Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 4

Swaragini-(Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 4
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Recap :sahil kidnapped ragini and all passengers but laksh freed ragini intelligently.

Hii guys I am here with my 4th episode thanks for encouraging me. Thanks for each and every one who read my ff.

Episode starts…

Laksh:munni go to ur mom. She is calling u.
Munni:no she is not calling but u are eager to send me.
Ragini:laksh what are u doing if she wants to play with us what’s wrong in this.
Laksh:no she is only playing with me not us.
Munni:she cutely asks you don’t like to play with me.
Ragini:nono sweet heart he likes u very much that’s why he will not say anything of u say gorilla.
Munni:fakes to cry and says sorry bhai I won’t say to u next time and I am going to my mama.
Lucky :ha mujhe Pata hein tum natak karrahi Ho.

Munni:cries I hate uu and sneezes with his shirt.
Ragini:what happened to u. U can’t see she is really crying.
Lucky:what it’s my new shirt brought with 20k and this munni spoilt it. Munni again cries. Ragini gets angry.
Ragini:u can’t see munni is crying u are dying for this shirt. U rich people are always like this only if u have so much money also u want to get more. But this is very cheap. Munni plz don’t cry I will give u chocolate.

Munni:no I don’t want I am going.
Ragini:laksh if she goes I don’t talk with u.
Laksh:munni ki Bachi and tells in her ears plz stay I won’t say anything to u.
Munni:then u should do what I will say and u won’t become angry if I sneezes also.
Laksh:what u are 5yrs and ordering me.
Munni:it does not depend on age but on use if u don’t want me to go then u should accept.
Laksh:Haa ab ragini ko manani hai nehi toh mein tume dekhloongi.
Munni:didi see he is scaring me and fakes to cry.
Laksh:haaiii no no I didn’t said anything. Munni uu.

Ragini:I know u can’t change get lost. Laksh angrily sees munni who is smirking.
Munni:ab dekha..
Laksh:ha meri MA I laksh maheshwari the rockstar is accepting ur demands. Okkk ab teek hai.
Munni:zyaada nahi par chalega and laughs.
Munni s mother manya calls her she goes. Laksh relaxed.
Laksh:the bus has stopped to eat breakfast come let’s have.
Ragini thinks I didn’t have money but what I should do I am very hungry.
Laksh: oho angel where are u in dreams. Come na let’s go.
Ragini:nono I am not hungry plz u go and eat.
Laksh understands and gets two plates of chapattis.
Ragini:I said know I am not hungry why u brought two.
Laksh: oho angel don’t give that much importance to ur self I brought for me.
Ragini:what two.
Laksh :yes I am trying for Sixpack.
Ragini thinks Kitna bukkad hai mein ne Bola ki nehi toh e Toda aur puchke desakta hein na. Hnmm
Laksh:smiles and says if u want u can eat I don’t mind.
Ragini:no its okk u eat I going out for fresh air.
Ragini goes out. Laksh also went out.

Ragini:I am very hungry what I should do and catches her stomach.
Laksh: plz kao na.
Ragini:tqq and eats two plates nothing leaving for laksh.
Laksh:I are so slim but eating like khumbakarna.
Ragini:I am really hungry and BTW tq.
Laksh:it’s ur pleasure my angel. At that time they here someone shouting……

Scene2:in mumbai
A lady comes to her daughters room are sees all the stuff here and there and shouts swara what is this even in small huts also people live very discently but u..
A beautiful and cute girl wakes up and says oh my dear sumo why u shout like that ur nerves get outside and what is the time.
Shekar:mishti it’s just 9 why are u disturbing my teddy.
Swara:dekho sumo mere pass papa hai.
Sumi:aur mere pass a Dhono ke liye chata hai and runs behind swara and shekar. Sumo catches swara ears.
Swara:dekho na papa sumo is catching my ears and ur not saying anything.
Sumi:how dare u call me sumo and tightens grip. Swara is in pain.
Shekhar :plz leave her na why are doing this to my teddy.
Sumi:if u come in middle then ur Tiffin is cut.

Shekar:he shouts and says mere teddy mere liye sabse important hai. Swara smiles and say thanks.
Shekar:par khane ke baad.
Sumi:ab dekha tumhara papa kaha gaye
And she leaves swara ears and says I and ur father are going to jammu for medical camp(they are doctors) if u get ur frnds and make the house like this then u will be going to hell.
Parvati:kyu meri Pothi ko tang karrahe Hu mishti.
Sumi:plz masa if she do like this in her in laws house also then what will they think.
Parvati:yaah ur correct.
Swara:haha marriage in ur dream aaj tak koi is dhuniya mein nahi hai Jo mere saath shadi karnekeliye.
Sumi:yes my Fear is also this only. Tum see saath shadi karne ke baad von bichara Patni banega aur tum uske Pati banaugi.
Swara:ha exactly like u r with papa and says papa Toda anni biwi ko control Karo.
Shekhar:kya Kare bete jabse uske saath shaad hui hai yahi haal chalrahahe.
Swara laughs and sumi fumes.
Sumi:ha ha haslo dono baap bete ek hi hai

Swara and shekar says woh to hum hein.
Sumi:meri maasa meri saath hai heina.
Parvati was about to say yes swara comes and says in her hears:dekho dadi aap humari saath nehi diya to mein maa ko batadungi ki aap roj raath mein chupchup ke sweets karahi hai. Ab bataye
Parvati looks confusingly and says I am not on u both sides and I am going to temple. Sumi cries :Haa mujhe Pata hai aap say ek hein aur mein akeli
Swara:nehi sumo aise nehi boltey hain aap jab wapas avogi tab is gaar ek battle field ki Tarah sajega.

Sumi:tum aur tumhara comparisons. U should have born like boy. But now also I should do ur marriage with a girl.
Swara:why looking if I am a boy then mein time bagaah Kar lejaungi. Sry dad. Sumi blushes.
Shekhar :kaash tab toh mujhe ussey chutkara milega.
Swara:soo mean papa. And gives broomstick to sumi
Shekhar :what swara u have changed party. And runs as Sumi is behind.
Swara:maa chodna nahi and laughs and asks dadi what is the time now. It’s not 9na.
Paravti:sge turns swara to face clock.
Swara:what it’s 10.maa papa aap dono ki wajeh see mein late hogayi huin. And she goes fastly to washroom.

Scene 1:at the dabha.

Ragini:this voice is like munni.
Laksh :yes I think she saw her face in mirror.
Ragini:shut up come we will go and see.
Munni in the forest crying vigorously.
Ragini:what happened munni why are u crying were is ur mom.
Munni cryingly says dad took her away beating.
Ragini and laksh shocked.
Lucky:what ur father is not in the bus know.
Munni:yes he didn’t come with us but now he got some goons and came here mom said:munni come we will play hide and seek and said u count till ten and catch me. But when I came she was not there and my dad is taking her. I also shouted but it can’t reached bcoz they have gone soo far.
Laksh:see there is some letter it is by manya I think.
Laksh and ragini are reading and we’re shocked and teary eyed.

Scene2:swara s house
Swara :dadi ur going to temple naa come I will drop u.
Parvati:what have u wear and asking for temple waise bhi mujhe ramji ke pyaar nehi Hina hai.
Swara:ok ur wish
Parvati:I will pray that my swara should become a girl.
Swara: oho started I am going now BTW don’t call me swara it’s insulting my reputation will be gone call me Tyson okk.
Parvati:chii very strange name tummy.. Tommy.. Sun whatever.
Swara:dadi it’s Tyson. I should go fast give ur lecture after coming from jammu. Byee MA byee papa.
Episode ends…

Precap :sanskar entry….

Sry guys for late entry of sanskar but next episode I promise if I make his entry then it would be soo long soo till then enjoy. Byee take care. Thank uuu

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