Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 42


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 42

Recap :sanskar trying to ask forgiveness. Laksh also feels something for swara. Ragya hug and swarishi dance.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u guys for encouraging me.

Episode starts

Scene :at gm
Function is finished. All guests are going blessing swarishi.
Swara and rishi were walking on the road.
Rishi :swara I know u love someone but still there is time. Don’t need to be force in any unwanted relation.
Swara :I know no guy will be ready to be marry a girl who has someone in heart and marrying someone. But u don’t worry my love is just one sided and I didn’t said to him or I will say to him. I will try to keep this relation whole heartedly.
Rishi:ok then if anything happens also after friendship should not be destroyed ok
Swara : of course. U are my good friend and who wants to miss a friend like u
Rishi:ok gorgeous I should leave u take care.
Swara :byee u too.

Scene :
Shaurya:it’s a very good company with u.
Ragini:me too and from next time bring di too.
Shaurya :yaah sure. I want to ask u something if u don’t mind
Ragini:u can ask
Shaurya:do u love anyone.
Ragini:no yaar
Shaurya :thank God that means I can try na
Ragini:yaah u can but I can’t love anyone so it’s just a time waste.
Shaurya :do u know miss fall I didn’t accepted failure till now
Ragini:that’s good but it won’t work in my case.
Shaurya :ok then let’s see tomorrow what plans
Ragini :shopping
Shaurya:ok then byee let’s meet at shopping
Sanskar is watching everything.

Scene :
While swara was returning to home there is a heavy wind blowing by which her dupatta flyes and falls on someone’s face whose back is visible to swara.
Swara :excuse me it’s mine. Bcoz of wind it came to u.
The man turns to give her dupatta. Swara is shocked to see it is lucky.
Swara :she quickly pics her dupatta and was about to go laksh stops her by holding her wrist.
Swara :lucky what are u doing leave me.
Lucky :I want answers from my questions that u can only answer. Till then I won’t leave u
Swara :what
Lucky:swara I want to know what happened that night when I was drunk.
Swara :how do I know u better ask someone. She stammers
Lucky:swara I know that u were with me that night right.
Swara :no I was not with u. I don’t know anything I should go home. Leave me
Lucky:from when u were feeling awkward by staying with me.
Swara :it’s not like that
Lucky :swara I really don’t remember anything that night plz say what happens did I say to u anything which hurt u.
Swara :couldn’t control her tears but she don’t want lucky to see her cry.
Then rain started.
Lucky:swara plz say something
Swara :what should I say there is nothing happened
Lucky:u learned many things swara but u forgot that u can’t keep anything secret from me. U know what till now u don’t know to lie to me.
Swara :why would I lie to u. Who are u to me just a friend not more than that
Lucky:y are crying then swara
Swara :what I am not crying it’s raining that’s all
Laksh: oho do u know what I remembered everything what happened that night.
Swara is shocked:what do u remember everything. No this can’t happen
Laksh:yes swara I remembered the dance and in the room.
Swara :what d… d… dance ni nothing r.. Oom
Laksh:yes don’t try to hide it.
Swara : oh fine if u know then why are u asking me
Laksh :I want to listen from u
Swara :it’s just a mistake I made in my life

Scene :
Ragini when was returning it started to rain so she went inside a shed. A guy comes and asks do u want to share the umbrella.
Ragini cannot see his face :excuse me who are u
Guy:do u forgot me
Ragini :sir uu
Sanskar :Haa did u expect ur shaurya to come
Ragini:sir it’s none of ur business
Sanskar :why didn’t u say the him that u love me
Ragini :laughs what love don’t joke sir.
Sanskar :I am very serious ragini.
Ragini :sir I am also saying seriously how u thought that I love a person like u. A girl wants to love a guy who is ram but not ravan like u.
Sanskar :I accept that I did so much wrong with u and all but now I totally changed that is all bcoz of u ragini. I know now I are very hurt but can’t u say my pain while I asked u forgiveness
Ragini:I can see sir but I don’t know to believe it or not bcoz I got betrayed 2times and now how should I believe u
Sanskar :what are u saying is absolutely crct it will be very difficult to believe I can understand so u ask whatever I want I will do it. Plz
Ragini:why sir whom am I to u.
Sanskar :I love u ragini. I really do
Ragini:sir it won’t suit u. What happened sir is ur shanaya also left u. Whatever it may be I am going. She is leaving in the rain itself
Sanskar :ragini plz stop listen to me once
Ragini:why sir. I don’t want to talk to u.
Sansakr gets angry he catches her hands :u should listen to me u know what I don’t love shanaya I just thought I love her but no. She is no more in my life. When did she did that video it clearly shows that she doesn’t love me if she loved me she would not have done that to me but I felt very bad knowing that she made this to make u bad in front me. I really couldn’t tolerate it. We broke up. I think till now I didn’t loved her.
Ragini :sir I think this is also urs and shanaya s plan.
Sanskar :if it is my plan then I would not be ready to live in mm. I did it bcoz u said and made me realise. If u think I still planning then I am ready to do anything for u. U just ask.
Ragini:sir if it is true also I don’t have any feelings for u
Sanskar :then why did u make me release out why did u send krishna to office again why do u want to get me and my brother close why do u want my family to come together.
Ragini :sir I will do that for anyone in that place don’t keep that name for that.
All conversation is in rain only. They both are drenched in rain but are not bothered.
Sanskar :ok then leave those what about u said that u love me on that day
Ragini:sir when I heard u said that day in lift that u can’t Live without me and u said u love me I thought it is real and u cared for me so much and u breaked the lift I thought u are tensed that I will die but after I got to know that it was urs and shanaya s plan so I again got betrayed

Scene :swalak
Laksh:what it is a mistake no swara
Swara :yes the big mistake of my life is that I loved u and when u proposed me that night I was very happy that at last I got u but u forgot what all happened
Laksh:what I proposed u
Swara :she realises what she said that means u don’t remember anything
Laksh:no swara Ajay told me some and I somehow wanted to know so u just tricked u and u said everything.
Swara :what is this lucky why are u making fun of my feelings. Y can’t u leave me alone. She cried by falling down on ground
Laksh:swara plz don’t cry I can’t see u like this I really don’t remembered that I proposed u but I think I really love u now
Swara :just shut up lucky what did u say u think. I am not a toy that when u remember u love me and when u forgot u say I don’t love u.
Laksh:swara plz listen to me it’s not like that
Swara :no plz stay away from me. Plz get out of my life I don’t want to see ur face
There a fm plays in which it is said that
Rj:I know u were really excited to know the results. I think u all know that today we will announce the results on the question that we asked a week ago. Yes it is for our swalak fans. U know all fans are so excited to know the results. OK then without wasting time we will announce that we asked a question that what u want swalak to be BFF s or lovers the result is that swalak should be lovers and they won by 90%of votes. That means the whole India wants swalak to be lovers. OK listeners now it’s time for our song as today is swalak special so we will play the song of swalak s (agar tum saath Hoo plays..
Laksh:did u remember that swara. I know I did wrong with u but what I should do I was really confused u know I just like ragini I falled for her nice behaviour but I don’t have any such kind of feelings that I feel for u.
Swara :no laksh I can’t believe u. If u are drunk or something then at whole I should only suffer. So plz u go to ur path and I to my path ie., to rishi
Laksh: plz don’t say like that. I don’t love him bcoz u only love me.
Swara :no laksh now I am not rishi is a very nice guy he knows that I love someone but though he was ready to accept me.
Laksh is now in super angry state:what rishi rishi I am fed up of this name. Swara I am serious I really love u.
Swara :no laksh this can’t happen. I already forgot u so u also forget me.
Laksh :ok fine but for the last time u should hug me if then also u think I don’t love u then I will also leave
Swara : one hug doesn’t change anything laksh u better understand
Laksh :ok then y can’t I prove me wrong.
Swara and laksh both get up. They are in the middle of the road.
Laksh:swara hug me
Swara :y can’t u understand lucky
Laksh:u can’t u understand I think u are fear that if u hug me u can’t separate from me right
Swara :no I am not feared of anything and I know that I won’t love u.

Scene :ragsan
Ragini:sir is this ur another plan. Plz sir I don’t have strength to again get betrayed.
Sanskar :y can’t u accept that u love me and can’t forget me and u also know that I really changed
Ragini :how do u know let me clear u onething if u do anything which is good or bad I don’t care. And she was walking fro. There
Sanskar:ok then leave it say me one thing y u hugged that giraffe
Ragini:giraffe who.
Sanskar :he that police shaurya who is after u and y u hugged him why u giving him chance to flirt.
Ragini :sir I hugged him and also gave chance bcoz he was a very nice person and he faced many problems in his life and moreover he is not like u
Sanskar got angry and in that rain he kissed her at her lips. Ragini was shocked at this she didn’t expected it she tried hard to release from his grip but he hold her waist very tightly. First it was a forced kiss but now ragini also melted til then her hands were up on shock but now she hugged him. They kissed for a long time in the middle of road. Sanskar kissed her very hard that he was showing how much he is angry when she is with some other person. He then slowly made it into a passionate kiss as if he was showing how much he is repenting and the pain the love he had for her. In each and every expression of his kiss ragini also involved and also understood it.
(soch na sakhi plays….)

Scene :swalak
Swara hesitantly hugged lucky she has her head on his chest she was listening to his heart beat which seems like it’s not beating lub dub but saying I love u.
Laksh hugged her very tightly. Swara wanted to release from his grip but she was not able to go far from him. It is like their both heart beats were combined beating and was playing a music rhythm. Laksh whispers in her ears :swara now u believe that u love u and I love me huskily.
Swara was crying in his chest. They never hugged like this before. They hugged for actually no time limit bcoz they wanted to be like that forever and ever.
(ore piya plays….)

Scene :ragsan
Ragini breaks the kiss and she avoided eyecontact. They both are breathing heavily bcoz they don’t know from when they were kissing like this. Ragini was going from there but sanskar holds her dupatta. Ragini stopped but didn’t saw him. Sanskar pulled her to him so that her back hits his front. He was whispering in her ears
Sanskar :ragini don’t dare to take anyone’s name except mine if u then u should bare the consequences. Ur mine only mine. Did u get that I know that u love me u can’t separate me from u. Whenever I come close to u u allow me to do anything. U trust me a lot but it’s my fault that I broke ur trust plz forgive me. Say that u love me. I know u love me more than I love u. Ragini is shivering by his every single word which made tickels at her ears.
Sanskar kept his hands on her s and he started kissing her whole hand. He came to the neck and romantically kissed her. Ragini can feel his hot breathe. He removed her dupatta and thrower it down. He kept his hands on her belly and rotating and playing on her flat and soft belly. He made her turn to him. Ragini sees onto sanskar s eyes. There is a eye lock for some time. Sanskar kissed her forehead. He kissed her on eyes. He kissed her on her cheeks. He can’t leave those cheeks bcoz they are so chubby and soft that he was not able to go from there. He repeatedly kissed her cheeks. Ragini closed her eyes and clutched his shirt tightly.

Scene :swalak
They released from hug. Swara was about to leave but lucky goes to her ears and says u forgot ur dupatta. He makes her wear it. She is just starting at him and was thinking plz God say it is a dream plz in real this will not happen.
He adjusted her dupatta. Then there was a big thunder and by which swat got scared and hugged laksh tightly. He too hugs her and says I got to know ur importance in my life. No need to fear swara bcoz if anything comes to harm u it should cross me first. I can easily give my life but can’t imagine my life without u even a second. He started to kiss her on her neck. They break the hug. There is a passionate eyelock. Laksh was removing the rain drops from her lips. Swara was having goosebumps all over the body. He slowly made her hair to back bcoz it is disturbing her beauty. Then he slowly leaned to kiss her swara has her eyes closed. He catches her waist tightly and kissed her lips. It was a romantic and passionate kiss every girl or boy wanted.

Episode ends…

Guys I already said I can’t write romantic scenes intensely. I think u will understand.
Guys one more thing radha s husband left her 5months ago not 8months.

Credit to: Dhamukohli

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