Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 40


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 40

Recap :sanskar trying to talk to ragini but she avoided him. Sanskar and avi saying in mm. Swarishi engagement in 7days.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u for ur Co operation. I cant believe I am writing my 40th episode all credit goes to u. Tq u for all my commentators and my silent readers too.

Episode starts..

Scene :at hotel
Uttara:what is this shanaya. I didn’t expected u did that video. U r going to destroy my bhai s reputation.
Shanaya :yes I did that bcoz he is becoming very close to that girl. I didn’t have another option. That s why I did this plz u make understand ur bhai na.

Uttara :now bhai is very angry. After some days I will talk but u should promise me that u will not do such things. Okk
Shanaya :I promise.

Scene :at hospital
Ragini is shocked to see shaurya there.
Shaurya was tensed and was searching for his sister. Ragini thought If he was her brother.
Ragini calls his brother shaurya lifts the call so she goes and says ur sister is there
Shaurya:here how is she. She is alright na.
Ragini:ha she is fine in fact u should be very happy bcoz ur becoming mama
Shaurya:what are u talking ragini
Ragini :yaah I am saying right ur sister is pregnant. Where is her husband inform him also na.
Shaurya:what my sister is pregnant. No this can’t happen.we don’t want his blood. I will ask doctor to abort her.
Ragini:shaurya what rubbish are u talking. U can’t do this the child u abort. Are u mad.
Shaurya:u don’t know anything ragini just stay away from this matter. He angrily goes to room. Are u fine didi.
Radha is his sister and was mentally retarded.
Radha:Haa shaurya I want to eat chocolates.

Ragini comes and gives her chocolate. In this time she wants to eat some sweet items.
Shaurya :just stop it ragini
Radha:tq u who are u. Why shaurya why are u scolding her she is very nice and looking like an angel.
Ragini :what is ur name
Radha:my name my name… what is my name iii forgot.
Shaurya:did I ur name is radha.
Radha:Haa I remembered my name is radha. Will u buy me an angel toy.
Ragini :yes of course but what u will do with that
Radha:I will talk and play with it as if I am talking with u.
Ragini: oho then it’s not required. U will talk to u na.
Radha:really heyy.. My angel will play with me.
Shaurya :no didi she is very busy. She can’t come and talk with u. Ragini don’t give false hopes to her.
Ragini :no shaurya I will talk to her by phone. Don’t be that much angry.
Shaurya:oh plz my didi don’t need any one. Come didi we will go.
Ragini:but u should do some formalities before that. U know she is very weak. She needs rest. Let her take rest here na.
Shaurya :no need didi I will be coming now. He goes to do formalities
Radha:u don’t wry angel. He is like that only but very nice.

Ragini: okk where is ur husband. Why he didn’t came till now.
Hearing husband radha reacts very badly. She is throwing all the pillows and tearing the bedsheets. Shaurya comes
Shaurya:didi what happened. Didi plz calm down.
Dr. :gives her anesthesia. She sleeps. What happened why she behaved like that.
Ragini :I asked her about her husband.
Shaurya:what. What have u done.
Ragini:I just..
Shaurya :shut up.. Tq u for taking her to hospital. U can leave.
Ragini :but..
Shaurya:get out plz.
Ragini goes……

Scene :at gm
Swara : oh God how hot it is outside. But I and rishi enjoyed a lot.
Dadi:where is rishi
Swara :he has some work. So he went there.
Ragini comes there.
Ragini :Shona
Swara :I am going to my room. I want to take rest I am very tired.

Dadi:ok u take rest as ur the bride and tomorrow is ur mehendi.
Swara goes. Ragini comes and takes the blessings of dadi.
Dadi:hey girl where did u go.
Ragini:went to drop munni and went to lucky s house.
Sumi:ragini where u went u have fever na.
Ragini:it’s OK MA now I am fine. Maa but swara is saying that already engagement is over. What is this maa this sudden.
Sumi:Haa when u got fever na yesterday night that time only her engagement happened in a very hurry.
Ragini:why this hurry.
Sumi :swara also wanted so we made
Ragini :ok maa I will go to swara
Ragini knocks swara s door. Swara opened after 5min
Swara :laado I am very tried. I am sleeping
Ragini:I think u are very happy.
Swara :Haa of course

Ragini:but why u took this much time to open the door
Swara :I said I am tired. So bcoz of laziness I opened late
Ragini :why are u lying Shona. Say na ur crying in ur room and I came u are weeping them so that I can’t find.
Swara is shocked:laado why Willi cry
Ragini:don’t lie shona u can lie to every one but not me. What happened marriage with rishi. U love lucky na
Swara :no laado I don’t love lucky. She turns other side and was controlling her tears
Ragini:u said that night he also proposed u.
Swara :when did I said. I think I are hallucinating. I didn’t said that. I thought I loved him but no its just a attraction that’s all
Ragini:my shona doesn’t know to lie to me.
Swara :why will I lie. I said na our engagement also over and I am very happy with rishi. He loves me very much.
Ragini:but what about u. Do u love him
Swara :actually I like him. He is my good frnd.
Ragini:stop it shona there is a lot of difference between like and love and a lot of difference in frnd and husband.

Swara :I know yaah I will also love him and accept the relation
Ragini:what happened to u shona. Y are u behaving like this. U can’t love him bcoz ur heart is not with u. It is with lucky.
Swara : oho stop it ragini. What lucky lucky. I don’t love him. If u leave me then I will take rest tomorrow is my mehendi. I should be fresh na. So plz leave. Swara moves ragini outside and closes the door. Ragini is heart breaken with her shona s behaviour.
Swara is also crying inside the room :I am sry laado. I cant escape from u that’s why I did this. Plz forgive me laado. She is crying very badly.

Scene :at mm
Munni:u know laado avi didn’t cane today. I felt very bored. U missed him very much.
Avi came quietly and closed munnis eyes.
Munni:avi u here.
Avi:how do u know its me.
Munni :I am very talented I know . but what are u doing in our home
Avi:it’s mine also from today. U know this is my Dada dadi chachu s house.
Ragini :yes munni

Munni:that means today onwards we will love together.
Ragini:no munni we should go to shona na.
Munni:what shona yippee OK..
Ragini :ok then u play I will bring it stuff from our room.
Avini(avi and munni) :okk
Ragini goes into her room:she takes all her clothes she sees her bag Is on the top of the cupboard. So she took a stool and was trying to take it and finally she got the bag but slips just then sanskar comes and catches her. They both fall on the bed and the clothes in the bag falls on them. Ragini is on the top of sanskar. They are struggling with the clothes. Finally they took of all clothes from them and saw each other. A romantic eyelock takes places (teri meri plays….
The eyelock lasts for 5min.tgey were like very close as if there is no place between them. But ragini breaks the eyelock and gets up.
Ragini:aaaahhhha she shouts.
Sanskar :what happened he looked down and also shouted ahhhhh

Aa… Aa.. Don’t turn. Bcoz he just came from wash room with only a towel but when they were removing the clothes they also removed his towel too. He goes fastly and wears a blue pant.
Ragini:I just came to take my stuff. She was still faced that side only and was keeping her clothes in bag and was about to go she again slips bcoz of some clothes down and sanskar again catches her. Sanskar didn’t have shirt. But this time no eyelock when ragini got up and now both slipped bcoz of that clothes which are down. They both fall down sanskar is on the top of ragini but sanskar keeps his hand behind her head so that her head doesn’t get hit. Ragini sees this. (teri meri plays… …
Sanskar is mesmerised to see her. He goes near her to kiss her. Ragini also closed her eyes. He cane more close now only some mm distance is there. He is about to kiss
Avini:shame shame puppy shame…
Ragsan saw them. Both get up.
Sanskar :actually I don’t have clothes that’s why.
Munni:but what are u doing on my laado
Sanskar :ur laado only slipped I just saved her.
Avi : oho.. They both leave. Ragini is also leaving but Sanskar holds her hand
Sanskar :ragini
Ragini :leave my hand
Sanskar :ragini did u forgave me.

Ragini :leave my hand
Sanskar :no I won’t plz say na did u forgave me na
Ragini :it’s hurting leave my hand
Sanskar angrily pins her to the wall:he catches her hands ragini say did u forgive me na.
Ragini is wincing in pain. Sanskar saw this and leaves her hand. Ragini goes from there crying.
Sanskar saw this and thinks what have I done I again hurted her. Am I asking her to forgive or blackmailing her.
While ragini is going she collides with laksh
Laksh:ragini why are running like pt. Usha
Ragini :nothing like that u say are u happy
Laksh: of course I am all time happy. Why u asked me
Ragini:I am not asking about that about swara
Laksh:yaah she is getting married. Rishi is a nice guy. I already met him 4days ago
Ragini :that means ur happy for her.
Laksh :what do u want to ask ragini
Ragini :yesterday

Laksh:don’t ask about yesterday actually I drank so much that I can’t remember anything. Swara also asked me that only. What happened that night.
Ragini thinks so he didn’t remember anything that’s why swara is hurt and was doing this marriage in hurry. I should stop her.
Laksh:what are u thinking
Ragini :nothing tomorrow is shona s mehendi.
Laksh :what really
Ragini:why are u shocked
Laksh:no just like that
Ragini :ok I am going. Munni come. Byee avi.
While she is going outside sanskar was seeing her through his window. Ragini feels something and sees up and sees sanskar. Sanskar is watching her sorrily but ragini goes from there.

Episode ends….

Precap :mehendi preparations… ragini and shaurya hug and swara and rishi dance…..

Guys how is this episode. Tq u for ur Co operation and ur love. Love u all. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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