my brothers will also hate me. And u the great destroyed my papa s last memory. Now what is left she is standing like a lifeless girl.
There was a silent for 30min. Sanskar also feels sad but thinks God will make ur wish true fastly. He was smiling happily thinking that she will be now happy forever.
Ragini: oh now ur smiling that means u are giving me the biggest pain. Wait this is early morning and no one is there. I know that u definetly stoop to this level. U want to give me the biggest pain na. I am left with nothing except my body. I know that u will now use me….
Sanskar :he again catches her angrily and says what do u think of urself angel. U know the whole India is back of me and I don’t want to stoop low or loose my reputation by using u. If I did this also no one will point out me bcoz u are nothing I don’t want a guilt that using a village girl and don’t want stoop in my eyes. Did u get that.
Ragini :then what do u want to do with me
Sanskar :it’s a surprise I know that till now no one would have given this type of surprise revenge.

Ragini is not speaking and sat in car:she thinks now I will get rid of him but y my heart is saying that what he is showing me is not true. But these are only my dreams. But I don’t know why my heart is not allowing me to go far from u. What us this sir
Sanskar thinks :this will be ur surprise for ur birthday. But u will be happy there if u stay in mumbai u have to face me and I can’t get rid of u bcoz I love u and don’t want to make ur life hell.
He goes in to the car and drives. In 1 hr he stopped his car in front of a big bungalow which is fully decorated.
Ragini sees this and gets shock.
Ragini:why have u brought me here u don’t know they are…
Sanskar :shut up ragini
There comes a handsome cool guy and knocks the window of ragini. Ragini sees him and gets scare. She catches sanskar s hands tightly.
Sanskar removes her hand and gets out and talks with that guy smiling and shaking his hands with him.
Ragini:sanyukt… she murmurs.
Sanyukt is the guy :he drags her from the car but sanskar doesn’t see her.
Sanskar :he is teary eyed and thinks I know ragini these are very nice people and will make u happy always.
Sanyukt says something in ragini s ears. She gets scared and smiles seeing him.
Ragini:sir I am very happy now u gave me be is the biggest revenge sry surprise and she goes inside teary eyed. Sanskar doesn’t see her and he is confused.
Sanyukt :tq u sanskar it’s a very nice meeting with u. Finally my princess is back. He smiles evilly.
Sanskar goes from there in his car.

While driving laksh calls sanskar but he doesn’t pic call.
Laksh and swara both are trying to call him but in vain but after 1hr he stops his car somewhere and beating his car with his hands. So much blood is dripping from his hands.
Laksh sends a mssg But he doesn’t see it. Sanskar gets in to the car and checks mssg and calls laksh
Laksh :bhai where are u ragini didn’t came Still now it’s morning she didn’t came to home. Do u know anything about her
Sanskar : oh don’t worry she is there where she is happy.
Laksh:what do u mean bhai. Swara also listening.
Sanskar :to kolkata.
Swara :what are u out of ur mind and says something by which sanskar gets shocked.

Sanyukt is played by rohit purohit acted right now in raziya Sultan.

Episode ends with swasanlak tensed face and ragini crying..

Guys I want to ask u something I know that I am dragging but my story is depending and in fact I always give very long updates to make it fast. While I was thinking to start this ff I thought I would complete in 30 episodes but while writing I got many ideas and wrote them. Guys say that if it is dragging through comments but the main twists didn’t even started till now. If u guys say then I will stop bcoz I can’t end fastly without twists. I am sry for making u wait and read all my crap. But I am happy that till now u are bearing me. And sry for late updates bcoz I got fever today only and also watched the match while writing. I am very happy that my darling virat Kohli is playing awesome mesmerising outstanding. Tq u for speaking all crap. Sry once again . I know that the pic doesn’t suit for this situation but I loved this pic. I hope all will like this. Thank uuuuuu.

Credit to: Dhamukohli

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