Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 45


Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 45

Recap:swalak confession with the help of ragini.ragini gets a call that sanskar met with an accident.

Hii guys dhamini here.i know I am late sry for that bcoz of my exams and tq u for ur wishes.i did very well.tq u guysssss.tq u very much. And about ragsan there are many twists for them to become one.so I think u should wait but there will be romance . and from now there will be a very little part of swalak.

Scene:at office
Ragini comes to the office very tensed.it is night around 12.she comes to the office she is literally crying. When she enters in the office it was very dark . she thinks that he may be admitted in the hospital . I think I should go to hospital . she was about to go the lights come . she is shocked to see that it is fully decorated and all employees are there . they are very happy . ragini didn’t understand anything.

Ragini:krishna bhai what is this all where is sanskar sir . how is he now . is he fine . plz say something . Bhai say na I am getting scared.
Krishna:cool down ragini sir is absolutely fine . wait a second common guys what are we waiting for.
All employees start to sing happy birthday ragini.
Ragini is shocked:that means u all did this drama for this.
Krishna:yes ragini we didn’t even did ur farewell nicely and we are missing u very much and saw ur file and get to know today is ur birthday . how is this surprise ragini . we are doing this from morning to celebrate ur birthday.
Ragini:tq u everyone I don’t know that these many people love me in a very short time . I am very great full to u all.
Krishna:ok now cut the cake.
Ragini:bhai Actually I stopped doing my birthday. I think u will understand.Sry for this . I know u all did so much effort to make me happy but I am sry that I can’t celebrate . I am really sry.

Krishna:ragini we can understand .I am sure that there is a big reason for this . I won’t ask u about that . we did this bcoz we are missing u. It’s OK ragini.
Ragini:tq u bhai actually u all did this for my happiness but I can’t be happy this day bcoz my parents left me on this day only . she was crying very much . all felt very sad.
All console her after sometime all thought to leave all were forbidding ragini.she is going saying tqs to all. While she is going she gets some decorative papers on her and she gets trap into that.she tried very hard to get out and was about to fall but someone holds her at her waist . ragini closed her eyes as she thought she will fall . but opens her eyes after sometime
Ragini:sir she sees sanskar who comes then only. There is a cute eyelock then both get Teary eyed as they didn’t saw each other for one week.(sab tera song plays..
After 5min they compose themselves but they are very close to each other . they are tryingto go away but they are not able to bcoz both got stuck in the decoration.
They both realise that they got stuck.

Sanskar:he comes close to ragini for removing the papers.
Ragini gets Teary eyed seeing sanskar from very near . sanskar observes that he also gets Teary eyed he wants to hug ragini tightly and show how he missed her but controls . finally he succeeded in getting out ragini and himself . they were now at some distance . sanskar was going to other side but he cannot bcoz ragini s dupatta got stuck in his watch.
Sanskar don’t know and was going and ragini is also coming behind her

Sanskar turns and hits ragini by mistake both fall down . sanskar is on the top of ragini . but sanskar keeps his hands on her head so that she can’t get hurt.
Ragini saw this and was crying seeing him . sanskar now lost his control.he comes more near to ragini he kisses her eyes and removed her tears with his lips very softly.he again kisses her on cheeks . ragini hands are at his heart.(manmarziya plays..

They got alert bcoz of the horn of a car.

Sanskar realises what he did and goes from there angrily.
Sanskar when enters saw all decorations and got very angry . he hears someone saying for ragini we made this all arrangements but he thinks that ragini made all arrangements.(yes guyss he don’t know anything in fact he is also called there by saying ragini met with an accident but when he saw her alright he thinks that this is all ragini s prank and gets angry)
Ragini is outside only she was keeping all the papers in order and was remembering what happened some min ago and was crying:why are u angry on me sir why u didn’t met me in this one week sir what wrong I have done sir.
Sanskar angrily goes from there krishna sees this and goes behind him

Ragini:feels very happy that sit came and talked to her. She was smiling
Sanskar:ragini why are u becoming like this . I didn’t expected this from u ragini.
Ragini:sir what happened.what I did.
Sanskar:u are asking me what happened u know that today is my parents death anniversary and u intentionally did this arrangement. How can u do this on someone’s emotions . I know that I did wrong with u but how can u stoop this low.
Ragini:sir u are misunderstanding me sir . I didn’t did this.

Sanskar:just shut up ragini.ragini know that u also lost ur parents but how can u do this party on someone’s death anniversary . U also lost ur parents na if anyone does this on ur parents death anniversary what will u do.
Ragini:sir u are taking it as wrong sir in fact my
Sanskar:what talking about urs then u remembered that this wrong . and u also wanted to show me this and called by prank that u met with accident.
He goes from there angrily without listening to her.
Ragini :sir y u always not listen to me . I really don’t know that today is ur parents death anniversary also . U know sir how much I missed u but u. U can never understand me.

Episode ends with crying of ragini and angry sanskar.

Precap:someone kidnaps ragini . new entry…

Sry for swalak fans . guys I don’t know what I wrote I wrote this by thinking something . I was till now very busy with exams,fest,marriage of my cousin . from now I will update daily . tqs once again for ur best wishes. Thank uuuuuu.

Credit to: Dhamukohli

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