Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 44

Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 44

Recap:swaragini and sanlak are shocked seeing their news. Laksh proposes ragini.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u for ur lovely comments. And u guessed right.

Episode starts…

Scene :at shopping mall
Sanskar goes from their angrily.
Swaragini come and stands in front of laksh.
Laksh:ok as I am a rockstar I want to sing a song and dedicated it to my lady love. Me life.
Swara was breaking from inside.
Laksh starts to sing hum tera bin abb raha nehi sakthey… tum hi Ho…… abb tum hi Ho.. Zindagi abb tum hi ho
Swara is crying. Raglak saw that. Laksh finished to sing. Swara now is not able to control she ran from there towards laksh and hugs him. Laksh also hugs her and shows thumbs up to ragini. Ragini is very happy.
Swara :lucky I love u and I accept that I can’t forget u bcoz I didn’t even tried to forget u. I love u lucky. I really love u. I cant see u with anyone. How can u love someone else lucky. How could u.
Laksh breaks the hug:he weeps her tears and says no swara it’s late now nothing can happen I love ragini now she will be hurt. No swara I cant
Ragini :how can u do to me swara like this. After he proposed me u got to know that u love him. I didn’t expected this from y swara.
Swara feels guilty :I am sry laksh I can’t come in between u two. That to my laado. I am sry. She turns to leave. Laksh holds her hand and says :that means it’s ur break up right I want to give I a party.
Swara :what are I talking lucky are u out of mind.
Ragini:laksh it’s enough stop it na how much u will suffer her. See she is crying very badly. Now stop it na

Laksh :aha so now u are on ur frnds side if she is suffering now means u can’t see my pain in these 5yrs. Chii… ragini I thought u will help me but u ditched me.
Swara is not able to understand anything. She is very much confused.
Ragini :it’s not like that laksh now she said na that she love u
Laksh:no its like this only. U both sisters are one only. It’s my madness that I took ur help.
Swara :u both just shut up she shouted.
Raglak saw her and both hits their heads.
Swara :what u are talking about laado. Say it clearly
Raginj:abb.. That…. Mmm…laksh.. Ha laksh will tell u
Laksh :what Me no u tell
Ragini :no its ur plan u tell
Laksh:no its ur master plan. U say
Ragini :u
Laksh :uuu
They are quarrelling
Swara :shut up. Ragini will u tell me or not
Ragini:actually laksh
Laksh:wait ragini I will say
Ragini:no let me say
Laksh:no u will say against me and favour to swara
Ragini:no I will llnot
Laksh:no ragini it’s final I will tell
Ragini :no I will tell my shona
Laksh:no now she is my love I will say about my love
Ragini :but I played a cupid role for u na so ur love got success bcoz of me so I will say

Laksh :no ragini I will say
Ragini:I will
Laksh :I will
Swara is very angry she brakes a vase near her and hurts her leg.
Ragini :Shona…
Swara :u both stay away from me.
Laksh:shut up swara see that how much it’s bleeding can’t u see when I saw u first time then also I were fighting with someone and got hurt.
Fb:5yrs ago in college
It’s was laksh s first day in cllg. He entered the cllg and saw someone is beating 5members nonstop. It is non another than our cute swara

Swara :after this if I see I near this city also u are dead. Did u understand.
Swara turns from there and goes to a girl but a boy came and was about to her head laksh who saw this came there and stopped him but swara got hurt on her hand. Laksh stopped him but swara who saw this was very much angry and bet him at his box .laksh stopped her bcoz she is not stopping. After 5min he finally stopped her. The boys raned away
Laksh came to swara :u should be careful na BTW WY were u beating them
Swara :bcoz they were teasing this girl so when I saw that I came and beat them that they
remembered their nani.
Laksh:ok great I thought I cannot see a girl who would be able to self defense herself but today by seeing u I saw a girl who risked her life for some unknown girl. UT very special
Swara : of course I am new admission
Laksh :yes
Swara :which branch
Laksh :music and arts. Urs
Swara :same pinch me too. She pinched him
Laksh : ouch.. Shall we go
Swara :yaah frnds
Laksh:yes. They shook their hands.
Fb ends

Laksh:ok the very first day only I fell in love with u. But I am afraid to confess bcoz I thought u will reject me and our frndship will also be lost. I thought u are not interested in these issues so I didn’t raised this topic but when I heard that ur parents are seeing matches for u. I cried a lot. I don’t know whether to say about my feelings or not.
Ragini:then that time when he was crying I saw him and we both made a plan to make confess ur feelings. Shona u don’t know he loved u unconditionally from 5years. He s love is very pure. U both are made for each other.
Swara :what u both are saying I am not able to understand.
Laksh:what the hell swara after our both long lectures also u can’t understand. Ragini enough is enough now she will not love me. I am going
Ragini:Shona ur lucky is going won’t u stop him
Swara :lucky stop. She gets up and started beating laksh
Laksh: ouch.. Stop it swara what are u doing
Swara :u are asking what I am doing u ediot u buffalo u gorilla u took 5yrs to confess ur feelings and expected that I will say u in a week. Stupid I will kill u now.
Laksh :ok then kill me but u can live without me

Swara :no I will kill u and I will also die.
Laksh:what in hell also u won’t leave me. There also u only. No I want new girlfrnd
Swara :u ediot she catches his ears and says see in ur seven births I am only ur love. Did u understand
Laksh :what that means I should love u only in my next 6births. How boring it is that also with u. Ur so unromantic it will be a torture for me
Swara :what I am unromantic. Ur unromantic see u took 5yrs but see me in weeks I said. Now say who is romatic
Laksh:ok u won.
Swara :Haa Haa u always loose
Laksh :but in front u my loss is also very sweet.
Swara :I don’t know cooking
Laksh :what u don’t know then what will we do to eat
Swara : one idea we both at home only prepare food bcoz ur partnership is always a hit okk
Laksh :yaah it’s a good idea but how we will get money if we both are at home then.

Swara :Haa I didn’t think about that also OK then u do house work I will do concerts okk
Laksh:no what I am a buy I won’t do these things if our kids ask what is my dad doing what u Will say house husband how weird it is
Swara :ok fine u do concerts I will do house works. My kids should not be like his dad by staying with u.
Laksh:chaa no my kids should be like me only not like u.
Swara :no like me
Laksh :like u.
Ragini :arey u forgot one thing what are the names of kids.
Swara :sunny and bunny
Laksh :no chanti and bunti
Swara :sunny and bunny
Laksh:chanti and banti
Ragini :if ur kids see u like this they will be upset. See them
Swara :ok laksh we will decide afterwards first we will see kids cime
Laksh:Haa yes crct

Ragini :Haa go go they are crying
Swalak runs and after sometime they realise that they didn’t have kids.
Swalak keep pout faces.
Ragini laughs seeing them
Ragini :not bad this means u both are romantic. Love is just started and both are fighting over kids.
Swalak are embrassed
All people were seeing their cute fights.
Swara :lucky that means what u said that u love ragini is also a plan
Ragini:Haa swara. We are just frnds not more than that.
Swaragini turns and sees laksh missing.
Swara :now what is this ragini this is also ur plan only na
Ragini:no I really don’t know about this
Swara :then where he is.
Lucky :attention every one. Swara go to the first trail room. Swara goes and comes out wearing a baby pink long gown with sleeveless hands.
Lucky:my love my ishq my Kadhal it’s just u. I love u swara he takes a gift box which has a rose on it.

Swara takes the rose and opens the gift. It is a rose which is dried with a love greeting.
Laksh :this is the 1st year I wanted to propose u the rose which u kept it with me but didn’t gave u.
Swara gets emotional.
Laksh gives another gift with another rose. Swara opens it in it there is a beautiful gown
Laksh:this is when I wanted to propose u in 2nd year of my love but didn’t
Laksh gives another gift. In it there is a painting of both swalak while performing
Laksh:this is when my dream came true bcoz of u I made my first concert I wanted to propose u by giving this. I painted this in 2nights. Did u remember this is our first performance. Swara is shedding happy tears.
Laksh again gives her another gift. Swara opens it. It is the big farmhouse blue print.
Laksh :swara did u remember this when we went to spain to perform u liked this na. I buyer it and wanted to propose u with this in the 4th year of my love.
Swara hugs him. A bunch of rise petals fall on them.
Laksh whispers in her ears :swara this is my 5th year of love finally I proposed u do u remember that night in pub. That is my 5th gift my love. I am drunk but I remembered everything. I am in my senses

Swara :beats him what lucky u remembered. U ediot
Laksh:do u want to announce me my 5th surprise too then I will
Swara :closes his mouth stop it lucky.
Lucky:finally he kneels down he has a ring in his hand. Will u love this gorilla and marry ur gorilla
Swara :she also kneels down and hugs him stop it lucky I can’t see more. These much u love me. Lucky I don’t deserve u I can’t even see ur love for me in these 5yrs staying beside u. Lucky makes her wear the ring to swara
Lucky:swara I love u very much I can wait for u till my last breathe. If I am alive that is bcoz of u only swara. I know I was very near to death but ur love made me fight with death too.
Swara:stop lucky don’t talk about this once again. If u then I will leave u and marry rishi.
Rishi:Acha then what my gf will do.
Swara :rishi u here.
Laksh:what u said ur gf that means u love someone else.
Rishi:yaah this is all swara s plan to make u jealous but it got backfired and engagement is happened in a hurry.
Swara :don’t wry rishi u wore the ring to my right hand so it is not valid
Lucky:that means u also made a plan and blaming us for plan. U ediot.
Rishi:ok then my part is completed. So all the best for u both.
Laksh :tq u rishi. They both hug
Swara :lucky plz now don’t make ur face like that I am sry he is my frnds bf. OK fine.

She kneels down :ok Mr. Laksh maheshwari will u accept the love of Ms. Swara gadodia. I love u very much lucky. If u were Not there means my life will be unlucky.
Laksh:makes her stand up and hugs her. I love u too swara. U r my life.
(sanam re plays…) ragini jumps in excitement seeing this.
Ragini leaves from there. She also had tears. :swara ur very lucky to have laksh. He will love u more than himself and goes.

Scene : outside
Ragini is going happily.
Voice: oho again u showed ur talent
Ragini:uu shaurya what are u doing here
Shaurya:how can u do this much. Today u made an incomplete love story complete. U are very great.
Ragini : oho she is my soul mate I can do anything for her.
Shaurya:I think u should keep a ngo and help all.
Ragini :nice idea I will try it. They both laugh. Sanskar sees this. Actually he went but returned bcoz he didn’t believe that ragini loves laksh.

Scene :at gm

All get to know that rishi had already a gf but they don’t say about swalak love.
After a week ragsan didn’t met once also. Shaurya and ragini became very good frnds. Swalak were enjoying their love life.
One day ragini gets a call.
Ragini:krishna bhai how are u. Now I remembered about ur sister haa
Krishna:ragini first listen to me. Sanskar sir met with an accident.
Ragini:what is sir fine. Bhai where is he bhaiya tell me fast.
Krishna :come fast to office fast.
Ragini :ok I am coming.
She runs to her office. She is shocked to see something in office……

Episode ends…

Guys did u enjoy today’s swalak scenes. Keep supporting guys. I know ur love will be continued. I can’t update ff next week as I have exams but till Saturday I will try to update. Thank uuuuuu


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