Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 43


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 43

Recap :swalak and ragsan romance. Sanlak says that they love swaragini.

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Episode starts…

Scene :in rain
Swalak breaks the kiss and immediately swara runs from there.
Ragsan are full on romantic when sanskar was about to kiss her on lips again. Ragini cane back into sense that what they were doing and she too runs from.
Sanlak smiles that swaragini had accepted them.

Scene :at gm
Swaragini enter from the opposite directions with out noticing them and they dashed with each other.
Family saw that.
Dadi:what u both drenched in rain like this. From when we were waiting for u. This much time where we’re u and what are u doing.
Swaragini remembered what all happened. They both had their heads down.
Sumi :u both will say something or u will stay like this till morning.
Swara :actually… I.. We.. No… no.. Ragini will say
Ragini :wh… what…… me… no… swara u say.
Sumi :ok OK first u both go to ur rooms and change otherwise u both will get fever.
Dadi:ragini where is ur dupatta. U are also becoming like swara or what follow some traditions.
Ragini sees herself and finds dupatta missing. She was remembering how sanskar removed her dupatta. She was blushing.
Ragini:that dadi due to heavy wind dupatta flyed somewhere that’s why.
Swara remembers how her dupatta flowed on lucky. She too blushes.
They both go to their rooms.

Scene :morning at gm
Swara was awaken as she didn’t slept at night. She was thinking about luckily all night. Ragini is also not slept she is thinking about sanskar
Swara :I should say this to laado
Ragini:I should say this to shona
They both open the door at same time and saw each other. They are very tensed to say about each other but then dadi and sumi comes
Sumi:swara ur eyes are very red dreaming about ur fiance
Swara is sad listening to that.
Dadi:do u remember that tomorrow is ur haldi and we should go for shopping.
Raginj:u don’t worry today all shopping will be done.
Dadi:Haa I know u will be there means all will be done very fast bcoz of u only we made all arrangements tull now na.
Ragini:she gets emotional and hugs dadi she says that from childhood I missed my grand parents from now I don’t think I am still missing them. Tq u dadi for ur trust and love
Dadi:Haa OK OK now don’t make me cry
Sumi: otherwise her make up will be spoiled
Ragini :there is no need for makeup maa. She is natural beauty in fact she is our competitor. We should all need to learn from her.
Dadi: oho plz bring me down.
All smile
They were taking breakfast in hall. Shekar on TV.
News: yesterday night it was a romantic night must say. It was the heavy rain and the love blossomed btn two couples. So see it. They shows ragsan and swalak romance. Swaragini were watching this. They are shocked hearing the news. They rushed to the tv
Shekar:what is this publicly romancing chii what their parents taught them.
Swaragini feels relaxed bcoz their faces are not seen.

Scene :at mm
Laksh :bhai today what plans
Sanskar :voh…. Normal going to office. U
Laksh:me.. I… for some meeting of my next performance
Sanskar :ok then bye
Ap:sanlak come have breakfast. Sanskar u came here but not spending time with us. U can stay na.
Sanskar :maa today I have a urgent meeting but tomorrow I will be sure with u. Okk
Lucky:let’s see today’s news
The same news is seen. Sanlak were shocked. Lucky was trying to switch it off but it is not getting off.
Sanskar :lucky stop that yaar
Lucky:bhai it’s not working
Ap:y u both are tensed let me see those people who don’t have minimum common sense on road only they started.
Lucky :maa it s ur beta only MA he thinks
Sanskar :sry maa. They were closing their eyes.
Ap:arey shit there faces were not shown clearly.
Sanlak opened their eyes. They felt relaxed
Ap:chaa I missed if I have seen them means I would go to their parents and would give left and right.
Sanlak are feeling guilty.

Scene :at shopping
Ragini :swara we came 1hr ago u are not even interested in selecting ur dresses.
Swara :voh.. U select for me na. Ur selection will be the best.
Ragini :ok then I liked this white and yellow half saree for ur haldi. How it is
Swara : of course it will be nice
Ragini :ok then go and trial it once then we will finalise it
Swara :why all that I am not interested
Ragini :u should look the most beautiful girl for ur wedding. I don’t want to listen anything go fastly.
Swara :okk
She goes into thee trail room. Ragini is busy in selecting the dresses.

Scene :in trail room
Swara :laado are u there plz tie my blouse na. She hears the door knock. She says laado it’s open come fast.
In mirror she sees lucky and is shocked.
Lucky:Shona why are u seeing me like this.
Swara thinks that it is ragini only and imaging lucky.
Swara : Plz tie this na my hand is not reaching there.
Lucky:ok and he is touching her bare back and ties the blouse. Swara is feeling his touch :lucky
Swara :that means ur lucky only ahhh………
Lucky:arey shhh….. And shuts her mouth with his hand. BTW u are dreaming about me na. I know u can’t forget me.
Swara :ummmmmm
Lucky:ok listen I will take my hand don’t shout okk
Swara :mmmmm
Lucky removes his hand.
Swara :don’t u know this is girls changing room. Why u came here go out.
Lucky:I came here to know the answer for my proposal
Swara :what… I said na noo
Lucky:after what all happened yesterday
Swara :that
Lucky:ok then u don’t love me right OK then I will propose ragini. At least She will understand my Feelings.
Swara :what u will propose ragini. No u will not do this. She will feel bad. She won’t accept also bcoz she knows that I..
Lucky:what u. Say na swara. Swara stands silently. OK then u don’t speak anything I am going and will propose her after that it will be her decision.
. Swara wears her dress
At the same time
Women:beta can u select a saree for me
Actually the woman covered her face
Ragini:ok aunty which colour do u like
Women:red color bcoz my gf likes that color very much
Ragini: oho red… wait ur gf. She removed her pallu and is shocked to see sanskar ahhhhh
Sanskar :he holds her hand and takes her to a trial room and locks the door
Ragini:sir leave me what are u doing here
Sanskar :I came here to know ur answer.
Ragini:about what
Sanskar :do u really don’t remember and takes her dupatta put and shows it to her. Did u remember anything
Ragini:she remembers that night and was happy inside but not showing up. It’s mine. She tries to take it but he lifts it up she comes close to him to take her dupatta. They were very close that they can feel their breathe. Ragini realises this and was about to go far but sanskar holds her waist tightly so that she can’t go far from him
Sanskar :now say it na.
Ragini :she smiles she blushes and goes close to his ears sanskar closed his eyes she says saree suits u very much and quickly runs from there.
Sanskar : oh God this girl is making me crazy.

All came out swara is tensed that laksh is going to propose ragini.
Ragini comes out happily and sees swalak tensed
Ragini:laksh u here
Laksh:I came here to say my feeling to my love.
Ragini:really who is that
Swara :ragini we are getting late we didn’t did shopping till now come na
Sanskar sees laksh and thinks If I will go then he will tease me it is better I will stay here. He is standing behind the wall
Ragini sees it. She smiles
Ragini:no swara wait na it’s interesting common lucky say it she thinks he is going to propose swara and swara is nervous bcoz of this
Swara :ragini will u come or not I am going I don’t have any interest in this
Laksh:what is this swara u are my best friend. U must and should see that in fact u should support me. U will support and help me na
Ragini: of course she will. After all u both are BFF s
Swara thinks how can I see that my love is proposing someone who is also not aware of that.
Laksh:ok then ragini I want to say something to u
Ragini:mee what
Laksh:I.. I.. Swara closed her eyes she has tears in her eyes.
Laksh:I l.. Love uuu ragini. Swara is shocked she is crying. Sanskar is shocked he is thinking that what lucky loves ragini but ragini loves me. She will not accept this I know
Ragini: oh my God really I love u too laksh. She is really very happy. She is jumping in excitement.
Raglak hugg. Swasan are very shocked. Sanskar angrily leaves from there. Ragini looks on. Swara also runs from there cryingly.
Ragini goes after her.
Ragini:Shona y are u crying. Do u love laksh now also
Swara :laado but u don’t love him na
Ragini :I like him he is very Nice person. As u also forgot him and moved on na so I accepted him.
Swara :laado if ur happy then I am also happy.

Episode ends..

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Credit to: Dhamukohli

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