Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 41


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 41

Recap :ragini shaurya conversation. Ragini gets to know why swara is behaving like this and ragsan romance.

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Episode starts…

Scene :morning at gm
Swara wakes up early and gets ready for her mehendi.
Ragini comes there :Shona y are u doing this. U are not happy
Swara : plz laado don’t raise that topic again. I am very happy.
Ragini:then why u are eyes are red. Swara stood numb bcoz u were crying all night and the way u talk me is to avoid my questions right. I know I can’t get angry on u at any cost. So ur plan failed.
Swara hugs her tightly and cries badly..
Ragini :Shona Plz don’t cry I know u are doing this bcoz lucky doesn’t remember that night na.
Swara :how do u know

Ragini:I know it now say
Swara : plz laado till now I don’t loved anyone but I don’t when I fall in love with him but he doesn’t and it is also not fair to make others also to love but it’s enough now my parents will be happy by doing this only till now they didn’t asked me anything but now I want fulfil their wish and about lucky he already broked my heart two times and I don’t have strength to accept another one. Plz ragini accept it and now I need u. I should support me.
Ragini:I will Shona it’s a question to ask. I will stay with u forever and I think he don’t deserve u Shona.
They hug swaragini playsss

Scene :at mm
Sanskar :lucky I need a shirt can u give me one
Lucky: of course bhai y u asked u can take it and then realises how he behaved with ragini and goes from there
Ap:laksh sanskar come have breakfast.
Sanskar :no I am getting late to office. I will leave I should also drop avi also
Ap:beta how many years passed u didn’t eat my hand food. Didn’t u missed it.
Sanskar hugs her :maa I missed a lot u and ur food. I am sry maa
Ap also hugs him: plz beta don’t say sry I should be sry for u.
Lucky:anyone is there I am hungry or is any fasting
Ap:sanskar u too sit and feeds him.
Sanlak are going out
Sanskar :lucky are u happy for swara

Laksh: of course bhai why all are asking the same question yesterday ragini also asked me.
Sanskar :no no I thought u both love each other. Swara she is very protective towards u.
Laksh:yaah we are best frnds. BTW bhai did u talk to ragini.
Sanskar :I talked but she is not replying me he says all how he asked forgiveness
Lucky :makes a face and says bhai it is not like ur asking forgiveness but it is like ur making her scare and it is like keeping a knife at her neck and asking will u forgive or shall I kill u.
Sanskar :what lucky it is that bad
Sanskar :lucky will u Plz help me plzz
Lucky : of course and I am doing this for ragini but I will not forgive u till ragini forgives u.
Sanskar : okk now say what she likes
Lucky:I don’t know clearly but she likes that cricketer virat Kohli very much. She has a crush on him.
Sanskar :even Sha.. Oh leave it. And say
Laksh:she likes red colour that’s all I know
Sanskar : oh tq u very much lucky and I want to say that think about swara once.
Sanskar goes.

Scene :at office
A girl:i heard that ragini left the job

Girl :y sir she is a very nice girl. She came very close to everyone in a very less time. I am missing her
Girl3:yes we too
Girl 4:but this all happened bcoz of our Boss. He treats her very bad.
Sanskar comes and hears it. He feels bad
He goes to his cabin and feels very lonely he was not able to concentrate on his work. He was seeing ragini everywhere.
Krishna :sir may I come in

Sanskar :krishna u came I was thinking to call u. I am really very happy
Krishna :sir I came bcoz ragini said me she said that only I was close to u and if I will also leave he will feel lonely. After what u did also she cared about u.
Sanskar goes and hugs him :krishna I am sry I know I did very bad to ragini I also asked her forgiveness. I know that I also treated bad with all staff members and u too in these 5years.
Krishna :sir what are u doing sir. I think I am dreaming.
Sanskar :no this is real and all happened bcoz of ragini.
Krishna :sir I know u were repenting for what have u did. Ragini also can’t stay angry for much time with anyone.
Sanskar :I also hope that and u should do a favour
Krishna :u just say sir for ragini I can do everything.
Sanskar :from today onwards my only aim is to gain my love from ragini and u take care of this office.
Krishna :ok sir ur work is done. Till now I did all works without satisfaction but now I will do it by keeping full concentration. U go on sir.
Sanskar :tq u very much krishna

Scene :at gm
Swara gets ready in yellow blouse, orange lehenga and blue colour half saree. She is looking very beautiful. Ragini is bringing her down. She was wearing a blue and pink mix half saree.
Lucky :are Ajay see how beautiful swara is looking. She is gorgeous. I cant take of my eyes.
Ajay:but I am not getting it u both love each other and swara is marrying someone. Do u think this is funny
Lucky:what we love each other.
Ajay:Haa now u don’t say that u don’t remember that night.

Lucky :arey what happened that night. I really don’t remember.
Ajay:that day u are fully drunken and danced romantically with swara and she took u in a room as u are fully drunk……. He stops as he saw gulab jamun and goes there
Laksh:what is he saying and trues to remember that night. He sees a blur image of kissing swara.
Swara comes down and behaves normally. She happily does her mehendi.
Mehendi writer:mam what is the name of ur fiance
Swara :says write… then somebody calls lucky so she stares him. Mehendi writer thinks he is groom and writes L in her hand.

Ragini comes to her room and was shocked to see her room is full of virat ‘s pictures. She is very happy seeing that. She was dancing. Her picture is in middle the picture is when she performed as host. She also sees virat ‘s autograph. She says I think swara would have done it. She was dancing on the bed. While dancing she slips but sanskar catches her at her waist. He is mesmerised to see ragini. A cute eyelock takes place..
Ragini breaks the eyelock
Sanskar :how is it ragini. Did u like it
Ragini :what u did this one.
Sanskar :Haa
Ragini :what is this y did u made my room dirty with whose permission u did it. In heart she thinks I am sry virat. Plz forgive me.
Sanskar :what I thought u will like it. He was really disappointed. I thought u like virat very much that’s why.
Sanskar goes from the room.
Ragini sees that sanskar left and kisses virat ‘s pic. I loved it very much.
Sanskar comes

Ragini:keeps her head down.
Sanskar :what is this ragini. He pulls her towards him by catching at her bare waist. U lied to me
Ragini :sir what are u doing
Sanskar : ragini u are very beautiful today. did u remember thqt pic that day u were in blue saree. U looked gorgeous and that night when we got stuck in the room. Ragsan remembers that night.
Sanskar comes very close to her. He was about to kiss her.
Ragini :how can’t I remember that night sir. Which had a bitter experience and I lost faith in love. She has tears in her eyes
Sanskar :he also had tears ragini I know I did wrong with u. I am repenting I am feeling very bad for that plz forgive me. He weeps her tears and kissed her eyes.
Ragini closed her eyes.

Avi:arey papa what are u doing
Munni:now u wore shirt. Y u always both stay that close. Sanskar leaves her . Ragini goes from there.

Scene :
Swara has done with her mehendi. Swara goes outside without saying to anyone. Some goons come and teases her
Goon 1:hey babe ran out from marriage or what don’t worry we are there na
Goon 2:haa we will give u all happiness. They catch her hand.
Swara :u don’t know about me I will kick u like football. Leave my hand
Goon3: oho is that so and he slaps her she falls but lucky comes and catches her.
Lucky:how dare u to touch my swara how dare u and beats them all
Lucky:are u alright swara. How dare they slap u and goes again an holds a big stone and was about to break his head.
Swara :lucky plz stop it. He will die. Stop it
Lucky:no swara how he dare he slapped u.
Swara :lucky leave them and she makes him to throw stone down. The goons escape
Lucky:hey wait today I will murder u. Hey stop. Swara y u did this
Swara :what is this lucky. What were u going to do.
Lucky:what are u asking swara he slapped u.

Swara :so what for u. Whom I am to u. U don’t need to do this for me. Do u understand.she goes from there angrily.
Lucky:what is this y I behaved this much. Why I said my swara I love ragini but when they both are coming I only saw swara and didn’t saw anyone beside her. What is happening to me.

Scene :at gm
Ragini sees shaurya there and is surprised.
Ragini :hey what are u doing here. Where is radha
Sumi:do u know him ragini.
Ragini :yes maa he is police na he helped me
Sumi:yes he is my colleague Sita s son. He is a very nice boy.
Shaurya:namaste aunty he takes her blessings.
Ragini:where is radha shaurya
Shaurya:she is not well. So she is taking rest. I am sry ragini I was angry for today in hospital.

Ragini:it’s OK I can understand
Sanskar sees this. He is very angry seeing them together.

Scene :at swimming pool
Shaurya:how can u forgive me so easily
Ragini: I don’t know why but from childhood I only love all I can’t be angry with anyone.
Shaurya:ur very nice and cute girl and u were looking beautiful today
Ragini :ha ha now enough it’s too much
Shaurya :no ragini I am saying true.
Ragini:ok now what will u drink. Wait I will bring something
Shaurya:no no sit here na for sometime with me

Shaurya :u know ragini a year ago we were a very nice family but it shattered bcoz of him. I won’t leave him
Ragini:what happened shaurya

Shaurya:my didi loves me very much I was her life and I also love my sister a lot. My mother she is other name for sincerity discipline. My father died when I was born but my mom never used to make us remember of my father’s absence. My sister is 5yrs elder to me. She is a very popular fashion designer. She loved a guy named shiva. They both are madly in love with each other. He is a orphan and my mom made them married. After 2 months of their marriage my mother died bcoz of heart attack. He used to behave normally only.

My sister got to know that my mom died bcoz of him only. He only murdered my mom and also changed the postmortem report to seem it like heart attack. My sister wanted to know the reason behind y he is doing this. She informed me. We didn’t reacted anything to know what his true face. After that he got to know that we got doubt on him. He kidnapped us. He said that he married my sister bcoz he is a terrorist and bcoz I am a police officer and have arrested his gang so for their release and my mother got know about him to be a terrorist and he killer my mother. He also wanted to kill us. He thrower my sister from the cliff. When he is about to kill me my police team arrived and took him. My sister got a severe brain damage from 8 months she is like a mad person. I got so much angry and one day without informing to anyone I encountered him for that I got suspended for 6 months . our happy family got Destroyed bcoz of him. He was crying very badly. Ragini also couldn’t controlled her tears. He hugged her she also hugged him.

Shaurya:what bad we have done to anyone. Why all happened to us.
Ragini:it is not like that u did some bad to others. This all what God wanted. He will test the patience of humans. We should bare all this. But after that we will get happiness for sure.
Shaurya:how can u be like this always happy. U also faced so many problems but u will behave with all that nothing happened and always smiles and make others smile.
Ragini:Bcoz I accept the situations. We should not take back step. If we are born then there is something u should do. Don’t loose ur strength. U know what boys should not cry it’s girls business

Shaurya smiles.
Ragini :gives him an ganesh idol and an angel toy for her sis.
Shaurya :tq u very much. Till now I didn’t said it to anyone but for the first my heart said that my problem will be solved by telling u. It is like my pain has vanished.
Ragini:do u ever want to share anything don’t forget ur frnd is there with u.
Shaurya :who is my frnd
Ragini:budhu I am
Shaurya :really
Ragini:Haa OK come inside.

Scene :
Swara comes home. All say to rishi to find his name in mehendi.
Swara sees that in her hand it is written L
Swara :what have u done my fiance name starts with r u wrote l
Writer :I am sry mam I thought ur fiance is lucky.
Swara :what no my fiance name is rishi.now what I should do. It is almost dried. I am sry rishi. Lucky sees this and feels bad
Rishi: oh swara leave it na I don’t believe in these rituals. Anyways come we will dance.
Swara :tq u for understanding. She goes to dance with him.
Rishi gives his hand to swara. They both came on stage. He kisses her hand. Lucky booked the glass in his hands.

They both dance on aaj phir tumse pyar Aya…
They dance very sensuously.

Episode ends…

Precap:ragsan and swalak….

Credit to: Dhamukohli

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